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Ezreal Build Guide by tw2easy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tw2easy

ADC Blue Build and New Trinity Force Build 3.10a Patch Ez (I

tw2easy Last updated on August 26, 2013
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Hi i'm Tw2easy and i play ADC or as they now changed it to Marksman. My IGN is IBashBoobs and I am currently in silver and this is the first guide I have ever done. I will be going over the season 3 Ezreal build. The season 3 Ezreal build change all the time and people find new things that make it better. The build that i put is what i found to be the best from playing in ranked solo queue and ranked 5's. Ezreal is a great way to carry your team through solo queue seeing no one really peels you can just Arcane Shift, kite and get penta kills! This champion is very fun to play and gets the job done for sure.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

These runes are pretty standard to most that you will see. 4% life steal will help you sustain in lane for a long time with still having a good amount of early damage. I suggest trying out 6% life steal and the 4% that works the best for me.

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In the masteries you see that i take 2 points off fury seeing that with this blue build attack speed really isnt needed. I then put the 2 points into butcher and this will help you farm under tower early game. I put 9 points into defense because with this build you dont need any mana seeing you will be building iteams like Muramana and Iceborn Gauntlet that give you a ton of mana.

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Pros / Cons

Ezreal is a great champion to climb the solo queue ladder but he does have some things that make him tough to play and could lead to you losing.

Pros - why you should play ezreal

  • He does an insane amount of damage with his Q
  • Can kite all day
  • Easy to farm with early game
  • hard for tanks to get to you in team fights
  • great in long team fights

Ezreal is a great pick and is good all game. This build doesnt have a weakness and scales very well all game long. His damage is great with his Mystic Shot and his ult Trueshot Barrage is good in team fights and can clean up weak enemies from across the map early game.

Cons - What makes him tough to play
  • his laning phase isnt great
  • need to hit skill shots
  • hard to play well
  • other team will focus you

Ezreal has a few cons that make him hard to play well. you can get crushed early if you dont have an aggressive like Thresh and they pick someone like Caitlyn that out ranges you and will poke you down to where you cant fight or farm. You need to hit skill shots to play Ezreal well and if you cant hit the skill shots you will do almost no damage. Champions like Kassadin can jump on you in team fights and silence you so you cant Arcane Shift away and this will lead to you dying instantly.

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Since your running 4% or 6% life steal you dont need any health pots and a doran's blade will help you sustain in lane and do good early damage.



In the early game you want to get the tear stacked as soon as you can so on your first time back to base you should pick up Tear of the Goddess. After you get that you want to get The Brutalizer and this will give you good damage and cool down reduction to shift into the mid to late game. Going with The Brutalizer will help you shift to late game faster than going with The Bloodthirster because it doesnt cost a lot and gives you cool down reduction to spam spells and good armor pen. If you are farming really well or getting a lot of kills i would suggest going with The Bloodthirster. If you get this item early you will be putting out a ton of damage and it gives you great life steal.


When you finish these mid game items you hit a big power spike and this is when you should tell your team to group and start team fighting or pushing objectives. These items that you get in the mid game give you a lot of cool down reduction and when you finish the Iceborn Gauntlet you are crazy strong and can chase and kite with Mystic Shot all day. the boots Ionian Boots of Lucidity are very important to the mid game because of the cool down reduction that lets you spam Mystic Shot and all other spells.


This is the final items you should be getting. Last Whisper will add a lot of damage to your Mystic Shot and you can just keep poking them down with the slow from the Iceborn Gauntlet. When you finish The Black Cleaver you will have more health and can last longer in team fights. The final item you get is Blade of the Ruined King this item helps a lot for the late game because it gives you a lot of life steal, adds on to your kiting and chasing potential, and helps your auto attacks do way more damage plus attack speed when you have none before this item.

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Lane Phase and Supports

Ezreal is generally a very safe laner because you can last hit from afar and poke down the ADC/ support with Mystic Shot. Trading and all ins are hard for Ezreal before 6 because if the enemy is smart they will be in there minions which will make it so your Mystic Shot will hit minions and not the enemy so they will win the trade. This is the tricky part about laning with Ezreal if you can poke them with your Mystic Shot then all in you will win 100% of the time but if they stay in creeps you will most likely lose trades and all-ins. When you hit level 6 and get your Trueshot Barrage your burst is great. If you hit a couple Mystic Shot you can set up your Trueshot Barrage and if you hit that you can Arcane Shift in and they will pretty much be dead. The bust is great and will help you get kills right when you hit 6.


Ezreal is great with many different supports. He is good with non aggressive supports like Janna, Lulu, and Soraka because he can poke with Mystic Shot and farm just fine with these supports. He may be fine with these supports but playing him with more aggressive supports is what i like doing. Supports like Thresh, Blitzcrank, and my personal favorite Sona. The burst that you get at 6 with Sona Crescendo and Ezreal Trueshot Barrage is insanely strong. if you do this combo they are probably dead but if not you can easily just Arcane Shift to catch them and they will be low enough that they are dead. I suggest trying Ezreal with Sona and Thresh to have to most success and kill potential.

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Team Fights and objectives


As an ADC in general you will want to position your self in the back but before the start fights trying to poke people down with Mystic Shot but dont get to close to where you can be caught. It is pretty easy to position with Ezreal because if tanks try to jump on you, you can just Arcane Shift away and keep kiting back with your Mystic Shot and slowing them with Iceborn Gauntlet. When you see a good opportunity or when the other teams champions are clumped together or crowd control use your Trueshot Barrage to add to the damage your team is putting out in the team fight.


When you group as a team and try to take towers or fight for dragons or do the good old baron dance ezreal is really strong. When fighting for dragons early in the game you should be poking as much as you can with Mystic Shot and putting out a lot of damage. Ezreal isnt the best at sieging towers seeing that his auto attack range is pretty short but you are always safe to hit the tower with your team there because you can Arcane Shift away. Ezreal is a really safe and forgiving ADC because if you miss position you can Arcane Shift away and you will be safe. Taking objectives isnt easy with Ezreal and is better and poking at barons and dragons.

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I hope you all found my Ezreal guide helpful! Ezreal is one of my personal favorite champions and is played all over solo queue and competitive play. His skill set is great and if you learn how to play him you will have a ton of fun!

I'm Tw2easy and i hope you all enjoy playing Ezreal with this guide. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave me some. Thanks for reading this guide and i wish you the best on the rift with Ezreal the prodigal explorer!