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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ubnoxius

A Guide to Global Control Featuring: Ziggs

Ubnoxius Last updated on January 19, 2014
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Summoner Spells

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Hello and welcome to my 3rd guide on Mobafire Featuring Ziggs! If you don't know who I am, My name is Ubnoxius, Platinum I on the NA Server. I fell in love with Ziggs the very first time I played him, which was around Christmas time and I bought his Snowday skin after one game of playing him xD. Today I am going to be explaining the quite awkward and unique build that is the best for Ziggs along with techniques to master this yordle!
Ziggs is a very hard champion to master, as he has 4 skill shots & requires precise positioning but with this guide I hope to help :)


As usual here are my ranked stats for ziggs as of the start of the Pre Season, Yes it's not much but It's what I have currently xD

+ High Poke Pottential
+ Good Crowd Control
+ Great Wave Clear
+ AOE Out the A**
+ "Global" Ultimate
Ziggs is a complete lane bully. With his passive Short Fuse and Bouncing Bomb you can easily harass from a long distance against melee range champions. You need to abuse this! Always try to get your first auto attack (applied with Short Fuse) off on to your enemy laner and a
Bouncing Bomb behind it for harass right from the get go. This will put you in the position of King of the Lane, and your enemy laner will stand far back from being afraid of getting hit by your big bombs.
In teamfights and skirmishes your job is to poke down the enemy team and find all of your enemies bunched up for you to use Mega Inferno Bomb on them all, allowing your team mates to follow up and kill them all! Bombs Away!

- Super Squishy
- High Skill Cap
- Mana Dependant
- Positioning is Key
- is Tricky to Use
Ziggs is one very fragile S.O.B. You have to be very careful when it comes time that the enemy jungler is ganking. Only use your Satchel Charge to escape a gank, engage on a gank from your jungler, or to catch up to someone that escapes with a sliver of health.
Remember that farm is more important than harass, but, with Ziggs your job is much easier, you can do both at the same time! When the enemy laner is standing behind their caster minions and their caster minions are about half health, throw a Bouncing Bomb to kill the minions and get some harass off.
In teamfights, it's very crucial for Ziggs to not get caught. You as Ziggs are the damage that your team needs to win fights efficiently. Getting caught isn't an option.

Standard quintessences for any AP caster. It will give you 15 Ability Power at level 1 which is a very substantial amount at level 1. Of course every other AP caster you face will most likely have the same runes, so it's good to be at an even level (damage wise) against your opponent.

Standard glyphs for any Ability Power scaling champion. Very good for early poke damage on Ziggs as he scales very well with flat AP from early to mid game. Ability Power glyphs will help you get through the laning phase more easily, and I usually take 6 of these for good measure

Flat armor seals are a must have in the pre season, they help against auto attack poke, and they are required against AD mids like Zed or Kha'Zix. A very safe choice against most teams, best for people who have 2 rune pages

To me, flat Magic Resist Glyphs really even out every AP Mid laner's rune page. It helps you get around levels 1-6 up until you buy your Chalice of Harmony for more defensive stats. I take 3 of these which gives 4 extra magic resist

I take these on all of my AP Casters / Assassins for obvious reasons, they are really the only good marks out there for AP champions. It gives you the power to penetrate a little bit of your enemy's magic resist early on in the game
greater mark of hybrid penetration

These are the only other option that's viable for Ziggs. Due to Short Fuse, along with Brute Force , Martial Mastery , and a Sheen you will be doing crazy poke damage to champions and turrets with your auto attacks

In the Offensive Tree I take 4 points in Sorcery for the extra CDR, allowing you to shoot out Bouncing Bombs more frequently. I'll take Mental Force and Arcane Mastery for the extra flat AP and the AP per level which scales very well with Rabadon's Deathcap. Now here is where you might get confused, I take Brute Force and Martial Mastery because of Ziggs' passive Short Fuse. Dealing more damage on each auto attack is great for poking especially when the enemy laner is melee and you can just physically abuse them to hell.

I take 3 points into Executioner for the 5% damage on champions below 50% health. Example, Bouncing Bomb with 30 ability power at level 1 will do an extra 4.275 damage to a target below 50% HP, not much, but it's substantial when you have more AP.

Then take Archmage for the extra %AP which does stack with Rabadon's Deathcap. Once you get Rabadon's Deathcap you will have 35% AP per 1 ability power.

Then take Arcane Blade for the extra damage with your auto attacks, stacking on top of Short Fuse, then Devastating Strikes which both Armor Pen and Magic Pen Ziggs will benefit from, and Havoc to finish of the offense tree.

In my second tree of the masteries I go into the Utility Tree. I take Phasewalker , it's not too necessary but Ziggs doesn't really need the extra movement speed from Fleet of Foot as he is a high ranged mage and mainly stands in the back line and throws his bombs in all day to poke the enemy so that his team can engage when the enemy is low enough health.

I then take Meditation for the extra mana regeneration early game which really helps before you get your Chalice of Harmony, then you are set.

Now, I i'm one of those people that loves low cool downs, so I take my last points of the Utility Tree into Summoner's Insight which will lower Flash to 270 seconds and Ignite to 189 seconds. In a 40 minute game you could then use Flash 9 times as opposed to 7 or 8, and you could use Ignite about 13 times as opposed to around 11 or 12 times per game. Some people will prefer not to take the points in Martial Mastery and Brute Force and replace them with Alchemist / Culinary Master and/or Runic Affinity , I tend to do that sometimes, maybe if i'm against someone with a lot of poke like
Orianna and I need the extra sustain.

I take Flash in 100% of my games as Ziggs. Helps you get out of sticky situations or to pull of a next level Kobe Bryant. Absolutely necessary on Summoner's Rift.

I take Ignite about 80% of my games on Ziggs. If I feel confident about my matchup and that I'll win lane, I'll take Ignite. Helps give off that last sliver of Health on your enemy

I usually take Barrier against champions with a lot of burst like Syndra, Fizz, Zed etc. It can turn the table of a fight upsidedown very easily on your enemy in close situations

]I start with a Doran's Ring on all my games with Ziggs, It gives AP, Health, and Mana Regen along with a good passive that refunds mana per minion

I will take the Warding Totem 90% of the time on Ziggs it's by far the best trinket at level 9 as you can have another ward right after it runs out

The Scrying Orb is very useful for checking for enemies in the radius of your Mega Inferno Bomb
I have tried it 2 or 3 times and it does fairly work well

The Chalice of Harmony is a must have item on Ziggs, it gives him the regenerating mana that he needs to stay sustained in lane, and it gives a bit of Magic Resist as well

Just pick these up when you have some extra gold for them. Great for it's early game Magic Pen that will help you progress through the laning phase with ease

Rabadon's Deathcap, although you might think of it as a 3rd or 4th item, should be taken on Ziggs as his first complete item. It really makes Ziggs hit hard

I said before, Rabadon's Deathcap is what spikes Ziggs' damage. Buying it as your first core item is going to make it so you aren't waiting for damage to spike later

Athene's Unholy Grail is one of the strongest items on AP carries right now. The item is worth 3650g for the stats it gives (not including the passive) and you get it for 2600g

Zhonya's Hourglass is good on any AP champion, it gives 120 AP, extra Armor, and an amazing passive that allows you to dodge every ability in teamfights

Void Staff is a very good item to pick up when your enemy starts to build Magic Resist, allowing you to shred through most of it with a whopping 35% Magic Penetration

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a very good item on Ziggs imo: It gives a great deal of Ability Power, Health, and a Slowing Passive, which can hold your enemy down for a

]I get this enchantment for my boots around mid game when I have 475 gold laying around in the bank, great for quickly returning to lane and saving a tower or inhibitor

Now we talk about things that you might have questions for, dealing with items

So you're probably now wondering why I take Rabadon's Deathcap as my first complete item. Athene's Unholy Grail seems so much better?!?! Well sir (or ma'm) it's because it gives 120 Ability Power (which is twice as much as athene's) and 30% AP multiplier. As long as you get Chalice of Harmony on your first back, that's the only component you need from Athene's Unholy Grail, the mana regeneration You don't really need the Cooldown Reduction immediately, although it is nice, but going for more damage is so much better for Ziggs. Rushing Rabadon's Deathcap means your ability power will spike instantly and anything you buy after Rabadon's Deathcap will immediately spike your damage more (from the 30% AP increase).

I hope i'm explaining this well enough, like it makes so much sense in my head but it's difficult to put it on paper XD.

Let's put it this way. If you get one Ability Power item before you buy Rabadon's Deathcap, you have to wait until you buy Rabadon's Deathcap to get your extra 30% AP increase. Buying Rabadon's Deathcap first will make it so you don't have to wait for the 30% AP increase after you buy other items. See?

Seraph's Embrace
A tough decision for you might also be, wether to get Seraph's Embrace or Athene's Unholy Grail? If you are the kind of person that likes Cooldown Reduction, then get Athene's Unholy Grail. If you are the kind of person that likes to spam the absolute **** out of your abilities, like...whenever they are up, then you buy Seraph's Embrace. It's not a bad item, don't get me wrong, gives a **** ton of mana, along with AP per 3% of your maximum mana, and a great shield active. But it takes a hell of a long time to get Tear of the Goddess to stack. (about 25-30 minutes btw)
It's total gold value comes in at a whopping 4558g! for only 2700g! But I do like the cooldown reduction from Athene's Unholy Grail a lot more + it gives magic resist and 2 Unique Passive's dealing with mana restoration :)

Bich Lane
To be completely honest, I have never bought this item on Ziggs, I would assume it works incredibly well, but I play ziggs by damage 90% with my abilities from mid to late game, and not so much with Short Fuse auto attacks. Also, when using auto attacks to deal damage on Ziggs it may put you at risk of the enemy front line, you might get caught, and you might die.

Lich Bane is definitely a good item, especially for the fact that you can pretty much 3 shot towers with almost full build, I just don't think it is the most optimal item for Ziggs. There are much stronger items that are better for his playstyle.

Mercury's Treads
If you are losing pretty badly to your opponent, they are running a 3 AP comp, or they have a **** ton of CC, then I take Mercury's Treads. They give you a good amount of MR, they give tenacity, and they give the general movement speed that is needed.

If your really behind and you pick these up, but then you start to do better in the game, then you can sell them for Sorcerer's Shoes due to having the extra magic resist from Athene's Unholy Grail.

That's pretty much it for this, let's move on!

Which One?
If you're doing really well and getting your items fast enough to where the enemy team isn't getting their builds done, then I would get Rylai's Crystal Scepter.
If they enemy team is doing slightly better and they are beginning to stack MR, then you should take Liandry's Torment easy as that.

Although! Rylai's Crystal Scepter is considerably more cost efficient than Liandry's Torment. Being that Rylai's Crystal Scepter is worth 3059g but only costs 2900g, and Liandry's Torment is worth 1880g (not including the magic pen which would have to equal 1020g for the item to be cost efficient) but costs the same, 2900g

Overall, Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a better choice than Liandry's Torment

Short Fuse
(Innate): Short Fuse makes it really easy to last hit early on in the game, but, I would recommend trying to land it on your opponent at every moment possible, it's great harass and it scales very well with AP for a passive. Using it on towers is also another great option, and remember that you can refresh a couple seconds off of it every time you use a basic ability.

(Active): This is Ziggs' primary damaging ability. It's great for wave clearing and for poke. It has incredible range with it's 3 extra bounces and a low cooldown. When you have blue buff you need to be spamming this. Poke champions, clear minions, and reset Short Fuse as much as possible. Although reseting Short Fuse is not your main goal, it's good to keep in mind that your abilities will decrease the cooldown of it.

(Active): This is Ziggs' only escape ability. You should be using it for mainly escaping or to initiate when your jungler comes to gank, by using it's small but effective bounce back. Also you can use this ability to face check brushes for you as it provides a small area of vision for the time it's up, but, remember that it has a high cooldown and you won't be able to use it as an escape for another ~20 seconds.

(Active): The ability you will be maxing 2nd. Hexplosive Minefield gives you great wave clear combined with Bouncing Bomb, and once you get your first core item you will be able to throw down 1 Hexplosive Minefield and a Bouncing Bomb and clear all the minions in the wave. this ability is also very good in teamfights and chasing, as well as disengaging and kiting your enemy.

Mega Inferno
(Active): Mega Inferno Bomb is Ziggs' ultimate. It's incredible for teamfights and skirmishes as you will be able to hit all of the enemy champions if they are clumped together. Although I do recommend using it right below you if you are in melee if you can, it makes it much easier to hit as the cast time takes longer the farther it is thrown. Keep in mind that Mega Inferno Bomb has almost global range so you can snipe people across the map if you have the skill and the balls to do so.

Skilling Order





















Your main job as Ziggs while laning is of course, to farm and create a strong lead for late game. Your second job is to poke, which is incredibly easy to do with Ziggs. At level 1 and 2 try to auto attack your opponent as much as possible with Short Fuse and Bouncing Bombs, the difficult part is to not lose farm, if you can, try to poke while your enemy is standing behind their caster minions, then you will be able to harass them and also obtain the gold from killing minions.

Always be trying to deny the enemy of farm by running up to them and throwing an auto attack and Bouncing Bombs in their face. It's your lane, make them feel like you are in control!

When your jungler comes to gank, make sure to tell them if your Satchel Charge is up or not, because that is going to be your engage, although it is a soft engage, when you combo Satchel Charge with Hexplosive Minefield along with your jungler's CC, it makes it very hard for your opponent to run away


In teamfights, your job, as Ziggs is to deal AOE damage to as many targets as you can, kiting and poking at them at all times especially if you have blue buff. Ziggs synergises well with champions with AOE lock down so that he can land his Mega Inferno Bomb. Champions such as Jarvan IV, Zyra, and Amumu all work great with Ziggs. When it comes time that your team engages, try to catch as many people with Mega Inferno Bomb as you can, as well as throwing in Hexplosive Minefield and Bouncing Bombs in as often as possible, locking the enemy team down and annihilating them with ease.

You can also engage a teamfight if you absolutely have to, with Satchel Charge you can easily catch people off guard and bounce them into your team. Try to place Hexplosive Minefield right behind the champion you caught out so that they have no option but to run straight through all of the mines.

Ziggs excells in teamfights in the jungle where there aren't very many areas for the enemy to dodge all of his AOE. So if you can, try to take advantage of fighting in the jungle, and try to lead your opponents into a jungle teamfight, maybe by baiting baron or dragon

Well that concludes my guide to Ziggs I hope you learned a lot. I put a lot of work into making this guide and it was very fun doing so, I hope you enjoy
Lots of love and have fun!

1.18.2014 // Published Guide
1.18.2014 // Fixed bug where Discussion Tab wasn't bringing you back to the top when you clicked it

Direct thanks: First of all, Emikadon For allowing me to use her Table Of Contents that I embellished for myself :)
Thanks to YayaFTW for giving me the ">" signs for the abilities section in my guide

Indirect thanks: Thanks to Jhoi for her guide to making a guide
And all the inspiration from many other guides :)