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Teemo Build Guide by MrCuddowls

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrCuddowls

A Quick Teemo guide for Swagging it up

MrCuddowls Last updated on September 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Teemo Swag

welcome to my five hundred thousandth guides to Teemo. I think I finally got a good guide for Teemo up and I hope people will like this one after the numerous failed Teemo guides I have made in the past. Teemo is the best champion in the game. He is small and puts down really really annoying mushrooms and just annoys the living hell out of the other team. He can do over 2 attacks per second and have so much damage it will give Phreak ******s because he likes to masturbate to champions who deal...

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Pros / Cons


+Very High Movement speed
+A lot of attacks per second
+A lot of damage Per attack
+Traps to annoy/damage things
+Blind renders any AA useless


-Horribly squishy early game
-Targeted instantly/Taunt
-Needs Items to be Effective
-Useless if he doesn't get fed
-Not a very competent off tank

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Masterful Masteries

Epic Damage

These are the masteries you should take when going top with Teemo. By far the most DPS. The reason I don't do 21/9/0 is because it doesn't utilize the points very well. So say you are taking Lethality, this build doesn't have any Crit chance. You're basically wasting a point by taking into it. You should also realize that you have only 1 point left (other than the one that would have gone into Executioner ) and that point can't go into anything to cause a significant change. So basically, your wasting 2 points that could go into something much better just because you want to deal some damage through executioner.

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Resaplendant Runes

Best in Slot


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
The marks will bypass armor which is good as it will allow you to utilize more of your damage. This will become more and more amazing as you lose health and your Maw gives you the bonus Attack damage. Resilience seals for the defense since you are going top against many bruisers as a squishy champion like Teemo. I chose Shielding glyphs because they are the most common in the game for bruiser/off tank characters. Speed quints because they are super amazing ESPIECALLY on Teemo who relies on his speed to catch up and run away from enemies and to be able to split push effectively. 

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Starting items

The usual way to itemize at the start. Health potions give sustain and boots give Movement speed which is great for running away and catching up. The first point should be put into E if you're doing this. You will need the early harass because you won't have AS MUCH survivability then taking Cloth armor. The extra harass will help even all this out.

This is if you know you are going to completely stomp lane. A very aggressive start but can be rewarding if you can do what you think you can do well. Be aware though that you have no sustain at all. Only take this if you hard hard counter a lane or you know for sure the person you're playing against can not beat you what so ever. Otherwise this is not recommended.

Early game

If you want to build Frozen Mallet first get this. Its a nice boost of survivabilty and the slow proc can be very scary on a Teemo. This is the most recommended and common route for building Teemo. The Phage it's self helps Teemo A LOT in fights. This is what I recommend you get at the start unless you need that armor REALLY REALLY bad. 

Core Items

These are the Items you should have Mid game. They are core to teemo since Teemo can utilize them very. This build isn't ready for split pushing but you should have some nice damage to do well in fights, and the proc on Wriggle's Lantern will make farming minions easier so you can start buying your snowball items and getting the "Tons of damage" that was promised at the start of the guide. You will also be a split pushing god since your Attack speed will be over 1.8 per second with the damage to back all of it up.

Final Items

My favorite way of building Teemo. Maw scales by Health you lose and the damage gained is quite significant and can surprise people who are fighting you. Bloodthirster gives life steal which is amazing since Teemo can life steal a lot but what's more amazing is that it synergizes with maw. It will keep you alive longer at a certain health, which will allow you to utilize the passive on maw more.


shurelya's reverie zeke's herald

These are all good items to take when the situation calls for them. Just stay inside the parameters of the items above. Be smart when picking items, If the other team is just as fed as your team don't pick Infinity Edge. Go with something like Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen. If they are AP then go with a Banshee's Veil or a Quicksilver Sash. I typically like to get an Guardian Angel and a Randuin's Omen when im in tight situations where ADC is very strong. Now if your team is in trouble, don't be hesitant about buying support items like Aegis of the Legion or shurelya's reverie. You will not regret it, I promise.