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Blitzcrank Build Guide by SoulHarvester66

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SoulHarvester66

AD Junglecrank- Fear the Lightning Golem

SoulHarvester66 Last updated on February 16, 2016
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Why AD?

Blitz's kit makes for great use of AD. His attack speed and movement speed buffs from his Overdrive offer great chase and DPS potential. His Power Fist, however, is where his real strength as AD lies. Power Fist does double your AD as your next auto attack and provides a knock-up. This, along with Trinity Force and crits, can add up to MASSIVE damage. The main problem with AD melees is that they do not have chase or CC, but blitz has Overdrive for chase, Rocket Grab to keep them from running away, Power Fist for hard CC, and Static Field for a great AOE silence. Another strength has over other AD melees is his tankiness. Blitz is naturally a tanky champ so building AD doesn't make you super squishy like it would others. On top of that, he has Mana Barrier to back him up. If you notice, this is pretty much like a Xin Zhao. You have an AS buff, a knock up, a pull instead of a dash, and your ult is an AOE silence instead of an AOE knock back.

Why Jungle?

This is the more controversial part, but hear me out; have you noticed how annoying it is when a support blitz comes up to your lane? He has a movement speed buff to come in quick and Rocket Grab to F*** you over if you don't have an escape. Sometimes it seems like that should be his job. Well why not! Your ganks are crazy with the MS buff to come in fast, a pull to keep you from escaping, a knock up to keep you there, and a silence to make sure you don't try to pull anything funny when you come back down.

You may ask about the clearing though, which, I admit, isn't the greatest at first, but is more than enough to get you through a good first clear and you have great sustain and pretty decent clear once you get Ravenous Hydra. It might be tempting to pick up Stalker's Blade - Warrior, but trust me, Stalker's Blade - Devourer makes you much better at clearing camps and is actually really nice on AD Blitz later in the game. (this will be talked about more later in the items section.)

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Pros / Cons

- high damage
- great CC for an AD melee
- awesome ganks
- tanky for a melee
- great 1v1's
- good teamfighting and isolation
- provides utility for your team that other
AD melees may not provide
- you're op blitz

- not as tanky as your support counterpart
- not the best early wave/jungle clear
- vulnerable to counterjungling
- will get flamed by others (until you wreck that is ^.^)

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Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal
Standard runes. You know how they work ;)

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Not much to explain: I take mostly offensive masteries to compliment the already high damage, while Savagery, Secret Stash, and Feast help with early sustain in jungle. I always take thunderlord's to boost Blitz's burst while ganking.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Here i take Static Field> Overdrive> Power Fist> Rocket Grab
Static Field- first obviously cuz it's your ult and a great, low CD silence.
Overdrive- second, for the attack speed and movement speed buffs. I did a lot of experimenting with maxing W or E first and I feel the DPS from upgrading W is more beneficial.
Power Fist- third, because even though it is the main reason we build AD, upgrading this only lowers the cooldown by 1 second each point.
Rocket Grab- only need the utility of it. maxing it last is the most efficient path.

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Possible summoners

Flash is my main summoner spell. I prefer it with this build over Ghost, because you have no other dash/teleport to hop walls. However, Ghost vs. Flash is more dependent on your personal playing style.

You can take ghost over Flash if you wish. It does compliment your Overdrive well, but you can't hop over walls with Ghost, however.

Smite is obvious if you want to jungle.

If you're feeling cocky like you don't need escape summoners you can go with ignite instead, but I would recommend not.

Also if you happen to feel you don't need help escaping, but less aggressive and more for setting up ganks, backdooring (cuz you can do that now with AD blitz ;), or defending towers.

Haha JK.

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indentindentindentindentindentindentinde VS.

So I take devourer instead of warrior and here's why: Warrior does provide extra AD and armor pen that can come in handy, but the attack speed and passive from devourer highly overpower it. It's better for clearing, sustain, and DPS.

indentindentindentindentindentindentinde VS.
99% of games I take chilling smite over challenging smite for the utility. I find the slow to be quite useful in ganks most of the time. If you want more 1v1 ability, then take Skirmisher's Sabre.

indentindentindentindentindentindentinde VS.
In this build, I almost always take Ravenous Hydra over The Bloodthirster. This is because of the AOE from [cleave], which gives better wave clear, lifesteal from the AOE, and a bit of AOE damage. This can go either way though, and sometimes i build both instead of a tank item if we don't need a tank or if I'm way ahead. The 20% lifesteal from The Bloodthirster is pretty nice and the passive shield goes well will your Mana Barrier

indentindentindentindentindentindentinde VS.
This one is all down to the circumstances. Trinity Force if you want damage and Iceborn Gauntlet if you want more tank or cc. If your team is tanky enough, I would suggest Trinity Force since you already have decent cc for a melee and you don't need the armor in that situation

Other Item Options

7 Great damage and a great late game buy. (your Power Fist can crit btw ;) Edit: The bonus damage can no longer crit. The auto attack itself can crit, but the additional damage does not apply to the critical strike i.e. critical strikes with Power Fist will do 3x damage instead of 4x. Lowered 's rank by two. Replaced with Youmuu's Ghostblade

9 With the recent changes on , I personally find it to now more effective than Infinity Edge on AD Blitz. It provides the same AD as , but with useful armor pen, CDR that totals to 30% with this build, and a total of 102% attack speed steroid when used with Overdrive.
7 Good for the health and a little damage, but mainly for the passive which can be great in certain games.

7 Great for the chase, but I usually want to pick up an item with armor/mr if I have to choose a defensive item.

8 Gives great health and mr, and the extra sustain is nice too.

8.5 Just slightly better than spirit IMO. Provides great mr, health, and health regen as well, but also protects a little against bursty champs since you're probably not building much tank.

8 Good for the health, armor, and definitely the passive.

9 Since its release, Dead Man's Plate has been a great defensive option. In addition to its great defensive stats, the passive is excellent for both movement in the jungle and a nice little damage boost for that first hit while ganking. 1 physical damage per 2 stacks, which is doubled at max stacks, means 100 bonus damage from your defensive item. Plus a 75% slow. Seems pretty dope to me. I highly recommend taking this on AD Blitz.

8 Generally the best single item against AD IMO. Great armor, great health, and good self-peel.

6 LOTS of armor and a lots of mana, pretty good passive too, but this requires you to also build a health item which means less AD. If you decide to go more tank, however, building this with righteous glory, banshee's veil, or another item with lots of health is a good choice.

6 Great armor and and a great passive, but pretty much the same situation as Frozen Heart.

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Most Efficient Jungling With This Build

Because your camp clear isn't the best at the start, I've outlined the steps I take to get the most out of my first clear. You do not necessarily need to follow these exactly, but I find even the few gold you get from that one extra camp before you back helps a lot.
- Smite first to get the buff immediately
- If at Golems, wait to use your Power Fist until after the stun from Golem buff wears off. This provides a longer period of cc where the large Golem can't attack you
- After 2, use your Overdrive after your Power Fist so it doesn't interrupt your attack speed buff
- ALWAYS remember when you're jungling (or pretty much in any instance) to squeeze in an auto attack before using an ability. This maximizes damage output. (My favorite example to explain this is Jayce. His W in cannon form provides an attack speed buff for the next three attacks, but if you uses an auto attack right before you activate it, that's effectively four buffed AA's instead of three.)

Starting Paths

Pretty much your basic paths

Golem start - Golems, Red, Gromp, then Blue

I prefer this start for almost all AD champs, honestly. You have enough mana to last you until you get Blue, meaning your use of Blue buff is more efficient.

Gromp start - Gromp, Blue, Golems, then Red

If you really prefer to start Bot side for the better leash and you are Red Team, this is viable.

Because of your weak early game and because the enemy jungler might see a Blitz as an easy early opponent, Blitz has a higher risk of being counter-jungled, especially if the enemy has a strong early jungler with high first blood potential like Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Shaco, or Rengar. I highly recommend warding the buff opposite of the one you start, or asking a lane to do so, especially if you run into one of the listed champions.

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Best Way to Gank With Blitz

You're going to want to come in with your Overdrive on for the movement speed. Next, three things can happen.

they have no escape - knock them up, ult right before they land so you don't overlap cc too much, then pull them back if they start to get away.

they have an escape but haven't used it yet - try to silence them so you can catch up and knock them up, pull them if they start to get away.

they have an escape and use as your coming in - with this you have to judge whether you should a) try to chase and use your pull, knock up, then silence or b) walk away.

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Your priorities in a team fight are as follows:
1) pull the carry to focus them if they are dumb enough to leave themselves vulnerable to an enemy Blitz.
2) CC down the high-threat targets with Power Fist and your ult and focus them down(i.e. that annoying Yi).
3) If your team has strong synergy in team fights or is way ahead, you can go the cocky route of putting yourself in the middle of the enemy team to silence them all. You can also focus down the carries in this position. Beware, however, you're not as tanky as if you went support/tank blitz so watch out. This is especially effective if you are building the tank route with Iceborn Gauntlet.
4) Please don't waste your CC on the enemy tank unless you absolutely need to in order to prevent them from laying down their own CC.

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Some Final Words


Don't be discouraged by people who scream "TROLL!". Trust me, I get it almost every game I play as AD Junglcrank, but they'll be pretty salty when they end up on your back. Also, I just want to encourage people to try new and unique builds for themselves (although I would recommend trying them in normal first). You can find many great guides for more Off-Meta builds like AP Nasus, full AD Garen, or AD jungle Malzahar and many more. Experimenting with unique builds that don't follow the Meta is much more fun for me personally than following a strict procedure as if the build is an part of the champ you cannot change. So go and try new things! Who knows, you may be the one to find that secret super broken build ;).

Well that's my AD Junglegrank guys! Thank you for reading and please leave any feedback in the comments section and don't forget to vote; I am open to both compliments and criticism. Anything to improve my guide to further help others is welcome.

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I will leave edits and additional notes in yellow to show the ways recent patches have affected this build. Changes will eventually replace the original text once the original is obsolete and no longer needed to show the effects of patches. Edits and additions will also be noted below.

Edit: the additional damage from Power Fist does not apply to critical strikes. (critical strikes with Power Fist will deal 3x AD not 4x)