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League of Legends Build Guide Author leaguesdf

akali- dont even try to escape from her

leaguesdf Last updated on March 1, 2011
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hi guys and welcome to my akali build.
I have been playing with akali for some time, and she became my favorite champion, because she is just so much fun to play with!
i read many different akali builds, and i noticed that many of them consist of the same items, but the order in which they are bought is different. i started thinking which of those items would suite akali best, and what would be the best order to buy them.
this is the way i play akali, and it workes very well for me in normal and ranked games. hope you guys like it (:

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Summoner Spells

- flash is very useful for akali. she is very squishy, and flash can help you escape from chasers, disengage from teamfights if u are focused, and juking with twilight shroud and flash is so good. also it help you tower dive and escape from the turrets shots, chase escaping champions with flash+ shadow dance, and overall its just an awesome ability for akali.

- i just love ignite! this can help you get some early game kill, and even later. dont forget that it cuts the enemy healing by half.

- if you dont like ignite, the other great spell for akali is exhaust.
it helps you gank, escape, and most importantly, kill those annoying dps.

- cleanse is an excellent spell for survivability that you can take instead of flash.

- teleport is a good spell for every champion, and you should take it if you like it. helps you get to your lane right after you recalled (or died :D) and gank.

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okey, so here is where ill explain what my build is all about.

- . the best to start with, because it will trigger your first passive (the runes will trigger your seconed passive), and also it provides health and some life steal.

- the sheen is a must item for akali. after using an ability your next attack will deal 80% of tour base damage, the ability has 3 sec cooldown. akali's ability has low cooldown, so in a fight, she can get the proc frequently,
and her brust damage will be SO much higher.
the reason i buy the sheen so early, is because it gives you a strong brust with your Q very early. until your lvl 6, you want to play defensively, and the sheen will help you do some serious harassment, while still staying safe. just place your shroud, throw Q at a champion, auto attack him, and retreat to your shroud. the proc and the mark on the champion will make that auto attack very painful. this will help you scare the enemy champions and gain control of the lane.

- now its time to get your boots. cc can really screw you, so the mercury treads are the best for survivability. if the other team dont have many cc's, , feel free to take for more damage.

the 10% spellvamp from your passive is just not enough to keep your health up. with this, you'll have 25% spellvamp which will help you gain health very quickly. getting this will give you awesome lane-staying ability.

* if you want you can buy the hextech before the sheen, its preference. with an early hextech , you will be able to stay in the lane much longer. with the sheen first, you will have better danage and harrasment, while still having 10% spellvamp from your passaive. i sometime rush sheen and sometime hextech, depends on the situation.

- this item just look like it was made especially for akali. its just perfect for her. 80 AP which is alot, 500 hp- for great survivability, and most importantly, the slow. chasing will be so much easier. afyer getting this, you are a true assassin. you take down squishies so fast, and they just cant escape from you.

- you may think that the rageblade is not good for you as a brust assassin, but actually it is. the rageblade gives you AP and AS stack for every attack and spell cost , and the stacks last 5 sec. so if you use the combo of Q-R-AUTO ATTACK-Q-AUTO ATTACK-W-E you now have 7 stacks, giving you a big boost of extra 42 AP AND 28% As. if you repeat, you will get 8 stacks. if you need to get away from the fight or hide in your shroud, the stacks last for 5 sec, so when you are ready to use the combo again, you would still have your 7 stacks up.
also, with the rageblade you will be able to take down turrets FAST.

- now you have alot of ability power, about 200( not including rageblade stacks), and you should turn your sheen into the lich bane.the lichbane will upgrade the sheen ability into: the normal attack after an ability is used will deal aditional 100% of your ability power. after buying the lich bane you will have about 280 AP, so its proc will be much better than the sheen proc. alsou it gives some magic resist and moving speed which is nice.

- for obvious reasons. tons of AP to improve your Q E and R, and to make the lich bane proc hit even harder. normaly go for this, this item is fantastic.

-AP, AD, life steal, spell vamp, awesome active. everything you need.

always remember that you can change the build acording to the game. the items you always wanna get are , and . the other items you can change if you need for , , .

about - this item is great for akali. the best time to get it, is after you got your sheen and boots. get this if you are pwning, and if you are convinced that you will continue pwning without dying much . getting this is always a risk, so if you are not sure you will be able to keep the stacks up, look at your team and the other team's setups, and consider if your team can help you stay alive. if you do get this and get stacks, its just too awesome. you can easly dominate the game and lead your team to a quick victory. also, if you get lots of stacks, you should change the build a bit. get the lich bane right after the rylai's, then the deathcap for tons of AP with the passive, and then an defence item like the

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early game
try to take mid. if you do then just farm, harrass with Q, and generally play safe and dont try anything special until you are lvl 6. also remember not to push the creeps, just last hit them.( although if the enemy champion is a ranged dps and he pushes your minions, you should push back because if the minions get to your turret he can do some damage to them without risking himself)
if you go side lane, you should be much more carefull. use your shroud to deny them from xp and gold by placing it in the midle of the minion wave, and come out of it only to last hit minion or attack an enemy champion. you should play carefull, but it doesnt mean you cant get early kills, just be smart and dont feed.
always remember to stay at lane as long as possible. i really recomend staying until you can afford the hextech/sheen. if you are low on health tower hug and heal with the spellvamp. if some1 one tries to tower dive let the tower focus them, then pop shroud, and when they understand it was a bad idea and starts going back, Q-autoattack-ignite and watch them die :)

lvl 6
when you are lvl 6, the game really starts. now getting a kill is pretty easy with your combi and ignite.
target the squishy champ in your lane, use Q on him then R autoattck e and shroud. this should take about half of his hp.if he is now very low, go for the kill. if not go back, and then do it again and get the kill. this harrasing technique can be even stronger, if you first only use Q and not procing it, then when Q comes back on, R-attack(the mark procs)-Q-attack-E.
with R you are an exellent ganker, but i would suggest staying in the lane and farm untill later levels.

mid game
with R you can ganj very easy, so use that. in the big team fights, remmember that your jub is to take out the carries (or take out a fed champ that should be focused first). in team fights, your shroud is your best friend. use your combo on and then shroud before you get focused. now everytime you Q is up use the combo again.

[/u]late game[/u]
in the late game, you are a beast, yet at some point of the game everyone become strong, so you should be careful and dont just jump into the middle of the enemy team just because you saw someone with low hp that you know you could kill in half a sec, because they will altogether kill you even faster. actually dont ever do that :D

team fights
in a big team fight wait until the tank initate, but then, dont jump into the middle of the fight and attack anyone you see, becaue they will probably focus you and kill you so fast.
you see those squishies standing at the outskirts of the fight, dealing tons of damage to your team? thats your target. Q-R- boom boom crazy combo- dead, and you saved so much damage from hitting your team.
in a team fight, you never wanna get focused, and your W is your best friend. you dont always have to kill the target you focus on in the first burst. you can burst and get him to low health, hide in shroud, and than burst again and back to the shroud. be smart and fight like a ninja. also, its not always smart to chase after someone you got to low health and leaving your teammates in the fight. you could kill him because you are an amazing chaser, but many times it would be smarter to leave him be and take out a different target. if you chase that low hp runner, you didnt really helped your team in the fight, because it would still be a 4v4. if you stay, it may be the advantage your team needed to win the fight.

but, this playing style wont always work. sometimes you would have to stay away from the fight and join it only when the time is right. many times, going into the fight would mean suecide. for example, if they have some crazy nukers or stunners ( most dangerous ones are anivia and pantheon that got both), and you know that they will kill you the sec you'll try to take someone down. if this is the case, stay behinde the fight and wait for an opportunity.
if you an enemy champ with low health starts to escape, R to him and finish him, then get away before you are targeted. continue doing that and stay away from the fight. when you see that the fight has developed enough and some of the enemies has low health, that is when you should join.
this is a more passive way to fight, and your job when you play it is not dealing constant damage on the enemies, it is only to finish them.

1 vs 1
as akali in the late game you wont really have a 1v1 because almost always anyone you attack will try to escape rather than attacking back. but in the early to mid game, you will have many 1v1 fights. in a 1v1, your shroud is the key to victory. what you want to do, is attack them, without them having a chance at hiting you back. hide in the shroud, Q auto attack E, get stealthed. keap doing that, and when they will try to escape, chase them with your R.

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final tips

1. Q-R-attack-Q-attack-E repeat is a basic combo.

2. dont start your combo with R, unless you much use it to Catch someone.

3. your job in fights is to take out the high damage squishies. your best targets are ranged carries, but be careful when attacking them, cause the enemy team wont let you kill thier carries just like that.

4.dont be afraid to tower dive. R-Q-attack and escape. you can always use ignite to finish the job and flash to escape. also try to get a mark of the assassin on the enemy before you dive, so you can R-attack-Q-attack for a Guaranteed kill. of course think before you tower dive, because if you kill him and die, its a fail. not to mention diving and dying while he survives...

5. if anyone try to tower dive you, let them come as deep as you can into the tower and try getting the tower hit them without dying, then use W, and if they are low on health, Q auto attck and ignite if yiu have, and go stealth again.

6. your R is not only an chasing ability. it can olso be used on minions/monsters/wards and even other champs to escape or get away from a fight if focused.

7. use shroud to deny xp and gold from enemy at early game.
8. early game only last hit minions, dont push.
9. of course never go first in a team fight, let the tanks do that.
10. dont use W as a slowing ability in a chase...(unless you REALLY must slow him)
11. if the other team has orcal, you have must be much more careful in team fights.
12. dont feed and dont be a noob :D:D

thx for reading my akali build and guide, sry if my english wasnt good
leave your comment telling me why you liked or didnt liked it, suggestions and more ;)