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Shyvana General Guide by Eyva

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eyva

A Guide to Jungle Shyvana

Eyva Last updated on June 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys its TTO Eyva, ive been playing league since early season 3, not long i know, but ive pretty much been playing it non-stop since then, i own every champion now and have played my fair amount of games with each champion, Im only in silver 3 but please dont let that knock you, i have only recently started playing in the ranked scene and i won 7 out of my 10 provisional games so not that bad :p.

Shyvana is definitely one of my favorite champions in the current meta, especially in the jungle, the presence she brings with her to the rift is immense and i strongly believe that theres little champions that can match her overall game impact.

i hope you enjoy this guide, and please be sure to check out my next guide: Playing Kha'Zix in the Twisted Treeline, which will be released at some point on 04/06/2014.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is essential for any champion in league of legends, it gifts you a free escape and a great engage.

Smite is also pretty high on the essentials list for Junglers, as it is quite simply the best tool for securing buffs, baron and dragon .

Other summoner icons Shyvana could run in the jungle. (although i wouldnt suggest them over the above 2)

Some people prefer ghost over flash as it will still grant you engage and disengage, and you will cover more ground then you will with Flash however, Ghost just doesn't offer you the same opportunities as Flash does.

I dont mind taking Teleport over flash occasionally but i would never do it as Shyvana, maybe if i was playing Shaco or someone else with their own escape, that doesn't cost them their ultimate.

You dont see it often but Exhaust can be a good tool for junglers who can jungle without Smite, as it helps to provide more pressure during ganks, but i would never take Exhaust over Smite myself

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I always go this way with the abilities myself, even if playing Shyvana in a lane. i just feel as though this is the strongest way to build a Shyvana into the Farming beast that she is.

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Pros / Cons

. Super fast Camp Clear
. Great for invading
. Great Camp Clear with Burnout
. Synergy is great with most teams
. Scales well into late game
. Your a dragon!

. Doesnt have alot of Disengage pre 6
. Has little to no CC for ganks
. There is a whole Team of Dragonslayers out there

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Your role in game

As Shyvana in the jungle it is ultimately your role to have a positive influence on your carry lanes, be it through getting them kills/assists or just through lane pressure. this isnt always an easy task, but Shyvana does make it easy for you.

Early Game (<6)
- i really dont think Shyvana can offer much in terms of kill potential this early on in the game, but as a jungle you will find its quite easy to get a very early level advantage onto the enemy laners, this is especially the case if you can successfully steal an enemy buff, if you get a level advantage you have a great opportunity to sway a lane into your favor, as most lanes at this point in the game should be even. i like to choose the top lane as my first gank simply because i find it is usually the safest to gank, make sure your laner knows the game plan, and just aim to push the other laner out, you dont need a kill, just the pressure, if you can get your top laner a level or two above theirs, your laner will have a much easier time in the lane.

Mid game (6-14)
- Shyvana is strong in the mid game, she has alot more to offer in a gank now that she has Dragon's Descent available to her, when performing ganks in the mid game, you should be aiming to gift over your carries afew kills, but your main role is to maintain the vision your team has, you should at this point switch out your trinket for the Sweeping Lens trinket as this will help you to deny enemy vision, and you should be buying as many wards as your money allows, most importantly around the dragon and buff areas, use this vision advantage to help you notify your team of incoming danger and to try your best to moniter the path of your rival jungler.

Late game (>14)
- you should now be a formidable wall for your carries, aim for big team fights, and try to position yourself between your carries and any incoming threats to them, try to save your Dragon's Descent until you can group up as many of the enemy team as possible, you might need to be the engage for your team, so be aware that you might need to go in man mode style and jump right into 5 people, you cant be afraid of doing so whilst playing the tank for your team. do your best to peel for your friendly carry and just be a nuisance.

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Creeping / Jungling

I strongly believe that each player should try the jungle afew times themselves, and come up with a jungle path that they are most comfortable with as that will be the best path for you as a player. This is just how i would do it.
I always start by rushing To the enemy lizard elder and placing a ward in the bush either above or below the buff camp (above purple side - Below Blue side), i put the ward here as it is less likely to be checked. if possible i will then attempt to smite the enemies red away, if successful i will go straight to my own blue, then straight to my own red, after my own red, it really depends if there is a gank opportunity, if not i tend to do wraiths then wolves then back to shop.

i often find that because of Burnout it is easy to get to the opponents buff before laner is in a position to defend it, it is still very advisable to be careful when invading and getting help from the closest friendly lane is always advised.
its also important to know when your beat, wasting time trying to invade a buff that you cant invade will put you behind and could even get you killed, if your invade fails return to your own jungle and farm normally, keeping an extra eye on their jungler as he will probably be out for revenge.

also be aware that their junlger might usually start at their red buff, in which case take your mid laner and attempt to steal their blue, an early game blue buff steal can make huge differences to the game.

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Performing a Gank

Pre 6
- When ganking pre 6 with Shyvana your probably not going to come out with a kill, unless the enemy player is severely out of position, that does not mean dont gank though. ganking is more about relieving pressure or even promoting your carries pressure within the lane, i find it best to gank around the level 3 mark as you will probably reach it just before the laners will, its best to enter the lane saving your skills as long as you can, engage with Flame Breath and then follow up with Burnout and Twin Bite making sure to utilize the aa reset it offers. this will cause a good burst of damage this early in the game and the enemy laner will have to fall back away from lane.

After 6
- your ganking pattern doesnt change that much you should still engage with Flame Breath and then follow up with Burnout and Twin Bite but now you can also use Dragon's Descent to improve your kill potential, i like to save Dragon's Descent as long as i can as so i can follow up a Flash or use it to knockback an enemy to stop an attack, such as Death Lotus from Katarina, but you can also just use Dragon's Descent straight off the mark to allow you the element of suprise.

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has great synergy with a whole range of champions and to name them all would just be ridiculous so ill name ones in which i think she has the most synergy with.

having Orianna in the same team as a Shyvana can have a devastating effect on the mid to late game, you can use Dragon's Descent as a great delivery system for Command: Shockwave simply by giving Shyvana Command: Protect and then jumping straight into the heart of the enemy team, this can sway teamfights dramatically.

Lulu has similar synergy with Shyvana as Orianna does however in this case its more about zoning the enemy and letting the rest of the team rip them to pieces. comboing Dragon's Descent with a well timed Wild Growth can not only keep you from dying but also keep the enemy together and unable to escape. you can even take this a step further by giving Shyvana Help, Pix! and Whimsy before jumping into the fight as then when the enemies do begin to flee Lulu can do her best to hit them all with Glitterlance slowing them all down immensly.

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Thank you!

This is my first guide!
so please go easy on me, any serious suggestions or criticism is appreciated. hope you found it useful.


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