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Anivia Build Guide by ThatsAToad

[8.19] Bird is the Word

By ThatsAToad | Updated on September 27, 2018

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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm
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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 51%
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Ability Order

Threats & Synergies

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I'm too lazy to do any extra effect. Suffer. Info > Quality

Hello fellow Anivia wannabe

First of all, I respect you for playing Anivia. Plain and simple. Not enough play Anivia IMO, so here's my attempt to help people play her better.

Who am I?

Nobody special. I'm an Anivia one trick who climbed to plat in less than a year of ranked play and would probably be in diamond if I didn't keep trying to branch off every time I have a bad game.
I have a twitch but don't use it lol.
I might duo with you if you want and have plt mmr (mmr not rank)
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Pros / Cons

First of all: Why Anivia?


Amazing burst
Incredible amount of CC
Passive is godlike early and good late (with good peel/positioning)
The fee for passing your wall is their flash
Great at stalling
W can win the game
Ult is a 4th ability


Very susceptible to CC
Q is very slow
W can lose you the game
Hard to master
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Why those runes?

I take electrocute because it's more like thunderlord's decree now and is a great tool for that early game poke and securing kills late game.
Cheap shot for the extra damage
Eyeball for the extra damage
Ravenous because your constantly dealing damage
Relentless is a good alternative if you want to roam more
The sorcery tree should be obvious
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Ability Tips


You can use teleport before procing passive to continue the tp
If your about to die, flash under turret if possible so that they can't finish you off
If they have no more burst left, then don't bother. Just spam mastery as they fail to rekill you


You can wait before detonating to proc things like Malz passive
Aim lower than where you think they will be. The hitbox is wonky


Can cancel dashes if timed right
Leave a small opening in your wall so that you can still chase if they have flash
Don't if you know they can't get across
Block off jg path if you aren't getting ganked from bush
Use behind ult to wall them in
Angle your wall to force them to walk a certain direction, making Q easier to hit


Use your Q, then E, then detonate Q to minimize time in your burst. Only if you know it's connecting though
Use as an empowered auto if every one of your minions decide to suddenly attack the low cannon
Otherwise only use if they are chilled


Farm, farm, farm, and farm with it
Use in base if you're waiting for health so you can stack tear quicker
Place down first so that you can hit Q easily
Stand inside it if you are getting collapsed on (by a zed or yasuo) to make them choose: get hurt to hurt you, or back off
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I'm lazy
League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatsAToad
ThatsAToad Anivia Guide

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[8.19] Bird is the Word