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Alistar Build Guide by Oyooy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oyooy

Alistar (tank/tanky support)- Diamond plated bull

Oyooy Last updated on December 30, 2012
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Alistar is a very strong tank who as well as having knock back ability like Singed and Blitzcrank, is also very tanky and with his ultimate he is almost invincible. A combination of his strong armour and his natural high health leaves him as one of the best tanks you can get.

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Pros / Cons


  • High armour and magic resist
  • Will usually survive team fights
  • Resist poke damage early game
  • Pulverize Head-butting someone into your team will almost guarantee a kill
  • Awesome dance
  • Has a free skin

  • Low attack damage (obviously)
  • Always have to be with someone else
  • Triumphant roar is usually only effective on you
  • Will get shouted at by your team if you survive a team fight or if you don't follow someone into a bad situation

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How to play as a tank

This is just in case you aren't very good at playing tanks. Your goal in the early and mid game is to get the champion you are laning with as fed as possible by setting up kills and preventing them from getting killed. If you see them in danger it is your job to dive in the way and protect them even if it involves you dying because it is better for you to die than the person you are laning with because there will be no kill streak bonus on your head because you are NOT supposed to get kills. Also, if your lane buddy dies they won't be able to stay out and get minion kills and xp. Do not take this the wrong way though and think you should just commit suicide (in game not IRL), you need to judge the situation and see if there is actually a way you can save them and not just give the enemy a double kill. In the late game a tank is on the front lines of team fights taking the damage and trying to mess up the enemies formation as much as possible. You distract them by looking big and scary so everyone attacks you. If the team fight goes to hell distract the enemy team with your abilities and give your team a chance to escape.

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How to use this build

1. Return to spawn quite early in the game to buy the philosopher's stone and stock up on sight wards.
2. Randuin's Omen Should be used in team fights but shurelya's reverie should be used when you are chasing someone.
3. You can swap out Rejuvenation Bead OR Faerie Charm for 2 extra sight wards and an extra Health Potion.

1. Buy the philosopher's stone early in the game then stay out for a long time.
2. Spam your Triumphant Roar.
3. When you have sight stone put lots of wards down. Later on ward dragon/baron.

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Flash can be replaced with Exhaust so in a fight you can help stop someone escape without even being very close.
Flash can also be replaced with Teleport for when you have your homeguard boots enchantment so you can teleport to someone, run past the enemy tower with your speed boost, knock them away from the tower with Headbutt and then run away.

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Skill combo's

The pulverize-headbutt is a simple combo where when someone is in range of your pulverize you knock them up in the air, run past them and Headbutt them to your team.

Flash Pulverize-Headbutt is a more advanced version of the pulverise-headbutt where you use your flash to get to someone quickly so they can't run from your Pulverize.

This is an even more difficult version of the flash pulverize-headbutt where you go close to someone, flash past them, headbutt them back and then when they try to run you will be blocking their exit with a pulverize.

This can be used like the flash headbutt-pulverize except it is used when ganking or when you arrive behind someone.

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Don't. Save all minions for the person you are laning with. Only attack high health minions unless they are getting close to your tower and there is no-one else there to kill them. If that happens just pulverise them and run through them to let your passive do some work.

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Most of your early and mid game items give you armour and magic resist so that your Triumphant Roar and Heal will be more effective and heal an amount equal to more attacks. If you are playing against a mostly AD or AP team you can adjust the build to suit it. You could insert a Sightstone into the tank build if you want. You probably won't reach the end of your build but the warmog's armour will provide you with a nice boost to health re-gen that will make the most of your health.

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Who to lane with

When you start a game it is important to choose who you are with. Usually the best person to lane with is an AD carry and is preferably ranged so that you can stand in front of them while they get minions. Don't go with a high health bruiser unless you are using the more supportive build because they can take damage and won't benefit from having a tank as much as others. Don't lane with a tank or on your own (I think you can guess that).

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Possible ward placement

This is useful at the beginning of the game so they don't get a surprise attack on you.

This it better late game to stop a baron and possibly get a baron steal.

This lets you stop them from getting dragon. Even more useful if they have a jungler.

This one is important to stop ganks.

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At the end of the build

This is what happens when you have all your items.

Please leave comments with any feedback and ideas.