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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Ashe Build Guide by Orysh

ADC [9.7] Queen Must Be Safe (Runes Explanation updated)

ADC [9.7] Queen Must Be Safe (Runes Explanation updated)

Updated on April 12, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Orysh Build Guide By Orysh 15 0 13,167 Views 3 Comments
15 0 13,167 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Orysh Ashe Build Guide By Orysh Updated on April 12, 2019
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Runes: RUNES

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Magical Footwear

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


Standart Use
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Win 53%
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ADC Role Ranked #11 in
ADC Role
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.7] Queen Must Be Safe (Runes Explanation updated)

By Orysh
my nick is Orysh, a gold adc, and i bring to you my Ashe guide.

Ashe was my first champion. Its my favorite ADC even tho i stopped playing her a few seasons ago. In this patch i decided to go back to her and for now results are quite good.

With this guide i want to share my self-support way of playing her and how i exploit all phases of the game with her strong points.

This guide will be updated every week and changed/adapted as i get more experience and results playing her on current meta. All new changes will be posted in this colour

All the content of this guide apply to this guide specifically

+ Poke is very strong early levels
+ Easy to set up last hits while applying passive extra damage (if you have troubles to farm)
+ Slow and global stun is a very powerful tool (both defence and offence)
+ Vision assist with
+ Mid/Late game 1vs1 Beast


- No strong escape tools (apart from stun)
- Rely on good positioning and kiting (attack-move dependent)
- Your team has a strong influence on your survivability in enemie teams with hard engage comps

There is a set of 2 rules you can follow to make your chances higher.
This rules were made in a video by xFSN Saber. He is a high rank adc wich is known by his amazing Caytlin mechanics.

I think this guy is amazing in and i watch his videos and explanations to try to get better and i say to all of you go check it.
This, in my opinion, is the best rune for Ashe for 2 reasons.Give you an extra burst of atack speed. This stat is very important because ashe rely on auto-atacks to do damage mid and specially late game. And You don't have to face check anything. Even if your is in cooldown just inside the bush or across a wall and if anyone gets hit will activate.

Health and gold for each kill sais it all

This is the rune that makes this build flexible. You will need life steal. Doesn't matter if you support can heal you. You gonna be targeted, everyone will want a piece of you. Each stack give you 0.6% life steal, and when its fully stacked you have 12% life steal. Any of the follow will give you one stack: 20 minions, 4 jungle camps, one kill, drake, rift herald, baron.

Helps to finish targets

Will allow you to save 300 gold on the run

This will be a amazing tool you will have during the lane phase. Not only will allow you to go into small trades and heal back but most important will give you mana to your You receive one every 3 minutes. Look at the time to know when you will have one more tool to help you in that trade or eventually kill attempt. Few people use it in most adc's so this is a wreck if you wanna go for a all in lvl 3 against to the standart one potion.
Ok, so now lets go over the items and when to use them.


This is your default start together with a

This is your secondary start together with a . I only use the shield against heavy poke lanes like Sona or Zyra

This is the default first buy. Always try to take a with it. The only reason you wont buy it is if you go to base earlier for any reason.

This is your secondary first buy. Buy this if you go base and don't have enough for the . Even 2 are good so you can finish this later. After this try to go back to your normal buy path if you think its worth. If you don't know for sure finish your .

This will be your 2nd buy. Will give you movement speed plus the attack speed wich is one of the most important stat for a auto-attacker ADC like Ashe. Late in the game when close to full build you can trade them for or if you think the extra ad resist or the tenacity will give you a important advantage. I don't recommend unless it has a big impact on you surviving because 35% attack speed will make a huge difference on your survival too.

This will be 90% of the times your 1st item. Gives you Attack Damage, adds more damage to your passive and increase your slow when you critically strike, wich will make ganks and pursuit way easier.

This will be 90% of the times your 3rd item. This is a very very very strong item on Ashe. Reason i don't buy it first its because this will constantly make you push the lane. And since you don't have escapes you don't want that unless you are sure its safe. All the stats and passive from this item is good on Ashe. The passive on this item (Wind's Fury) will make that when you have empowered auto-attacks from your , the bolts will behave the same as Ashe auto-attack.

This will be 90% of the times your 4th item. On the remaining 10% will be your 1st, 2nd or 3rd buy. 2nd or 3rd its personal preference to be honest, BUT when its bought in 1st makes a massive difference. You will want to rush this item even before the when you are being pushed constantly under your turret or when you rely on your poke too much to be able to face the opponents. The passive gives back to you 1.5% of missing mana. Less mana you have...more mana you get back. How many of you died because you don't have mana to use your Ultimate and stun them under your turret? Or how many couldnt kill the oponents after they overextend cause you dont have mana for a ?

OTHER OPTIONS (Situational)

Good all-round item for Ashe. The passives give you extra survivability in the way on movement and shield.

Must have item against tank comps. Only reason i don't buy this item is if enemie team is no building armor. Check always builds since its very common you see in jungle and top champions that usually building tank go full AP like Amumu or Malphite

Must have item against tank comps. Also very good against chasing enemies, since you can use the active to slow and flash when you get surprised, to give you that extra second you need to start the kiting (attack-move).

This item is very very situational. Imagine you are the feed person on your team, and there is a enemie split pusher and no one on your team can face him even under turret 1vs1 without die This might be your lord and savior. Apply 5 stacks of your auto-attackon minions or jungle camp so you can use then ultimate on then and see them disappear before the stun fades. And sometimes even if they have or the result is the same.

Buy this instead of if enemie team has a Nasus or Vladimir for example.

I don't use this item a lot but can be very valuable purchase if the enemie comp has assassins or if you can't afford to die

There are other options like , , .

Each of this require very specific situations like extra pushing power, extra range for siege, survive a execution from an assassin or be released from a CC. But all this also depends on the rest of your team.

Sometimes its worth to be the focus so your AP carry or your jungler can make the difference.

I'm not gonna talk extra about this items because i don't use them often

Sometimes you have to learn to be carried!
Lane Phase
Since level one remember your Lord Volley will apply your passive so if you hit enemies with it and after send an auto attack it will do a extra chunk of HP.

Use your to make their support remember he/she can't walk past their minions or they will lose more than they will win.

You have to make sure they know your range is bigger then most in both your auto-attack and .

Always keep farming, ALWAYS!
Farming is the most efficient and safe way of getting gold. If you die to enemie ADC but you have a 23 minion lead you are still winning.

Your is a very important tool to have in mind before any engage or trade. Not have 5 stacks will be the difference between you win or lose small skirmishes.

After getting hit in the face with and then empowered auto-attacks from many people will panic and turn their back to you. REMEMBER you apply slows wich mean you run slightly faster.

With active without attack speed items spamming the attack move key while chasing will sometimes reset the animation and attack will cancel because she stands for like 0.2 seconds before the attack goes off. So keep in mind to press it once and wait half a second before the second click.

If you have hard times last hitting, or if the minion to kill is being targeted or will be targeted by many ally minions you can auto-attack once and then second attack will do extra damage thanks to your passive. Use that.

While pushed under turret you can use your to set up minion kills if their hp is not full, once again thanks to your passive extra damage.

is your best friend while playing Ashe. REMEMBER that if you get caught while enemie jungler is ganking, 70% if times you will die. even with Flash and Heal available.

This being said, think twice before using your or . If there is a chance you will die after using them just allow yourself to die. Otherwise next gank will be another 100% death.

Pay attention to your enemies level. Many people go base level 5 so they can be ready to a heavy level 6 all in with a in the pocket. They get to lane and die cause enemie bot lane is already level 6. Experience is toe to toe with gold in importance.

Did i already said that you should ALWAYS keep farming? If i didn't, you have to.
Your jungler is slacking and not doing his bot side camps? You go and do it! Its not optimal to steal your jungler farm but if its there wasting, do it.

You took enemie turret and don't wanna overextend in lane? Ward and take enemies gromp, blue or wolfs.
Mid/ Late Game
After finishing your core build, start thinking what might be the game plan.

Did i already said that you should ALWAYS keep farming? If i didn't, you have to.
Your jungler is slacking and not doing his bot side camps? You go and do it! Its not optimal to steal your jungler farm but if its there wasting, do it.

You took enemie turret and don't wanna overextend in lane? Ward and take enemies gromp, blue or wolfs then go back to pressure lane.

Change lane with top laner or make a 3 or 4 man siege in mid lane to take another turret, and then drake or herald.

Always think forward wich is the next safer objective.

Will you need to literally execute someone? Think about !

Will you need extra wave clear? Think about !

Will you mostly die because enemies have a feed assassin? Or you are feed and if you die your team wont be able to win the team fight? Think about !

Don't run after your support or jungler around the map doing nothing while enemies are farming safe cause you pushed lanes and now you have nothing to do.
And this is it people. Thanks for all of you who took time to read my first guide

Any constructive comments will be very appreciated since i am always looking forward to learn.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Orysh
Orysh Ashe Guide
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[9.7] Queen Must Be Safe (Runes Explanation updated)

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