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Pyke Build Guide by Sq_09

Middle A guide to Pyke, but NOT supp! :o (top & mid)

By Sq_09 | Updated on January 19, 2020
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Runes: Early Damage

1 2 3 4
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Ignite (Notes!)
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

A guide to Pyke, but NOT supp! :o (top & mid)

By Sq_09
Hey, it's me!


I'm Sq_09 and im a casual LoL player.

Through this description alone, you should've noticed, that anything I post here is not serious, viable or ranked-proof. I'm more about having fun and stuff and playing trolly but fun builds like this. With that said ... Pyke mid/top
Pros/Cons Back to Top
- Good roaming potential early
- high kill pressure post-6
- R can give a gold lead
- can easily assassinate backline
- many bad matchups in lane
- not as high pressure without R
- very weak pre-6
- almost no sustain
Gameplan Back to Top
As Pyke mid/top your gameplan is to:
- Roam a lot
- get your team ahead
- secure kills in the enemy backline
- pull enemies in to engage a teamfight
- get huge R strings in teamfights

As Pyke (especially in midlane) you can roam a lot. Your Ghostwater Dive and Predator give you insane roaming potential. Look for lanes that are pushed in, walk into the river and (if you have it) Predator halfway through. Activate your W shortly before entering lane to get an unseen Phantom Undertow or Bone Skewer off and finish it off with Death from Below to give your other lanes a gold advantage.

If you get ganked, when roaming or in later teamfights, well placed Death from Belows can give either your laner, jungler or your entire team a huge gold-spike. To guarantee hitting a Death from Below, either wait for friendly CC to lock someone down, count the enemies mobility-cooldowns or just predict their movements. You can also Flash mid-R to catch enemies who, for example Flash away themselves.

Being an assassin, you can easily dive into the enemy backline with your Phantom Undertow. The stun can prevent tanks or supports from peeling for their adc and lock down the adc themselves. You can do a AA, Q, AA combo on them and finish them off with Death from Below. You can either continue with your R-resets or disengage with your Ghostwater Dive to regenerate some health back and reengage later on (with Death from Below ofc).

If you are able to pull in a squishier target (or anyone even) you can start the teamfight with some big damage or even a kill. Try using Ghostwater Dive to Bone Skewer from unexpected angles. You can also pull enemies over walls. So if you see an opportunity, you can try pulling someone in to seperate them from their team and quickly kill them. You can even cheese enemies who stick to you, by charging a Bone Skewer and pulling them over the wall behind you.

Huge Death from Below strings look flashy, are worth high amounts of damage and give your team a heck ton of gold ... Always try going for these if you can.
Laning Back to Top
You can apply a lot of kill pressure and shuv waves in to roam a lot.

Depending on the matchup, you can play really agressively and zone with Bone Skewers out of nowhere. If you hit a Bone Skewer, you are able to kill most squishy targets very quickly with Death from Below. Keep in mind tho, that you are very squishy yourself and you don't survive much damage. You also don't apply too much kill pressure to tanks, sice they can just take the damage without having to worry too much about getting executed. In hard matchups you have to rely on early ganks to get a lead.

If you manage to shuv some waves in or to make the enemy laner recall, you can start roaming and getting a lead for you and your other lanes. Use Predator and Ghostwater Dive to get there quickly and unseen and hopefull secure some kills. Umbral Glaive is a good item to pick up early to keep yourself unseen and clear enemy vision. It also makes the enemies lane way less secure, since you can just clear out their wards, which encourages them to play further back, which makes roaming way easier.
MId-/Lategame Back to Top
WIP: Until now you can view the chapter „Gameplan“ for information.
Items/Runes Back to Top
Coming Soon ...

What items should I build?
Which runes should I take depending on the situation?

This Guide will soon be extended to add this part ...
Matchups/Threads/Synergies Back to Top
Coming Soon ...

Who should I dodge against?
What comp does this fit in?
Who do I have to worry about?

This Guide will soon be extended to add this part ...
Conclusion Back to Top
All in all Pyke mid/top is really fun to play and you can get some flashy plays. He also has very good early roaming potential.

I hope you liked this Fun-Guide. If you have any feedback or criticism please tell me. I'm glad to get any kind of advice.

Bye, and see you on the rift.

Sq c:
League of Legends Build Guide Author Sq_09
Sq_09 Pyke Guide
A guide to Pyke, but NOT supp! :o (top & mid)