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Twisted Fate Build Guide by WhoopsTypo

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhoopsTypo

A TF Guide: Never Lost A Fair Game (AP, AD) [UNDER CONSTRUCT

WhoopsTypo Last updated on May 24, 2013
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Section 1 : Introduction

Hi there and welcome to my Twisted Fate multipurpose guide.So I'm Saf, and I'm here with my 2 different builds for Twisted Fate, Attack Damage Carry, Ability Power Carry

Twisted Fate is an amazing Champion with a quite awesome kit that we can take advantage of, and discuss how to play these sucker.
NOTE: I'm not a pro and havent played many ranked games, But I HAVE won ranked with ADC TF and many normal games. I'm not saying I'm good or I'm Pro at TF, I'm just stating he is viable with many different builds.

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Section 2 : Patch Notes

25/05/2013 - Created (Missing Content)

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Section 3 : Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate as I said is a pretty cool champ with a good kit, With the Stacked Deck as a passive, it deals quite a nice bit of damage even if your not AP, which makes him a great and viable champion for an ADC, being able to time your 4th shot with any build of TF can provide a great tool to over power any enemy laner.

Being able to use your Pick A Card with your Stacked Deck Active can provide massive damage against any opponent.

Even though you may be able to deal massive damage when you get your abilites are off you are still pretty squishy and open to attack if your caught in a bad situation, Try to Pick A Card (Gold Card) and run, if you know you won't be able to make it, try to Destiny away, Your life is gold to your opponents, and giving them gold is something you must avoid at all costs, even if you have to use your Destiny

A huge bonus to having a TF in your team is his wonderful passive, ever played Ashe and just loved her gold from her Hawkshot, Well TF and all of the team get +2 gold every minion kill thanks to the amazing Loaded Dice. This just makes him even more fun to play.

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Section 4 : Pros and Cons

The Pros
Great Sustain with Pick A Card
Brilliant Assassin
Decent Poke
Can deal a good amount of damage
Fun to play
The Cons
Pretty Squishy
Defenseless with Pick A Card On CD
Easily Focused (If seen as threat)
Base speed is a bit low
A Few Counters

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Section 5 : Explanation

Summoner Spells:
Allows for a quick escape, and a handy damage over time that may give you the extra kill that you always wanted. :D

Other Summoner Spells:

For more map coverage and awareness, not the safest pick but allows you to teleport from bot to top, then Destiny to mid, then have a nice walk back to bot lane, before anyone notices you're gone.

If you feel like you want to play more safe, then Barrier is your answer.

Not reccomended as apc but if your adc your queing with a friend, then go ahead if you know what your doing, this helps with 1v1's

Summoner Spells Not To Take:

Isn't your job to support.

Well Pick A Card is your Clarity

No. (Unless trolling xD)

Unless your going Jungle TF, this is not a viable spell.

Runes, and Why?


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

The runes that I have selected for this build is to give the decent damage output during early game with it scaling to late game, also adding in armor to protect ourselves from the enemy ADC.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

The runes that I have selected for this build is to give good ability power damage, with some extra health for sustain.

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Section 6 : Gameplay

Move set

The prize jewel of Twisted Fate, His Passive loaded Dice gives +2 per minion kill. This is a global passive and as such affects the whole team, much like Janna's or Zilean's passive. This passive is what gives you the edge over your opponents, if you get 100 minions kills, that's an extra 200 gold for you to spend on whatever, though this gold is only beneficial when you are alive. So when your dead your passive is not active, and of course the passive will go to waste if you do not farm.

Twisted Fate's Q, This move is an extremely powerful tool when used with the AP build yet virtually useless when building otherwise. Wild cards is an extremely powerful tool, and like many spells in the game people will walk straight into them, By using this spell in close combat you are not like to miss, but the enemy can only be hit by one card, any extra cards wont do and extra damage.

This may I saw is an amazing spell, and is extremely effective. Not only does it stun, or even AoE Slows, this little sucker can make Twisted Fate never need to go back to the fountain for mana, Whenever you use a blue card you are garunteed to get mana back, and also Pick A Card gives your attack bonus damage, this is effective for last hitting or poking you opponents, If your AD or AP this ability will be your best friend, as it is amazingly ... amazing.

- Yellow Card - Stuns the opponent (Deals the least amount of Damage)

- Red Card - Gives an AoE Slow (Deals middle Damage)

- Blue Card - Refunds mana (Highest Damage)

Yet again either AP or AD this ability will deal alot of damage, being able to manipulate this move so that Pick A Card and Stacked Deck go off at the same time, deals an amazing amount of damage, as an AD Champ you are able to abuse this passive with alot of attack speed, while as a AP Champ you can maximise the damage output by having a Lich Bane So that you can have a Stacked Deck ready with A Blue Card and the lich bane going off in one hit, dealing a massive amount of damage.

Destiny is a very useful way of getting across the map, or catching upto your enemies, or even checking if someone is at Baron or Dragon. To use this move effectively, You must know that there is someone close by on the map that you can 1v1 and win, get a gold card ready and gate to your opponent Stunning them then dealing as much damage as possible, using Wild Cards if your AP or just letting the Auto attacks do its thing if you AD.

Early Game [AD]:

Twisted Fate early game doesn't have much of an advantage in lane, other then having a stun, while other ADC's have a variety of moves which deal more damage, You will have to rely on your support to do quite a bit of work for you, concentrate on last hitting, this is the key to success, The more cs you have the better the chances of you getting stronger over the lane opponent, your goal is to farm and try to deny him that.

The role of you support is to show dominance in lane, if your support is having trouble just stun the adc and they will soon backoff, If you do intend on getting Firstblood and what to dominate with kills, always play it safe, after your Pick A Card has been used, if your opponent is smart they will bully you back, you need to keep Pick A Card active as long as possible so they fear the thought of getting stunned or slowed. After reaching level 6 you can be a bit more riskier and if need be use your ult to catch upto low health targets, remember that TF is squishy and if you decide to tower dive you have to garuntee that you will kill your target and not to die in the process.

Mid Game [AD]:

Twisted Fate Mid game is were you gotta rack up kills to excel late game if you didn't, get kills early game. You should have your Last Whisper and a The Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King by now, if not both. If you do have a Blade it is VITAL that you use it during fights, instead of forgetting to use it, or save it for later, as a role of an assassin/ADC, you will need to finish your target as soon as possible, TF is very effective against high health targets with the Blade of the Ruined King so don't be alarmed if your opponent has higher health, the main thing you have to worry about is if they have either A Stun or Exhaust. if they either of those 2 you must be careful and finish them off before they can use either or those. Never forget Twisted Fate is a squishy champion and is not eligible to go against people with high amounts of cc, unless there damage is minimal (E.g. Supports)

Late Game [AD]:

By the time you reach late game, and have farmed (Minions and Champions) You should be dominating, though things can affect this, (A Bad support, Babysit Jungle, Countered bot, Feeders/Afk'ers, etc.) so you must be always prepared. When you have a full or near to full build, its best to try to end it as soon as possible, if your ahead and you get your full build and its not over... well then the enemy team can only catch up, since you wont be getting any stronger. Twisted Fate has amazing Assassin potential in the late game, you see someone you can take out on the map separated from there team... well then that's only asking you for to kill them.
There isn't much to late game TF, Ult, Stun card, Blade of the ruined and then let the fireworks happen.More Soon :3

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Section 7 : Images

Just some proof that the ADC TF is viable.

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Section 8 : LanePartners and Match ups.

Lane Partners (For ADC)

Effectiveness (4 out of 5)
Nidalee provides heals which is always good, and gives visions with traps and also has an op spear of doom, though lacking in tankiness, Good Support to have, Though not the best.

Counterpicks (For ADC/APC)

Difficulty (6/8 out of 10) [AD]
The 5/8 is really dependent on the support that graves is with and the skill of the Graves. Graves is one of those champions, even though he is a range ADC, he will be in your face do a whole ton of burst damage then flutter away like a butterfly. His flaw is in his range, he is very close up and has a dash to escape. If you can catch him after he dashes with a stun card from your Pick A Card then you have some free damage on him. Try to keep out of range of his abilities at all times, who knows when he will dash into your face and blow you apart.

Difficulty (9/10 out of 10) [AP]
Diana is a really big counter too TF, since she can deal a massive amount of damage if mere moments, to avoid being hit by a bit of damage, you must try to avoid her Q, once you get it with it, you will be surely sent flying, If you HAVE to go against her and no possible why to avoid to try to get alot of ganks. Its a rare site when a TF can beat a equally skilled Diana.
Coming Soon

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Section 9 : FeedBack

Find any errors?, Want to give feedback to this guide? Email me at