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Corki Build Guide by Magical Rock

Middle Ace Machine Corki Mid Lane Guide

Middle Ace Machine Corki Mid Lane Guide

Updated on May 29, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magical Rock Build Guide By Magical Rock 10,492 Views 0 Comments
10,492 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Magical Rock Corki Build Guide By Magical Rock Updated on May 29, 2020
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Runes: Basic Runes

1 2 3
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Ace Machine Corki Mid Lane Guide

By Magical Rock
Hello, I am Magical Rock though my League username is Thoneunknown. I have played Corki for a while, though currently he is awful due to his lack of Crowd Control. He is fun to play though, because even if you feed early game he scales well into the late game. By the end of the game though, you most likely will be the AD carry and will do most of the damage. that said, when using this guide, try to drag out the game a bit unless the other team scales even harder.

Pros -
    Good sustain damage
    Does a lot of damage in team fights
    Can snipe people will your R
    Great scaling
    Good in team fights

Cons -
    Low range
    Hard to poke
    Pretty bad early game
    No CC
    Hard to roam
Rune Page
Some good healing when just in the laning phase, and the speed boost can help you be more mobile.
Kills give you health. Pretty simple right? This is useful in teamfights if somebody is trying to poach the back line. its also useful if somebody like Malphite just just you so you can Valkyrie away and then kite him to death restoring your health.
Since you are basically the ADC now, it is important that you act like one. Attack speed in general just makes you be able to get more autos off which can then do more damage. Attack speed is especially useful because you will have such a high critical strike chance.
This helps you finish off champions and do more damage to them that way they cannot get away. This rune is honestly pretty important to take if you are going to be taking Precision in the first place.
Why somebody in an airplane needs magical shoes is beyond me, but these boots are good. Basically you save 300 gold and for no cost. The only problem is that you cannot get them until 12 minutes, but if you get some kills that decreases.
These are good for you because you can poke and trade a lot, but then you will be able to regenerate health and mana with these
Secondary Attack speed is good as said above, and for flex you need damage since you are the carry. For the defensive trait, you are not really a tank so taking health instead just allows you to live a bit longer.
Summoner Spells
This is a good summoner spell all around mostly for getting yourself out of sticky situations or over walls if you do not have Valkyrie up. It can also be used to chase people if they Flash or to just go in.
A great summoner spell for Corki, whether it be used when split push or just get to lane without losing minions. It is also combos well with Hextech Munitions allowing you to go in with your package.
This is a good summoner spell for early game if you have a bad scaling team hoping to end the game early. Puts kill pressure on the enemy mid laner.
Ability Overview

Passive - Hextech Munitions

The first part of your passive, where 80% percent of damage is converted to magic is pretty big. Now don't go off and start building AP, because it sill scales off your attack damage. This is the reason you might want to build Sorcerer's Shoes or Void Staff. The second part, The Package, is super useful. When you get it, you might want to teleport to lane and go in on your laner but otherwise you want to roam with it. If it is about to run out for any reason, just W with it anyway.

Q - Phosphorus Bomb

This is useful for poking your laner in lane along with taking out the caster minions. Another use commonly overlooked by people is the fact that it gives vision on people. This can be used over walls giving you a good shot at hitting Missile Barrage.

W - Valkyrie

This is basically your average dash, whether it be used to scale walls, get into fights, or get out of fights. It does do damage to targets who are in it, but I would not use it for wave clear as it is your main getaway.

E - Gatling Gun

This is a good ability for wave clear, and also when going in because it shreds armor. It is a pretty small range though, so keep that in mind when using it.

R - Missile Barrage

Most ultimates are big projectiles that pump out damage, or executions and that type of thing. This ultimate is a bit different, as it is just a rocket that does a bit of damage. Missile Barrage is great for sniping people and combos with Phosphorus Bomb to get vision. If you against an aggressive laner, once you get this ability it helps to stand back and farm with it. It is good that you can stack up to 9 rockets at once with this. If you have a big one up, try to use it to poke your laner instead of using it on minions.
Item Choices

Starting Items

As you can see, you want to start off by taking a Doran's Blade and a Health Potion. Doran's Blade is what is generally taken on most AD scaling champions besides top laners. Most of these champions are ADC's, and in this guide, that is basically your role as well. Since you are not tanky, and not AP, do not take Doran's Shield, Doran's Ring, or Dark Seal. The health potion as always just fills the other 50 gold, as it will go better to buying you health than it will for saving it.

Early Game

As you can see, the first thing you want to get when you go back to base is a Sheen. This is a super strong item, because not only for the cheap CDR, but also it is good for poking as it gives mana and an empowered auto-attack. Next, I usually get Stinger for the attack speed, though Phage is also a good choice. These items do not matter nearly as much as Sheen does though, so keep that in mind on your first back. I usually back as soon as I get 1050 gold for Sheen, and then teleport back to lane. Also, after Sheen, I would get Boots, that way you can put a little pep in your step, (or flying).

Core Items

As you can see, after Trinity Force, you move on to Berserker's Greaves. These are good because you need attack speed if you are going to be an ADC. Another option would be to take Sorcerer's Shoes, if anyone on the other team has the foresight to build magic resist. Next, we have Rapid Firecannon, which is good for its attack speed, attack damage, and best of all, critical strike chance. Next up we have Infinity Edge, also granting massive attack damage and critical strike chance. Its passive is also useful, because after your core you will have a lot of critical strike chance.

Full Build Example

The last two items we build normally are Phantom Dancer, and Essence Reaver. Phantom Dancer is semi-defensive because of its passive, though it is still good because of its attack speed and crit chance. Essence Reaver is extremely strong in extended fights because of its CDR and mana-regeneration. Because of this, you can still cast a lot of your abilities, and even spam Missile Barrage, but in the end it will still let you have some mana. It is also good with Phantom Dancer in extended fights because it will grant you a shield.

Situational Items

These items are meant to replace items such as Phantom Dancer, and Essence Reaver. If needed they can also replace core items, but that is not recommended. Void Staff is useful if people on the other team start to build Magic Resist, as that counters Hextech Munitions, though not completely. Statikk Shiv is a good substitute for Phantom Dancer, as it will give you more attack speed, but in exchange for speed and mobility. At last, we come to Guardian Angel. This item is strong against assassins, for after they spring and kill you, reviving will give you time and then you can Valkyrie out. It is strong against heavy AD teams, because it gives you armor along with attack damage.
Laning Phase
As Corki, generally you do not want to engage much in early game because you have no CC. You can engage well though with a jungler gank because then they can lock the enemy down. Mostly in the laning phase early you just want to farm with the occasional poking. In this meta, there are a lot of melee champions and can jump you easily, so be weary. Generally, you don't want to waste Valkyrie going in, as that leaves you defenseless to enemies, but at the same time, do not be afraid to get out of a stick situation with it. If you have an ultra-aggressive laner, once you hit level 6 just stay under tower and use Missile Barrage to farm. Phosphorus Bomb can annoy the laner into missing their cs, which is good. Make sure in this phase to farm a lot, because you need gold to get items and be useful. If your laner starts to roam, ping the lane a lot, and if they still do nothing than its their fault. You generally do not want to follow your laners roaming, as it can be quite dangerous for you. Picking up a few kills early allows you to get a good early lead and snowball into the late game.
Late Game
In late game, you most of the time will want to split push in a side lane until somebody inevitably decides to shut you down. The goal of split pushing in most cases is to get an inhibitor which will pressure the other team to stay at base most of the time clear super minions. Make sure to be there if any team fights start whether you use Teleport to get there or just walk down. It can also be a good idea to split push with your package, because that will make sure you have a good getaway in case the whole team comes. You also might want to poach for a team fight if your team can win it, which is good if you have somebody who engages well like Malphite.
Team Fights

Dragon Fights

Dragon fights tend to be tricky, and since you have no high damage abilities to act as Smite, and no CC, it can be hard. If you do attempt to steal it for any reason, then you probably will want to use a blast cone to get in, kill it, then Valkyrie out. If for any reason you get locked up with CC, then you are most likely dead.

Jungle Fights

This is where things are fun. Because of Valkyrie, you are pretty mobile and can go through walls to catch enemies. Also, in such an enclosed space, your rockets from Missile Barrage are almost guaranteed to hit. Be careful though, because the assassins will try to jump the back line to kill you. Using your package from Hextech Munitions is extremely useful, as it can route the enemy and allow you to easily jump the back lines. In jungle fights it is easy for you jump the back lines and wreak havoc on their mid laner and/or ADC. If you are suddenly getting focused, be prepared to Flash out, or better yet just use Valkyrie. Overall, the jungle is where mid lane mages excel due to their AOE abilities and mobility. Keep this in mind when deciding who to target.

Lane Fights

These are by far the most common, especially in the late game. For these having package and/or flanking is super useful for different reasons. There are multiple plans of action you can take in these fights. The first one, is to stay in the back line like an ADC and just pump out damage with your auto-attacks. Though this is a good idea most of the time, there are better things to do. The second is to flank from a side or behind and start killing their ADC before getting out. This is hard, as it takes a lot of time to get into position, and your team may need you in the back lines if you are the only damage source. The third choice you have, is to take your package, and run down the middle with it. This will push enemies to the sides, and allow people a clear shot at the back line. The only problem with this strategy though, is the fact that most people will target you and that is the end of you life. One alternative to this though, is to build Zhonya's Hourglass, or simply a Stopwatch and activate the item after using your W. The final thing you could do, is flank with package. This is honestly my favorite course of action, as it effectively cuts off any escape route they have and allows you to end at the side behind them, not directly behind so less of them can target you. These are just the strategies that I have come up with, there may be many other out there.
I would like to thank everyone who used this guide, as it is a show of support to me. If you liked it please upvote it and give me some rep. Other than that, there is not much else I have to say, other than keep using this guide and any others I have created.
Update Log
5/5/20 - Guide Completed

More Updates to Come!!!
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