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Jax Build Guide by Watsonthe8th

Jungle A lamp enthusiast's guide to jax jungle

By Watsonthe8th | Updated on April 5, 2020
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Runes: my staple

Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

A lamp enthusiast's guide to jax jungle

By Watsonthe8th
Hello i am Watson the 8th a complete and utter noob but i do love playing jax and i have yet to see another guide that builds him like i do or at least one thats up to date. To talk about Jax he is a melee hyper carry who power spikes hard and can duel almost anyone at most points of the game.
building Back to Top
Jax has a lot of option in builds and he makes good use of a bunch of different stats. Jax really loves AD, health, and attack speed but you can even build him AP if you want though its more than a bit troll. I rush my Blood razor on stalkers blade. I take stalkers cause i like blue smite i feel like jax gets a lot more out of it then red smite. After that i get my Trinity Force and upgrade my boots. Buy boots on first or second back along with a long bow and stalkers blade. But after Blood razor get either ninja tabis or mercury treads. 90% of the time you want the treads just for the tenacity but certain games you will benefit from the tabis. Then you get your Trinity Force the perfect item for jax very rarely will there ever be a reason to not build it. From that point you have options about what to build. You could go 3 tanky items from that point like maybe sterak's gage, Randuins omen, and a Titanic Hydra to finish off that is how we used to build Jax. Now i think the more meta build would be Black Cleaver for that sweet sweet 40% cdr, Titanic Hydra, and just because i like it Frozen mallet. Now a days it seems more like items with pure health and good passives like Black Cleaver and Frozen Mallet seem to be really good on jax also go well with the inevitable Titanic Hydra. Blade of the Ruin King is really popular on top lane right now but its kinda clunky to put on a jax jg build and Blood Razor has a similar percent health damage passive so i just role that. This Triniy, Cleaver, Titanic, Mallet has felt really good the times i have played it. Right now Black Cleaver and Trinity are really good together. But thats the thing about jax you have options if you need crit reducion go Randuins if not go mallet or another item. If you need magic resist go Wits End. If you want ap damage on your 3rd hit and w go something like gun blade which is really good on jax especially if you need to be more bursty then dps. Also important to consider if you want more magic resist on activating your ultimate you will need more magic damage. Theoretically you could build jax 100% glass canon and only rely on resistances from his R but not recommended. He really lie being a bruiser and getting items with both damage and health.
abilities Back to Top
I dont have fancy images to put in yet so its gona be bare bones

-passive- every time you auto attack you gain a stack which grants you attack speed and stacks up to 8 times the more you smack stuff the faster you smack stuff. This is why jax is great at taking towers.

-q- your q is a point and click leap that deals a little damage and lets you leap to an enemy champion, enemy minion, a monster, or a ward. It lets you ward hop so if you are smart unlike me you can use it to get out of a risky fight. I used to max e 2nd and q last but i have since changed my view point having q to go in and out of a fight more often and just for its raw mobility is super valuable so i max it second. Using jax's q well and creatively is what makes good jax players.

-w- empowered auto that makes your lamp glow deals bonus magic damage that scales with ap. first skill you max so you can spam it about every 4 seconds and since you take ravanous hunter it heals you. This is one of the reason some ap on jax is great. You can hit w to empower your q to finish people off. Use it when taking towers to get a passive stack faster and take towers a little faster.

-e- the real meat and potatoes of jax makes your immune to auto attacks and then stuns when it either runs out or is recast. its damage increases the more damage you avoid with it. also decreases the damage or any aoe abilities that hit you so when its on the most dangerous thing to you is single target ability damage.

-R- Jax's ultimate is a two piece ability with a passive that grants additional magic damage which scales with ad. The active grants you lots of bot armor and magic resist for 8 seconds pretty simple
clear Back to Top
90% of the time i play jax i start with a red leash then full clear. I get red-crugs-raptors, then i check if there is an obvious gank if not maybe take a scuttle then continue with the rest of the clear going wolves-blue-gromp. Full clearing is good because level 3 jax is pretty darn weak and he needs to hit 6 fast. He can gank at 3 though so if you have a good opportunity go for it you will most likely get a flash. Jax has a strong fast clear even before 6. Don't fall into the trap of rushing tiamat early its really not worth it you clear little monster fast enough and it delays you real power spikes.
combos and strategy Back to Top
Jax is not to complex when it comes to combos or anything like that but you should really learn the timing on his e counter strike as its the key to playing him its always painful to q in after counter strike goes off. Note that jax has a reasonably good level three and can gank at that point but really power spikes hard at 6. So i don't recommend trying to duel a warwick without help at level three focus in stead on helping your laners secure kills. Jax does not have a terribly hard time taking objectives like the ever so important dragons. He can solo them at 6 but it will get you rather low so be really careful when you decide to do that.
Runes Back to Top
You can see the runes i recommend above. The main branch is pretty basic, triumph for that heal and little extra gold, alacrity for attack speed, and Coup De Grace for that little extra damage. The keystone i take in Conqueror. A name with a good ring to it. It gives that sweet increasing damage for the first 5 hits. Jax can stack it very fast. Press the Attack can be a good rune for jax and it is theoretically a better rune for ganks as you can stack it quicker but i feel it is simply not as good. Jax loves the early skirmishes it gives him chances to get ahead and lets him flex his strength as a duelist. And conqueror is a much stronger rune for those circumstances and it scales better so i say even for jax in the jungle it is the best keystone choice.

For the second tree its domination and I take Sudden Impact and Ravenous Hunter. Sudden impact is good but its the one im least confident about being optimal the magic pen and lethality is certainly good and it applies with every q but im not sure that cheap shot is not better. But sudden impact is still what i take.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Watsonthe8th
Watsonthe8th Jax Guide
A lamp enthusiast's guide to jax jungle
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