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Ahri Build Guide by NoKitsune

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoKitsune

Ahri, Demon Fox of Mid Lane

NoKitsune Last updated on May 22, 2013
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Ahri Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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glad to see that anyone would look at this XD but anyways i decided to make a guide because i just wanted to share my knowledge. Now if u actually look up my scores its not as well as you would want it to be but (not trying to be a "a hole") but i always gain deaths after laning phase cause everyone else is feeding (sick and tired of it :P). Wondering y i made one? well mainly because the majority of my games, iv dominated the lanes never lost to another ahri before...even top lane i will dominate XD already iv beaten darius, xin, tryna, pantheon

MY DRAWING XD (was on my hw so dont ask wat that circle is lol)

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Pros / Cons

-great mobility Spirit Rush
- Charm one of the best cc in the game
-great ganker
-ulti is everything
-awesome cute kitsune XD
-squishy through entire game (unless u building hella hp)
-hard to get used to

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the main ones that i use it

y tele over ignite? its not bad its just that when using ahri...more than half the time u gonna use Spirit Rush over Flash but yeah grab it if u want because u can use it like ur ulti
ghost size 50 ....ehhh this is just really up to u...personally i dont like it on ahri cause either way it gets countered by slow very easy since alot of items gives slow and almost everyone has a slow or some kind of cc. so would rather prefer flash
depends on who you're up against...but its not all that bad it gets rid of cc
pretty good during laning phase but not really helpful when laning is over
doesnt hurt could help u every now and then
im not gonna say not to use it but this one is just on u cause some people prefer it i just dont on ahri because she isnt gonna be really close ranged
[icon=heal size=50} kinda acts like a Clarity but for hp so kinda the same...useful during laning phase but not much after

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Skill Sequence

honestly it just depends on who u r laning against if u go up against and depends how much trouble u have against them...sometime u might have to level up ur foxfire over Orb of Deception but this is how i would do it
leveling one up too fast would make the other too weak

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
it may look weird but thats how i like itthis is y teemo doesnt go mid lol

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honestly the items are very much up to u and are kinda situational so ill only show the core items to get and explain about the situational items in the next chapter

Item Sequence

Rabadon's Deathcap

Athene's Unholy Grail

Void Staff
rush the deathcap after u finish ur sorc boots because ur gonna need the AP

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Other Items

personally i never liked doran items because they just slow down ur build but if u like it just get 2 at most
i have tried it and its not all that bad, its just that sometimes u could forget to auto atk
pretty good item but its hard for ahri to stack the mana because she cant keep using her ablities constantly or else ur drain mana hard
this one is very situational. if they constantly focusing u then this could save u. personally if u noe how to keep ur position u would need to use this expect for the AP it gives u
this item is pretty good since it allows u to burst harder and gives cdr. this one is just up to u. personally after it got nerf i didnt like it so i just stopped buying it
give hp, AP, and gives ur moves a slow. it works well with ur foxfire but i seem to have the habit of not building it cause it just cost too much. actually u wouldnt really have to build any hp at all if u can keep ur position
some people prefer this over void staff but either way its good for u no matter what so it doesnt hurt
if ur team has another ap and he/she doesnt want to grab it, u can grab it if u want since it does help they also
pretty decent gives u mr, movement, and AP...grab it if u want its not gonna hurt..mainly its good to scout out where enemies are at or a bush in front of u thats not warded
u must be doing really well to have gotten literally very good cause it is worthless if u cant keep these stacks up to at least 10+
the Athene's Unholy Grail is much better trust me
late game item but like the hourglass only get it if they are focusing u too hard
same as Rylai's Crystal Scepter but if u build this u might as well just build the scepter anyways since the passive on each does help each other

anything else is pretty much what u prefer

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Tips and Tricks

1.whenever u are going for the kill, after u land charm or before u spirit rush, use w because it will not fire instantly. it will wait for about .5 sec then fire. also it is ahri's lowest cd on all of her moves
2.use Fox-Fire with Spirit Rush to do insane dmg to targets but do it when u noe u can kill someone
3.thanks to ahri's Spirit Rush u can combo many different ways. u can either start off with Charm and follow through or start off with Spirit Rush and follow through charm in front of target to surprise people when they believe that u are not going to do something (example: enemy jungler is coming from ur wraiths to go across mid lane...this happens alot lol u be surprised)
5.during teamfights, dont fire charm to intiate unless its their adc. i cannot stress to see that other ahri's are using charm to initiate in a teamfight...its more effective during the fight cause its even better than stun
6.use charm to check bushes
7.ur job is to clean up if u can, if u c anyone or a group trying to run from battle with low hp go in and dont hesitate to take them.
8.u have 3 flashes (+1 if u have flash), learn to kite enemy me if a xin zhao or darius happens get u with no one around, start dashing around them if u noe that u can beat them

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Match ups

mirror matchup this is all about who has better skills at playing ahri. this is quite rare matchup to come by since only about 10% of all games play ahri in it. but if u do happen to play against one play smart. this match up is about harrass and skill shots. learn to last sec dodge because this Charm will be flying everywhere. if u happen fire Charm first, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY INSTANTLY because the fact that u can fire it towards her means that she can also fire Charm at you. same applies to Orb of Deception this match is alrite but can be pretty hard once it becomes late because akali is devastating during late game. during laning phase u pretty much have the advantage because she depends alot on her Shadow Dance. she does alot of ganks so do call mia to help teammates because she is also a good ganker. if she uses twilight shroud, u should be cautious because she did put it down for a reason so be ready to Charm at anytime. put do play passively and auto atk her if u can cause she is a melee
max Orb of Deception can be a really tough matchup since she has a stun for her passive that she can easily keep using. play extremely passively cause she can out trade u. dont ever engage her unless u land a Charm. if u do land it, do u combo quick unless u noe that her passive charge is at least 1 or none at all. but if the annie is horrible (and u should be able to tell by how fast she charges her passive up) it is an easy match up. aw man a passive that acts like GA...such a pain. this match up is not hard but its not easy either. dodge her Flash Frost because its a stun and it should be rather easy since it flies kinda slow and does stand out. have ur jungler be ready for a gank because u r gonna need it when u are about to go for the kill. ahri literally does not have enough burst power to kill anivia twice in a row. overall its gonna be a farming match for u since she can play really agressive because of her passive. if u can try to bring out her passive since it is a 5 min cooldown, then it will be ur turn to bully her love this guys Halloween skin, runs around in a circle like hes on fire
anyways back to topic, fighting this guy can be either tough or alrite. he can outrange and harass much better than u. if u happen to get hit by any of his moves, be ready to dodge is Sear cause it will stun. also trading with this guy is kinda hard since he can be an Annie if u want wait till he misses his pillar of fire or Sear. I don't fight this guy often so I cant really give much help here so much range...stay away from her poison and keep moving around u should be ok. her downfall is that she uses mana fast if u can keep her using her moves by tricking her to think that u r moving somewhere. she will push easy since she has alot of aoe. when she does push too much have ur jungler gank. but mainly its just gonna be a farming match against her since she our ranges u and poking her is kinda hard unless u good at it. im not even gonna say anything or even waste my time with this one. as an AP carry harrassing this guy is just a waste of time...just farm and watch for his knockup. simply this match up will be tough for u cause u cant do anything to this guy

MORE WILL TO COME...too much champions

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again thx again for looking at my guide
if ur new to ahri dont be in a hurry to say that she sucks. at the moment ahri is just really underrated because hardly anyone uses her. this is cause of the fact that shes hard to play so dont be discouraged.

pictures used belongs to their original owner unless said so otherwise