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Volibear Build Guide by lockdown86

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lockdown86

A Fool and his head is easily parted ROAR

lockdown86 Last updated on November 22, 2016
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Not much of a guide :D

Hi guys, Im no pro but I have a decent build for Volibear. Playing as a speedy tanky champion can feel overwhelming and running around Summoners rift throwing champions around before roaring in their face then chomping their heads off, They will think twice before coming to your jungle again. I love volibear because of the items he scales with and giving him move speed boost and just generally making him a pain in the back side to play against, being every where or getting there quick, charging people from bushes while they ward, oh! just do it.

First guide ever, hope you enjoyed reading it, Let me know if you did well with this build!

By taking advantage of the mastery's for tankyness we are using the Runes for the end game upper hand, but the way volibear is played, Its nice to Q into lane and let them flash, walk away do a camp and get back in there, Ghost is better than flash in my opinion for volibear, because its the extra mobility from the slows and stuns enemy's have, I do not struggle to reach my targets unless Anivia walled the entrance :D

Here is an overview of one of my most fun matches Voli Tryn Temmo Le blanc and Shen against a Veigar, Vlad Shaco Lee sin Kata

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Match history

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