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Amumu Build Guide by OperatorTom

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OperatorTom

Amumu For Walker

OperatorTom Last updated on June 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide will cover basics of jungle Amumu. Nothing too indepth, just going to cover the basics here.

Summoner Spells

Mandatory on Jungle Amumu

Optional Summoner Spell

Bringing Exhaust will almost always ensure a kill when you go into lane to gank. It'll also come in useful in team fights if you have an enemy you just can't handle the damage output on or if an assassin is focusing your squishy teammates.
Provides Amumu the speed to keep up with enemies, although it doesn't disable them he can also use it to run if need be. A good second to Exhaust.
While it's always good to have an escape skill, Amumu doesn't really need it with his build and his ability to Bandage Toss over walls.
Could be helpful if no one on your team has it. Other than that it's just not as good as exhaust or Ghost on Amumu.

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Skills Overview

Cursed Touch (Passive) - Since this reduces magic resist, this allows Amumu to deal tons of damage regardless of how much magic resistance they build. Just keep auto-attacking your target while casting E and having W on.
Bandage Toss (Q) - This is one of his most important skills. It's his main form of initiation in a team fight and the best way for him to keep on top of the opponents. You level this skill up second to get good base damage while jungling and to help lower the cool down.
Despair (W) - This does high percentage damage and scales with your AP. Remember to toggle appropriately since it eats through a lot of mana.
Tantrum (E) - This will be Amumu's main damage skill and helps his jungling since it reduces damage from basic attacks, in addition whenever he is attacked the cooldown gets reduced.
Curse of the Sad Mummy (R) - An AOE snare that deals high damage. Save this for when you can ensnare multiple enemies or you absolutely need to pick up a kill with it. Avoid using on a single enemy if you can.

Skill Order

>> >> >>

Since our Tantrum will be our main jungling skill and main damage output early on, we're going to want to make that first. After making that, Bandage Toss will be next so it can get as short a cooldown and we can maximize Amumu's burst damage for ganking. Despair will be the last skill maxed since it scales rather well into late game, being percentage based damage.

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The Build

Game Start

+ 5 --OR-- + 5

+ Easier Jungle Clear
+ Higher Damage
- Doesn't build into anything we want for late game
+ Easily builds into other items for late game
- Less Damage in Jungle
- Slightly harder to jungle with

First Back

+ /
Depending on which starting you built will depend whether you get the Spirit Stone or the Sapphire Crystal. The Spirit stone does help with sustain and such but we're not going to build it into anything past this. Because while the Spirit items do help him, we're able to build Amumu so much tankier and with more damage if we don't.

Core items

Item Sequence

Boots of Swiftness

Frozen Heart

Abyssal Mask
Boots of Swiftness gives Amumu all the movement speed he'll need to keep ontop of the enemy champions. Combined with the passive of reducing slow durations, it's a must have on Amumu.
Frozen Heart provides all the mana, cooldown reduction and armor Amumu will need for his mid game. In combination with blue (or when he needs to give blue out to mid on occasion) he'll be able to gank and no have to worry about backing afterwards.
Abyssal Scepter combined with his passive allows Amumu to eat through any magic resist the enemies may have. The ability power and magic resist are also pretty nice for his skills.

Build Order for Core Items

> > >
If you find yourself not being as tanky as you'd like around this time, feel free to throw in a Giant's Belt somewhere after boots to help your presence in lane.

Late Game into Situational

The whole idea behind this Style of Amumu play is to sit on the opponent's face and not let him go until he's dead. To do this successfully you need movement speed and slows. Since boots already covers your movement speed, we need Rylai's Crystal Scepter for the slows. Sunfire Cape Just furthers the damage you cause by standing on top of them and it allows you to soak up more damage from them if they decide to attack.

Situational Late Game

Gives high damage burn that gains extra damage from being Crowd controlled
High Damage, increases already built AP
High Armour, Good Health and great passive/active for sticking to people.
Mana, Health and MR. The passive isn't so great but comes in handy for blocking some damage/Crowd Control
Health + Aura Armour and MR, good for team fights
Tons of health and percentage hp regen

When to drop an Item

Remember that Aura items only stack twice on the people that have them, so having three Runic Bulwarks on a team is a waste. Similar with debuff aura's like Frozen Heart, except they only stack once so having two on a team might be a waste in team fights. Coordinate with your team to work out certain items in advance.

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The Jungle and You!


  • Save Smite for buffs, Dragon and Baron
  • Use your Bandage Toss to maneuver around the jungle faster
  • Use a health potion anytime you can restore 150hp with it
  • Avoid going back to the summoner pool when you have buffs active on you

Jungle Start and the First Gank

You're starting position should be at blue buff as illustrated above. Note the purple dots where your mid and toplane or mid and botlane should be watching for counter jungling.
As Amumu, your hardest counter is them taking your blue buff at level 1. So you need to make sure you can take it, or at least not die if they try to.

After Blue buff, you should make your way to Wolves, Wraiths then Red Buff. Remember that Red Buff will be much stronger than blue when you started, so make sure that you're at least above half health. By the time you get Red Buff you should be able to gank a lane.

Ganking: What it is, When to do it and How to do it Successfully

Ganking is going into a lane other than your own with the intent to pressure that lane, usually to pick up a kill as well.
Amumu is one of the strongest gankers in the game by that definition, however it takes more than just being able to show up in a lane to pull off a successful gank.
Tips to pulling off a successful gank:
  • Ping when you're on the way to lane to inform the lane that you will be ganking.
  • Inform the lane who your target is
  • Inform the lane when you're backing out of a gank

The easiest way to tell when to go in for a gank is usually by keeping an eye on the minimap. If you can see an enemy over the halfway point of the lane, and you can look and see them low health then a gank would almost ensure a kill, especially with Amumu.

The easiest way to learn how to gank is by visually watching, so I'll take this time to link a video that will provide useful ways of preforming good ganks.
Spoiler: Click to view

Counter Jungling

Amumu is highly susceptible to counter jungling, you lose any buff and your ganking potential takes a hard fall. So here are some enemy junglers to keep your eyes on.
Nunu likes to go for your red immediately after taking his blue, while red buff isn't necessary for your ganks, it helps a lot and gives a lot of gold early on. Have your lane closest to red buff stand by it until their minions reach their lane.
Trundle isn't a high risk, but his ability to gank other junglers in their jungle shouldn't be an idle thought. Be wary of him trying to invade. Be sure to have your friends keep an eye out for early invades.
Blitzcrank doesn't jungle often, but if you see one on the enemy team at all, be ready in case they try to do a Blitzcrank grab at your blue buff. He can often make or break level 1 invades, and that's just not something Amumu can handle.

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Out of the Jungle and into the Frying Pan

Team Fights

As Amumu, you'll be the biggest driving force of your team's fights. With your ability to get in and stick on people, you're a great initiator and clean up. In team fights, your main focus is to get in the center and deal the most damage to everyone. Don't worry about focusing down any one person, just make sure you got your Despair on, you're mashing your Tantrum and you're autoattacking someone.