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Amumu Build Guide by GoIden



Updated on April 28, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden Build Guide By GoIden 4,277 Views 0 Comments
4,277 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden Amumu Build Guide By GoIden Updated on April 28, 2021
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Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #34 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
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Jungle Role Ranked #34 in
Jungle Role
Win 53%
More Amumu Runes

Champion Build Guide


By GoIden
Pros & Cons


1. He has Stun .
3. His abilities are all damage.
4. If he is fed he can easily split push lanes.
5. He scale greatly late game.
6. His ulti is a massive stun.


1. Hard to land his stun .
2. He needs a perfect timing to ulti .
3. He donesn't have mobility.
4. He runs out of mana quickly.
5. Easy kill if you fail your stun .

The Predator

: Channel for 1.5 sec to Gain 45% movement Speed for 15sec, damaging attack or ability end this effect, this rune is good to chase someone running away from you or to get back to your lane to support your adc or gank for someone faster before the enemy team ping SS enemy you're missing.

Taste of Blood

: while Leona is an all in support this rune will help you to get some healing while you damage the enemy champion, 20sec Cool down reduction.

Ghost Poro

: while you're in bush for 1sec your trinket icon will change into a poro then you can click to place it to be a ward in that bush for 300sec, it will be removed if an enemy champion go in the bush where the poro is, this is an alternative ward that you can use in other bush beside of the bot lane.

Ultimate Hunter

: while leona has good cool down reduction on her ultimate late game, this rune will help you to get more cool down reduction for your ultimate i love the cool down recution and sometimes its hard to do some build items that it doesn't give cool down reduction which is called now Ability Haste.


Nimbus Cloak

: is very good to have Nimbus Cloak Casting a summoner spell grants the ability to pass through units and provides a bonus of 5 - 35% movement speed (based on summoner spell cooldown) for 2 seconds. columns]


: Gain bonuses upon reaching the following levels:
• Level 5: 5 ability haste.
• Level 8: 5 ability haste.
• Level 11: On champion takedowns, reduce the remaining cooldown of your basic abilities by 20%.
this will help you more to get your ultimate ready faster because your ultimate Solar Flare is reason to engage all fights or protect your self or team mate.
Summoner Spells
Flash & Exhaust this is the 2 default or the common summoner spells used for supports.

Flash is the most important summoner spell which is an indispensable, you cannot not take it, you can use it to save your life or to protect someone on receiving damage, or also to engage a fight.

Exhaust is used against the player that deal huge damage most are adc to slow their attack speed, attack damage and movement speed.

Ignite its a good summoner spell to pick it when your bot lane enemy are healers such as or or also if you want to reduce the incoming heal to the ADC they mostly pick Heal and use it in the fight when their HP is going nearly to Half.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Cursed Touch

basic attacks and Curse of the Sad Mummy apply a Curse for 3 seconds, refreshing with each subsequent basic attack.

Cursed targets receive 10% bonus true damage from all incoming magic damage, calculated before magic resist reduction.

Bandage Toss

ACTIVE: tosses a bandage in the target direction that stuns the first enemy it hits for 1 second, dealing magic damage and pulling him to their location.


Bandage Toss cannot be cast while is rooted.
• Crowd control effects will not prevent from dashing if they hit him before the skill shot hits. However, the duration of the crowd control can persist the duration of the dash.
• While is mid-dash, only knock-abouts crowd control effects will prevent him from reaching his target. Other forms of crowd control will still be applied, but they will not hinder his movement.
Bandage Tosscan hit stealthed targets.
Bandage Toss does not fizzle on death, and it can still stun and damage enemies.
is still able to dash even if Bandage Toss is blocked by spell shields.
• The projectile does not interrupt orders and will adjust its direction based on position.
Bandage Toss will be blocked to reach target enemy by some abilities like Jinx (E) & viegar (E) .


TOGGLE: cries a continuous pool of tears, refreshing Curse for 3 seconds and dealing magic damage every half second to nearby enemies.


Despair has a minimum duration of 1 second.
• Despite the rounding in Despair tooltip, it will do increased damage for every point of ability power.
Despair cannot be toggled-off while unable to activate abilities.
• Toggled abilities do not count as ability activation for the purposes of effects such as Spellblade or Force Pulse.


PASSIVE: takes reduced damage from each tick of physical damage.
ACTIVE: releases his anger, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.
Tantrum's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds every time is hit by a basic attack.


Tantrum damage reduction is applied after armor reductions.
Tower attacks reduce Tantrum cooldown.
Tantrum cooldown reduction will trigger multiple times for effects such as . Double Strike.

Curse of the Sad Mummy
ACTIVE: entangles surrounding enemies for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage and applying Curse for 3 seconds.
Ardent Censer : synergizes well with other healing and shielding sources, especially with those with either wide area of effect or with low cooldown. Also being able to deliver lot of on-hit effects increases the item's effect drastically:
Items like Locket of the Iron Solari, Redemption, and Moonstone Renewer due to being able to apply the buff to multiple allies with the area of effect actives.

Shurelya's Battlesong's : mythic passive can grant up to 12.5% bonus movement speed with 5 other Legendary items.
Shurelya's Battlesong active provides great utility through the bonus movement speed, which can either help escape or chase. The damage empowerment allows allies to burst targets down.
Frozen Heart : is an item best suited for tank champions because of the high amount of armor and ability haste but can also be useful for tanky support champions as both tend on be middle of enemy team during team fights this spreading the aura.
Also works well with champions that desire ability haste, have mana problems and make very good use of the passive for extra dueling potential.

Locket of the Iron Solari : Locket of the Iron Solari's mythic passive can add up to 10 bonus armor and 10 bonus magic resistance to CONSECRATE with 5 other Legendary items, for a total of 15 bonus resistances.
Turbo Chemtank : mythic passive can grant up to 25 ability haste with 5 other Legendary items.
• Turbo Chemtank's active is useful for chasing enemies down, especially for Tanks and Juggernauts who lack mobility and want to stick to their target as long as they can.
• IMMOLATE'S burning effect can help champions with otherwise poor wave clear to be able to efficiently clear minion waves. It also serves as a reliable source of damage in fights.
Redemption : is a staple support item that works well in pretty much every game, even if the stats don’t complement Alistar all too well.
Zeke Convergence & Knight Vow :
active will allow you to link to an ally who is already linked by your Knight's Vow.
The two items even have complementary VFX.
They are two more great items which will not only benefit you, but also your ADC.
The latter will transfer some of the damage your ADC takes to your tanky self, and the former will allow him to deal extra damage to enemies in your melee range, after you use your ultimate.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Rylai's Crystal Scepter This item provide you HP and ability power as its buff your HP and gives you some AP damage and its Slow which it works greatly with you.
Banshee's Veil

Banshee's Veil is a strong item against magic damage but is most valued for its ability to prevent crowd control or counter poke damage. As such it is highly recommended to build Banshee's Veil when you are being focused by crowd control effects, or when the enemy has initiation or pulling abilities it will make you very resilient to both magic and physical damage, During the late game, its a great addition for AP carries because it can block important crowd control abilities.
Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass if you want to enjoy your damage you can build zhonya, you get 2 in 1 armor, cool down redcution and ability power.
• Zhonya's Hourglass is most effectively used against abilities that have a downtime before they can affect the target ( Chum the Waters, Unleashed Power, Death Mark).
• It is best used offensively and defensively with aura-type abilities ( Crowstorm, Soul Shackles) which do not require channeling. This is particularly powerful when used in the middle of the enemy team, allowing them to continue to deal damage as area of effect while being untargetable.

Abyssal Mask
Abyssal Mask This item provide you more HP & Magic resistance and its passive which it gives increased damage to immobilized champions.

Dead Man's Plate
Dead Man's Plate its known as an heavy tank item which it provide to you huge HP and more armor with its passive stack move speed and convert it to magic damage and move speed is a need for you.
Spirit Visage
Spirit Visage Provide to you magic resistance, HP regeneration and ability haste its a known and most used item in all games vs AP champions, but its possible to not buy it.

Sunfire Aegis
Sunfire Aegis Mystic item is the most reliable item of the IMMOLATE effect items. Turbo Chemtank and Frostfire Gauntlet are both situational, whereas Sunfire Aegis is an excellent purchase in general.
The increase in IMMOLATE'S damage as well as the FLAMETOUCH effect allows Tanks to dish out tons of damage while being hard to kill themselves. This is very valuable as they usually rely on the base damage of their abilities.
IMMOLATE'S burning effect can help champions with otherwise poor wave or jungle clear to be able to efficiently clear minion waves and jungle camps. It also serves as a reliable source of damage in fights.
Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen if you're playing against a heavy AD team, randiun is the best pick, it gives to you huge HP & Armor also its passive slow the movement speed of the nearby enemies as it help you to reduce the enemy team damage.
Thornmail is a particularly effective defensive option when facing down opponents whose damage is dealt primarily through basic attacks, or against opponents that utilize on-hit healing to survive fights (such as life steal).
In Game

How to play

(Short Explanation)

If you are the first pick in your team means you got an advantage for your team to counter their picks.
Because Amumu is known as a jungle and as you are the first pick and you going as support, the enemy team will take a counter pick for you Amumu because they think you're the Blue team jungle, so your team jungle has advantage to take a counter pick of their jungle, and a good jungle gives good advantage to his team to win.

Most of the times when you pick the enemy team will pick as a counter pcik to Amumu

Amumu is not a main support but you can play him as a new meta support because of his double stuns that gives you time to kill your enemy once you reach Lv.6 and you can unlock your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy.

You can only engage the fight with your Bandage Toss if you fail it you gotta be playing safe and wait it to be ready again.

You have to ping always your adc to get ready for your engagement, if you see your adc is weak or not going to fight so don't because Amumu can't skip once he land his Bandage Toss on the enemy champion unless you have the ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy, you can use it and run with the boost of the Nimbus Cloak that gives to you.

With Amumu you gotta very patient, your bot lane will be pushed hard from lv.1 to Lv.6 because you can't poke the enemy champion, you gotta be patient until Lv.6.

Once you unlock the ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy, you gotta be 2 things at once, you will be supporting bot lane and mid lane if needed, How?

Once you unlock your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy, the enemy champions knows that if you land your Bandage Toss you gonna follow it with this combo Despair >> Tantrum >> Curse of the Sad Mummy + Ignite or Exhaust with your adc damage and abilities the kill is 100% secured, so your enemy champions will take distance from you, if you see that you can't engage the fight then roam to the mid lane and gank for your mid lane.

Try to get fast the cool down reduction items first because it will help you to reduce your Curse of the Sad Mummy time to use it often, without the Curse of the Sad Mummy your engagement are 50% kills.

That's all if you do this, your game is easy win because your team will be having an Amumu support, Tank & jungle, your team will be like having 2 jungles late game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author GoIden
GoIden Amumu Guide
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