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Yasuo Build Guide by Mayuran95

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mayuran95

[8.16] Yeager's Master tier Yasuo Guide

Mayuran95 Last updated on August 15, 2018
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Yeagers mid Yasuo

Yasuo Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Conqueror
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Chrysalis

+9% Attack Speed and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Middle Lane
Ranked #37 in
Middle Lane
Win 47%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Start E lvl 1. If he tries to push by red carding your caster minions, dash up to his face and chunk him down. Do not be scared of poke as you have your shield and bone plating. With proper vision, you are looking to play as aggressive as possible and try get a kill in laning phase. At 6 you want to shove in his lane when he has ult up, and ward the sides to limit his roaming. You can use windwall to stop his waveclear, unless you have a good all-in opportunity.
Lux Really easy matchup. You can block everything except for the ult with your wind wall. Make sure to dodge her snare, and there is nothing she can do when you all-in her.
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Who am i?

Hey guys my name is Mayu - Thank you for checking out my guide! I am known as Yeager in the lol community. My league journey started back in season 3 as a midlane main. I have achieved diamond 1 every season since s5, and hit master s7 playing mostly Yasuo. On all my accounts combined, i have around 300k+ mastery points with Yasuo. I have been maining him for 3 seasons, and made it to D1-Master tier S7 in solo queue, and challenger in flex. I am a affiliated streamer who creates mostly educational content. You are welcome anytime, and i will gladly help you out with any questions you might have. I stream Tuesday-Friday from 9PM CET.

Yasuo quickly became my favorite champ once i picked him up. Why? Because i love difficult champions that reward the player for their skill. He's a fun and unique champ that can be played both as a teamfighter and splitpusher, depending on what your team needs. He can even be played as an assassin, dive into the backline and wreak havoc. Yasuo has the ability to carry games solo due to his mobility, and how much damage he can dish out. He is in my opinion one of the hardest champions to master in league, so even though i have achieved a decent elo with him, i still have a lot to learn. That is why i never get tired of playing this champion. This guide will show you how to improve your Yasuo gameplay and climb the ranks.

Please keep in mind - this is how i play and build Yasuo and i understand that not everyone might agree with the runes, build or playstyle. It's simply how i play, and this is what got me into Diamond 1 - Master tier the last 3 seasons on the EUW server. I have gained so much knowledge from playing against pro's and other highelo players, so i thought i would share it with all of you. This is my first guide ever, and i spent a lot of time on it. Hopefully it can help someone out there. If you have any questions, i will do my best to answer them ASAP.

Here are some clips of me playing some different champs, including Yasuo.

IF you would like to support me, you can subscribe to me on youtube. It helps me so i can keep creating more guides, and even add videos to them in the future. (Clicking on the youtube icon will redirect you to my channel).

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Pros / Cons


+ Super mobile carry
+ Very rewarding when mastered
+ Good in teamfights and as a splitpusher
+ Snowballs really well when given a lead
+ Low cooldown on abilities
+ Hyperscales into lategame
+ Ressourceless

Yasuo is a great pick for solo queue with his super mobility Sweeping Blade and great dueling/teamfighting potential with Last Breath. His passive Way of the Wanderer let's him have a free shield, and gives you double crit from all items, which is why items like Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge are so strong. Wind Wall can really shutdown the enemy adc/ranged threats if placed correctly. You pick Yasuo when you want a champ that can reliably solocarry the game.

- Many bad matchups so first-picking him can be risky
- Difficult to master.(High skillcap)
- Vulnerable to crowd control
- Squishy
- Banned a lot in some elos
- People tend to flame Yasuo players a lot

Yasuo is really weak against point and click CC like Nether Grasp, Rune Prison, Frenzying Taunt until you get Quicksilver Sash. He has some very hard matchups too like Pantheon Ryze Malzahar, so blindpicking him can be risky, since the enemy team often builds a comp that counters only you. Wind Wall has a long CD early that can be punished. The biggest weakness is having your team ban him.

Guide Top


  • Conqueror: Is a complete game changer! I have played so much with Fleet Footwork and always felt like i lacked damage. This is the keystone we have been waiting for since the removal of Fervor of Battle . You get flat AD stats when procced, and it turns 20% of damage dealt into true damage. It also counts damage from abilities. It helps him shred those tankier opponents, and delete squishy targets faster. Conqueror is the only keystone i use for Yasuo

lesser rune
  • Triumph: I lost count of how many times this rune saved me from dying to ignite, or that last towershot. It can really save you in those clutch moments.

lesser rune

  • Coup de Grace: The best option for Yasuo It let's you deal 7% more damage to targets below 40% health, and takedowns give you 9 AD for 10 seconds after a takedown . This is really great for a crit champion like Yasuo as the AD gets amplified by crit.

lesser rune
  • Bone Plating: Let's you survive the early aggression and burst from champions, and makes melee skill matchups( Talon, Zed easier to manage until you outscale them. I take this rune because it's OP.

lesser rune
  • Chrysalis: IMO this rune is really op for the early game. It gives you 50 hp for free, and transforms the hp into 9 AD at 4 takedowns. The main reason we take this, is for the early game bonus stats.

Guide Top

Summoner spells

FLASH: Pretty self-explanatory. Always take this.
IGNITE: The go-to spell when you want kill pressure in lane, and the most used one on Yasuo mid. Ignite is even better now after the buffs. Highly recommended against easy matchups like Twisted Fate and Lux where you are constantly looking for those solokills in lane. If you feel confident in a skill matchup like Zed or Fizz you can still go with Ignite to snowball.
TELEPORT: A must in toplane to have global presence and splitpush threat. Can also be taken mid against roaming opponents like Aurelion Sol and Taliyah, so you can match their ganks.
CLEANSE: Underrated spell. This is decent against CC heavy mid and jungler, or a CC heavy team in general. Examples could be Twisted Fate + Sejuani or Ryze + Elise. You can always use this when you are laning against a Lissandra, so you can focus on buying your core items instead of rushing Quicksilver Sash.
EXHAUST: This helps alot against champions that rely on burst damage to finish you off. Champions this is good into, are something like Fizz, Zed, Akali, Talon, Ekko. Having Exhaust also makes your splitpushing alot stronger compared to the other summoners.

Guide Top


Way of the wanderer (Passive): Insane double passive. The shield is what makes Yasuo able to go for quick trades and farm safely against hard matchups.
It gets charges by moving, and also resets whenever you use Last Breath. The second part of the passive gives you double crit in exchange for -10% Crit dmg.

Steel Tempest (Q): is a skillshot basic attack, and is the ability we max first. The cooldown of the ability gets reduced with more attack speed. That is why we rush attack speed in runes and items. The cooldowns caps at 1.33 attack speed. It applies on hit and is very effective against melee opponents. It deals more damage and is mucher safer to use, compared to Sweeping Blade, which forces you to play up-front agressive if you're maxing it. .

Wind wall (W): is a wall that blocks enemy projectiles for 4 seconds. This can even block abilities like Weaver's Wall, Glacial Fissure and first part of Camille's Hookshot.

Sweeping Blade (E): Yasuo dashes through a enemy unit dealing magic damage. Sweeping Blade has a fixed distance, so if you move close to a target before dashing through it, you will move further away from it. This is what allows us to dash through walls using jungle camps. Using Sweeping Blade with Steel Tempest will make Yasuo strike in a circle.

Last Breath (R): Yasuo blinks to a nearby Airborne unit and strikes them repeatedly for heavy damage while keeping them in the air for 1 additional second. It also refreshes your Way of the Wanderer shield, and gives Yasuo 50% bonus armor penetration on all his critical strikes. It even affects armor from items, runes and buffs. This is what makes yasuo so good in teamfights with good teamcomps. It also shreds tanks, so you will actually be able to duel them with few items. It has a very short cooldown lategame, but one good ult can win you the game, so don't waste it and look for good opportunities! Also do not use your ult immediately, but wait till last possible millisecond, and then ult to maximize the time your opponents are CC'ed.

Guide Top

Core items and item comparison

Starting items

Doran's Blade
  • Doran's Blade: Will be our standard starting item. Gives AD, HP and lifesteal. Good in matchups where you can control the opponent with basic attacks and Steel Tempest without much fear of harass.

Doran's Shield

Refillable Potion
  • Refillable Potion: Is a really good item to pick up when you have 150g to spare. The earlier you buy it, the better. It is extremely gold efficient, as it gets refreshed once you base. If i have a Health Potion, i would sell it to buy this item. It can be sold again later on for 60g, so you only lose 90 gold on an item, that can save you in the laning phase.

Control Ward

Core items

Core items
Phantom Dancer: Your first core item. This item synergizes so well with Yasuo's kit. We can cap our Steel Tempest with just the attack speed we get from Phantom Dancer, Precision and Legend: Alacrity. We get double crit from Way of the Wanderer, so after finishing this item, we are at 60% crit.
Infinity Edge: This is basically the AD version of Rabadon's Deathcap, and will be the first big purchase in your build. Finishing this item gives us a huge powerspike with Conqueror. We get 80 AD and 100% crit from Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge.

Example Builds

Now the other items, and the build order, depends on your opponents. I can give a few examples of what i would do.

Against AP burst

Build path

Start: Doran's Blade+ Health Potion
First back: Hexdrinker+ Refillable Potion+ Control Ward OR Doran's Blade + Null-Magic Mantle+ Refillable Potion+ Control Ward
Later on: We prioritize Phantom Dancer, Mercury's Treads and Infinity Edge

Yasuo is really squishy, so we want that Hexdrinker early to cover that weakness.
The reason we get Hexdrinker first, is so we can survive their lvl 6 burst.(Not Elise and Nidalee). Rushing Zeal first in these matchups, would leave Yasuo vulnerable, and we will get oneshot if missplayed once. Do not upgrade Hexdrinker into Maw of Malmortius already. Our objective is to finish the core items and boots first. Phantom Dancer first, and then proceed towards Mercury's Treads and Infinity Edge.

Example of finished build


Now let's look at an example build against AD champions. I have included some champions from each lane. If you face at least 2 AD heavy enemies, you can use the following build.

Against AD threats

Build path

Start: Doran's Blade+ Health Potion
First back: Zeal+ Refillable Potion+ Control Ward
Later on: Prioritize Phantom Dancer and then we will be looking to finish Ninja Tabi and build towards Infinity Edge. Your 4th item can be something like Guardian Angel, The Bloodthirster or Randuin's Omen, depending on what you need.

Ninja Tabi is really effective against these types champions, so we buy it as second item. It gives flat armor and reduces the damage we receive from basic attacks. I still believe Ninja Tabi is too strong, even after its recent nerf, because it completely shuts down certain champions for just 1100g.

Example of finished build


Attack Speed


Offers better dueling potential by reducing the damage dealt to you by 12%, and it also increases your movement speed by another 7% when enemies are within range. It gives 45% attack speed so you can cap your Steel Tempest faster with Legend: Alacrity. Imo Phantom Dancer is much better and is my go-to item every game. Offers better waveclear and some magic damage, which can be decent against full armor stacking teams. It can also be used to burst some squishy targets fast with the lightning passive. It gives 35% attack speed, so it takes a bit longer to cap your Steel Tempest. In patch 8.6 the bonus damage to minions was removed because of ADC's abusing it, and the damage on later ranks was nerfed too.


Ninja tabi

Is the standard buy into AD heavy teams. It offers armor and 12% damage reduction on autoattacks(Yes it counts magic damage from autos too). This is a good buy against champions like Jayce, Irelia, Tryndamere, Riven, Gangplank and so on. If the enemy team lacks CC, but has a fed ADC, Ninja Tabi is still a good buy. Offers magic resist and 30% tenacity. If you are playing against hard CC, these boots are a must-buy. Yasuo is very vulnerable to ganks in lane, and these boots will give him that extra bit of safety. Here are some examples of when you should buy Mercury's Treads. When you face Twisted Fate + Sejuani or Syndra + Elise or LeBlanc + Skarner. Basically you want mercs, when you are up against any combination of mid+jgl, that has some form of hard CC.

  • Berserker's Greaves: You will often see Faker and other pros rush this item first before buying Phantom Dancer. The reasoning for that is, that its stats benefit Yasuo so much. It makes you more mobile, it increases your DPS since the 35% attack speed lowers the cooldown of Steel Tempest, and the movement speed makes you dash faster with Sweeping Blade.

Offensive items

blade of the ruined king

The Bloodthirster
Gives 12% lifesteal, 40 AD, 25% attack speed and makes basic attacks deals 8% of the targets current health as bonus physical damage. The item is perfect against tankier teams. The active deals magic damage and temporary steals movement speed, making you better at kiting and chasing down low health targets. It is also a viable first-item rush for toplane Yasuo. You can buy this against HP stacking champions like Dr. Mundo, Sejuani, Maokai, Cho'Gath and so on. 80 AD, 20% lifesteal, and a overheal shield. If the enemy team doesn't have heavy CC and lacks tanks, this is the item you should go for. Yasuo gains the hypercarry status when you finish Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster. You can duel almost everyone and oneshot their marksman .

Magic Resist

Maw of Malmortius

Mercurial Scimitar
You get a big magic shield when you take magic damage that would put you below 30% HP. When the Lifeline passive triggers, you get 20 AD and 10% lifesteal. This is a must-buy into burst AP champions like LeBlanc, Katarina, Akali, Syndra, Fizz. This item is bought mainly for it's active that lets you cancel any CC, but the offensive/defensive stats it gives shouldn't be ignored. I always buy this when facing a Malzahar, Skarner and sometimes vs Warwick. When you feel like Mercury's Treads aren't enough, and you need another item that cancels CC like Suppression, this is the item you want.


Dead Man's Plate

Randuin's Omen
This is often the other viable option when the enemies don't have that much crit, but you still need some survivability. It offers a movement speed stacking passive, and some burst damage when the passive is fully stacked. I sometimes buy this into Talon, Jayce, Zed, Kha'Zix The counter item to champions with crit. It reduces the damage taken from critical strikes by 20%. When hit by basic attacks, it reduce their attack speed by 15% for 1 second. It also has a useful active that slows the movement of nearby enemy units by 55% for 2 seconds. I would buy this as one of the last items, when facing multiple ADC's, or a Tryndamere

Offensive and Defensive

Guardian Angel

Frozen Mallet
This is a really strong item on Yasuo because it will increase your damage but also give you a really solid defense as well, so you can come back to life mid and lategame. A good choice when you need to be a part of the frontline for your team. Another really solid offensive and defensive item. This gives you some nice attack damage and a slow which will help keep you on top of enemies, but also gives you some HP. Very strong against high mobility champions.

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In the laning phase your playstyle changes depending on the type of champions you're against.

Against melee champions

Yasuo can abuse most melee matchups early on. Your objective here is to poke as much as you can with Steel Tempest, and engage when you hit a stacked tornado.

Example 1
Let's say you are laning against a Kassadin. Your goal here would be to contest every single cs. This is done by poking him with Steel Tempest and basic attack whenever he walks up to kill a minion. He can either lose HP and get the CS, or lose CS and play passively. You don't have to worry about his Null Sphere since your passive shield blocks the damage. If he decides to trade his HP for CS, he will eventually be within your kill range, since we are playing with ignite. A well executed Beyblade can be used to secure the kill before he has time to react.
On the other hand, if he plays passive like a good kassadin should do in this matchup - you will get a huge cs lead, and still win the lane. It is a win-win situation for you.
Beyblade: look at "Advanced Mechanics" for explanation

Example 2
You are laning against a Talon. His main pushing/harassing/damage ability is Rake. At level 1 we will poke him with Steel Tempest when he goes for last hitting. If he plays it safe and lasthits with Rake, the wave will end up pushing towards you, giving you the option to freeze the lane. Why? Because Rake is AOE(Area of effect) and will hit other minions too. When he gets level 2, we have to be a bit more careful as he can proc his Electrocute and passive in 1 quick combo. Instead of taking bad trades, we will play smart and bait out his Rake, and then look for a quick trade, so he can't proc his passive and Electrocute.
Talon relies on getting a lead and snowballing. If he can't find a kill in lane, he will push the wave with Rake and roam. The moment his uses Rake to push the wave, we want to dash in and punish him while his main ability is on CD. This way we keep him at low HP, and possibly force him to base instead of roam.
Freeze: look under "Surviving ganks and Wave control" for explanation.

Against ranged champions

Against strong ranged champions you probably have to play more passively until you find an opening. Be rather defensive and pick up as much farm as you can, until your opponent makes a mistake or you outscale.

Example 3
You are laning against Azir. If it is a good Azir, you want to stay safe and farm minions with Steel Tempest. There is not much you can do in this matchup, as he has the range advantage, and he doesn't have to walk up close and basic attack, because of his Arise!. The only ability that lets him reposition his soldiers, is Conquering Sands. When its on CD, he is vulnerable for a few seconds, and that is when you can blow him up. Emperor's Divide will now only knock back enemies on cast and not for its entire duration, so you can dash through it. If you have no windows to punish Azir, your only option is to wait for a jungle/support gank.

Example 4
You are laning against Malzahar. He is known as a strong counter to Yasuo because of his point and click CC Nether Grasp that shuts down any mobile champion. We can look for plays before he gets level 6. Most of the time i play really agressive from lvl 2. I try keep his Void Shift on CD by constantly dashing in for short trades. You can win all the trades pre 6 if you kill his Void Swarm fast. After lvl 6, the best option is to play safe until you get Quicksilver Sash. In this matchup, i buy Quicksilver Sash already after my Zeal item. Why? Because i don't want to give away kills, and setting my team behind. Therefore i don't mind having my core items delayed a bit, if it means that i can stay safe, and make him waste Nether Grasp on me.

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Teamfighting and Splitpushing

In teamfights you have to be patient and get your Steel Tempest stacked. Once you have 3 stacks, you can look for a engage on multiple enemies with Last Breath.

Before you use Last Breath, make sure that your team is nearby and ready to follow up. Nothing is more tiltworthy than landing a 5 man Last Breath, but your team isn't here for support, so you end up dying.

If you have someone with AOE knock up abilities like Malphite and Zac, it is better to have them engaging first.

When teamfighting, make sure that you are only blocking important damage and CC with Wind Wall. Correct use of this ability can turn the fights in your favor.

Yasuo has different ways of being useful in a teamfight, and i will cover the most common ones here.

The Assassin

You assassinate their backline with another teammate, before yours is gone. The idea here is to blow up the backline ASAP, and then clean up the remaining targets with the rest of your team. This is a viable strategy when 1. You are super fed, 2. You can't rely on your Marksman to carry the fights, 3. You have someone with reliable CC for your Last Breath. 4. Their backline consists of someone posing a huge threat to your team. For example a fed Varus.

The Support

You stick to your Marksman and peel them from any incoming threats. This is a viable strategy when 1. You are behind because you lost lane 2. Your Marksman is doing well 3. The enemy team has someone who could delete your Marksman in an instant, for example Kha'Zix, Zed, Syndra. The best strategy here would be to support them in any way you can, so they can carry the fights. You don't always have to be the one to carry when playing Yasuo. Sometimes it's just better being the one protecting your teammates.

The Fighter

This strategy often consists of smaller skirmishes leading to bigger teamfights. You coordinate with your team and wait for the perfect moment to engage.

What is splitpushing?

Splitpushing is a strategy you can make us of when:
1. your team is underperforming in teamfights
2. you have a really strong splitpusher that can easily 1v1 anyone on the enemy team, and maybe even 1v2.

The idea is that you have 4 people in a lane, and then you send the strongest splitpusher to a sidelane, and let him push for objectives while distracting multiple enemies.

If the splitpusher is getting chased down by the whole enemy team, the remaining 4 are free to take major objectives like baron/dragon/towers and inhibitors.

If the 4 members are getting engaged by the whole enemy team, the splitpusher is free to destroy towers and maybe even a inhibitor.

Splitpushing with Yasuo

Can i splitpush as Yasuo? Absolutely. But it has to be under the right circumstances(mentioned above).

You can splitpush with Ignite and Exhaust, but Teleport is the best option because it lets you help your team, when the enemies are forcing a major objective like Baron .

When you splitpush, you need to have your team pushing another lane. They can't be farming jungle or playing passive under a tower.

Your goal when splitpushing, is to create pressure and force more enemies to come and defend vs you. When you are the strongest splitpusher in a game, you can easily kill anyone in a 1v1, so the enemies will panic and send more people after you.
When you find yourself in a 1v2 or 1v3 situation, you need to spam ping your teammates and tell them to take tower or even baron .

If your team gets big objectives because you are distracting 2+ enemies on your lane, you are doing it right!

Splitpushing is very hard to pull off, because it depends on your teammates doing the right thing at the right time. However, if you do manage to pull it off, you will find yourself winning so many games, because the enemies don't know how to deal with it. Splitpushing is like a double-edged sword.

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Advanced Mechanics

Yasuo has some advanced mechanics, like the surprise move known as the Beyblade, or the Airblade which maximizes your DPS, and lets you have tornado stacked faster.

I will be using clips so you can see how to do it, because i think it is much easier for you to understand. I was allowed to use the 2 clips, made by ARKADATA. All credit goes to him!




This is the hardest combo to do with Yasuo. We will be combining Beyblade and Airblade into one. The following video is made by TheWanderingPro

Animation Cancelling Q

If you use your W and instantly use Q after, the animation of it will be cancelled. It makes it super hard to dodge a incoming tornado, and can often catch people off-guard! In lategame you do not want to do this, unless you are sure you can burst someone before they have time to react.

I will add more clips and moves soon

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Helpful things to know

Way of the Wanderer stacks when you are moving. Be sure to always move in the laning phase, so you have the shield up in time for trades.

Wind Wall can be used to gain vision of a small area. Can be useful if you want to dash through a monster camp to chase someone down, or escape. Knowing when to use Wind Wall and when not to, is what separates a good Yasuo from the average. In teamfights you want to save it for the enemies big abilities like Unleashed Power. Don't waste it on 1 basic attack from the enemy Marksman , because it will leave you vulnerable to gamechanging abilities.

Steel Tempest only gets minion aggro if the first target hit is a champion. So if the enemy champion is behind a minion, and you Q both, you will not take aggro. (The minion has to be infront of him) This is because the Steel Tempest is coded as a AOE ability for other than the first target hit. If you use Sweeping Blade right before Steel Tempest comes off CD, it will reset the CD. It saves you like 0,3 seconds.

Sweeping Blade Has a fixed distance. If you stand close to a target, you will dash further. This can be used to dash through camps like the gromp, and get into lane. Bind a key to "Target Champions Only", as this helps you get as close to a camp as possible, without attacking it so you can dash without failing. The speed at which Yasuo dashes, can be increased with movement speed. With tier 2 boots he will dash alot faster compared to having no boots.

Last Breath Be sure to maximize the time enemies are CC'ed by ulting at the last possible second. If the target is within range, always get a autoattack(OR E+Q) in before using ultimate, to maximize your DPS output. You can ult from any friendly displacement ability used on an enemy champion that isn't immune to CC. Last Breath will attempt to position you outside of turret range when ulting, if it's possible.

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Surviving ganks and Wave control

I feel like it's important explaining this section, because this is where i see some fellow Yasuo players struggle.

We all know that Yasuo often gets camped by enemy junglers. We can survive their ganks by improving 2 things: Warding and Wave management

The first thing you want to do, when you get into a game, is look at enemy comp. What kind of mid and jungler are you up against? Aggressive or Farming? Is the enemy midlaner good at setting up ganks? Based on the answer, you should adjust your playstyle to give you the best possible chance of success.

Example of Aggressive junglers: Graves, Elise, Nidalee, Kha'Zix, Lee Sin, Shaco, Twitch and Zac. These junglers will often look to get a advantage early game by ganking vulnerable lanes over and over, or invade enemy jungler. Shaco, Twitch and Jarvan IV have strong level 2 ganks, so be careful and play passive when they are out of vision. For the lvl 2 cheese ganks, you want to put a ward close to the raptor camps when the red buff spawns.
The other junglers can go for lvl 3 ganks. For those you ward at opposite side of where they started at around 2.25. Freezing the wave can be a smart way of ensuring your safety.

Example of Farming junglers: Shyvana, Master Yi, Hecarim, Fiddlesticks, Amumu. The farming junglers prefer to farm and scale, because their ganks pre-6 aren't the best. You can play more aggressive when facing these types of junglers with proper vision. I know that Hecarim and other farming junglers can gank early, but they are quite easy to avoid if you ward properly. Farming junglers can be punished very hard if they decide to gank early without it leading to a kill/assist, because your jungler can invade and steal jungle camps.

As soon as minions get into lane, your job is to figure out what side enemy jungler started. This is really important, because it lets you know where to ward. If one of the laners arrive late, you know they helped the jungler. At this point you know where the opposing jungler started. At around 2.20 you want to ward the opposing side of where their jungler started. Let's say they started at blue, at 2.20-30 you ward the red buff side and play around the side where you have vision.

If the enemy team did a Fake leash, you have to play safe until you know where the jungler is. There will be some games where you can't track the enemy jungler, and the only option here is to place some wards on 1 side, and play around that side until you spot their jungler!

Explanation of fake leash: It means that both top and botlane wait before going into their lanes. It prevents giving away info on which side the jungler started, so it's much harder to get invaded, or for laners to know when/where to ward against jungle ganks)

Here are some examples of where you can ward for vision control. The white and yellow spots, are excellent for Control Ward, as they tend to survive longer and gives good vision of invading/ganking jungler/supports.

The purple spots gives better river vision, but there is a high chance of them being spotted by enemy jungler or midlaner. It is a great spot for vision, but i advice placing it there IF you have lane control, so you can defend the ward.

If you use a Control Ward in the midlane brush, be sure to place it CLOSER TO YOUR SIDE, not in the middle of the brush, or closer to the enemy. This forces enemies to step closer towards your side, and put themselves at risk when attempting to kill the Control Ward

What does it mean to freeze and how do i do it?

Freezing is a advanced technique that lets you deny your opponent exp and cs if done correctly. Freezing a lane means that you kite/tank the minions without letting your tower hit the creeps. You need to make sure the enemy minions always beat yours. After the enemy killed your entire wave, you let 2-3 of the enemy creeps live, and kite them until the next wave is here. When the next wave arrives, the wave will freeze right outside of your turret range.

By doing this, you are safe from jungle ganks, while your opponent takes a big risk everytime he overextends for a cs.

When to freeze the wave

You can Freeze the wave when you and the enemy are even or ahead, and it can be used to help you win back the lane after you screwed up and died. You can attempt to freeze the wave already from level 1, leaving your opponent vulnerable to jungle ganks or be within your kill range, if you are able to kill them. When you get a lead, and you can solokill an overextended enemy laner, that is exactly when you want to freeze the wave. You force the enemy midlaner to either be in your kill range, or miss a ton of cs and exp, putting them further behind.

Freezing a wave is a great way to snowball a lead, if you have no objectives to fight for, such as dragon, herald or towers.

Here is a youtube video that explains wave management very well. I recommend watching the entire video. All credits for this video goes to Blitz Esports LoL

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Buffs/Nerfs and Changelog

Any changes or updates to the guide will be posted here.


We saw no direct buffs/nerfs to Yasuo, but with the changes to mana-items for mages, we can consider that a indirect buff to Yasuo. Basically, mages have to be more careful about how they spend their mana now, or they will run OOM(out of mana) much faster. This makes it much harder for them to trade with us while cs'ing.

PATCH 8.10

Bone Plating and Chrysalis got some nerfs, but the runes are still too op IMO so i keep the Resolve secondary page.

PATCH 8.11

Sadly Yasuo got some huge nerfs, making him the champion that went down THE MOST in winrate this patch. A riot member has confirmed that he will be getting buffs, and bigger changes to his passive and ultimate, so we have to wait and see how it goes.

- Zeal cost up by 100g and -5% crit.

- Phantom Dancer cost up by 200g

- Infinity Edge completely changed and cost up by 300g. It no longer gives crit, and the components are 2x b.f. swords. It doubles the crit chance and converts 15% of crit damage into true damage.

- Yasuo received a hotfix buff which you can read about here:

This doesn't bring him back to his former state(before ie changes), but it definetely helps him through the early stages.

PATCH 8.12

Small buff so you can get Infinity Edge a little bit faster.

PATCH 8.15

Price of crit items were lowered to help ADCs. Even though Yasuo can get his core items faster, it still feels like a nerf due to the damage taken out of Infinity Edge.

PATCH 8.16

No direct changes to Yasuo but the other champions he plays against in midlane got hit by the nerfs to the Domination and Sorcery runes, so it's an indirect buff to Yasuo since he doesn't use any of those runes, so he's unaffected by the nerfs.

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