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Nidalee Build Guide by Robo Ninja Monky

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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Robo Ninja Monky

AD Nefarious Nidalee - In-Depth Solo-Top

Robo Ninja Monky Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Guide Top

Introduction - Nefarious Nidalee

Welcome to my first real guide! Okay, this guide is for a some-what unconventional, yet completely viable AD Nidalee Bruiser build I have used for a long time now. It is seen as "some-what unconventional" because it includes The Brutalizer in the early game. I ask you do not down-vote my guide or criticize the item order until you give it a try. I understand that this is not "the most preferred order", however it has served me incredibly well for I would guess hundreds of games with Nidalee. I even played her and only her for two weeks straight (Playing all day, yes nerdy, shhh). Enjoy the build and don't forget to TRY the build before commenting on the items! Thanks! =)

Nidalee is a very versatile champion and can be played as an Ability Power Poker, an Attack Damage Bruiser, or an Ability Power Support (Poke bottom combined with decent but not amazing support).

However, in my opinion, Nidalee is most effective when played as a Solo-Top AD Bruiser. What does this mean? It means you will be building a mix between Attack Damage and Health oriented items. The result is a Bursty Attack Damage Carry that is relatively Tanky at the same time; it's very effective and considerably less conditional as the other styles you could play Nidalee as.

Special thanks to Joijoi for her extensive guide on making a guide. I used a lot of his tips and tricks as well as her lovely line-dividers. Thanks again!

Her guide to making a guide can be found here: Joijoi's How-to-make-a-Guide!

Guide Top

Predatory Pros / Carnivorous Cons


- Extremely mobile.
- Incredible burst damage.
- Can wall jump/Amazing juker.
- An amazing roamer.
- Bushwhack Trap Sight.
- Has no true counter.
- Cat form uses no mana.

- No CC.
- Squishy until level 6.
- Depletes mana quickly.
- Hard to learn.
- Fail jump = embarassing death.
- Cat dance is lame.

Guide Top

Ravaging Runes


Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Strength x9

SPACE SPACE These marks will give you a lot of damage in the early game allowing you to force your opponent out of the lane incredibly easily. The only downside is that if the opponent has a lot of armor naturally or if they build into it early this damage will not matter too much and you will simply utilize it on creeps. SPACE SPACE

Greater Seal of Resilience x9

SPACE SPACE You're soloing top, you need armor. These runes will allow you to compete with your top lane opponent without having to return to base every time you both clash. SPACE SPACE

Greater Glyph of Shielding x9

SPACE SPACE Magic resist is a must if you are soloing top because mid will need to watch out for ganks from both jungle and mid lane. If you stacked only armor then you will get eaten alive by an AP champions gank which will result in you losing top tower early. SPACE SPACE

Greater Quintessence of Strength

SPACE SPACE Okay this one is simple. More attack damage will help you in all walks of AD Nidalee life. If you despise taking so much Flat AD then replace these or the marks with Armor Penetration as I will recommend in alternative runes below. SPACE SPACE

Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation SPACE SPACE If you do not have Greater Mark of Attack Damage's or dislike the idea of them (Some people do). Then use these Marks instead. They give great bonuses for any AD champion and are definitely a completely valid alternative. SPACE SPACE Greater Mark of Desolation

Greater Glyph of Warding

SPACE SPACE If you do not have Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist's then take these instead. Flat resistances vs per-level resistances are situational. However, between other runes either form of Magic Resist are definitely preferred. SPACE SPACE

Greater Glyph of Focus

SPACE SPACE These are definitely not your preferred Glyphs, however if you do not have either Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist or Greater Glyph of Magic Resist take these as they are the next next thing for AD Nidalee. (They aren't terrible either, tbh, so don't feel bad if you're low level and need to use these) SPACE SPACE

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Desolation SPACE SPACE Again, these are just as viable as using Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage's. If you do not have the Strength Quints opt for these instead. Or, if you simply prefer to use armor penetration runes go ahead, it's plenty effective. SPACE SPACE Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Quintessence of Resilience

SPACE SPACE If you do not have Strength quints or Desolation quints then feel free to use these instead. They will still be very helpful making you more sustainable in your lane and able to handle more harassment. SPACE SPACE

Guide Top

Malevolent Masterys

SPACE SPACE Summoner's Wrath - Bonus attack damage/ability power while Ignite is on cooldown.

Weapon Expertise - Along with the rest of the armor penetration in this tree we grab this for a big boost.

Sorcery - This mastery will give you 4% cooldown reduction. Very useful for being both Defensive and Offensive purposes.

Arcane Knowledge - This will enable your Javelin Toss (Q) to do viable damage despite you building AD Bruiser. Very useful for dwindling opponents who are hard to get to.

Vampirism - Extra life steal for increased sustainability.

Executioner - The end of the tree. This will stack increased damage against hurt opponents along with your Takedown skill.

Summoner's Insight - This will decrease the cooldown of Flash by 15 seconds. A Very welcome bonus.

Expanded Mind - We take 2 points in this only because it's better than putting 2 points in Good Hands as that skills use is dependent on you dying. You shouldn't be dying often enough for this to be useful, take the slight mana regen bonus for your human form skill set.

Improved Recall - This one is straight forward, we need a certain amount of points to be able to get our next two masterys. Improved Recall is nice and can help you get back to your lane slightly faster, which isn't useless =P.

Swiftness - This mastery is the first of two reasons we started putting points into Utility. 2% increased movement speed with Nidalee is priceless. It will allow you to be much more cautious in your lane especially before you hit level 6. It will also allow you to chase people very easily.

Runic Affinity - This is the second reason we put points in Utility. During your match try to obtain Blue buff, a lot of other people need it more but sometimes it will be all yours. Also, you can steal the enemy blue buff extremely fast and relatively safely with Nidalee if done correctly. The cooldown reduction is amazing, and unlimited team heals isn't bad either (Despite you being AD).

Guide Top

Savage Summoner Spells

Recommended Summoner Spells


SPACE SPACE Ignite, what can I say, I've become dependent on this spell. I just can't live without the 50% reduction of life sustain and the true damage doesn't hurt for finishing those kills that are out of reach and do not have an able for a Spear. This spell will prove invaluable as you are soloing top lane. Many champions who tend to go top will have a great deal of health regen/life steal/spell steal or something that will heal them. This spell will allow you to render those abilities much less efffective for one fight every cooldown. I highly recommend taking this spell. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE Flash, again this is a spell I have grown attached to. Maybe even too attached. The uses for this spell are so expandable and virtually endless I love it. With Nidalee this spell opens up the terrain for you even more. You can do incredibly unique stunts to essentially teleport across the map. You can flash out of the team fight right as all of the nukes are hitting then jump back in as soon as they end avoiding all of the damage. You can teleport over huge walls and combine it with a jump over a wall to be un-catchable, even Rammus can't catch a good Flash+Jump combo. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE Exhaust, this spell not only can turn the tide of any 1v1 fight but it also can suppress the enemy carry once you end up in team fights. Very useful all around and can be used very effectively to escape ganks or to retreat from an ill-judged fight. SPACE SPACE


SPACE SPACE Teleport, another great alternative spell. With teleport you can go to base, buy items, and return to your lane almost instantly which is very helpful. You can also split-push very effectively with this spell which is one of Nidalee's specialties. A very viable alternative if you enjoy it's benefits. SPACE


SPACE SPACE Ghost, as usual this is for those who dislike Flash (if that group even exists =P). Ghost is a viable replacement for increased mobility/escape/chase for obvious reasons. If you do not like Flash but need more mobility take this. SPACE


SPACE SPACE Heal, honestly, I wouldn't advise taking this spell over any of the others but if you like to heal-bait go ahead and take it. This game is for fun after all and it's still a viable summoner spell so don't feel bad about it =P. SPACE

Guide Top

Impeccable Items

**Item Note**

Once you complete your full build you will want to sell your The Brutalizer and replace it with better scaled armor penetration Last Whisper.

Finished Build

SPACE SPACE Doran's Blade will give you extra health, damage, and life steal. Making you much more sustainable in your lane and much less squishy than you would otherwise be as pre-level 6 Nidalee. A great starting item for people of all skill levels. SPACE SPACE


X3 SPACE SPACE If you're not a big fan of the Doran's Blade then Boots of Speed and Health Potions X3 is the second most popular way to go as AD Nidalee. This will enable you to harass very easily while being very hard to catch. With this start you can also escape any Gank that comes your way, especially when you hit level 6. The health potions will make up for the lack of health/tankiness and allow you to stay and farm your first few items. SPACE SPACE X3

SPACE SPACE Wriggle's Lantern is usually the first item I rush. If I need the speed I will nab Boots of Speed and as many parts of the Wriggle's as I can. Otherwise I just rush the Wriggle's and return to top lane promptly. This item will give you the best of many worlds; creep killing proc, life steal, armor, and a renewable ward. Place your ward in the river to prevent unseen ganks. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Mercury's Treads should be the second item that you rush. I almost always get Mercury's Treads instead of other boots. The only other set of boots I would consider would be the Ninja Tabi. However, I would only get these if the team is almost exclusively attack damage oriented. This is because we already have the Wriggle's Lantern and its armor bonus; we want to balance the two resistances so that we don't get forced out of team fights in 2 seconds. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Sheen, this is your first true power increase and it's a big one. With the sheen you will virtually double your basic attack damage because your abilities, which you must use in order to gain the buff, are on such low cooldown. This item is so amazing that I often will skip finishing the Mercury's Treads and purchase a Sheen directly after finishing my Wriggle's Lantern. Only do this, however, if you are having NO issues with your top lane opponent and are not having issues with ganks. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE The Brutalizer although this item tapers off late game and becomes less useful beginning in mid-game it is Extremely powerful until around levels 15+. You can feel free to skip buying this item and instead continue rushing your Trinity Force. However, if you are not being held back monetarily I would Strongly suggest purchasing this item right after your Sheen. This is because the extra armor penetration as well as cooldown reduction combined with your Sheen will make you a complete monster. You will be able to one combo people down to half life and take 1/4 - 1/3 of their entire life pool with one Takedown (Q). SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Phage, this item will usually be your next target item when team fights begin to collapse. It just so happens that this build to this point is set up so that by the end of lane-phase you will be working on this Phage. If you already have it, good job, move on to the next item =P. If not, then it's time for you to save up the money for it. Now that lane-phase is/almost is over you need to get more tanky. People might try to focus you down and so you need the health boost this item provides, not only that but this item will enable you to chase those down who get away from your teams nuking. Everyone loves a Phage on their team =). (It also builds into the desired Trinity Force you are trying to rush. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Giant's Belt, well this one is obvious. Not much to explain other than why you need more health at this point. The Phage helped make you more tanky but seeing as you are a bruiser you need more than just a Phage for team-fights to go smoothly. Get the Giant's Belt which will later be turned into a Warmog's Armor, which you will 100% want/need later in the game, to boost your ability to absorb nukes you can't dodge. Keep in mind, however, your next purchase will NOT be pursuing any more parts of the Warmog's Armor. The belt is enough for now. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Trinity Force!! The item you've been building parts of and wanting all game! Yay! Over-excitement aside...Now that you have all the health you need for Mid-Game finish your Trinity Force ASAP. You might even want to tell your team you need to buy if you have enough and are roaming as a team. This will give you an overall boost in all areas/aspects. You will also gain new benefits you do not already possess ( Zeal) and those benefits will also be upgraded within the Trinity Force. Amazing item and now you are an even more lethal weapon =P. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Warmog's Armor has nothing special about it other than it being one of the best tank items in the game, and certainly one of the best AD Bruiser items. With your newly obtained Trinity Force you will have all the damage you need for Mid-Game so now you need to finish beefing up. You won't have much room in your inventory so if you have to choose parts to purchase before finishing it get the flat health crystal instead of the health regen pendents. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Atma's Impaler is a great item overall. It gives you amazing damage bonuses based on how much health you have. Since you built as a Bruiser you have the health to make this item amazingly viable (The magic number is around 3000 life I believe). You will get around 60 bonus physical damage, 45 armor, and 18% critical chance. A perfect item to help you finish a long match. SPACE SPACE

These next items require one of your current items to be sold and replaced.

SPACE SPACE Last Whisper will replace The Brutalizer. This is a pretty straight forward replacement. Your Brutalizer has already been lacking in it's usefulness this late in the game. If your game isn't over yet you should sell The Brutalizer and replace it with better scaled armor penetration, Last Whisper. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE The Bloodthirster will replace Wriggle's Lantern. Replacing Wriggler's Lantern with The Bloodthirster will result in a huge increase in attack damage as well as life steal (Provided you get it stacked up). A nice trick to getting that extra edge in a hard to finish match. SPACE SPACE

SPACE SPACE Infinity Edge will replace Atma's Impaler. This is something you would only consider if you are not really at threat of being focused too much in your match yet are having issues finishing your match. You should also ONLY take this course of action if you have built/replaced everything I mentioned before this step. This will give you obvious HUGE attack damage bonuses and you should be able to destroy any champion with any build. However, you are not amazingly tanky so don't mis-understand the power you possess. SPACE SPACE

Guide Top

Serrated Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Prowl is an amazing skill that many people don't utilize, before I go into detail about skill order, note the following possibilities with this passive:

- Use it to escape. If you are being chased, run through the bushes as much as possible, this is true for all champions as it will give you cover from being targetted until they also get to the bush, with Nidalee this is even more helpful since you are waiting a couple seconds for your next pounce.

- Use it to chase. If you are hunting someone in the jungle and you see a bush you can "Clip" on the way to your target, do it, it will give you that extra speed boost you need to pounce on them.

- Use it from levels 1-5 to auto attack the enemy hero at top lane while frequently hitting the bush to get the creeps off of you. This is a pro-tip for players that wish to dominate their lane.

Don't Neglect This Amazing Passive!

SPACE SPACE At level 1 take Bushwhack. This will allow you to essentially ward the entire surrounding jungle/river. Very important since if you are doing good in your lane you are usually the first target for the enemy jungle. This way you can waste his time by him running all the way up only to be sighted and having to retreat. If the jungle instead still comes at you not noticing the sight you can jump him as he is de-buffed. I would only do this if you are level 6 and your opponent is far enough away for you to burst the jungler once and then get away with it. SPACE

SPACE SPACE At level 2 take Primal Surge. This is important because it provides you with an attack speed buff when you heal yourself. Seeing as you are not level 6 yet all you have in your arsenal is auto-attacks and maybe a spear or two. Use this heal for both it's healing property as well as it's amazing attack speed buff for harassing the enemy champion. SPACE

SPACE SPACE At level 3 take Javelin Toss. Now you can throw some spears while you harass from the bush. Make sure to hit the champion if he is at his tower with these and these alone. If you get close enough to auto-attack while he is tower hugging you will almost certainly prompt a gank and you will die. SPACE

Skill Priority

From this point on, you will take points on a priority basis. This priority is outlined below.

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How to Play AD Nidalee (Important Tips)

Play defensively and poke the enemy with your auto-attacks. Utilize Prowl to stay out of their range. Stay un-targettable while utilizing Prowl by moving to the bush Directly after throwing an Auto-Attack, repeating this while watching the health of the creeps. Switch to targetting the creeps only when one is about to die and you must Last Hit it. Do not Over-Commit past river without knowing where the jungle is. Before level 6 crossing the river is too risky and you are susceptible to death from a gank.

Tips and Tricks:

- While using the above method to harass the enemy champion use your Primal Surge on yourself just before exiting the bush to attack. This will give you enough attack speed to get multiple auto attacks off before the enemy can retreat to the tower. Coupled with your Doran's Blade and your attack runes this combo will be devastating to the enemies life pool.

- Continuously place Bushwhack traps both in the enemys top bush as well as in the surrounding bushes where a Jungler might Gank you.

- If you get the enemy to 1/4 life or so, try waiting in the bush for an assault using Primal Surge before exiting the bush and combine it with an Ignite. Using this method I get First Blood in at least half of my matches if not more. (You might have to flash and tank one tower hit for the kill sometimes. If you are experienced with Nidalee this is no problem)

- If you are getting pushed back and having issues just tower hug. With this build you have more than enough damage to sit at the tower and last hit minions (Both kinds) if you let the tower hit them first and wait for the last hit.

This is where you get to take the offensive without worrying Too Much about being Ganked. It's still a huge concern, don't get me wrong, especially with people like Nocturne.

However, with your jump and traps set in jungle, you can be pretty aggressive at this point. Throw auto-attacks at your opponent until they look like they are going to come at you or do come at you. This is when you want to chuck a Javelin Toss (Q) at their face and pop Aspect Of The Cougar. Once you have transformed line up a Pounce (W) and jump right in front of them, if you land in front of them, like you should, use your Swipe (It's an AOE that projects in front of you, easily missed if not done right). Directly after using Swipe (E) use your most damaging skill, which is Takedown (Q).

This will leave the enemy staggered with damage and this is when you want to use Pounce (W) to get away from them since they are going to want to return the damage.

If you continue to repeat this process you can freely farm your lane while they can't even compare with the damage you are dealing (You jump away meaning they get hurt and you get minimally hurt). Once they get low enough you can Pounce (W), Ignite and auto-attack them in Cougar Form. They will most likely run, although they might try to out-burst you, which means you can just wait for you cooldowns prioritizing Q > E > W. If they escape your range and you know you won't be able to Pounce (W) on them you can Pounce (W) behind them and quickly leave Cougar Form by using Aspect Of The Cougar and lead into an auto-attack + Javelin Toss for the finishing hits.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use your Aspect Of The Cougar skill set to jump the enemy, burst them, then jump away and heal yourself. Repeat this process for a smooth laning experience.

- Lead into a fight by throwing a Javelin Toss before transforming with Aspect Of The Cougar and bursting the enemy.

- It is important to place your Bushwhack's in places where your enemy will end up when trying to attack you. This will leave them extremely vulnerable to your burst combination and or harassment.

- If you see an enemy charging at you, place a Bushwhack directly in front of you (Almost on top of your own character). This way when/if they get to you they will HAVE to take the lowered defenses in order to attack you. A very very good tactic to give you the edge.

This section is to describe how to act with your team. It does not in any way imply you should not split-push. It simply outlines what to do should you collapse with your team for any reason.

This is probably where a lot of people get confused when playing AD Nidalee. However it's a simply miss-understanding of the mechanics of Nidalee. When you are rolling with your team/teammates, however many, you should stay behind them (Don't lead unless you are ganking or chasing a single/couple enemies). Once the fight starts, preferably initiated by your Tank, you need to jump at the Carry or Squishy. Do NOT go for Tanks or people who built a lot of health/health regen. Work your way through them from weakest to strongest last. This is because with your burst you will destroy Squishy champions and your moves are on Cooldown which means against a Tank you will find yourself running away instead of chasing. Stick with your teammates and see yourself as a weapon and only a weapon. Weapons must wait for the right moment to strike, do not just blatently attack people. If you do this you will become a prowling monster that is farming the heaviest damaging enemies.

Tips and Tricks:

- Right when the teamfight is about to begin place a Bushwhack in the pile of champions or in front of your team. This will ensure that one, if not multiple, enemies will have almost half of their resistances lowered before the team nukes.

- Throw Javelin Toss's at the enemy team if nobody is initiating, this will dwindle them down which is always helpful.

- Pay Close Attention to Your Own Health during a team fight. I can't stress this enough. A lot of people will burst you down and considering you are a melee carry you will be in the heart of the action. Know when you need to jump out and heal yourself. You are incredibly mobile so you can get back to the fight when you won't be dead in 3 seconds.

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Bushwhack/Wriggle's Lantern Locations

Correctly using Bushwhack is an important ability for any Nidalee player. I always take Bushwhack first and riddle the top jungle/river with them to ensure that around level 3 nobody will spontaneously gank me. This allows me to freely harass the enemy champion out of the lane with comfort in my own safety, however if I see someone coming to gank and I am not level 6 yet I Below are the best locations, in my opinion, to place Bushwhacks/Wards when you are Solo-Top.

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How to Pounce (Wall Jumping)

Wall jumping using Pounce is one of the most important aspects of Nidalee. It is what makes you one of the best Roamers in the game. There are too many locations for me to explain so I will do what most guide-makers do with Nidalee and use someone else's hard work. However, I will certainly give them full credit and thank them greatly for supplying everyone including me with the video below. Use these locations to escape ganks, chase people who are running away from team fights, or you yourself, and all in all instill fear/frustration in your opponents.

Below are the most popular jump locations.

Note: For some reason 1-3 GIFs at any given time will not show both frames. This happens at random. So, if you experience this try refreshing the page once or twice to see the GIF, that is glitching, in proper motion.

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Lane Phase

Lane Phase is simple with AD Nidalee Solo-Top. You want to out farm your opponent and that's your main concern. Just use your auto attacks which will hit VERY hard if you use my build. The trick to doing this well is using the bushes at your disposal. Try to throw a spear at the enemy and right away return to the bush giving you a speed buff and making the creeps divert attention away from you (They will aggro you when you hit the enemy hero). Repeat this process until you see a creep about to die, at this point kill the creep, you want to farm every single creep if possible.

When you hit level 6 you should return to base to purchase Boots of Speed and a Vampiric Scepter. Do this only when you have forced the enemy out of the lane/have your creeps pushing the enemy tower. This way you can continue to single handedly Zone the enemy champion. Return to your lane quickly and begin farming, wait for the enemy champion to approach the creeps for a last hit and then, assuming you won't miss out of many, if any, creeps, use pounce to close the gap and begin tearing at him with your moves. Once you have all of your moves on cooldown jump AWAY from the enemy hero (Assuming he's a threat) and repeat this process.

At this point taking Top Tower is at your discretion since when you use Primal Surge on yourself your auto-attacks will annihilate the tower. Take the tower if your team needs help, otherwise keep it up so you can continue zoning whoever you are facing and simply Roam to support your team. When you roam you want to stick with ganking Mid and Jungle. Your teams jungle will take care of bottom lane and if you try to take care of it you might jeopardize your Top Tower.

Guide Top

Post-Lane Phase - Teamfights

Okay now you need to work with your team to get kills. How do you do this?

While both teams are questioning initiating try to throw spears and place traps where enemies might be coming behind your team. Once you have poked the enemy team enough or as much as you can it's time for your Tank to go in. You theoretically could initiate as a bruiser and sometimes you need to. However, it is best if you have a Tank on your team go in first and then you go in second in line as a sort of off-tank. This will ensure that you won't get nuked too hard and you can burst whoever their carries are. Once you are on cooldowns it is up to you whether you jump out of the fight and wait for your cooldowns/avoid too much damage or you can simply auto attack enemies if you are not being focused down or hit with too much AOE damage.

This is the basic strategy of Nidalee as an AD Bruiser. But a lot of the time you will be doing so much damage that you will literally be the carry on your team. This means you need to be extra aggresive while people support you, you have no CC but you have amazing damage and chase.

The last aspect of Teamfights for Nidalee is chasing. Once all of the nuking is done multiple people might be running away in jungle. Use your pounce to cut people off and assuming you have a Phage even if you can't take them out (which you will be able to) you can slow them and allow your teammates to catch up to them and finish the job.

Guide Top

Who am I? Why Should You Listen to me?

Fair enough, you don't want to follow a guide without knowing that person isn't just some Noob who wanted to make a guide. You want to know that I made the guide because I have mastered the hero and feel it is time to share my secrets.

In that case I shall prove it to you fellow summoner's. Below is a single match history of mine that I happened to screenshot a while back, you can see for yourself that this build works extremely well and almost always results in a win in an experienced player's hands.

I am Robo Ninja Monky and I have around 700 wins at this point. Before coming to League of Legends I had over 1000 wins in a game called Heroes of Newerth which is a sort of Try hard version of League of Legends. I love these types of games but never did play DoTA (I do love the Basshunter song though). I haven't played too much ranked because I can't stand trying to get past 1400-1500 where a lot of people make you lose for stupid reasons. Other than that you'll just have to trust that I am a seasoned player and you can validate my skill through the screenshot below which is basically how I do every single game with Nidalee.

If you use this build and have a nice score you would like to share with the community let me know and I will create a new section just for these screenshots as soon as I get one request.

Guide Top

Questions? Comments? Like the Guide?


Feel free to ask questions and I will answer them here asap.





If you liked the guide please show support by Commenting and or Up-Voting the guide (I understand making an account to vote is a hassle, but I put a lot of effort and thought into this guide and would greatly appreciate the opportunity for it to be recognized).

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Change/Update Log


- I added pictures of how each mastery setup should look when completed. I also, as implied, added a secondary mastery set for those seeking a less aggressive setup that is more farm oriented.


- Began adding more artistic pictures of Nidalee. I plan on having one picture for every section to close each section nicely. Will be slowly adding them as I come across good pictures. (If you have one, made one, or know of one, let me know and I will add it with the "Nafarious Nidalee" title).


- Added a GIF section to "How to Pounce" featuring many GIF images showing exactly where and how to complete the most popular Pounce (W) locations. (Will be adding a map with locations later as well)


- Added a Vladimir Counter section in "Misc. Counters" as well as a description on how to counter him + tips and tricks.


- Added Line-Dividers instead of my ghetto version of them. Huge thanks to Joijoi. He made these dividers as well as an amazing How-to-Make-a-Guide Guide. Props to you man! (Further credited in my Introduction)


- Did a complete rework of the coding for my "Impeccable Items" section. Hope you all enjoy the much nicer look of it as well as the descriptions.


- Hugely revamped the entire look/information provided. I make revisions based on feedback form others. I am in no way finished revising but I did change quite a bit so far. I also did a lot of coding changes to make it look much cleaner/aesthetic.

If anything is missing or should be updated/changed let me know in a comment and I will tend to it promptly!

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