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Fizz Build Guide by Productiveinsomniac

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Productiveinsomniac

Ad/ap fizz by jagged syringe ap on tt ad on SR top

Productiveinsomniac Last updated on November 25, 2015
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i currently only play for fun now, due to my obligation with NetherRealmStudios Mortal Kombat. I play professionally on the Playstation consoles PS3 and PS4. i have 48 top 10 placements in MKX tournaments!
NOTE: i am no longer Diamond 1, i consider myself NO RANK DUE to my inactivity! i am currently Unranked as of now and will be for the remander of my time on here!

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Fizzing strategy


Remember that Playful / Trickster can hop over walls making it a good escape mechanism. ◾ As long as you have vision of a targetable unit across an impassable terrain, making use of them to dash over the wall with Urchin Strike to escape or get closer to fleeing prey is possible.
◾ Note that Fizz will not pass through terrain if he uses Urchin Strike on a unit on the same side as he is, eg. targeting the large Wraith on Summoner's Rift will not throw him into mid lane.

◾ If timed correctly, Playful / Trickster can be used to dodge powerful skills like Requiem, Ace in the Hole or even an enemy Fizz's Chum the Waters. ◾ Playful / Trickster cannot dodge delayed damage like Death Mark, Hemoplague, or Twisted Advance. ◾ The application of Death Mark can be dodged however by using Playful / Trickster before Zed reappears.

Playful / Trickster can also be used for tower diving since he becomes untargetable from turret shot for a short period time. It also resets the successive turret damage as well should Fizz gets hit by a turret.

Chum the Waters can perform well as an initiation, due to its nature of delayed effects: it may cause your opponents to scatter themselves in their attempts to dodge the damage from Chum the Waters.
◾ Since Chum the Waters will reveal enemy champions hit directly, make use of it when a nearby champion tries to stealth to avoid being targeted. Champions such as Akali and Twitch have predictable stealths, so they are particularly vulnerable to this strategy.
Fizz can do "hit and run" tactics with good use of Urchin Strike and , Playful / Trickster minimizing his income of damage.
◾ Take care when running from an enemy with Playful / Trickster as you can get stuck in some places like the corners of the enemy teams base entrances or even your own.
◾ If in a teamfight you get focused try to use your Chum the Waters and your Urchin Strike when you're at low health and then a quick escape with Playful / Trickster to deceive the enemy team making them think they can kill you to get an easy kill for your team.
Seastone Trident can deal significant damage early game, allowing Fizz to come out on top of most duels. ◾ Maxing this skill after reaching level three allows Fizz to harass effectively by using Urchin Strike to reach an opponent, autoattacking to proc the passive of Seastone Trident, and using Playful/ Trickster to escape. ◾ However, this offers a significant drawback in the burst damage Fizz is renowned for, while in turn offering much more harass at a noticeably lower mana cost.

◾ Another, even better way to poke your enemy is by using Playful/ Trickster to enter, try to make sure you land behind your opponent though. Then use Seastone Trident and autoattack a few times before getting out of combat with Urchin Strike. Which, when used at close range, will propel Fizz further away from his enemy, and when used while 'behind' the enemy will propel him towards his own tower.
As soon as you have Sheen/ Lich Bane this method does significantly more damage due to the fact that Urchin Strike will directly apply sheen/lich bane's damage, while Playful/ Trickster does not. meaning that the damage stays almost the same, but you will hit your sheen/lich bane passive twice instead of once, which adds quite a lot of damage to your harass.
◾ Note that Seastone Trident deals damage based on missing enemy health.

◾ Unlike most assassins, Fizz's abilities lacks sustainable means of farming, as maxing Playful / Trickster to farm will waste a lot of his mana pool and his escape potential. Because of this, it is recommended to max Seastone Trident to max his basic attack damage output and last hit minions under the tower.

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abilities roll

his Playful / Trickster is one of the best abilities in the game... I generally hit it once when going into a fight... that way there is a slow applied to your enemy which allows for several w and q's on our target before they get away. NOTE his Playful / Trickster is his highest output damage, but I like having Damage over times(DOT's) instead of the escape being relied on to initiate.

when my enemy is alone I usually go in with Playful / Trickster then I hit Seastone Trident, Urchin Strike, Chum the Waters then finish with Seastone Trident if they arnt already dead from the latter!

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fizz art

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AD fizz

i max W first then E then Q.