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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Cho'Gath Build Guide by PotatisFarfar

A gentleman's way of playing Cho'Gath

A gentleman's way of playing Cho'Gath

Updated on January 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatisFarfar Build Guide By PotatisFarfar 768 65 3,107,074 Views 293 Comments
768 65 3,107,074 Views 293 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PotatisFarfar Cho'Gath Build Guide By PotatisFarfar Updated on January 30, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Now live streaming.

Now live streaming! Want to watch me **** around and have fun live? Hell you maybe even learn something! Tune in at twitch. Just follow the link:

Only the best quality for you <3.
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"Welcome... I have been expecting you!"

Lets start with some trivia?

1. Cho'gath was the first hero i ever played in league of legends.
2. Cho'gath is my current main hero.
3. Cho'gath has the most awesome skin in the game.
4. Only hero that can do over 1000 true damage.
5. Gentleman Cho'gath have the best taunt in game.

Before you read this guide i am sorry for any grammar errors or misspellings, English is not my native language so i apologize now.

And if you find the skill order weird, i explain why in the skill order section!

So lets get started shall we?

Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

I will not go through what the abilities do. It can easily be learned by reading the ability tool tips and simply using the spell.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tool tip.


(for any abbreviations you don't understand)
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What and why

Why not go all out tank cho'gath with Warmog's Armor and allot of magic and armor?

Pretty simple, you don't add any thing to the team more than a big fat target. The problem is that no one is gonna attack this target if you don't generate any aggro!.

Yes i said aggro, it does not only exist in MMO's. The biggest threat will most of the time be the biggest target for the enemies. /Ninja poke

The best part with Cho'gath is that he don't need that many health items to be tanky, mostly because of Feast.

This combination of Damage, CC and Health makes Cho'gath a powerhouse! And i think this is the best way to use all his powers!
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Dunno what to do with the new ones yet, take this generic tank mastery setup.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Greater Mark of Insight 3/4 of Cho'gath's spells is magic damage, so these are pretty self explanatory. A option is Flat armor.

Greater Seal of Resilience Pretty self explanatory, lets you take the herras early game you need to win solo lane. Another option is Mana regen /lvl
Greater Glyph of Shielding In my opinion the best blue runes, really great for the entire game. A good option is Flat CDR

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude Good all around runes, gives you the health you need to dominate the solo lane. Another great option is Movement speed
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Summoner spells

The best spell in game, this is always handy. And by the way, nothing beats a Rupture than Flash in to Feast kill.

In my opinion the best tank summoner spell. Lets you shut down that pesky ad carry. And it is great to catch up to people.

They have low hp after feast? Burn em! Works great to secure kills early, and counter healers late. Always a good pickup.

Are you gonna jungle?

So your team is doing dragon, you can see that there is gonna be a big fight. Just teleport there, nomnom the dragon or that pesky ashe. This is just one thing you can do with Teleport.

It is just a great spell for solotop.
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Skilling sequence

The modern build, the solo lane build
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • More reliable damage.
  • Greater CC
  • Bigger teamfight pressence

Ye old nuking build,the duo lane build
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Strong nuke
  • Long range damage
  • Great for a duo lane.

I didn't wanna make a cons list. But the problem with this build is bassicly, if you miss your Rupture you just missed tons of damage. This is why i would only recommend this when you lane with some one that can CC.
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Possible builds

Recommended build 1 sequence.

Just two examples on how you can build this monster. One is more focused on offensive power and nuke, the other is a bit more about defense and control.

These both builds is focused against an balanced amount of incoming magic and physical damage. Remember to always build to counter your opponent!
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Starting items

Doran's Ring
It is my opinion the best starter item for solo lane cho'gath! Gives you the mana regen you need to herras and the health to survive! This is my recommended item versus ONE enemy!

Doran's shield
Another great starting item for cho'gath. It makes you more durable from harass, but lowers you offensive powers. I recommend this item when you are up against TWO enemies!

Regrowth Pendant
If you are gonna build into a Philosopher's Stone this is the way to go. Pretty self explanatory right?

But when do you get Philosopher's stone? Depends. I ussaly get it when i know it is gonna be an even (same as long) game. Works for shorter games also. Mostly personal preference.
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Core items

Mercury's Treads
In my opinion the best boots for cho, the magic resist adds to your tankines and you can't afford to waste time being CC'ed. Maybe the Ninja Tabi is your cup of tea. Remember! If you are going for another pair of boots, work Eleisa's Miracle into the build! ALWAYS GET THIS!

Rod of ages
This is your core and only health item. With this item only you will become tankier, have no mana problems at all and even give you more damage. This is the item you shuld rush. ALWAYS GET THIS!

Force of nature
Combine this with your Rod of ages and you will become a force to reckon with! The bonus magic resist and regen makes you a fully functional tank. Oh, it gives moment speed so placing those spells will be even easier. Prob not the best item to rush against full ad team!

Rabadon's Deathcap
You probably say, wait what? This item on a tank? Are you high? Let me explain, this item is ****ing god on cho'gath. This will boost your AOE damage from: "Ok" to: OMFG! With this item in your inventory the enemies have 2 options: 1. Attack you and let your Ad carries kill them. 2. Focus your ad carries and let you 1 shot there AD carry.

Frozen Heart
I have been trying this item out more and more. And this is prob my new favorite armor item for Cho'gath. It is pretty obvious why. Some mana, tons of cdr, sweet boost of armor and a great aura. Just get it ;)

My basic core each game is: Rod of Ages and Mercury's Treads. After that you need to try to get atleast ONE armor item and ONE magic resist item before going for the big things, aka Rabadon's Deathcap. This Core is my ussual build, i throw in one Chain Vest after my FoN to get the armor that is needed. Remember that you always need to build to counter the enemies! Getting Force of Nature will not work every game!
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Preferred items

Randuin's Omen
By far one of the best tank items in the game! Not only will it anoy people with the constant slow from hitting you, it will also give some decent stats includeing a small amount of CDR. Remember that the active is in conjuction with your Ruptureis almost a 100% hit!

abyssal scepter
It is just a great item, gives you both defensive and offensive powers! Not only does it give you some extra damage and resist, it gives your entire team bonus damage because of the aura! And as a tank you will be in the middle infecting every one with this nasty aura

Zhonya's Hourglass
Same as the abyssal scepter, gives you both armor and AP, and a super awsome active. 2 sec cooldown on you spells? pop this bastard and suprise your enemies. Ussaly get this item last against AD heavy team!

Philosopher's Stone
Philosopher's Stone
Yes i am sorry OK! But these gold items are addicting, once you start using them, there is no stop! For you that have no idea what i am talking about, if you rush this item and an Heart of Gold will give you OK laneing power and and awsome income boost. If you are feeling that you will be lacking in lane, or that you are doing really well in lane, pick this up. It always work.
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Other viable items

Sunfire cape
The item that kick sunfire capes butt. I mean really now, i would nearly always get this item before Warmog's Armor. A great balanced item when it comes to countering physical dps. And it brings some nice team dps. A solid pick on any tank! I would not put it over the preferred item list. Try to avoid this item if you are not up against a really heavy AD team. Because both randuin's and Frozen hearth kicks this items ***.

Rylai's crystal scepter
I don't really see what is so good with it, but i guess the extra slow could be nice, and some hp never hurts. I just don't see this as a core item, if you can hit your raptures the xtra slow won't be really that needed, it is a good item for players just starting with cho because it will be easier to hit your Rupture!

Guardian angel
I really prefer other items that both gives offensive and defensive bonuses, but i guess if you just wanna get tankier this items works. And it will maybe save some of those stacks you have.

Spirit Visage
It have synergy with your passive, gives some magic resist and health, and a good boost in Cdr! I have tried it, kinda liked it, but not as much as other items, a viable choice.

Banshee's Veil
This item i a great item if the enemy got some pesky cc that always gets you. Or if the enemy casts a lot of Requiem. I usually don't take this item over force of nature because i really love the regen, and not to mention the proc can be wasted kinda often on a tank. But it is a great item none the least and can be swapped out with nearly anything!
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Fun builds? On my Cho'gath?

So you don't wanna follow the gentleman's way of playing Cho'gath? Fine, let me tell you about the forbidden builds... The fun builds!

What do i mean with fun builds? Well... Maybe i shuld give you the names of them!

AP Cho'Gath


Snowball Cho'Gath

With other words, it is not in my eyes the way to play Cho'Gath, but it is hell of alot of fun to play him like this! And it is a game after all! Games = Fun right?
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AP Cho'Gath

My take on a Ap Cho'gath building sequence.

The skilling order i take when doing this is the old build, with Rapture first. Mostly for the awesome nuking power you get. When i play this i either lane solo, or with a strong laner with a stun like sion or taric.(Ap taric and ap cho'gath on a lane is super fun btw!)

This build can actually be pretty viable, if you and your team know what the **** they are doing. Remember, you are not as tanky with this build!

I run with the same masteries as normal Cho'Gath.

My runes are:
Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Clarity
Greater Glyph of Force

Greater Quintessence of Potency
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SnowBall Cho'Gath (Cho'ball Snowgath)

My take on a Snowball Cho'Gath building sequence.

This is how i build SnowBall Cho'Gath.

The skilling order i take when doing this is the old build, with Rapture first. It is pretty much the same as AP Cho'gath. Only that you get snowball items! Warning! This build is prob best suited if you have good experince with Cho'gath, and is not nearly viable in a competitive match!

Any way, Runes and masteries are exactly the same as AP Cho'gath! Any way:

I run with the same masteries as normal Cho'Gath.

My runes are:
Greater Mark of Insight

Greater Seal of Clarity
Greater Glyph of Force

Greater Quintessence of Potency
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Rupture Is your bread and butter skill, it is the your innovation move and escape move, it is your catching move and saving move. To learn cho you need to learn to hit this spell!

Some basic tips to learn: First off always cast it with the 0.75 delay in mind, with other words, always cast it were the enemy will be when the 0.75 is over. Remember to count in slows and stuns.

A good idea is to wait until your teammate stuns or slows the enemy, this will greatly increase the hit chance of this spell.

You make a really clear animation when you cast this spell, try casting it from the bush to reduce the chance of enemies taking note.

It also shows it self really clearly, a good idea is to try to make the little dust animation that comes out happen under a tower, cliff or even a creep. The chance of people not noticing will be even bigger.

Never use your Q to herras, or with other words, never waste this skill! This rule is even more important in teamfights! A miss or hit on this spell can be the difference between life and death! It is a great spell, don't miss it!

Be careful with Vorpal Spikes. They can push the lane really hard if you are not careful, it is not always optimal to have this spell on. This applies to when attacking towers also. They will damage the enemy hero and you will get tower aggro.

At lvl 5+ if you started with a Doran's Ring you shuld be able to kill the ranged creeps with a Rupture and a Feral Scream combo, remember to attack them one time to let Vorpal Spikes Finnish them off!

Remember that Feast does TRUE damage, it penetrates skills like Valiant Fighter and Unbreakable Will

When you know you are gonna die, always try to take someone with you, you will be surprised how much damage you can do with a full combo of spells!

Remember that killing creeps heals you! If you got some DoT on you or Requiem coming, Kill some creeps and laugh at the enemy.

WARDS! You are a really good farmer, with other words, the perfect ward buyer. Always buy wards for the remaining cash you got when you blue pill home! Put Sight Ward at common warding spots. See the enemy placing a ward? Got pesky stealth heroes in the lane? Don't be scared to buy an Vision Ward

For a more in depth guide about wards an places to place them? (That sounds weird, i am sorry) go this this awesome guide by Panglot
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If you want a strong jungle guide. Give this guy a check:

All cred goes the the author.

For a awesome video check:

All cred goes to Stonewall008


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Laning phase

Cho'gath should always solo lane if he gets the chance, he does great both solo top and mid! Cho'gath does great against most about any champion because of his awesome staying power from: Carnivore.

Pre lvl 6 you should mostly focus on last hitting, remember that you can do some Ok herras with Vorpal Spikes by just last hitting.

When you get level 4 you should look at your enemy and judge if it is worth harassing him, will he just regen it? Or will he slowly go down? If you decide to herras always try to last hit creeps at the same time as you herras with Feral Scream.

Remember to watch out for ganks, it is very easy to push the lane with cho'gath if you are not careful. But with the setup i recommend you should be kinda hard to kill, and a gang would only set you back some hp that you later easy can regenerate. (If you don't get killed that is!)

When you hit level 6 look at your enemies health, do the math, will a spell combo kill him? If yes do it! If not? Feast on a minion and continue farming and herrasing!

You can also duo lane with him, but i would only recommend going with a strong killer or some one with a stun! But i always never does this, and i can't give special feedback on how to play in a lane.

Remember that you should always aim to have 6 stacks of Feast
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Teamfights and lategame

Your Job in teamfights is a hybrid one! You are both a tank and a nuker! You should use your two CC spells ( Feral Scream and Rupture) to stop the majority of the enemy team to get to your back line of teammates, aka mages and ranged carries.
But at the same time you should use your Feast to kill of critical targets.

Position is key here, and without it you will probably fail. You can do 2 things here, and it all depends on the enemy setup! Situation 1. The enemy team got 3 melee dps.

In this situation you will mostly always wait to use Ruptureuntil the melee enemies clump up at a position, if it hits you should most of the time follow up with a Feral Scream to make them worthless for 2-3 seconds. Look for a weakened target and NomNomNom him up with Feast! This target should never be a tank type.

Situation 2. The enemy got 1 support, 1 ranged carry and a mage type char standing in the back.

This situation is a bit tricky if you are lonely tank. If you are you should try to hit at least 2 of the ranged types with Rupture and then try to silence the support and mage type. If you can silence the carry type it does not hurt either!Feast the ranged carry to either kill her or make her be critically wounded! Either way you will make her back off, now change target to either the mage or support. What you now have done is splitting the enemies up, giving your own team a chance to kill the other 2 enemies. Try to pick up stragglers and or wannabe heroes.

If the enemies got strong channeling abilities like: Death Lotus or Nether Grasp save you god dam silence! My golden rule is: Never count on your team to do anything.

I will not go so in depth, it mostly boils down to hit as many people with your spells as possible and feast the high priority target.

Example of Carry types: Ashe Miss Fortune Caitlyn

Example of Mage types: Malzahar Annie Veigar

Example of Tank types: Amumu Shen Rammus

Example of Support types: Soraka Janna Sona

Example of Meele dps types: Xin Zhao Gangplank Jax
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Closing statements

Well i guess thanks for taking you time reading this guide ;) After allot of rageing at other cho'gath players i think it is about time i show em how things is done!

Have fun and keep that belly happy!

Feel free to check out my Kennen build ;)

And i have an archived Swain guide!

Just realeased a guide for MANTHEON Take a look ;).

If you find any error in this guide please tell me and i will get it fixed!
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The post board

I didn't keep track on dates, but things added since i started writeing:

I always add more indepth descriptions on item and other choices when i can.

Changing item orders after popular demand (i am not listening to idiots) and personal experience.

Added Starteing items and builing order.

Fixing spelling errors all the time!

Remade skilling order

Added Fun builds.

Linked to a great jungle guide.

Working on right now:

Gonna add Wit's Endso stop telling me to add it ;)

An indepth skill section.

Some minor changes here and there

Looking for:

Nothing right now.
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