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League of Legends Build Guide Author ezzEUW


ezzEUW Last updated on August 15, 2014
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This guide isn't finished yet!

Just a message to say that I will be updating this guide with matchups, pros & cons, a top lane guide, different item choices, item choice explanations, team fight info and more! Enjoy the guide as it is for now!

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Hey! My summoner name is ezz I am Silver 5 on the region EU West.
I know I'm not a really good player judging by my rank or anything, I'm just someone who has spent a lot of time viewing mobafire guides and finally decided to take the time to write my first guide! I absolutely love Gnar as he is SO FUN TO PLAY I can almost guarantee you will have fun with this guide as you are playing one of the coolest champions out there :3

Enjoy my first mobafire guide and please leave any feedback (positive or negative) as I'd be happy to improve! Thanks!

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Pretty standard for any AD carry unless you are someone like where you may get attack speed quints (As graves has a low base attack speed) however Gnar's base attack speed is fairly decent. Life steal quints is also a viable options however I believe 3 AD Quints is the best way about it.

5x Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Now in Gnar's case I believe taking a mixture of AD and attack speed marks (5 AD, 4 attack speed) is a solid combination however it's ultimately down to preference. You can put any of: flat AD marks here (Not scaling!), lifesteal marks, crits, attack speed, or armor pen. But I believe those are the only viable marks here.

4x Greater Mark of Attack Speed: ^ Same description as above ^

9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: All AD carries need some defence runes ESPECIALLY GNAR! This is because Gnar is a very squishy champion who does not get naturally tanky (Unless in Mega-Gnar form however you can't rely on this). Therefore these Scaling 9 MR runes and 9 Armor runes are necessary. The reason why I have chosen scaling MR runes is because you won't see much magic damage in lane with another AD carry so the early MR isn't needed as much. That being said, if you find yourself in ranked with a view on the enemy team and you are against something like a support and a ADC then 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is a viable option.

9x Greater Seal of Armor: ^ Same description as above ^

These are pretty standard AD carry runes and Gnar is no different, there are many different routes you can take as far as runes go, you could go for lifesteal quints, attack speed quints, even crit marks if you want to. However these runes are pretty solid & standard for any AD carry.

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This is my mastery tree for Gnar. Mastery choice can vary, I would recommend no more than 3 for the bonus movement speed in utility, no more than 9 points in defense and at least 21 points in offense however it is up to you where you put these points (within reason, for example you would not take any jungle defense points or bonus AP points)

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

ALWAYS MAX Boomerang Throw FIRST! No question about it, no matter what situation you are in always max Boomerang Throw first. If you are ahead/doing okay then it's a good choice to max Hyper second as it will make your auto attacks do crazy max health % damage. If your score is something like0/3/0 (or worse) then you should probably max Hop second instead of Hyper as Hop is your escape move, a wise defensive option to max (for lower cooldown).
Maxing Hop over Hyper even if you are ahead is a viable option however you would have to have very good kiting mechanics and have a build focused more around damage in order to bring the damage which your Hyper would not provide (as you did not max it).


- This is a personal tip that I always use for every champion involving their skill sequence. I never choose my ability right when I spawn. I always wait until I am about to use it (around the 1:55 minute mark). For example, if I am playing and I spawn in base after the game loads, I will walk to my lane having not yet chosen an ability. I do this as if the enemy team invades/we invade I may need different abilities in order to react to different situations. For example if I am playing Thresh you would normally take your Q ( Death Sentence) first however if an invade goes wrong or the enemy team invades while you are all still level 1 and you have already taken your Death Sentence right when you spawn then you deny yourself the opportunity to possibly save an ally with your W Dark Passage. I see no reason why you rush to taking an ability when you spawn and this tip has proven it's use to me numerous times in the past.

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Summoner Spells

and are the summoner spells you should be looking to take as Gnar.

Flash Flash is an extremely useful summoner spell and should be taken on every champion (With some exceptions e.g Nasus). Flash is such a great summoner spell as it can be used extremely effectively to make plays happen, or get away from plays happening.

Heal is somewhat of a new meta to AD carries with the recent movement speed buff acquired upon activation and is yet another great escape option or as speed up to chase someone, to save an ally or simply to 1v1 with a massive health boost.

Other viable summoner spells

Ignite Is a viable summoner spell, although in my opinion it's not as great as Heal ignite can be used to secure first bloods effectively if you are looking to play aggressive in early levels. Ignite is also a great counter to some champions such as Volibear (to ignite his passive) or Dr. Mundo (to ignite his ult).

In my opinion, these are the only viable summoner spells.

Barrier Although some people like barrier, I do not see it as a viable option anymore, barrier is not what it used to be. Compared to Heal barrier is worthless, heal gives movement speed, health to allies, guaranteed health gain while barrier gives slightly more damage reduction and it is only temporary. I would never take barrier.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great poke
+ Amazing mobility
+ Very fun to play
+ Great CC in Mega Gnar form
+ Great engage Mega Gnar form
+ Easy to escape with
+ Great kiting potential
+ Great for chasing targets
+ Becomes naturally tanky when in Mega Gnar form

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Matchups - Supports (On your team)

[spoiler= 4/5Alistar has got some pretty good synergy with Gnar. Alistar's E Triumphant Roar gives you good sustain that you need in lane as Gnar. He can also pull off some fancy Headbutt Pulverize combos to set up some great engages. Also with Alistar's ult Unbreakable Will and Mega Gnar you become a really powerful tanky duo. [/spoiler]

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Gnar Has a great, well rounded, fun, interesting kit that I believe has a high skill cap (You can master Gnar and become very good).

- Rage Gene Gnar's passive is what makes him unique and is a key component of Gnar's kit which must be fully understood.
Gnar's passive transforms him into a gigantic slow moving tanky bruiser with a ton of CC and 4 new abilities for 15 seconds when his fury bar is full. Note how different this is from the normal Gnar (Mobile, Squishy target with little CC and high damage).

- Boomerang Throw This is Gnar's Q which is effectively a long ranged Sivir Q combined with a Draven axe. This move will harass the **** out of your enemy and should be used whenever it's up (As you don't use mana, horray!) Boomerang Throw is easy poke, an easy move to use to secure a kill on a low HP enemy, great for chasing an enemy constantly, catching boomerangs and dealing damage to them and is a really good move in Gnar's kit.

- Hyper This move is a really nice move which is basically a ranged Volibear W or a Vayne W. Every 3rd attack on a target deals an insane amount of max health % + bonus magic damage + grants a move speed buff (Making it great for kiting!) and is also great for last hitting as it is similar to a Relic Shield on a cannon minion if you have a 3rd consecutive attack up.

- Hop Gnar Hops ever so cutely to a target location granting himself bonus attack speed for 3 seconds. If Gnar lands on a unit he bounces off of it after the first hop travelling even further, damaging and slowing nearby enemies. This move is SO great for making escapes, for catching up or for kiting. A tip for using this move is to plan ahead before jumping, I have made the mistake of using Hop and then regretting it as the second bounce throws my squishy butt right into the center of the enemy team immediately putting myself out of position and dying because of it. Don't put yourself in a bad position with the amount of distance this move can cover.

The moves Gnar gains in Mega Gnar form must also be used to your advantage:

- Boulder Toss Mega Gnar throws a giant boulder in front of him in a skill shot that damages and slows enemies. If Gnar picks up the boulder the cooldown is reduced by 60%.
This ability is very useful in chasing targets, disengaging, dealing high damage to all of the enemy team in a team fight or as poke.

- Wallop this is a short ranged skill shot that stuns enemies in front of Mega Gnar. THIS IS SO GOOD IN A TEAM FIGHT!!! I cannot stress that enough, engaging with Crunch and then using Wallop can allow your team to pull off a fantastic engage. This ability can also be used if someone is chasing you (to stun the enemy and run off) or as wave clear.

- Crunch This is a short ranged move that allows Mega Gnar to jump to a target location dealing damage and slowing enemies in the target location. This move is how you engage. Jump in with Crunch Wallop everyone in front of you and use Gnar (Providing your team will follow up!)

- GNAR! This is Gnar's ult, a massive knockback that deals damages and stuns targets if they are knocked into terrain. This can only be activated in Mega Gnar form which keep in mind, isn't up all the time therefore don't be too shy to use your ult when you can use it to get a good advantage. Gnar's ult can make or break fights if used correctly, for example if you are approaching a team fight you can engage with Crunch use Wallop to cc everyone down and then use your ult to knock the enemy into your team where your team can follow up and hopefully win the team fight.

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Farming with Gnar is fairly easy, your Hyper makes it easy to last hit when you have the consecutive stacks, you can use your Boomerang Throw to get to out of reach farm and you gain bonus attack speed after using Hop. You are short ranged however this shouldn't be too much of a negative factor when farming.

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Why AD Carry Gnar?

Many people know Gnar to be a top lane meta champion however I believe him to be more of someone like Kennen in the sense that he can play various different roles with great success, ADC being one of them.

People criticize AD carry Gnar due to his low range although this is a barrier, I believe it is not a barrier that cannot be overcome. Gnar's kit is the dream for any AD carry and sacrificing auto attack range is something I can deal with.

Riot have also recommended Gnar as an ADC through his secondary attribute so it's not an idea that's too far fetched.

Please try out AD carry Gnar for yourself before you make criticize the idea of AD carry Gnar!

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Ranked Play

I believe that AD carry Gnar is viable in ranked play, just as any other champion is. If you have played a couple of games as ADC Gnar in normal games then I would say go ahead and play try it out it ranked. The enemy team are unlikely to have much practice against an AD carry Gnar which can really work towards your favor. Obviously, if the enemy team is something like Caitlyn Lulu then I would not advise playing AD carry Gnar as the range would just mess you up. So play wisely, don't counter pick yourself if you see you're up against a very ranged match up.

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Everything in this guide is my own work however since this was my first guide I found this tutorial extremely useful: