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Pantheon Build Guide by NyanH3ro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NyanH3ro

AD Pantheon v.s. AP Pantheon

NyanH3ro Last updated on December 27, 2012
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Please remember that this guide is focused of the AD Pantheon build, the other builds are just suggestions.

Welcome to my Pantheon guide where i'll teach you how i like to play Pantheon. Pantheon is and AD assassin who can deal high constant damage and can be a pain to kill because of his Aegis Protection. I recommend playing Pantheon defensively start game, and attack when enemies get too close, and passive aggressive end game.

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Pros / Cons


awesome end game.
high end game mana pool.
good chasing potentail.
low cooldowns.
good survivability.
easy turret diving due to Ohmwrecker and Aegis Protection.


mana hungry early game.

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Starting the game

when you start the game you'll want to buy Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, this'll allow you to lane for much longer because of the health you gain from the 3 Health Potion (450 health all up). You'll want to lane cautiously, try and not get attacked by champions, and strike when ever you see the chance to without getting hurt, and if you see the chance to get a kill, take it.

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Mid game

By this time you'll want to have Frozen Mallet, red buff are very useful to Pantheon it gives a damage over time effect to your basic attacks. Beware of being ganked, as pantheon is very weak against large numbers and is deadly at 1v1 combat, but also remeber that people will fear your Grand Skyfall, use it in team fights to block off someone who is escaping, or too scatter the enemy to give your team some time for their skills to cool down too finish the enemy off.

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End game

By this time you'll want to have nearly finished your build, also beware as if you've been doing good and are dominating the enemy, they will be more likely to gank you, stay with you team mates and don't rush into fights you can't win.

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Item swap outs

if you find yourself not dealing enough damage and having too much mana, you can swap out Ohmwrecker for The Bloodthirster, or Blade of the Ruined King. if you find yourself having not enough mana and too much health, you can swap out Ohmwrecker for Frozen Heart. if you need more survivability, swap out ohmwreck or The Black Cleaver (i don't recommend swapping out the The Black Cleaver seeing as it's one of your main damaging items), for Warmog's Armor.

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Countering stealth and ganks

countering stealth

remember that Pantheon has no skill shots ( Heartseeker Strike doesn't really count as a skill shot to me), so i recommend buying Oracle's Elixir if your versing stealth champions like Wukong or Teemo.

countering ganks

also remember that it is hard to 1v3 with Pantheon, so if your about to get ganked (or are getting ganked) you can run or just use Heartseeker Strike to deal damage, until your team arrives to help.

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Additional notes

This is my first guide, please be nice in the comments and tell me how i can improve my later guides and builds. Thanks for looking at this build/guide anyway :D (lol sorry if i misspelled anything btw).

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