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Amumu Build Guide by yoappyyoap

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author yoappyyoap

Amumu Top (Still under testing, will update constantly)

yoappyyoap Last updated on January 31, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Amumu with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger is possibly the easiest to lane against, being very fragile without his turrets (both stationary and small) and without his electro bomb. Just keep in mind not to engage when he has a lot of small turrets and his ult in vicinity. Buy magic resist to prevent getting too much damage from his skills
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Explanation of Summoner Spells

I would prefer Flash from the others as it really helps you in getting into fights, especially if you just need just a little more distance to use your Q to get into a fight. Furthermore, it also helps in getting you out of a fight when there is really no hope in continuing and do not wish to add another kill for your enemy (I hope it isn't like that for you). It is also really a good combination with your Bandage Toss(Q) and Curse of the Sad Mummy(R)

Good early game when you're still stuck to lane. It helps you to keep up with your enemy and also save your turret by killing all the minions and scaring the enemy away. You can also troll your opponent or to get some kills. It could get you to team fights faster via wards. May be used with homeguard to give them a little shock. Ganking via wards using Teleport and homeguard is also great given that you are at base.

Barrier is also a good choice and I would replace flash if I would to choose Barrier. It helps you to stay alive at times, especially when laning. If you are the tanky type and usually the first to go into team fights, this summoner spell is recommended. It helps you to stay alive for a few seconds more, which could change the tide. Your Despair(W) and Tantrum(E) benefit the most from this summoner skill.

Works as well if not planning to buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You can use it if you have low mana and the enemy has low health, or you have 1 left to Penta Kill (most unlikely, even though it can happen :P). Furthermore, you do not have to be very close to activate Exhaust. Very effective in early game when you do not have the money to buy rylai. I usually would not use this skill, because I prefer rylai. Although I do not recommend it, you can use it if you think rylai is not slow enough. {replacing Flash is recommended}

Works well if you're supporting other people. This health restore could also turn the tide of a game. It does not only affect you, but also one of your ally. It also boost the target and yourself, so it will be a great summoner skill when chasing enemy for kill(s) or when running away from the enemy (or dragon or baron nashor ). Not recommended summoner skill, but if the whole team does not have a single healing spell, then you should take this spell. {Replacing either spell is good}

Not recommended for a tank. Ignite deals true damage and does not do anything else. Even if you do not just want to be a tank, I recommend buying magic damage rather than having Ignite in your summoner spell.

Very "good". Smite can only be used on monsters and minions . Do not use it unless you want to be this guy.

This is the best summoner spell ever! So good that I want to...
What???? It is not available at Summoner's Rift????!!!! What is this???!!

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Explanation of Runes

Basically, we are talking about a tanky amumu here. So the runes always matter.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Scaling Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
This is a Mark of Magic Penetration. Basically 0.87 Bonus Penetration. Not really a lot, but it is very useful against Tanks, especially at the top lane. It is also useful to other people, as they also have magic resist (base). I also put this because my quintessences are magic power.

Armor. Really useful against Zed, which have bonus for attack power. Really gets tanky late game, cause its armor! So many champions rely on it to survive!!! Sorry, I got too bored. I did not choose health cause health can be easily bought in game and usually in early, armor is important than health as no armor pen. can be bought in early game.

Same thing. I didn't choose magic power cause it is tank

I choose the Quintessence of Ability Power cause of Amumu's Despair. It deals soooo much damage!!

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Explanation of Masteries


Lets start with the red one.

The reason Why I did not choose the blue side cause this is a tank guide. We do not need the Secret Stash , we don need the Savagery. As you can see, I put the rylai's crystal inside. That means that I going a bit Offtank. If you are deciding of buying Titanic Hydra, then Fury would be a better option.

The reason why I chose Feast over Double Edged Sword is that it helps a lot in early gameplay. And the thing is, you will be receiving much more damage than what you give out. So I do not recommend having double edged sword.
But if you are buying Titanic Hydra, then you may consider using double edged sword.

Vampirism is no use for my build as there is not a single lifesteal in the whole build. Furthermore, Natural Talent contributes much more to the damage given through all your skills, especially Despair. Natural Talent would be the recommended option.

Oppressor will be super effective for the Rylai's Crystal Scepter build, as your E will keep giving out damage, which will slow them down due to rylai. Then, oppressor will give out more damage, causing them to die faster than expected.
Bounty Hunter is not really suited for this amumu build as this Amumu may not be able to retrieve much kills. So I would use Oppressor.

Now lets go to the green side.

I chose health regen over armor and magic resist. Why? Health regen is one of the most important thing for lane campers. In order to maximize the time doing nothing at the turret, health regen will be required to bring the health back to normal. Furthermore, the runes had already a lot of defense items, so we can take a little rest on armor and MR, scarcely they have armor and MR pen.

Explorer is not a really good mastery. Movement speed is also not needed for Amumu, and amumu do not explore a lot right?
Precision is really good against those that rely on their basic attacks a lot. Although it is not quite a lot, it really helps in helping you get away with a small amount of health. Like 7hp?

Using my spells, there is no heals or shields right? So there is no need in adding Runic Armor . Veteran's Scars increase your health percentage so much that maybe now you can escape with 400hp. And now, you can engage in a team fight for a longer period of time, which can also turn the tide around.

Both Perseverance and [insight] are good, but I prefer perseverance as it gives health regen, which will be good if you stay at lane after a damaged fight. Insight will be also good if you want to backdoor (but amumu can't do much).

Legendary Guardian will be very good in team fights, when some enemy will start targeting the AP and AD Carry. So granting them armor might guarantee them some space to live. Swiftness is not good as in team fights, you have your bandage toss to catch up with them. And as a tank, all we need to do is to tank the way so the other people can kill the enemy. So I recommend Legendary Guardian.

Bond of Stone reduces damage and twice as much when an ally is near. That means that during team fights, you will be able to go into team fights with reduced damage. A portion of the damaged taken by the ally goes to you, so the ally take reduced damage and maybe both you and he will survive.

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Explanation of Items

As you can see in my item list, I put in a lot of different items instead of a recommended build. This is really because the build depends on the opponent you are facing.
If you are facing opponents that will most likely buy armor or magic penetration, buying health items will be the most suitable.
But if you are facing opponents that will buy damageous items, then resist items will be the best.

let's start with armor

I do not need to explain why I chose the boots, just because they are the only shoes with the aliments. Frozen Heart is a extremely good crowd control item, which has only a passive which slows attack speed (I guess) It will be extremely effective when in team fights against heavy damage/atk speed champions which (you know by their movements) attack the other people instead of you. So this time, Randuin's Omen would not be a good item if no one is running away. This item will reduce quite a lot of dps due to the atk spd slows.

Randuin's Omen will be very effective against those movement speed reliant champions, such as Hecarim and Kalista. Its passive reduces the damage of critical strikes, so this item will be very effective against heavy damage dealers that always attack the tanks first (I don't know why).

Sunfire Cape Is always one of my recommended list for every melee tanks (for some reason, some make the ranged ones be tanks). It deals damage on every nearby enemy (except towers), thus making it an exceptionally effective item during team fights. A must buy if most of the enemies are melees, but still recommended even though the enemy is ranged, cause you're a melee and must go near them.

A get along with Titanic Hydra. Iceborn Gauntlet deals bonus damage with your basic atk after a spell and slows nearby people. Titanic hydra has damage, so this is not really recommended unless you buy damagous items. But if you are really insistent on not buying Rylai's Crystal Scepter, this will be the replacement.

A good item to be an offtank. Zeke's Harbinger gives you bonus magic damage at 100 stacks, giving you great opportunities to deal large damage during that time. Or maybe if your Ability Power is high enough, It increases the percentage of health done to the opponent. Recommended to link with anyone except the support

Nice amount of armor. Thornmail really gives you an advantage against melee AD people. The best about its passive is that you can start attacking people without the fear of not returning any damage to them. Use it if there are quite a lot of AD melees (in the opposite team... duh....).

Now the magic resist.

Banner of the command will be better than Aegis of the Legion if you want to push faster or you want more AP. It gives you cooldown which would be good for your Tantrum, and gives you enough AP that you want.