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Akali Build Guide by gabiveruz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gabiveruz

Akali Hybrid - Simple Guide

gabiveruz Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Wally and this is my first guide, I'm not a huge fan of writing but, since I'm a regular Moba user, maybe I should contribute too.

This guide is not for competitive, it was tested with good results, but my builds are to be alternatives to colour the game, take people by surprise, and mostly, to have fun.

Akali have some perks, and I'm going to show some that people usualy overlook.

I won't use colors and stuff, is my first guide and I'm lazy to do now, maybe later.

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Pros / Cons

My pros and cons are for this build only, not for akaly in general

- great auto-attack dmg
- better dps in longer skirmishes
- good sustain
- less need to hide in the shroud

- weaker burst
- this lady is expensive, you can just buy the 5 most expensive items
- doesn't start with passive

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My build focus on magic dmg and physical dmg, so, Hybrid penetration Marks and Quints, Hp per Lv seals for survival and flat Ap for dmg. you can use Ignite in the early game to get above 20 Ap.

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For this hybrid Akali, I'm using the most of the passive (but not in early levels) so i take physical and magic penetration and flat stats as more important, and armor, mres and Hp for surviving ganks.

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Flash is a no-brainer

Ignite is good for assassins in general, and even more for a ad/ap starve like akali

Exaust is as good as ignite, better if you don't care about the +5 stats, because exausting you put a better fight doing more dmg and taking less.

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Skill Sequence

Another big diference in my guide is this:

I recomend leveling the Shroud first, since it is your escape mechanism, and don't forget the bonus armor/mres inside it. Put the second point on the throwing kama, and the third on the spinning kama. after that max the throwing kama first, and max the shroud second, taking the Ult whenever it's possible.

Yes the shroud second, because you get harder to kill inside it, try to always fight inside your circle, and do not bother to hide in the circle, unless you are dying, you do more dmg than you take.

But run instead of dying. Making your way home is more inportant than kill to die next.

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More Info

The forgotten part of Akali's passive is good, you can't do a good AD akali, but an Hybrid can do a lot of dmg.

I think I've never saw an Akali getting a full build since this lady dig's gold and diamond items, but you can make a good core going for what she needs most: raw AP/AD

Her passive uses AP and AD, anything else is not good, cd, armor, mres...that's why my strange runes and masteries, i put everything else i needed there so my items can go full AP/AD.

Here we go, boots and pots, a Long Sword and pots if you are a brave one (you can ignite and have both passives this way). Having boots, farm the better combination AP/AD possible , giving priority to the AP item, if you can't get equivalent items (long sword+ancient tome, pickaxe+blasting wand, b.f.sword+needlessly large rod) in your first base trip.

Don't be embarassed to get only a sword+tome set, your goal now is to get Vamp Scepter and Hex Revolver (then, forget about Gunblade), finish your boots and a Phage (likewise, forget TriForce). This is your main core set. After that, get 2 Needlessly Large Rod.

If the game is still going, do the gunblade to get a slot for a BF Sword.

Oh, god, the game is not over? Finish the other items, and Furor enchantment, and elixires. and massage your hands, so you dont get cramps.

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Final Notes

As said before, is my first guide and I don't know very much how to use this. I will be happy to hear opinions and tips about the guide (or about how to make stuff in a guide, or what else you guys want in my guide, etc....XD)

I hope you guys enjoy this way of playing Akali and tell me about your experience.