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Ahri General Guide by Tehreview

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tehreview

Ahri the slippery fox

Tehreview Last updated on May 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys my name is TehReview, and this is my first guide on mobafire :P

I do play Ahri alot and i just decided i would make a guide since it annoys me seeing a Ahri build the recommended build.

Anyways feel free to leave some constructive criticism and let me know how i can fix some things.

Also this is a work on progess, i will be updating this guide frequently!

Ahri her Pros and Cons


Great Ganker
Fantastic burst
Shuts down enemy AD Melee
Amazing escape/gap closer
Good harass
Skill Shot champion
Every ability can hit multiple targets
Built in sustain
Very Mobile
Fox Lady!


Burns mana
Squishy early game
Only flash for early game escape
Doesnt do much until lvl 3
Skill shot based
Farm based

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These are just some typical runes that you would run on most AP mids, not much to say about them. Feel free to get potency reds, if you want the low lvl dominance, otherwise just get the magic pen, as they will help in the long run.

Magic pen is standard on most AP carries, this basically lets you do more damage throughout the game, rather than if you picked straight AP. Along with the Void Staff you will do more damage to armored targets

Greater Seal of Replenishmentx9
These runes are basically mandatory if you want to keep up your harass early game, until you can get blue buff. 4 mana per second may not seem like enough but you will have the upper hand when you are fighting enemies without this kind of mana sustain, paired with your doran's rings you can spam abilities all day. You can alternatively swap these out with armor runes if you are facing a Ashe or Caitlyn mid for example.

Since you are going mid you can expect there to be another AP caster, in order to not be hit harassed early game you should grab flat Magic Resist runes to give you that early game immunity to AP. alternatively if you think you can avoid being hit by abilities you can get the scaling MR runes, just based on your style of play and the enemy that you are facing.

Since your most likely not going to be taking much damage before lvl 6, this lets you have more of a late game defense, if you fighting an early game burst, you can swap these out for flat MR, but then again you are Ahri, your supposed to harass from behind the minion wave and out of the range of the enemy.

Gives you the early game AP that you need to deal some damage early on. These are just what i like to use on all my AP mids, you can swap these out if you find more Magic Pen is more suited to your tastes. Alternatevly you can swap 1 quintessence out for a Greater Quintessence of Fortitude if you want that early game tankiness.

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These are just some standard 21/0/9 Masteries, not much to say except that these will make a difference in your game play.

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this is so you can maintain your health while still being able to dodge the enemy champions skill shots. if your are fighting against an oppenent without skill shots, then i would suggest getting started on your dorans and try to harass with your Q beacuse now you will have that extra mana per 5, and HP.

this will give you the all you need to dominate your lane early, as soon as you can afford the 2 head back and purchase them, if your are losing your lane, i would suggest possibly getting 3 for the HP and AP. The Rings will give you a total of 10 mana per 5 allowing you to spam all your abilities constantly, this is perfect for ahri as you can farm while still harassing your lane.

this item gives 15% Spell vamp, along with your passive, it can bring you back to full health when you need it most, and also give you that lane presence and immovability that you need. Try to rush this item as fast as possible, use your Orb of Deception on minion waves to regenerate all your health and to farm.

Pretty straight forward item... +20 Magic Penetration. Lets you deal more damage to enemies specifically if they have a null-magic mantle, or a Negatron cloak this item can be swapped out with Mercury's Treads if the enemy team is CC heavy, or if your fighting a champion such as Annie who has that constant stun.

This item will make sure the enemies are not able to escape, or chase you, i will go in depth later on how to make the most use of this item.

Typical Ap item that will just give you a load of AP, you can get this before your crystal scepter, its all personal preference. Also lets you nuke down enemies, you can get this when you are winning your lane very well and their jungler is even too scared to gank you. If not then get the Rylai's Crystal Scepter as it will let you escape, and prevent the enemy from escaping

Gives your more AP and more sustain, what else could you need?

Perfect for when you get your full combo off, its basically like dealing true damage, and also goes very well with your Fox-Fire and Spirit rush as those abilities require you to get close and personal with your adversaries.

this item is purely situational, if you are fighting an AP heavy team this would be a good choice.

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Skill Sequence



Lead in with your Charm, this doesn't do much damage, but the taunt effect will guarantee the hit of your Orb of Deception on the way to and from your enemy, also your Fox-Fire will hit the enemy all 3 times, and as they start to run you Spirit Rush in front of them and land your Ignite to seal the deal.

More in depth...

E: Orb of Deception


Orb of Deception is going to be most of your damage, it does both magic and true damage. It works like Sivir's Boomerang and Lux's Shield, it will go out to its maximum distance and comeback to where you are standing, use this to your advantage and try to angle yourself so the enemy will be hit both times, if anything at least try to hit them on the way back as it will deal true damage.

W: Fox-Fire


Fox-Fire auto-targets what ever is around you, it will prioritize champions over minions, but if champions are out of range it will automatically use all 3 stacks on minions. You are going to want to use this when you are runing away or towards an enemy, along with your rylia's Crystal ScepterCrystal Scepter it will make sure no one can escape or chase you. use this along with your Ultimate Spirit Rush to make the most use out of the auto-target abilities.

E: Charm


Charm is quite possibly the most overpowered ability on ahri, this will completely shut down most if not all AD carries, and Ap nukes. use this ability on the enemy teams carries, or even use this ability to initiate. if you are able to land this ability you can basically win any fight even against fed champions.

R: Spirit Rush


Spirit rush is your Escape and Gap Closer at the SAME TIME! this ability allows Ahri to dash 3 times, and will also auto-target enemies. use this ability to tower dive, or finish off fleeing champions. Even better this ability allows you to be completely ungankable! along with flash this will make sure you keep your distance from the enemy champion.

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Summoner Spells

- Allows you to have up to 4 dashes, making you the ultimate gap close/gank escaper.

- lets you finish off those pesky champions who get away with 10 HP. also counters glass cannons.

- Not really all that effective on ahri as she is already mobile enough.

- can be taken as an alternative from Ignite, or flash, lets you go back to the shop and be back in lane instantly, letting you keep farming.

- you are a burst champion, you are supposed to keep them away from you and cast at a distance... anyways you have your charm to slow em down and prevent them from attacking.

- can be good, never use this ability very much, i find ignite to be better.

- You shouldnt have too much mana problems with all those doran rings and runes.

- you shouldnt have problems pushing....

- Your not a jungler

- ...

- can be viable, just have never used it before.

- Leave this to your support...

... Wait this is summoners rift.....

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Ahri is an excellent AP mid, ganker, and assasin, with great burst abilites and very low cooldowns. Overall a very viable champion and could be called OP if played correctly. And her skill kit works very well on this champion because she does have that potential to ace an entire team and counter carries.


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