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Evelynn Build Guide by Mistress_Lillith

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mistress_Lillith

AD Evelynn, Assassin of the Shadow

Mistress_Lillith Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys and welcome to AD BUILD to EVELYNN.

This is actually my first time to make a build guide so help me make a better build by leaving in comments and suggestions. For now, I will tell you my original build (masteries, runes, and the likes) and I'll also explain why i picked all those choices. I'll also tell you what I think about her (gameplay, appearance, etc) and why I choose AD type than AP. Voting up and down is OK to me as long as you tell me why you voted me that way.

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  • High Damage Attacker
  • Carry Eater
  • Jungler Eater
  • Stealth (ftw)
  • High Mobility
  • Highly Dangerous when Fed
  • She is SEXY


  • Squishy
  • Item Dependent
  • Summoner Skill Dependent (ability of the summoner to execute Evelynn correctly)
  • Ally Dependent (needs at least a good ally that knows how to set for Evelynn to be effective)
  • First character to be focused (normally)
  • Useless when feeding
  • She is EVIL

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You might be asking me why I choose that kind of mastery tree. And it is not even the usual 21 and 9 ratio. Here is the reason why: Evelynn (for me) acts as both an ASSASSIN and a MAGE by default.

    • AD choices in the offense mastery is self explanatory since this is an AD build.
  • MAGE
    • I still took the CDR and MAGIC PEN offense mastery since it still make a difference in the battlefield especially with her Hate Spike.

Now your next question to me is that why choose Utility over Defense. Let me tell this first that Evelynn is never an SETTER. She is an ASSASSIN, and an assassin's role is to:


That is the reason why utility is much better because in theory, you should not be taking damage at all.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

The two DESOLATION runes are, of course, needed in an AD build. With those two runes of desolation, you will be able to hit hard on your enemies granting you a higher chance of killing your opponents. You need those runes for early gameplays since you will and should gank a lot early game.

The seal of malice will help you land a crit to your opponents. This is more of LUCK rather than SKILL so I can't really expound on this rune. I think this goes well with lucky people and I am fortunate enough to be one. (^^,) If you're not the LUCKY ONES, I suggest you buy the Greater Seal of Attack Speed. That seal is also a great rune for early game ganking.

The glyph of alacrity is also a great rune for Evelynn especially for early game. Evelynn is an assassin so with this rune, not only will she be able hit hard, but she will also be able to hit fast (for early game that is). This rune is also great to increase the chance of critical strike in early game.

If you are wondering why there are no mana runes for her here, it's because she does not burn mana that fast even in early game (unless you always spam your first skill in early game).

If you are wondering why I always tell you how important early game is, check the "Game Play" section of this guide.

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This is my item build regardless of what the enemy type is. The reason why there is no diversity is because this item build has always worked for me. Whether the enemy are all AP or AD or Tanks or Supports, she can kill them all with this build as long as the summoner knows when and how to strike.

First Item

It is ESSENTIAL for Evelynn to get this items ASAP. Since she will be ganking a lot, she needs to get to any lane as fast as possible. It would be best if she would get this item at level 3 or 4 so that she can gank early while all other enemy heroes are still squishy.

Core Items

Trinity Force and Infinity Edge are items made for Evelynn (sooooo exaggerated but that is what I feel about those items). Those 2 items are just perfect in any way for Evelynn.

  • Trinity Force
    • First up, Trinity force's ability to

      increase Evelynn's basic attack damage by 150% whenever she use a skill.

      That ability is just heavenly. With her Hate Spike, Evelynn will always use that ability of the Tri Force to the point that it is not even funny.
    • Next up, Trinity Force's ability to

      slow an enemy by a chance of 25%.

      With this ability, almost no one can escape Evelynn since her starting attack speed is moderate to high.
    • Third, but definitely not the least, Trinity Force's

      increase in Healt, Mana, Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed and Movement Speed.

      Those increase are just godly and very beneficial for Evelynn in many ways: survivability, mobility, and the guarantee that you will not run out of mana that fast.
  • Infinity Edge
    • First up, Infinity Edge's

      high increase in attack damage.

      80 attack damage increase is no joke. Especially against squishies like Ashe or Vayne. On 1on1 scenarios, there is a chance that they will not be able to do anything against Evelynn.
    • Next up, Infinity Edge's ability to

      change base critical damage to 250%.

      Now with this ability, you will be able to kill squishy heroes faster than you anticipate. Even I get surprised by the damage I deal with those squishy. There are even scenarios wherein I wonder where my target is before I realize that I killed it already.
    • Next up, Infinity Edge's ability to

      increase the rate that you will land critical hits by 25%.

      Now you will not have to wait some hits to cause a critical strike because with this ability, there is a sure chance that you will crit hit your opponents at least every 3 hits (that is still without the crit made by tri force).

Now you are probably thinking "where the hell would I get all those money?!. Those 2 alone already cost around 8k?!". The answer is simple, you get all your gold from ENEMY HEROES. That is the reason why she always need to gank to get all those money for those items. Enemy heroes becomes your enemy creeps. If you are more of a lane farmer than a ganker, then I suggest to not use this build because this build needs the summoner to always go in teamplays and ganks.

Final Items

Why the hell would I still make a Phantom Dancer? I'll tell you this again, Evelynn is an ASSASSIN! She needs to move fast and kill fast for her to be very effective. Even with her Agony's Embrace, she will still need to move faster. Normally (for me) a game is already concluding after I build the Infinity Edge or when I just bought Zeal for the Phantom Dancer. That means if you are able to finish Phantom Dancer, then you are playing in a really hard game. Either that or you are just making the game longer. If you are having a hard game, Phantom Dancer will reduce that difficulty since you will be able to kill faster to help your allies in need. Now for the Hextech Gunblade, if you are wondering why there is a HYBRID item in an AD build, it's because of its benefits. Lifesteal, Spell Vamp and the Active SLOW. You already have fast attack speed and a DPS skill, so I thought, "why not increase my chance of survival through my attacks?" That is where I found that item. This is just an item that is OK for me but I don't really expect this item to have a very huge impact in the play and besides, it is already late game by the time you create this item. I usually swap it with Banshee's Veil. I don't think I need to expound on the item Banshee's Veil.

Alternate items for

A good item if you are up against many offtanks like Irelia. Its increase attack damage, attack speed, and armor reduction is sure to reduce mid to high armored enemies to dust in seconds.

Another good item if you can stack it to full and maintain it after full. Perfect item if you are up against many Melee AD Carry.

Good item against enemies with many tanks like Sion. If this scenario ever happens (enemies having many tanks) swap this item from Infinity Edge in terms of priority build.

Good item against heroes with evasion like Jax. Of course, you should remember to activate this item before you can use its ability. Although I can't say for certain that this item will bring a huge impact in the game, but it wont hurt to have increased attack speed.

Another good item against many offtanks. This is also a good item if you feel like supporting your allies.

Alternate items for

If you feel like you are dying every time after killing one of your enemy, buy this item. This item also grants decent armor and magic resistance. Also, this is a good item if you are the greedy type of summoner.

If you just want to see your HP go to 3k, then buy this armor. The only thing that this item will do is that your enemies will have to hit you more.

If you feel that your heal from your Agony's Embrace is very low, then buy this item. Although I can't say that this item is worth the item slot.

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First up, her passive: Shadow Walk.

How many times were you surprised because your enemy creeps harass you better than you harass your enemies? Especially in early game when enemy creeps can cut a hero life in half when you tried to kill your enemy? If somehow you can just make the attack damage of those creeps half, then you won't sulk because you died trying to reach your enemy whose life is almost gone. Then this skill is what you are looking for. This skill cut those pesky creep's attack damage to half. This passive is beneficial since Evelynn is squishy. With this skill, you can gank enemy heroes without worrying about the creeps that will be attacking you. You can harass enemies knowing that the creeps won't bring you any real danger.

Now we go to her active skills.

Her first skill is Hate Spike. This is a DPS skill with at least 85 DMG and its cooldown is .8 seconds. And with the CDR mastery in Offense tree, this skill's CD goes down to .6 sec. You must be thinking "What?! .6 secs?! with at least 85 DMG?! Why the F*CK would I build Evelynn in to AD if she already has this amazing skill?!" I will answer that question in the section "Why I choose AD over AP" so for now, i'll just leave you with this skill's capability. Since this is an offensive ability, I max this skill after Ravage.

Her next skill is Shadow Walk. This ability grants Evelynn stealth and the ability to slow her opponents upon her basic attack or her using a skill. This is another great skill for Evelynn since she is a melee champion. Now, closing up to your enemies will be easier (just watch out for enemies with Oracle's Elixir). I only level this skill up by 2. The reason for this is you only need 20 sec to go in to your enemy and ping your ally that you will gank and target this enemy. She needs to gank fast, and 20 sec is all she needs to do that. Any longer and you will be delaying your leveling.

Her third skill is Ravage. With this skill, you can damage your target and reduce your enemy's physical and magic armor down. This is a very essential skill since Evelynn needs to hit her enemies hard. This is the reason why I max it out first.

And of course, her Ultimate skill, Agony's Embrace. This skill grants her attack speed and movement speed for 10 sec. 10 SEC?! That is more than enough to kill your enemies and more! Other benefits is that you heal whenever you kill or assist. Now you can go help your allies in need since this will heal you if your target dies! And the best benefit of all, this skill's CD refreshes every time an enemy hero dies (even without Evelynn's assist or kill). WTF?! It's like giving a coffee to a hamster every time that hamster flips! Now you can always use this skill since there are rarely a time that no enemy hero dies. With this amazing skill, I always get it every time it is available.

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Exhaust is a great spell for Evelynn, and with its potential from the Offense tree that grants Physical and Magical Armor Reduction besides its slow, then this spell automatically goes to Evelynn as NUMBER 1 spell.

Next is Ignite. This is also a great spell for Evelynn if you want to make sure that your enemy dies.

Other Great Summoner Spell for Evelynn:

Clairvoyance is a great summoner spell because it allows you to see your target location for 6 seconds. This is useful against enemy jungler if you want to surprise that enemy.

Flash. Another great tool for escape. This spell has saved the lives of hundreds of champions from certain death situations.

Heal. If you prioritize yourself for survivability rather than gambling yourself at your Ulti, then Heal is just as beneficial as Flash.

Smite. If you think that hero kills will be a bit hard, then smite will give you that extra gold while you are not engaging in another enemy.

Teleport. If you are wondering why I still pick teleport despite her mobility, then I should point out to you that this is a great spell for rush ambush. Of course, there is a time like, you are farming at bot then there happens to be a team fight at top, running all the way to top would just be a huge waste of time and by the time you got there, the fight is already over. This spell will make Evelynn's mobility much higher for ganks and teamplays.

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Here I will point out why I choose AD over AP.

An AP type Evelynn would probably say that Hate Spike is also like basic attacking an enemy. And with CDR items and high amount of AP, then this CAN be substitute for Evelynn's basic attack. But my point of argument here is that

  1. This can be easily countered with Force of Nature
  2. With my AD build, Evelynn can land 2 basic attacks before this skill goes CD (I'm talking about the .8 to .6 sec CD and not the .5 CD)
  3. This skill attacks 2 random targets (so if someone else got too close to Evelynn, then this skill will attack that rather than your intended target)
This skill is just too unstable and too unreliable to me.

An AP type Evelynn would probably smack my face with Ravage since its ratio to AP is 1:1. I know that many AP champions can get their AP up to 700 - 1000. And with Ravage's basic damage is 320 at level 5, then this skill can do at least 1000 damage. OK, that skill is really something to be used to but this is my point of argument:

  1. What will you do after you used that skill or while that skill is on CD?
  2. Not all enemies will be crippled that much by this skill (meaning you can only scare squishies with this skill)
  3. Think of this scenario, how would you kill a bug? By throwing in one grenade or by stomping it with your feet several times?
  4. For me, I sacrifice this skill's potential damage output to a much higher damage output potential.

And now this is what I will say to AP type Evelynn: "Why would you waste your ultimate skill?!" Agony's Embrace increases Evelynn's movement and attack speed. Movement speed is ok since that is only for mobility, but why waste that potential attack speed? With that kind of increase in attack speed, then you should be able to hit hard and fast with it. In an AP type build, there is no increase in attack damage. So you are like digging a hole with a shovel while you are on drugs. With the AD type Evelynn, you will be able to dig a hole with a jackhammer while on drugs!

In an AP build Evelynn, a scenario like this is likely to happen: you close in to your target while invisible and you used your Ravage to surprise your target... now what? Spam your first skill while standing near your target? Of course not. What you will do is attack your target with your basic attack. But wait, you kept on attacking but the target's health doesn't seem to go down that much. Oh no, his allies are already closing in, but the target is not yet dead. I should run... NO! I will gamble my way out. YES! The target died but the target's allies are already attacking me! NNNOOO I DIED! If only I could hit harder then the enemy should have died faster! OH REGRET!!


This doesn't always happen to AP Evelynn and I don't have any issues regarding AP type Evelynn. I only brought this up because that is a scenario that always comes to my mind whenever I play Evelynn.

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For laning, please remember that Evelynn is an Ally dependent. Meaning she needs someone to distract the opponents for her to close in and finish the job. NEVER make Evelynn go solo or something stupid like that. If you did, then you might as well type /surrender in chat since you will be feeding your enemy heroes in your lane. Evelynn works best with allies that use area skills like Garen or Brand. But it would be much preferable if your lane partner is a tank. So that when you start ganking, you can leave your partner and still make him effective in that lane. It is OK to have an AP carry or mage, AD carry or support type lane partner but if you do, ganking would not be as extensive as it should since your lane partner might make the enemy feed.

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Playing Evelynn with this build would be a bit hard. You have to be very careful with making and executing your decisions.


Like I told you at the "ITEMS" section, buy Boots of Mobility ASAP. You should have that boots at level 4 because if you don't, you will be delaying your items. You don't want that to happen. The best way to get that boots early is to kill your lane enemy. After you hit level 5 with the boots already bought, go to your mid lane. Tell your ally to help you kill mid enemy lane. After a successful kill, try to clear the advancing creep wave first and possibly push the mid lane tower for the benefit of the whole team. After this, you should be at least at level 6. Go back to your original lane and try kill at least all the enemies there. It doesn't matter if one enemy survived so long as you can clear the creep wave after that kill. After clearing the wave, go back again to mid and kill mid lane enemy again if possible. If you can't kill mid, just make sure that the enemy goes back to its base. You should be at least level 8 or 9 after that. Go to your base and purchase Sheen and possibly Phage and some pots and wards. Next, gank your opposite lane. They should be holding that lane well enough. By this time it should be nearing MID GAME already.


You should be at least level 10 or 11 by mid game. This time, your strategy should change a bit. Killing would be your first priority now rather than just ganking, assisting or pushing. Try to go to a place where you can kill a low health enemy. Always look for opportunities to kill but also keep in mind about your level. Being level gap means you will have a hard time killing an opponent. Never wait too long for an opportunity to kill. This is also the time for many team fights. Always participate in team fights and always make sure to target squishies first before going to tank. Once you hit level 14, you should have already completed Trinity Force and that you have already bought B.F. Sword. By this time, the enemy should also be thinking about surrendering.


You must be at least Level 16 to Max Cap already by the time late game hits. And also your team should have already pushed to the enemy third tower. By this time too, you should have already completed Infinity Edge and that you are starting over or in the middle of finishing your fourth item. Late game could only occur if your team is having a hard time pushing or if two of your enemy summoner still refuse to surrender or if you are just making the game longer. Since you win by pushing and not by killing, your priority now is to push and not to kill anymore.


This is only a theoretical way to play Evelynn. I am NOT saying that "if you do this, then you will guarantee a win". But what I am trying to say is this: "GANK in EARLY GAME, PARTICIPATE on TEAM FIGHTS in MID GAME, PUSH in LATE GAME".

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This wraps up my guide to AD Evelynn. I hope I was able to clearly explain to you every detail in this guide. If you have question, comments, and suggestions, feel free to talk to me. And like what I said to you at the INTRODUCTION, it is ok for you to vote UP or DOWN this guide so long as you tell my why. THANKS FOR READING MY BUILD GUIDE!