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Amumu Build Guide by JasonXtreme

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JasonXtreme

Amumu with exhaust!?!?!!!?!??!

JasonXtreme Last updated on March 30, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21


Utility: 0

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Hi guys this is my first guide please be nice xD. So I was looking through champions and I just fell in love with Amumu. He is a great initiator especially with some AP. The feeling of jumping into a mob then ulting taking soo much of their health away, making them helpless as I slowly do DoT to them all is soo good.

So my guide is designed to lower the enemies Magic Resistance as much as possible and zoning out the ADC. So the main idea is just go into the teamfight, ulti everyone then waddle your way to the ADC, when you are there just try to kill them stunning as much as you can, if they are starting to get annoying use your exhaust on them.


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Pros / Cons

Like every champ, Amumu has his pros and cons. You should choose Amumu when your in need of a jungler, a good amount of CC and when your ap carry can do lots of burst AoE dmg.


  • Ult can disrupt the whole team
  • Crazy AoE dmg
  • Can kill other tanks easily with Despair
  • Pretty quick clear time
  • Great ganks


  • Squishy early game
  • High chance of getting counter-jungled
  • Clear time drastically increased if Blue Buff is stolen
  • Can be kited if Bandage Toss misses
  • Slighty more squishy than your average hardcore tanks bacause we are building some AP

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Jungle or Top lane?

Amumu excels mostly in the jungle. He has a quick jungle clear time, can easily clear camps with Tantrum and a great ganker. Although he excels in the jungle, he has a really high chance of getting invaded and counter-jungled, and most ganks fail if you miss your Bandage Toss.

Top Lane:
He is also a pretty good top laner, because he is tanky and can kill off other tanks if they go top lane. Be careful if fighting anyone with true dmg or Armor Pen such as Olaf and Darius. With the top lane build Amumu will be slightly more tanky, and have a stronger early game with his 2 Doran's Rings

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I go 9/21/0 masteries, focusing on getting more hp and reducing the dmg taken while getting cd reduction.

The 21 in Defense is to reduce dmg taken, get more hp and to get Honor Guard . This is great, it reduces any dmg taken by 3%. Get Summoner's Resolve , it may not seem like much, but 10 gold each time you use smite is great!! Always use Smite if you know the buffs aren't going to respawn soon. The 10 gold each time will help you greatly in the future.

I chose to use the offensive tree because I use Exhaust. After thinking about Cursed Touch and mixing it with Summoner's Resolve , Abyssal Mask, it can bring the targets MR by 55. Your AP carry will practically love you LOL.
Top Lane:

I go 2/21/7 masteries because, it lets you be bit more tanky, more mobile, and lets you lane easier.

The masteries have in the Defense tree have changed a bit, taking out Tough Skin and Bladed Armor and adding those extra points into Hardiness and Resistance , which adds to the Legendary Armor bonus.

The 7 in the Utility tree gives you more mobility with Wanderer and allows you to escape ganks with the lower CD flash( Summoner's Insight + Mastermind )

The 2 in the Offensive tree still lets you ruin a carry's life with Summoner's Wrath which allows you to lower MR. The other point goes into Butcher , adding a bit more dmg for you to last hit.
I choose not to use Runic Affinity here because normally the jungler or mid lane takes the buffs, But if your pre-made or you know you will get some buffs(jungler/mid energy user, or not a mana user, For example, Lee Sin and Katarina), then feel free to get out of the offensive tree and into the utility tree.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
This is great especially when your trying to get some dmg out to help ur carries. It can also help you for when tanks try to 1v1 you.

Greater Seal of Armor
This combined with your Quintessences help in your jungle A LOT!!! This will help you stay at moderate hp so you can gank.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
I choose Glyphs per lvl because at early lvls, the ap dmg done to you wont affect much until mid-late game.

Greater Quintessence of Armor
This goes nicely together with your Greater Seal of Armor. They will also help you survive against counter-junglers.

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Cursed Touch
Cursed Touch is Amumu's passive which is activated by autoatking, it's pretty good because it increases your (and your AP carry's) dmg. It reduces the target's Magic Resist by 15/20/25. This is why it is good to gank lanes where your laner is AP. Unfortunately, none of Amumu's skills apply ON-HIT effects.

Bandage Toss
Bandage Toss is a huge as ranged skill-shot stun. It has a slight 0.2 sec delay upon activation so it will take a while to get used to. It scales pretty well with ap and a good source of dmg. Bandage Toss is well know for it's stun and mobility. It will help you gank, chase, escape and set up your ulti.

Despair is great for killing tanks and passively doing dmg because it does DoT %hp dmg. Feel free to max this before Tantrum if the enemy is too tanky to do any dmg with Tantrum.

Tantrum is a great skill because it blocks dmg, deals burst dmg, and has a low CD. Tantrum(when it is lvl 5) mixed with masteries and a doran's shield blocks off 21 dmg from physical basic atks. This is also your main dmg dealing atk due to its low CD and high burst dmg.

Curse of the sad mummy
Curse of the Sad Mummy is an AWESOME SKILL. nuff said.
It can entangle all 5 enemies, preventing them to move or use autoatks for 2 seconds. It deals quite a lot of dmg because it scales well with ap.

NOTE: Magic resist CAN go below zero, this will cause you to do extra dmg.
Entangle: a special type of CC that only Amumu has as far as i know. Prevents movement and autoatks BUT DOES NOT cancel channeling abilities.

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Skill Sequence


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Due to the new leashing, the monster will hit whoever is closest, we get Tantrum first because amumu is melee and atks with his head(because that's op shh).The cd on Tantrum goes down each time Amumu is hit, making a great jungle skill. Then put a point in Despair so that you can have some background dmg. At lvl 4 get Bandage Toss.after that, we start maxing Tantrum because it does burst dmg. Don't start ganking until lvl 4 because that's when we get Bandage Toss. We get it at lvl 4 because to get a successful gank, we need burst dmg from Tantrum to lower the enemies hp. As always get your ult at lvls 6,11 and 16.
Top Lane:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I get stun first because normally other top laners underestimate you and try to 1v1 you, use bandage toss to deal burst dmg when they start to escape and secure the first blood, It can also be used to escape. Get E at lvls 2 and 3 for more burst dmg and W at lvl 4 so you can have it before lvl 6. Sometimes when fighting tanky champions you would want to max W before E because it does %hp dmg.

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Why Exhaust?

Exhaust is a great summoner spell, if you find yourself in a loss 1v1 battle, just Exhaust them and turn the fight around or escape. Exhaust with Summoner's Wrath will reduce their Armor and Magic Resist by 10, which will definitely help your team.

ALSO, on your level 4 gank, you can Bandage Toss in and exhaust the enemy, or the other way around, practically securing the kill

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Quick Jungle Walkthrough


- You arrive at the blue buff and protecting your jungle

- Level up your Tantrum

- You receive help from team and kill the blue buff through spamming Tantrum and securing it with Smite

- Level up Despair as you walk to wolves

- Use your skills and kill wolves, then wraiths then double golems. Don't forget to autoattack.

- Walk into the brush near red buff, make sure no enemies are around.

- Level up your Tantrum and start attacking the red buff.

- After killing it's 2 minions lure the red back into the brush and kill it with smite (you do this to make sure no one is trying to counter jungle you)

- Kill the wraiths and then level up your Bandage Toss

- Now you have a few choices and you have about half hp (unless you had really nice people who somehow tanked the blue for you)

*Gank on the lane that you are near (Blue Team = Bot/Mid.Purple Team = Top/Mid.

*kill wolves and gank the lane that you are near (Blue Team = Top/Mid. Purple Team = Bot/Mid)

*kill wolves and counter-jungle

*you can go recall but I don't recommend coming back until you have at least 1050 gold so that you can buy a Philosopher's stone and Boots of Speed

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Early Game Item Explanation

First we start off with [Hunter's Machete]] and 5 potions because that is the new jungling item that will increase the speed of jungling. We then get an early Philosopher's Stone for the 5 gold per 10 seconds. Boots because... well... Amumu wants 1 leg to be clean from walking in the brushes all the time. Now, onto the item I never thought I'd use the Doran's Shield. I never noticed it had a passive, or maybe it was put in the last patch(pre-s3 patch), anyway with this awesome passive, Tantrum's passive and your masteries, you reduce 21 dmg from basic atks +3%. So bye bye melee champs. We then buy a Giant's Belt to get look more tanky :P And now You can easily turret dive. Feel free to buy a Ninja Tabi because it blocks 10% dmg off of basic attacks so it would block 21 + 13% dmg basic attacks? Someone please check that.

Top Lane:
First we start off with either a Doran's Shield or boots and 3 pots. Doran's Shield is good against slow or autoatk-based champs. Boots and 3 pots are good when you are against someone with skillshots or a mobile jungler. After that, get 2 Doran's Ring's and then a Giant's Belt(buy boots if you still haven't got them).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why not 2 Doran's Rings when jungling? Well while it does boost up your dmg, it can also make you ks a lot of kills, leaving your laner (such as adc) money-hungry (aka. darius syndrome) which can be bad for your team. If you are going for early game win, then feel free to buy this, but if you suspect late game, this item is a no no. But if you are a top laner however, this item will keep your mana up for longer sustain in lane, and can help kill your opponent, you would need extra dmg up top in case you get ganked and still want to fight till the end. Don't get philosopher's stone because you should be efficiently getting cs in lane and some kills.

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Core Item Explanation

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Because I love CD reduction works great for zoning ADC

Sunfire Cape
We need this item because it help you become tanky and its passive dramatically improves your farming potential. This, together with Despair and Tantrum helps you improve your cs soo much and soo easily. The moment you get this item, is the moment when the game just becomes too easy.

Abyssal Scepter
This item, together with your mastery Summoner's Wrath and passive Cursed Touch (at lvl 18) takes off your enemies MR by 55. This is about a carry's amount of MR. This will make them soo much easier to kill. And ensure your team to win.

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End Game Item Explanation

We sell the Hunter's Machete then Doran's Shield and finally Philosopher's Stone and buy the following in any order:

Iceborn Gauntlet
This will give you more dmg/armor and will also add to your CC, allowing you to easily use Tantrum. I often here about Amumu not having enough CC after missing his Bandage Toss This item kind of fixes that because of the slow. It is also good because it shows you if you have activated your passive or not.

Athene's Unholy Grail
This great item gives you the extra MR boost that you need to fight back against those AP carries. Gives you CD and helps with your mana problems. Not to mention it gives you AP why wouldn't you want this item???

Rod of Ages
Provides an overall stat boost. You have your Armor item, your Magic Resist item, but what about health? Well this items solves your problem. Over time everyone will be like: WHY DAFUQ DOES THIS GUY LOOK MORE TANKY ALL THE SUDDEN!1!!!!!!11!

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Your main goal here is to kill off the carry as quick as possible

Teamfights you initiate since you are the tank just toss in then use your ult. Spot the carry, walk to them as their team tries to stop you. Exhaust, then apply your Cursed Touch on them spam your Tantrum thanks to their minions and champions attacking you. Try to make sure they don't escape by using your Bandage Toss. In the first teamfight(most of the time) the ADC will underestimate you and try to 1v1 you. But if you can win that 1v1 they will try to either hardcore focus you or stay far away from you. Be careful if they buy a black cleaver or last whisper though.

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Optional Items

There are those games where the teams are more tilted towards AD or AP. Use these items to counter them. For example, in a team with no AP carries you would want to buy a Randuin's Omen or a Thornmail instead of Athene's Unholy Grail.

Replace IBG,AUG or RoA as they are not really core items

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart provides great armor, cd reduction and it slows enemy atkspd by 20%. I only chose Iceborn Gauntlet is because it gives you AP and CC. Buy this if you are having trouble against the ADC.

Banshee's veil
Can't get to the carry because you are spammed by CC? Well good because you are supposed to tank anyway. Use this for when the enemy is too AP-orientated and has spammable CC.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is a good item when the enemy has high atkspd and you are often finding yourself chasing a lot or getting ganked a lot thanks to the active.

Runic Bulwark
Another great item, I don't put this in the build though because the support often buys this. It helps your team survive in battle longer as it is an aura.

Use when the enemy carry is based on high atkspd and is AD(does reflect magical dmg too such as Infinite Duress) since it deals back 30% of dmg from basic atks and gives you 100 armor.

Warmog's Armor
Just the item you need for that huge HP boost and health regen.

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Boots/Enchantments to buy

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Because I love CD reduction works great for zoning ADC. Also helps early game ganks.

Ninja Tabi
Ties nicely with the masteries and Doran's Shield. Use this if the ADC is annoying you.

Mercury's Treads
Great against CC/AP heavy teams. Also pretty great because my build doesn't have any tenacity

I would choose to buy the Enchantment: Captain because... I always find myself in 1v5 situations. This will help your team catch up to you after you have initiated a fight. Also, the tank should always go in first so obviously your team will have to follow you. The second part of the passive is pretty good too. For example, you just had a very gruesome teamfight, everyone is dead except you. You are at very low health, But you decide to push anyway, Thanks to your boots your minions can hurry up and tank the turret so that you can push.

Another good choice would be Enchantment: Homeguard, because it instantly heals you and gives you a movement boost to get straight back into the battle. So you can basically fight someone at your turret get low, recall and run back into battle straight away.

Buy Enchantment: Alacrity if you think Amumu walks to slow for you. A good tip is to Bandage Toss minions if the enemy you are chasing is far away, because late game with this build Bandage Toss has a 4.8sec cd. You could also escape by doing a leap of faith by tossing into the jungle.

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Boots/Enchantments NOT recommended

Berserker's Greaves because you don't need atkspd.

Sorcerer's Shoes because you are a tank mate, not a hardcore APC unfortunately.

Boots of Swiftness because it doesnt give you another bonus stat, except for giving you a slight movement speed boost. You can change some runes or buy Enchantment: Alacrity if you desperately want a speed boost.

Boots of Mobility because well.... it's alright early game for roaming, but if you don't roam a lot then it is basically a waste of gold.

Enchantment: Distortion because we don't use Flash, although it it usable with the TOP LANE build, but we already have masteries to lower Flash's CD

Enchantment: Furor because although it seems good for activating your passive repeatedly but after some testing, the autoatk animation is too long for this to work out good and we have Iceborn Gauntlet for that.

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End Notes

I hope you enjoyed my guide and want to use it. I wouldn't call it the best build, but it's my build and that's all I care about. Hope you had fun reading through my guide. I'd like to thank JhoiJhoi for making a guide to teach me how to make a guide (well that's ironic lol)