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Amumu Build Guide by IamTanky

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IamTanky

Amumu- The REAL ApTank

IamTanky Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Amumu- The REAL Ap Tank

No more Swain "Ap tank" no more Vladimir "Ap tank" time for AMUMU AP TANK!

Amumu can be one of the most commonly played tank in the game. Most people would see him as a extreme tank. To me I Amumu as an awesome tank, as well as a ap slayer. Personally i love playing him because of he is just so fun to play. His ultimate wrecks everyone and his ability to kill/gank is too good. In this build I want to show you how i build amumu and how you can tank while doing damage.

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Pros and Cons


Great Tank and Damage
Incredible ultimate
Good CC (Stun and ultimate)
Great Initiator


Not as good early game
Hard to get your bandage toss on the right person
Longggg cool down on (Bandage toss and Ultimate)
Can ks hard, if even not on purpose

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Summoner Spells

Top Choices

These two are my top choices. Teleport and Flash can be used in so many different ways. Can be used to kill, to catch , to save and more. I feel these 2 are the number 1 choice when using amumu.

Teleport is a great spell when you want to save a turret or even to kill another enemy. Teleport is mainly used for saving turrets and other team mates. Since you have bandage toss you can teleport to other lanes to kill the enemy (With flash). Amumu is great at clearing out enemy waves, going to help a team mate and ganking so teleport can be on of the best choices.

Flash is useful throughout the game. I personally like to use flash to surprise people. People often use it to get in a team fight to use your ultimate so the it is turn around. You can use it to escape and kill. You can use flash to get all your skills in range.

Flash vs Ghost
You can use either one. Ghost is a great skill to chase, this is mainly your chose whether you like ghost or flash more. Flash is an instant movement while ghost might not be as useful with amumu.

Other Options

You can use exhaust after a bandage toss to kill the enemy. If you like Exhaust go for it. If you don't like teleport you can take exhaust for it. Some tanks like Fortify personally since Amumu is an Ap, and you have teleport fortify isnt necessary but again, if you like it go for it. Heal isn't necessary for a tank like you but you can use it for team mates and early game. Late game it drops, not recommended but can be used.

Off Limits NO NOs

Clarvoyance, leave it for supports
Clarity, clarity can be used for the first 10 minutes after that you have enough mana
Cleanse, no need, your a tank deal with it.
Ignite, you already do constant damage whats the point of ignite?
Revive, this is just..not necessary for any champion

Anything else is just useless, flash and teleport would be a far better choice

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Masteries i chose 21 defense and 9 utility. This gives you the tank which you need and give you experience, gold and more. Masteries is pretty self explanatory.

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Runes are pretty self explanatory, i choose all primary runes and gave an overall of health defense and ap The runes gives you a average of tank with health and defense while giving you some ap and magic penetration. Magic pentration will help you reduce the base magic resistance that summoners have (with your items) so that your moves will do more damage, specifically Despair.

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Welcome to the reason of the godliness of Amumu. The skills.

Amumu has an overall amazing skill set which allows amumu to tank, have alot of cc and do impress damage. One ultimate and the team can be dead.
Cursed Touch

This skill is pretty simple, each attack will lower magic resist of the enemy champion. Each hit will increase your skill damage so make sure to attack your enemies often. This can devestate. At level 18 all your skills can do an extra 45 damage! Making your Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy that much stronger.

Bandage Toss

This skill is what makes amumu annoying, it is a skill shot with a pretty long range. The first enemy it contacts amumu will pull himself in and stun the champion. You also do magic damage, this skill is amazing for several reasons.

-You can gank so easily with this
-Allows you to intiate and use your Ultimate at the right time.
-Also lets you start attacking with your W and E.
-Adds 100% ability power

It can be hard to aim but if you practice you can get it very easily. Early and Mid game you will be using to gank, and you will be able to kill very often. Late game you will be the one to intiate, you will have to be the one that starts it and uses your ultimate to lower while everyone else kills them off.

Even though this is such a great skill i dont max it till the end. This is because it is plus 100% the whole time and the stun will also be the same. It gives you a less cool down and 220 attack difference. CDR isnt that important and it will be more important to add the points on the other skills like Tantrum.


This allows you to follow people and kill them, but it also lets you ks people. Despair is a toggle skill which does damage each second, does damage depending on percent of life and level of course. This lets you chase people and damage them. With the passive it does even more damage.


Tantrum is a farming skill, it lets you attack everyone arounds you. You can use this for farming, and after you use bandage toss on someone. Passive gives you armor, that is also why i maxed it first. Every hit (from minions too) reduce the CD by .5 sec giving it a short cool down.

I focus maxing this first for survivability and attack damage.

Curse of the Sad Mummy

Curse of the sad mummy makes amumu one of the best tanks. It is one of the best AOI skill for a tank. Upon activating it creates a huge circle damaging every in that circle and stopping all enemy champions from movement or attack.

This move is a great intator, how can it be any better than using your bandage toss then using your ultimate. This will devestate your enemies. The skill explanation in mobafire is actually wrong, base does about 350 damage and adds 100% ap. So if you have 430 ap you deal 700 damage to everyone in the circle and your bandage toss does about the same. Your despair can do alot and tantrum deals about 400 damage and can be used as a spam skill. This video will let you see how to place your ultimate and how well it can dominate.

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Early Game

First start off with a This gives you health and lets you start off with your rod of ages.

Early game you should have your Catalyst Protector and Boots of Speed getting to your Rod of Ages. This gives you a tank beginning with hp and getting rod of ages will give you Ap and over time ap health and mana. Rod of ages is one of amumus main starting item. It gives what Amumu needs

Mid Game

Mid Game you should have a good minion farm and have Rod of Ages , Rylai's Crystal Scepter and Zhonya's Hourglass These items give you hp and defense while givin you almost 300 ap. Rylai's crystal gives you the slowing effect for all your skill. Your dispair will slow them letting your team mates finish them. Rylai's also give you Health. Zhonya's hourglass can be used after your ultimate. If everyone is targeting you, use it to go invulnerable. It gives you armor and ability power.

Late Game

By now you should be pratically be finished your build. You should have Rabadon's Deathcap and your Force of Nature. There are many reasons why i saved Rabadon's and Force of Nature last. After getting your hp items i get force of nature so the regen will be alot larger. I also wanted to get alot of Hp and Ap before going straight Ap (Rabadon's) then Force of Nature.

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I hope you try out my build. This is my very first build so please give me suggestions not hate. Positive and Negative feedback is wanted.

Please give this build a try. Tell me what you think and how you do.

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Optional Items

Since you are still a tank any huge AD dealers like Xin Zhao or Ashe feel free to get

Thorn mail]

My build was already based on a Tanky, Ap. There are not many optional items unless you want to go full Ap or full Tank. For farming you can add in


Some people likes to add in Abysal acepter, personally i dont think this is that great of an item. It gives magic resist, ap and an aura which reduces Magic resists of all enemy champion. You can substitute for Zhonya's Hourglass.

I would like suggestions for Optional Items