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Diana Build Guide by Oontzie

AP Carry A New Moon: Diana Mid [S7]

AP Carry A New Moon: Diana Mid [S7]

Updated on December 19, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oontzie Build Guide By Oontzie 260,611 Views 1 Comments
260,611 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Oontzie Diana Build Guide By Oontzie Updated on December 19, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hello everyone! My name is Oontzie and I am an avid Diana player. I thought I should make a guide on how I play Diana, and other ways I've seen her done too! This guide is open for improvement, so any tips or advice you wish to share will always be appreciated!
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Pros / Cons


+ High damage
+ Flexible playstyle
+ Easy farming
+ Semi-Mobile
+ Low CDs
Whether you go Assassin Diana or AP/Def. Diana, you'll have an amazing amount of damage output. Your passive makes it easy to farm early, and your other abilities allow for easy wave clear later on. Her ability allows you to gank other lanes and for some cool escapes.

- Vulnerable before 6
- Low mana pool
- Reliant on landing Q for damage output and ult resets
- Low amount of CC
- Questionable teamfighting
Diana pre-6 is very weak. Don't expect to get any kills before this. Since her R is her only mobility spell, she's very vulnerable to ganks early on. Her low mana pools also makes it so you pretty much have to back after a kill or 2.
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Depending on your playstyle and/or team comp, your masteries will change.

Bursty Assassin Diana:

AP/Def. Diana:

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When and Why:

Bursty Assassin Diana:

Core Items:

This is one of Diana's core items due to Hextech Revolver giving great early damage, and the item itself giving you some health, and another dash to get in range for an Q-R Combo.

Pretty self explanatory. Give MR, while also boosting your magic damage and gives you CDR.

Zhonya's is pretty much a core item on any magic damage dealer. It gives you armor, CDR, and the active is good. (Just a tip, if your caught out, try to time the Zhonyas with your cooldowns on your abilities.)

Little known fact, Rabadon's Deathcap is actually gold efficient at 60 AP! Anywho, this item gives a massive power spike to Diana when she gets it. I'd suggest getting this as a 3rd or 4th item.

Pretty self-explanatory too. Give massive magic pen, good for late game.

AP/Def. Diana:

This is a MUST on AP/Def. Diana. You want to get this as a first item to get the stacks as soon as possible. It gives her good health, AP, and Mana.

As I said before, this build focuses more on your passive than your abilities, and Nashor's Tooth allows you to proc your passive more often.

The spike in AP really helps in mid-game. Rush this again 3rd or 4th item.

Iceborn allows you to get tanky stats, while the sheen passive also allows you to get more damage off when weaving your abilities in. The passive also makes you more sticky.

Defensive stats + free revive every 5 minutes.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence Order

> > >
Her Q, Crescent Strike, is her main damage output. Its passive also allows for Lunar Rush's cooldown to be reset, and maxing this ability first allows more resets more quickly. Her W, Pale Cascade gives her a shield for sustain, but also deals aoe damage and is good for both harass and staying safe in lane. Her E, Moonfall is a great AOE slow and knock-up, but costs a lot of mana and has very little use early on.
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Ignite is good if you want to go aggressive or if your going against laners who have some sort of healing ability. Good if you want that early kill pressure, but I personally never take it.

Teleport on the other hand gives you global map pressure, and allows you to back early. All around a better summoner since you can already guarantee an early kill with your early burst damage.
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How to use abilities/spells

During laning

During laning, you have to play pretty safe pre-6. Using Crescent Strike to farm is great if you need to play safe. Try to align it so you can both farm and poke. If you need to walk up to farm minions, but are afraid of getting poked, using Pale Cascade will give you a shield so you can just walk up to the minions and farm.

If you're facing another melee champion, you can also auto minions twice, and while they're walking up to minions, auto attack them to get your passive off, use W, and Q, but be warned this is very mana costly.

When level 5, you can back early for a Doran's Ring, Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation, and Boots, and then use Teleport to get back into lane. This will get you back to full health and mana, and give you more AP for your burst.

Mid/late game farming

Diana in the mid/late game has great waveclear. The basic way to wave clear is to Q all (or as many as possible) minions, W in the middle of all of them, and clear the rest with your passive. A great use of your ult would be to ult into a wave of minions to get to the center.


Diana is very mobile with her Q>R combo. If a target is fleeing, or if you need to escape, you can Q>R to enemy minions, or neutral jungle monsters. Remember that if you don't connect your ult because they flash or dash away, your ult does NOT reset.

Diana's Q also reveals all non-invisible units. You can use this to check brush, check the fog-of-war, or keep an enemy revealed while chasing.

Diana's E is a knock up. This is great for canceling channels like Katarina's Death Lotus. It also bring enemies into you, so use it for enemies trying to escape. Also, because it is a knock up, you can use it to help trigger Yasuo's Last Breath. It also procs Courage of the Colossus , which can help during dives or at the start of fights.

If you dive turret, remember you can also use your ult on minions to get out of turret range after.



This is your basic burst combo. Before performing this though you want to charge up 2 auto attacks, so your 3rd auto attack will be on them. A tip also, when you use your Q, and you know it'll land, use your ult immediately. It'll reset immediately.


This is your Lich Bane combo. Identical to your basic combo, but weaves in more AA between spells for higher damage output.
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Team Work

Team Fights

Being a bursty champion, you want to prioritize their carries. You can usually delete them pretty fast. If not, your Q from the back lines still does a lot.

Diana can also initiate fights with her Q>R>E combo. You want to Q and Ult into the middle of their team, and slow them with your E. You usually only want to do this if you have Zhonya's Hourglass so you can activate that after so you're not focused down immediately.

With AP/Tank, when you initiate, try to make sure to kite between autos, and not stack shields. You don't need to E immediately, and it's actually better to fight, and use E when they run/you need another shield.


Before roaming, remember to always push your wave up so your enemy laner has to chose between clearing wave or following you.

When ganking a lane with some sort of dash (Lucian's dash, Tristana's rocket jump, ect..), try to save your ult for after they use their dash. If you get close enough to them, you can actually cancel their dash with your E ability.
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I hope to see more Diana's out there!
Thank you for reading my guide, and any feedback is appreciated.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oontzie
Oontzie Diana Guide
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A New Moon: Diana Mid [S7]

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