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Ezreal Build Guide by Doomedhalo2

AD Ezreal: Winning your bot lane

By Doomedhalo2 | Updated on January 11, 2013
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    Accidental publishing of my guide. Still under construction.

    -removed Madred's Bloodrazor from main build and moved it to the situational items list
    -removed Trinity Force from the main build
    -expanded more on the items list *incomplete*
    -renamed item section "What to Buy&Why"
    -expanded the "choosing your support" section *incomplete*

    updated "Build to your Advantage" section

    -re-added Trinity Force to the build
    -added a section for Scouting and Kiting

    -updated various sections of the guide
    -added second build

    -season 3 redux
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Before we begin

You do not have to follow this word for word! This is merely a guide to help educate people on how to play and build Ezreal. I will be focusing on Ezreal in bot-lane and how to use him effectively in early, mid, and late game. I accept all sorts of criticism, so please comment on what I can do to make this build better and I will surely take it into consideration.
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Hey everyone! This is my first ever guide, featuring my favorite champion Ezreal. Ezreal was my first main ADC champion, and i fell in love with him right away. Before pulsefire Ez came out, I never saw him being used. Even though i didn't know much about his playstyle, I knew I would like him, and so I bought him! I usually build him AD, as I feel AP Ez lacks late game. If this guide turns out to be successful, I'll try making an AP guide for him.

Till then, Enjoy!
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Pros / Cons

    -strong early game
    -great range
    -good escapability
    -Spammable skill-set
    -great for harassing and kiting
    -awesome skins

    -Squishy to the max
    -focused in teamfights
    -requires some skill
    -somewhat mana-dependent
    -needs a decent team
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This is your passive. Hitting an enemy with any skill increases your attack speed by 10% for 6 seconds. Your passive stacks up to 5 times for every skill you use. This is what will help you out DPS the enemy adc. Essence Flux lost its att speed debuff awhile back, so it imperative that you land your skill shots.

Mystic Shot is the bread and butter to every AD Ezreal. Having a low CD and mana cost makes this an ideal spammable skill throughout the game. Mystic Shot deals a lot of damage, and applies on hit effects such as lifesteal, taking out almost 2 bars of health at the start of the game. When striking an enemy target, the CDs of all his skills are reduced by 1. Take advantage of that. This is perfect for when you ult or any of your other skills are down. You can literally have your ultimate back in less than a minute. This skill also has a ton of range, making it easy to harass, and kite enemy champions. This skill also makes it easy for Ezreal to last hit as well.

Wow, everytime there is an patch for ezreal, they always end up nerfing this skill.... Anyway, Essence Flux does a lot of damage for when your building AP. It has a higher CD and mana cost than Mystic Shot, but can buff allies on-hit, increasing their att. speed. Sadly that OP debuff that decreases an enemy champion's att. speed is no longer here =(.


Arcane Shift is your free flash. It teleports you to a nearby location shooting out a bolt to the nearest enemy. (Did I mention that you can teleport over walls =D?) This skill is useful for both escaping and initiating fights. Always try to have this skill up and ready to go. If you use it to initiate on an enemy champion, you lose your escapability. Try to be mindful as this does have a long cooldown compared to Mystic Shot and Essence Flux Remember to use your Mystic Shot so you can get your Arcane Shift back as soon as possible. This skill also homes in on a stealthed unit, such as Teemo, Twitch, and Evelynn. So if you feel like your being stalked, use your E to see if they are there. (just make sure you aren't near any enemy minions)

Got an enemy champion at low health babysitting his tower? No problem. trushot barrage has a range of infinity that can snipe enemy champions from across the map. However, for every enemy unit it hits, its damage is reduced by 8%. make sure there are no minions in the way before shooting it. You can use your ultimate in 2 ways. One way (which i highly suggest) is to initate on the enemy team. Using your Trueshot Barrage first will give you full stacks on your passive, allowing you to out DPS their team, giving more damage output then their adc. Using this first seems to increase the confidence of me team, since it does a decent amount of damage to their squishies. If your late to the party, You can use your ult to clean up any remaining enemy champions only to hear that lady person say "ACE"! With your Mystic Shot, you will be able to have your ultimate back in time for the next team fight.
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Main Spells:

Ignite is a good way to finish off enemy champions for when you don't have your ult up. Ignite does true damage for 5 seconds. This also reduces any healing effects, so if they have Soraka or Taric in lane it wont be as troublesome to finish the adc if you time your ignite right. I usually get this and I think you should too.

People usually call me a noob for getting this, and I probably am. I usually respond by saying something like" well why dont you get cleanse or something xD". Exhaust basically disables an enemy champion while you poop on their face. It reduces their attack damage by 70% and their movement speed by 40%. I'll put this on their ADC before I start my combo.

I never used to get this spell for Ez before. Sometimes I would forget to switch it for exhaust, but now I've been starting to use it more often. Flash is basically your Arcane Shift without that bolt. Use it when your escaping through the jungle so you don't aggro something like baron.

Ghost allows you to compete in the 100m dash. it gives you 27% movement speed for 10 seconds. Get this if you don't wanna use flash.

Other Choices

Teleport is great for getting back into lane quickly or if I wanna backdoor hard. I don't get this because it has such a long CD and I would rather walk. (Don't be lazy. Walking is good for you)

I don't really use this spell. Its good for when the enemy team is high in cc, but you have your E to widen the gap from your enemies.

I Don't usually take heal, but you can if you want. Take this if your new to Ez and are having some difficulty with him.

Clairvoyance reveals a part of the map for a few seconds.I use this spell if I'm trying to steal their jungler's buff or baron. I don't really use this spell in a regular game however.

Clarity gives you back some mana. Just know when to use your spells and you'll never need to get this spell.

Don't ever have this in Ezreal's presence

I never knew you could do that

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What to Buy&Why

Early Game Items

I get this if I know I'm going to have trouble against certain champs. The Health Potions will keep you sustained enough until your ready to go back and buy some items. The Boots of Speed will come in handy when running back and forth from your base to your turret as well as avoiding skillshots like Varus's Piercing Arrow or Caitlyn's.

Long Sword+ pots are the new adc starting items starting season 3. Long Sword builds into vamperic sceptor, so it is more viable to get this item earlier rather than in season 2, where it provided no damage output. I go this route depending on who the other adc is, but I usually get this if I have a support like Soraka or Taric that can heal me. vamperic sceptor, once you get it will proc with your Mystic Shot and will still allow you to deal more damage to the enemy ADC than you would with boots and bots. This also makes it easier for last hitting.


The B. F. Sword is going to be your first major purchase. Rushing this will help you dominate your lane early in the game, which is why I stress that you last hit. You can build your B. F. Sword into one of two ways. They way I usually build Ez is by getting Infinity Edge first, followed up immediately by a Vampiric Scepter for the sustainability in lane. Getting this item gives you tons of damage on your auto attack, Mystic Shot, and Trueshot Barrage. If your still new to Ez or if your having a hard time in lane, by all means buy a Bloodthirster.
Black Cleaver is a good item if the enemy team is building a little bit of armor. Riot did a good job making this item strong, as they added a cooldown reduction and a better scaling armor pen. passive. Ezreal + Black Cleaver go together better than milk and cookies because of his passive, Rising Spell Force.
This is usually one of the last items i get if their enemy team is tanky. Last Whisper takes 40% of the enemies armor out of the equation. This item goes really well with Madred's Bloodrazor. Together, you should have no trouble with their tanks.
I know I might get some hate for having this item, but GA is a very useful. If your getting focused in team fights, Having GA will turn the fight in your teams favor. Not only will it bring you back to life, but it gives you armor and MR.

Situational Items

MoM is a great item to get if your getting lazered down by lux or utterly destroyed by karthus' ult. This item gives you a decent amount of damage, MR, and a bubble shield when you are close to death. This is a MUST HAVE for any magic heavy team you are facing.
This is a pretty solid item for late game, when the enemy champions have a lot of health. It deals 4% magic damage based on the enemy champions max. health. I took this off the main build and moved it here for several reasons. One is that it wasn't a necessity to have if their enemy team was squishy. Another reason is that it doesn't really suit him. Don't get me wrong, It's a great item and I personally use this item a lot with Ez. Ezreal is more of an ad caster, and so it wouldn't really be needed for him. Madred's Bloodrazor would suit a champion like Kog maw,who would just right click to win.

I realized that this can be a very useful item early to mid game, but the pricetag is just to high. It just causes you to fall behind on your build. The sheen effect gives you more bursting capability. Only get this if you are doing good in game. If you are behind on your build, skip this item and move on to the next item on you build. You can substitute this item for Phantom Dancer only after you get Infinity Edge.
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Building to your Advantage

My builds vary depending on the opponents champion set-up. Build to their weaknesses and WIN!

Here are some builds that I use:

Regular build

Tanky DPS

VS Tanky Build

VS Heavy AP Build
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Early game

Early game you should be focused on farming. Learn to last hit!!! Make sure that either you your support has a ward at river. If you decide to go aggressive against the enemy adc, It would be a good idea to know where the enemy jungler is, so that you dont get ganked.

Ganked --> going back ---> behind on your build and lvl.

Try to poke the the enemy champions with your Q as much as possible. Ezreal's Mystic Shot has tons of range, so it should be pretty easy to poke from a safe distance. Early game I find it acceptable to poke with your Essence Flux when they are behind minions. Essence Flux does a decent amount of poking damage for the first few levels. When you initiate, Alternate between Your Mystic Shot and your basic attacks. remember your passive. You can use your Arcane Shift to close the gap and pick up the kill, although it's best to save it as an escape mechanism.
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Having the right laning partner is key. Your partner can help you zone the enemy adc while you're in farmland.Have your laning partner stay in the bush so you can zone the enemy ADC to oblivion. I will talk about supporting later on in the guide.

Here is Shurelia's Zoning Guide
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Mid game

By mid game one or two towers should be destroyed and the laning phase should be just about finished. You should start sticking with your fellow teammates, especially your tank. You may be strong but there is no way you will survive if you don't have someone backing you up. You are not a melee champion. Keep a good distance from you and the enemy carries so you are able to deal damage to them and have time to react to any of their skills.
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Baron and Dragon

Between mid and late game, you or the enemy team might decide to do Baron and Dragon.
here are some tips when dealing with these situations.

When your team is doing dragon/baron

When doing either dragon/baron, make sure your Arcane Shift is up and your back is to the wall. Dragon and Baron are the 2 most commonly warded places on the map, and so the enemy team might try to contest it. If they contest it and your team is surely going to lose the fight, E over the wall of baron or dragon and teleport to safety. (I'm not saying to ditch your team, but if you know that your team is about to be aced, its best to escape so you may defend your base or tower.)

If the enemy team is doing baron/dragon

You should have wards on dragon/baron. If not your support isn't doing a good job =P. you can steal dragon with your ult if you time it right. Pray to God that you may have enough damage to steal dragon/baron, and possibly kill a champ or 2. Sing the Thunderbuddy song, and shoot your Ult. Singing the song will give you a 100% chance of stealing baron or dragon.
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Late game

Late game your build should be just about done. Follow your team at all times so you may save them from an untimely doom. When someone initiates, It is best to shot out your trushot barrage to max out your Rising Spell Force. In team fights, stay behind your friendly tanks. It is their job to be the meatshield. Focus the damage dealers! Many times I've seen people focus the tanks while watching their own health bars go down from the damage dealers. Stay at a safe range and alternate between your Mystic Shot+basic attacks for maximum damage. I suggest you save your Arcane Shift If they have enemy champions like Jax, they can just steamroll past your tanks and cc the hell out of you. You wanna have your Arcane Shift up to keep the gap between you and them. Remember to shoot out your Essence Flux to buff your team, while doing the opposite to their team. If all goes right, You should be hearing the "Victory" in a matter of seconds.
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Ezreal is the kite master. Since Mystic Shot has a long range, this allows you to kite enemies from a fair distance. If they start catching up to you, You can always Arcane Shift away to expand the distance between you and the pursuers. If you think you can, turn on them and profit!

All of Ezreal's skills have scouting capabilities. His Mystic Shot is your main scouting tool. It's longe range, so you can feel safe and comfortable shooting into bushes without any problems. When starting a game, I usually shoot my Mystic Shot into the enemy bush if I ever wanted to invade that side. If you hear the spwoosh sound and see your passive coming up on the bottom, you know they are there. Better to be safe then sorry.
Your Essence Flux is your second tool of scouting. It doesn't have a lot of range on it, but if you shoot into a bush, you can hear how many people are in there. (like if you hear two spwooshes, you know that there are 2 enemy champions)
Your Arcane Shift can be a little funky at times when seeing if their are camouflaged enemy champions around you. Your Arcane Shift homes in on the closest enemy champion or minion, So try to move yourself away from the minions when checking for people like Twitch or Evelynn.
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Team Work

Having good communication is key to a successful team. But having champions who's skills complement Ezreal's playstyle is important as well.

Jarvan IV's ult is incredibly useful to when using your ult. If the enemy team is bunched up, Jarvan can ult on them, trapping them in the circle while you charge up your Trueshot Barrage. No escape, no survivors.

Nunu & Willump's ult is also useful in team fights, but it takes good positioning. If your nunu ults at the right spot, charge up your ult and get ready to see the enemy's heath bar disappear.
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Choosing the right support

Having the right support can either get you killed or fed. Here are my favorite support champions that go good with Ezreal.

Soraka is one of the best supports out there. Her Astral Blessing and Infuse skills allow Ezreal to stay in lane for long periods of time. She can silence the enemy from using any skills and keep you alive when you decide to go in.

Blitzcrank is another great support that goes good with ezreal, but you need someone who can land his grab when you really need it. Blitzcrank's grab+knockup+ulti combo makes it easy for you to GRAB first blood. (see what I did there =D)

Nunu & Willump is an ok support that I play with time to time. He isn't able to heal you, but he can sure zone the hell out of the enemy ADC. Have your Nunu stay in their brush and constantly poke them with with his Ice Blast. Its easy and its very effective.

Leona is a pretty good support for Ezreal. She has tons of CC which deal tons of damage. Her skills such as Solar Flare, Zenith Blade, and Shield of Daybreak will allow you to pick up the kill pretty quickly.

Alistar's Pulverize and Headbutt combo is so good. If the enemy ADC and support get to close to the tower, Alistar can do his combo and hit them toward turret, picking up an easy kill. His heal is ok. It's not as good as Soraka's heal though.

Taric has a pretty good heal to keep you sustained in lane but, but again not as good as Soraka's. He is a pretty good counter if they have a blitz. Although you can E away when he grabs you, he can stun the ADC from doing any damage to you. This is can allow you do either escape do more damage to the ADC for those few seconds while he is stunned.
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This concludes my Guide to building/playing Ezreal. I worked really hard on this build. If you liked this guide, rate it^^. If you feel like i could've done a better job, leave a comment on what i can do to make it better!