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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slif3r

Akali - Fist of the Jungle

Slif3r Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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is not the best jungler in the game. and are probably stronger junglers just because of their extra ganking ability. This build is simply a variant you can do if your team does not have another jungling option or if you're bored with laning. This guide will be shown from the perspective of the Blue Team so if you end up on the Purple Team just imagine if all the arrows are on the top side of the map.

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Masteries and Runes


This will not work if you do not have my runes and masteries. Greater Seal of Evasion and Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are not required but i have found these to be the most efficent.

Personally i have found that the only masteries that really make a significant difference are Archaic Knowledge and Veteran's Scars. Normal i would run a 9-21-0 build but two points in are required to trigger the first of Twin Disciplines along with Doran's Blade. If you don't like my idea with defense masteries you can definitely go for Utility Mastery for Increased neutral buff duration.
2 + 8 = 10 which is required to trigger the Spell vamp passive
The second of the Twin Disciplines is triggered by:
3 x and 5 x = 4.95 + 4.95 + 4.95 + 0.99 + 0.99 + 0.99 + 0.99 + 0.99 + 0.66 ( Archmage's Savy = 20.46 AP
Note that you dont necessarily need tier 3 runes since it only requires 5 to hit 20 AP and you have 9 slots avaliable.

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The Typical Game

Buy your Doran's Blade and a Health Potion and head off to the bushes by blue golem.

Getting ganked at golem is not fun. This is something that does occur quite often but can be prevented with a good team. This picture shows Akali and your team along with the general gank routes in black. Notify your team to protect you, and they will usually come unless you are playing with selfish individuals.


When the clock hits 1:55 the Ancient Golem will spawn and you can tell your team to go back to their lanes. Engage the golem with a mark and continue spamming it on recharge. As soon as you take damage pop your health potion. Once the golem is dead you should have around 280 health left and proceed to the Wolf camp. Make sure to kill one of the smaller blue wolves first to hit lvl 2 and survive the encounter. At this point in time you're going to want to go back to base and get 2 more Health Potion's. Smite Will also be recharged this point and go to the Elder Lizard and get your red buff. Use one Health Potion during the fight and one after which will bring you to nearly full health.

Now you have a choice at lvl 3 to gank the bottom or middle lane in the pink path that I have drawn on the map. If your team is pushed far ahead or you're to scared to gank procede to the golem camp and the wraith camp which will put you at lvl 4. However you are very low on health at this point so i recommend going back to heal. You should have 575 gold at this point which will allow you to buy the first Amplifying Tome For 435 gold. Now go off and slay the Wolf camp once more.

Now you have choice of ganking top or middle lane following the pink path marked on the map.

At this point you have a number of choices. You can go to the enemy jungle and steal their blue or red buff if the enemy does not have a jungler. Be VERY careful when doing this as it is a very dangerous course of action.

You can also help top lane push a tower.(I'm assuming top lane will be solo if you're jungling)

Or you can continue to gank if you've had a good game so far.

This is where Akali gets truly powerful as you now have Shadow Dance available to you. If you are pushing a lane by yourself against 1 other opponent and you want to bring justice to this champion follow this attack sequence:

==> Let it recharge ==> ==> AUTO-ATTACK ==> ==> AUTO-ATTACK ==>

At this point in time several things may have happened:
1. Your target is dead.
To make for a safe escape.
2. Your target is between 20% and 30%. health left (This is the most likely case unless your target is a tank) Follow with ==> ==> AUTO-ATTACK
3. Your target is around 50%.
Here it depends if you want to continue your attack depending on how many of their teammates are missing and how close you are to the tower. If you think you can do it follow the sequence in 2. and add on another .
4. Your target is around 80%.
and get out of there. If you persist you will probably die or you will get ganked by the other team.
5. You have died.
This will occur if you attack a more fed target or if you chase into a tower. Play it safe.

Find a squishy target and do somthing along the lines of:
==> ==> AUTO-ATTACK ==> ==>

You may want to stop your sequence if you are being targeted. In this case pull out a
and enter the fight with a when you feel like you are safe to do so.
Akali is amazing at chasing down opponents. Especially if you have your Rylai's Crystal Scepter you will be incredibly hard to escape from.

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This is my personal option because I play very aggressively and it helps me hunt down opponents even faster. Along with Flash there is no escaping me. I do see myself getting the Mercury's Treads more and more though. But this is really personal preference.

This really an obvious choice since Akali does not have any stun or slow besides her Twilight Shroud which should be used as an escape rather than for CC. The item also gives you that extra health which is critical to staying alive since you will be in close combat most of the time. There really is no debating this item.

This is just a very easy way to get some extra AP and AD and is a good item for any Hybrid build. The extra attack speed is also very nice because when you are chasing an opponent that is running very fast you don't always have time to Auto-Attack right after a Shadow Dance to trigger that Mark of the Assassinif you have a low attack speed.

This item is just as amazing. The extra movement speed makes you EVEN faster to chase down those opponents. Since Akali is a very spammy character you will also be able to use that extra damage you get after using an ability very effectively.


The Hextech Gunblade is the usual choice for me just because Im a vampoholic. But the Will of the Ancients can also be very useful if you have some casters with close range abilites such as Karthus Fiddlesticks and Galio because they will usually be near you in large fights.

+ One of these


The Mejai's Soulstealer and Sword of the Occult are only recommended if you know what you are doing. Mejai's Soulstealer if you feel like you aren't doing enough damage and Sword of the Occult if you want more damage and are dieing in team fights. The extra spell vamp will usually keep you alive longer. Or if you are owning really hard you can drop the Hextech Gunblade/ Will of the Ancients and get both of these for massive damage.

This is one of my favorite items in the game just because it's something safe to get on nearly every champion. You can never go wrong with extra health magic resist and a spell block every 30 seconds. This can save you from Requiem Trueshot Barrage Noxious Trap Finales Funkeln Destiny and all kinds of other things.

This is a phenomenal tank item all around. If you have a really good score and you don't want to give up that extra gold for your enemies, this could potentially save you. Especially if you feel like initiating in a team fight.

This is a pretty simple choice if your enemies are stacking Magic Resist. I Rarely get this item but it is an option.

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Other things:

Try not to use this on minions/monsters to save it for champions because sometimes you might need all three charges to finish someone off.

Akali can solo dragon as early as lvl 8 depending on how fed you are at this point in the game, perhaps even earlier. Just make sure to note the position of your enemies and your team when you decide to do so.

Please leave comments what you think of my build and let me know if you want to know something that I left out.