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Kha'Zix Build Guide by iwillgr4byou

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iwillgr4byou

A 3v3 guide to Kha zix

iwillgr4byou Last updated on April 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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HI, my name is IWillGr4bYou. Im a platinum 4 player in soloq and I´m on a platinum 2 3v3 team. I´ve played a lot of 3v3, around 250 ranked games. I´ve started to play Kha a lot in s4 as a tank/ad bruiser, mostly because he was a bit too squishy for 3v3 before and the ultimate changes. I hope you guys learn something while reading this guide and I really would appreciate some constructive criticism and opinions on the guide!

(My first language is NOT English so the might the some typos in here)

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Pros / Cons


    High dmg even if build tanky

    Is hard to catch and flee from in team fights.

    Good in all phases of the game

    Can fit in to a lot of comps

    The stealth is amazing both offensively and defensively

    Is weak early if the target isn't isolated

    Not the best ganks pre 6/11

    Can be kited quite hard before level 11

    If he falls too far behind, you either do damage but is squishy as hell or you´re tanky with very little damage.

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Smite is a obvious choice, your early jungle ability is improved and smite is good for vilemaw fights.

flash is just what I prefer, some might like ghost, ignite or exhaust. It is just personal.

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Skill Sequence

Well there is nothing special here. Max q for the high damage, void spikes second for the slow and the heal and e is in my opinion an one point wonder. And of course take your ult whenever you can.
So for the evolutions you evolve void assault first then your e and lastly your q. With the new way to play kha as a bruiser/tanky assassin your ultimate is amazing when evolved. The stealth time is crazy and the damage reduction is ridiculous. The reset on e is too important to not evolve second, it gives you so much mobility and you can just swipe in a grab a kill. You evolve q last to give you some more damage and range.

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I almost never go for start #2, because I really like the damage you can put out early with dorans blade. You have higher kill potential with dorans/machete then with spirit stone. The only time you would go spirit stone is if your team is strong early and you can farm the jungle to get a fast elder lizard.

Not much to say here, rush the hexdrinker if they have a lot of magic damage or rush randuins if they deal a lot of physical damage. I reallt like to rush the hexdrinker myself, because it gives you a bit of damage that comes in nicely if you can get it early.

The last two items are sometimes defensive and sometimes offensive. Here are some offensive alternatives. Last whisper is a amazing item if the enemy team builds armor. Same goes for ghost blade, but ghost blade synergize amazingly with your ultimate. Triforce provides a lot of everything but on Kha it dosnt really shines. But no the less is a good item.

Ice born gauntlet is a meh item on kha. The sheen proc ups your burst a bit and the armor is good vs ad heavy teams but both sunfire cap and frozen heart is better. Banshe is amazing vs poke team and champs like nida. If they are super ap heavy locket is a good choice.

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Not much to say here, standard ad runes.
I split mr and mr/level because that gives me some early and some late.

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Creeping / Jungling

I like to start wraiths, go to golems and smite, look for a gank. If I cant gank ill just take wolfs and wraths again to reach level 3. If my lanes is doing good you might want to invade or just keep on jungling and take the altar. If they´re doing bad look for a gank.

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Some tips and tricks.

A neat trick is to stealth when someone enters a bush. Just keep cool and stand still while they are moving out from the bush. This can be used when you are chased and your team wants to set up for something.

If you stand I the bush top lane you can stealth over to the second bush without being seen, which can come in handy whne you need to pull of a gank.