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Sion Build Guide by DeadlyDaddy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeadlyDaddy

AD Sion S3 Rampage

DeadlyDaddy Last updated on April 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first build guide, I hope you give it a shot and enjoy playing Sion as much as I do. This build works best if your style of play consists of all out assaults and never say die mentality. Some call it kamikaze style, I call it honorable aggression! Either way, I think that if you follow this build guide you find that Sion really is an OP character as long as you can avoid a complete team of cc Champions. Enjoy!

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I think that playing Sion in this attack damage mode you should amplify that with 9 Mark of Attack Speeds and 3 Quintessence of Attack Speed to cut down those tank and ADC Champs. I am working on buying a set of 9 Mark of Attack Damage and 3 Quintessence of Attack Damage to try also with this build. If you have them already I can imagine great things in your future :) Armor pen sets would be good too, but I like the attack speed the best.

Since you will likely get a lot of attention with the dps you will unleash I also recommend 9 Glyph of Magic Resists and 9 Seal of Armors.

I like taking all flats because Sion benifits more from the boost at low levels since he is Godlike lategame.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Cryptic Gaze, it will save your life at least twice before you get to level 3 but you shouldn't touch it again until lvl 14 when you start to finish it off. I level his Q last because with this build Cryptic Gaze is most useful as a stun which lasts the same amount of time (1.5 seconds) whether its lvl 1 or lvl 5, you are going to deal plenty of physical damage without needing to increase 50 damage for each lvl.

Max out Enrage ASAP and leave it on AT ALL TIMES, but don't skip your ultimate Cannibalism at levels 6 and 11 and 16. Enrage grants you permanent max health increase with each creep kill you record while it is engaged (doubled if it is a large minon/monster or champion), not to mention the added attack damage. Combined with your steadily increasing critical chance in this build the additional attack damage with Enrage makes last hitting minons quite a bit easier. By lvl 6 you should have racked up between 75-100 additional health points, 175-225 by lvl 11, and at end game you should be around 400-600 additional health!! This is estimated with 180-220 creep score by end game.

Max out Death's Caress next because it does damage to an area of creep to help farm and it can also reduce the damage taken as it absorbs up to 300 (at max lvl) before it detonates. In the rare case that you need to run away from an encounter his sheild can buy you just enough time to let his stun refresh to ensure his escape.

Level this every chance you get, this is what makes this Sion build so fun. Cannibalism not only doubles your already massive attack speed but it also doubles you life steal which ALSO heals your allies (for 50% of your damage dealt) within range of you. So as long as you keep attacking, your team will win every fight.

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Items and Strategy

Some people may not like the way I build some items half way rather than completing them one at a time. The reason I do it is because I have 6 slots for items, why not use them all? I really look closely at how much gold it costs to upgrade something and compare it to buying another base item cheaper for a bigger increase in that same stat I am thinking of upgrading towards. Sometimes its cheaper and more effective to do it like that. So keep that in mind when you read the item guide I wrote below.

Starting items - Early strategy

+ + 450 gold = 1250 total gold
I always start out by buying a Dagger which I will soon turn into a Stinger. It is a critical boost to your attack speed which helps any ADC deal more damage per second (DPS). That will be the goal with this build. So leave town after the horn sounds with a Dagger and 2 Health Potions. Keep your lane partner close and only use your stun to save your life or your lane mate's life at this point. You should notice that with the runes and the dagger you are more able to time the last hit to farm gold easier. Once you farm up 1200 gold head back to town and upgrade to the Stinger and grab some Boots of Speed as well.

Base items - Lane phase

+ 400 gold = 800 total gold
After your Stinger and boots the next critical step is negating the hp loss from Enrage which you should always have active. The answer? A Vampiric Scepter, closer to end game you can turn this into a Ravenous Hydra or Blade of the Ruined King. Given the amount of damage you will deal even at low levels this 10% lifesteal is just the right amount at this point. You are basically paying 800 gold to add the damage and the continued growing health pool you get without paying the health per attack when the toggle is on all game long.

+ + 375 gold = 1175 total gold
Now its time to get started with the REALLY good stuff. You want to now build two Phantom Dancers. Fastest way to increase the DPS is to build each one consecutively and NOT at the same time. Just build one zeal for now and start farming up on those Champions, kill the dragon if you have a chance, and keep killing creeps...FARM FARM <GANK> FARM FARM <GANK>. Make sure you show up for any team fights because Sion can swing the whole thing in your team's favor with Cannibalism

Core items - Mid to Late game strategy

+ + 350 gold = 850 total gold to upgrade your Boots of Speed
Don't forget to upgrade your boots of speed to Mercury's Treads. This will give you a little more movement speed but most importantly it gives you tenacity which is much needed in mid to late game Sion as you may attract A LOT of crowd control attention.

+ + + 495 gold = 1625 total gold to upgrade your Zeal
The Phantom Dancer should certainly be the first base item you upgrade because its a good reward for low cost. Now your attack speed should be getting close to 1.5 attacks per second depending on your level. You also get the boost in critical strike chance and the ability to walk through units on your way to slaughter the condemed champions in your sights.

+ + + 495 gold = 2800 total gold to build from scratch
Same as before, start with the Zeal, add the remaining parts as gold is availible, then combine into the 2nd Phantom Dancer. Continue to farm and gank at will, your attack speed should now be over 1.8 attacks per second.

Core items - Late game strategy

If you are not owning by now I assume you either suck with Sion (please review and try this build a few more times if you suck) or you are getting bombarded with crowd control. In any case you should not be the one to initiate any team fights. You should run in there and attack the ADC or the other casters, preferably the one that keeps nailing you with CC AFTER your team engages the other team. One good entry attack is to use flash to close the gap quickly and hit em with a few quick strikes before you stun them. Usually I wait until they try to run away before I stun them. Sometimes I'll end up killing them in 3 hits (if I crit them) and then can use the stun on my next target. Also, DON'T FORGET to pop your ULT and your sheild BEFORE you enter any team battles. 1v1 fights are another story, If they accept your attack and actually engage you (they are going to be sorry) use your shield to reduce their burst damage and hit your ULT to life steal all your health back. If they try to run you can stun them and finish them off easy. If they see you coming and run for the hills (wisely) then you may stun them first to close the gap and follow the same process as before with the shield and ULT. If you really can't seem to get kill them before your stun wears off then you could always use your summoner spell Exhaust to slow them down.

+ + + 645 gold = 3800 total gold to build from scratch
With the gold now flowing in at alarming rates you need a big ticket purchase to spend it on. How would you like to do around 700 damage per critical strike with an attack speed of 1.84 attacks per second while you heal yourself over 1000hp per second and your allies for 500 per second while you are raging your Cannibalism Ultimate!? This is the point at which your the other either cries about Sion being "OP" or "broken" They'll say "Sion needs to get nerfed" LOL, then they rage quit. Isn't this fun? I know I have fun!

+ + 400 gold = 2700 total gold to upgrade your Vampiric Scepter
With your crit chance at 85% and your attack speed at +184% it just makes sense to share your fun with as many people as possible. Upgrading your Vampiric Scepter will cost a hefty chunck of change but it pays for itself when you start taking down entire waves of minions with 2-3 swings. Then you can fund your next big item. Additionally the extra damage you deal in AOE also helps heal your allies that much more during team fights with Cannibalism up.

+ + 200 gold = 1020 total gold to upgrade your Stinger
Now you can turn the Stinger into a Nashor's Tooth and continue on your rampage with additional spell damage, if you didn't already know Sion keeps 90% of his ability power for additional spell damage. This makes your stun and your shield slightly stronger and lowers your cooldown with +20% CDR instead of the 10% you had from the Stinger

Other viable weapons and strategies for AD Sion

The Zephyr can replace the Nashor's Tooth and still add a little extra damage for you as well as give you the passive Tenacity to reduce incoming slows, stuns, fears, taunts, blinds, immobilizes and silences by 35% which you may find really useful if you are getting focused by cc. If you start the game and determine early on that you don't need the Tenacity from the Mercury's Treads then you can get Ninja Tabi and build the Zephyr later instead of the Nashor's Tooth.

Wit's End is a pretty awesome weapon for Sion, I almost put it into my core items but went with the second Phantom Dancer instead because I couldn't pass up the 85% crit chance you get with it all together. This might be a better choice if you know you will be facing a lot of mage style champions such as Lux, Ryze, or Swain and want some additional magic resist.

The Blade of the Ruined King is another great weapon for Sion, the major downside with this comes when you have so much lifesteal late game from using Cannibalism that it is actually wasted because you never go below full health. You should choose the Hydra instead so it deals more damage to the group of Champions you are about to 1v3 or 1v4.

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I hope this build helps you out there on the Field of Justice, Sion is by far my favorite fighter/bruiser Champion to summon. His kit and this build really suit my style of play, I hope it fits yours too! All in all this build is about attack speed, damage per second, and combining it with critical strikes and stuns to maximize your overall damage output as well as you personal enjoyment as you RAMPAGE through Season 3. Stay tuned for updates as there are rumors of Sion getting a rework.