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Zac Build Guide by Her0mars


An Actually Recent, Proper, In Depth Guide To Zac

By Her0mars | Updated on January 2, 2019
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Gathering Storm

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #37 in
Jungle Role
Win 52%
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Hello and welcome to my moba fire guide for Zac, The secret weapon. He is a generalist who you can pretty much pick into any situation, and for the most part I over emphasized the difficulty of each matchup to better relate to a newer Zac player. Zac is a champion with a decent skill floor and roof and is a very solid pick into anything. ANYTHING. He is a champion whose ability to carry is based off of a small portion of skill, and a large portion of decision making as is with any tank. A good Zac can carry games through a multitude of ways whether it be; killing carries, peeling, stealing objectives, or simply engaging in cool ways that most don't expect. With this champion you can single handedly turn a fight around in your favor, save turrets, and make some cool looking plays! Zac can absolutely carry you to higher elos IF YOU PLAY HIM RIGHT.

I have been playing league since Season 3 from the Vi patch and have slowly gone from bronze V to peaking at plat 1! I struggled to find champions I liked and had much to improve upon in terms of mindset, mechanics and such and as a result I was terrible at this game. Over long hours of practice, feeding, getting salty, etc, I have developed a "proper" mindset that I would hope was finalized in me falling from plat I - V due to salt. I am currently in the recovery stages of that fall and I aim to make diamond at some point this season, which I know I can! (as long as I don't get salty again.) After almost a year, I have returned to the world of the living! Hopefully will get around to updating the guide again :D

Zac was the champion that has carried me all the way to where I am today, and that I have tried to reflect in my more chill, peacekeeping, mood towards this game. Zac When played Properly can solo carries, and do everything I have said above! He really is a generalist champion that you can play whenever, against whoever! and has extreme consistency, (within relation to your skill.)

Within the latest Buffs to Zac You can pretty much Elastic Slingshot into the middle of lanes from bushes making him an Even MORE potent ganker in all points of the game.

Some important notes before the guide:
* Zac top can be very bad. he is outclassed in damage by many laners and often outanked and bullied out of blobs. I do not recommend it
* Zac support is ghetto AF but still kind of works. Please stick to Zac jungle as it is marginally better.
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Pros / Cons


+ Consistant Champion
+ Overall Generalist / Safe pick
+ Amazing Engage
+ Decent Damage - although not as good as with his old ult
+ Never picked / Banned
+ Decent at carrying
+ destroys squishy while being full tank
+ Tanky, and can stick around after fights to keep going
+ High reward, Low risk
+ Clears fast, with little cost, and amazing ganks
+ Pretty much never gets ignited for some reason
+ AOE for days + mini malphite and gragas ults in his kit
+ Heavily underestimated champion
Zac has many general strengths and few weaknesses making him an easy champion to play and master. When built properly you have enough tank to last for the duration of most fights, and stick around even later after healing with blobs. Zac's capabilities are heavily underrated as he can carry with massive turnarounds in teamfights. His E is extremely easy to land, and most people aren't ready for it when they are clumped because they can't notice the shadow under their feet quick enough making it easier to land multi man knock ups than single targets. Additionally, With my build I have solo'd rather fed hyper carries such as Riven, Vayne, etc, just by catching them off guard from the jungle. The healing from Cell Division is very useful for clutch plays and sustaining through clears. It does come at a cost of 4% current hp, but heals 4% max per ability making it a small net gain.The defining trait of him is his range on Elastic Slingshot and the unique play patterns this provides to the game.


- Gameplay based around Elastic Slingshot
- % damage champions kind of counter him -ish
- Higher elos require better predictions and judgements
- grevious wounds destroy your healing
- Q is weak
- weak duelist early, gets invaded in higher elo sometimes
- Has problems against ranged CC
- the revive passive can be useless 65% of the time
- Low base movespeed
Zac's weaknesses aren't extremely prevalent but the fact that he is a champ based around the use of his Elastic Slingshot, getting cancelled or somehow missing it really destroys your game presence. This being said, Another thing to note is that his Q is basically only used for blobs and it's weak slow. The hits it took were a result of Zac Top being too strong upon release, but with all his recent changes He remains a very stable and viable pick. Another problem you may run into is not knowing his limits, because many times you can return to the fight with <10% hp and turn it around for your team. or get some cleanup kills. Zac has a weakness against hyper scaling combo mages just because most have the cc and damage to lock him down and burst him hard with a few skillshots. This is situational however because it comes down to who hit who first. (generally you will though)Another problem Zac has is that he is weak against high mobility champions that rely on split-pushing and Rotations to win games. eg( Yasuo, Tryndamere, and Master Yi)
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Simply scroll over the skill picture for more information!

Cell Division This is the skill that gives Zac fun play styles and counter play. It is important to note the you lose 4% current per spell cast and gain 4% max hp per blob you pick up. This can be increased by Spirit Visage and Second Wind but we won't always build visage as it is more of a luxury item for when we face low ap teams, and don't need a locket for whatever reason. Another nerf Zac took as a result of toplane was his blobs pretty much flying at people with a short delay before they can be interacted with. This is a nerf to zac top, a buff to Zac jungle. This is because blobs flying at your opponents helps you better chase and not need to swerve around while running at them. However this is still a minor nerf when you are trying to run away on foot as opposed to using Elastic Slingshot as your blobs fly away towards your opponent, however generally you don't run away and use abilities. In reality you don't run away unless you can escape, and if you can escape you can fight! Don't be that guy who tries to run away even though death is inevitable, Turn and fight or get out and surprise your enemy with a re-engage if your team is still healthy enough to keep going. Additionally it's important to note that your blobs only fly towards enemies if they are within 1000 units, and they have .25 second delay before they can be interacted with unless you are using Let's Bounce! in which case you can pick them up instantly. Blobs have a pickup range of 50 units. If you get "popped" early game in a minion wave, you die. There is almost no way out of it unless a teammate kills them all quickly. Quite literally the minions will kill your bloblets faster than an enemy champion in the early game so try not to "die" in an area where your bloblets will be prioritized by minions.

The other side to this passive is the revival which is useless if you die deep in the enemy team, so try to be near your allies when you pop it. Each bloblet has 12.5% of your max health, and 50% of your resists. Additionally they take 33% less AOE damage. After 8-4 seconds your Bloblets "recombine" to revive you with 10-50% hp based on how much damage the bloblets took. Even if they are further away because of being knocked away or cc'd they still "combine" after 8 seconds. This means that if you TP and make one of the bloblets temporarily invincible for 3.5 seconds, it betters the chance of you being revived. Generally though, if you die near an enemy, you are donezo. Also note that other revive items or abilities take place before your passive can pop, and that turrets priorities bloblets over minions.

Stretching Strikes

Definitely a better ability that it was. using this skill now allows you to slam two units together dealing AoE damage in the contact zone between them.. it has a weak slow but it still helps us keep up with some champions. Just has all of his other abilities work it spawns blobs when we hit enemy champions. We can use this to help find invisible champions such as Rengar, Shaco, and Twitch when they try running away. It's base damage is meh and It's utility is pretty decent but ultimately we max it last. Still take it at level 2 for faster clears as it has a MUCH shorter cooldown than Elastic Slingshot @ rank 1.

Unstable Matter

This skill's Dps is fairly good, if not the best in Zac's Kit so we max it Second for better clears, and more damage. When activated Zac briefly ignores unit collisions against monsters he hits with it, to allow you to walk around in camps and pick up blobs without getting creep blocked. The most interesting buff to this skill is that picking up blobs reduces it's cooldown by 1 second. The base CD of this skill is 5. minus a max of 2 seconds from 40% cdr leaving us at a 3 second cooldown before blobs. Normally a full basic skill rotation (qwe) on a single enemy will yield 3 blobs leaving this at a 1 second cooldown. It has a decent range (350) which is 50 units or 1 blob shorter than the range of sunfire cape. This is the only ability you can activate during Let's Bounce! and it does not interrupt your previous commands, meaning it has no cast time. This skill is good at shredding tanks and squishies alike, but as with most of Zac's abilities, it has poopy scaling and decent base damage.

Elastic Slingshot

This is what Separates the boys from the blobs, the jelly to Zac's Jam, Your defining skill. Max this First for respectable base damage, WAY less CD, and so much range that a vocal instructor would be like "DAymmmmmmm SON" This is your Elastic Slingshot and your ability to land it and chain it at the right angle with Let's Bounce! is what will define your ability to play Zac. It's Range is massive, like obscenely long and it has a hit range of 300 units, so it's a pretty hard ability to miss. For each enemy champion hit by this skill you spawn an extra blob meaning that if you hit all five members of the enemy team you are rewarded heavily, gaining 20% max hp in blobs and 5 seconds of CDr for your E. Not exactly darius level broke healing, but it's close enough for me. It knocks all enemies hit, and this is longer if you charge it more. If you cancel this skill by moving you are refunded half it's cost and half the cooldown. I have yet to remember if you get half cost refunded if you are Cancelled by enemy CC but I will promptly be adding this information. I will have a section later in the guide for the strategy surrounding this skill.

Let's Bounce!

This skill used to do tons of damage but now we have a more utility based skill that ultimately does less damage, and more for the team. anywho, charge for 1 second or longer and you can hop away with anyone on top of you. activate before charging and you bounce in place to knock people back a tiny bit. This skill makes you immune to CC while channeling and makes it so you deal damage where you bounce, or if you charged for a second or longer, where you land. Its nice in that it can help your team a lot more whether that be bringing squishies into your team, or in taking tanks away from your team but by and large this opens a lot more room for error and takes away from the reliability and damage this skill used to have. BUT YEAH ANYWAY, you can generally land this with the 1 second charge after landing with your E. (unless they flash or dash out but generally most people won't react fast enough within the .5 second window they have)
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Skill Rotations and leveling

Leveling Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

basic combo

> + > AA

We use this for clearing, and ganking pre-six, probably going to be most of what you do in the early to mid game. Make sure you throw some AA's in all the while moving ahead of them before hand to block help stay on the enemy longer, Especially if you have red buff. I cannot begin to explain how many kills I've gotten off of red buff procs and proper AA chasing!

Clearing combo (without E)

AA > + > AA > > AA

Pretty simple, we just Weave AA's between our blob picking up and use Q and W whenever available. You start off with an AA just to get that burn damage from machete going. Once we have E all that changes is you start with E, then follow the same order. Or you can QWER, I'm not judging ;D and remember, any MONSTERS (aka jungle creeps) hit by your Unstable Matter Allow you to briefly ignore unit collision with them to aid in blob collection.

Fight engaging combo

> > > > (Ult ends) > > > > AA

This is how you roll over people, and get those nice looking wombo combos. This order is probably the most efficient for locking people down-ish or more specifically, making them fly around in an unorganized bundle of "oh god where is my champion" This full combo has the possibility to produce 18 blobs in total if you hit 5 people both times you cast E, but more often than not, you will spawn around 13-14 blobs if you hit a "good" Elastic Slingshot. This is equivalent to 72% of your max Hp if you get 18 blobs, which is crazy unlikely, or 56% if you hit a "good" slingshot. My favourite thing to do is fly in from the jungle or fog of war on someone who is trying to get some tower damage down with only a few minions by their side, ulting them deeper under the tower, and watching them take 1-3 tower shots while I force them to embrace my warm, loving, tender flubbering.
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In depth explanation on Items

Starting items:

This will always be your starting build. The Hunter's Talisman is for building into Stalker's Blade, and the Health Potions are there to top your hp off for early ganks.

We buy this on our first back, the boots are a luxury item-ish and help us get around. Sweeper is crazy important because it saves you so much time, rather than sitting in a bush unaware of if it's warded or not. Buy Hunter's Machete over any other item just because it is by far the best choice for building into stalker's for early ganks as you are a gank jungler, not a farmer, counter jungler, or duelist. In all reality though, stalker's blade has netted me MANY kills. The final thing to note about Hunter's Talisman is that it makes you heal more Hp when damage monsters due to the new passive with, and gives you more exp per camp cleared. This is why we buy it so early.

you can opt to buy this instead of 3 health potions however it is fairly uneeded as your sustain from blobs will keep you healthy at all points in the game. it holds 2 charges that heal 125 hp each whereas 3 health potions will restore 450 hp total. This is more of a long term investment item but is only somewhat useful early / mid game. you don't need this but buy it if you feel like you are going to be buying lots of hp potions for whatever reason. *please don't buy this or hp potions past the first clear, it wastes a lot of gold.*
-you seriously don't need this as potions lose value to have on Zac after the first clear.

Mid game

This is the best jungle enchantment available to you, devourer is useless, warrior is useless, and runeglaive is ghetto, and the mana is useless to you. Cinderhulk gives 400hp, A burn aura, 15% bonus hp, and in general makes you pretty tanky. Best jungle item by far for our purposes. oh! and the magic damage works with our magic pen. Buy this 1st to second completed item.

This item gives you ridiculous burst for whatever reason right now and I really hope they keep it. I have added in a build for this item in which boots are even more optional than usual. Like seriously, you can go bruiser Zac with this and burst the enemy team hard, it gives you a completely different way to play Zac and opens up many different build paths. I highly recommend this item currently as the damage it provides makes landing you Elastic Slingshot go from a massive impact to an astronomical one. Like I seriously cannot oversell how amazing this item is on Zac any more than I already have.

Buy this for more vision if you are going sweeping lens, which you should be, and your team lacks vision, or simply you wan't more control over rift herald and dragon. By buying this however, you do not gain a smite enhancement, just 2 wards.

A fairly decent choice on zac, interchangeable with Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads The 15 magic pen this item gives you is never really appreciated to the level it should be. Consider it a massive powerspike in damage but don't build it if you are behind and need to just survive hard CC or heavy AA damage. you will buy this 35% of the time, but always consider the enemy team when you do. In short it helps you destroy enemy carries, and is used to help you "win more"

build this into heavy crowd control. the tenacity is extremely valuable in that with sorcs, you may get peeled hard core, so this guarentees you have an easier time soaking cc, or diving into carries. The magic resist is also very nice, as with the above build you have low mr until you build it.

Build this into heavily based auto attack champions and crit reliant champions such as; Gangplank, Yasuo, Master Yi, Udyr, or just fed marksmen in general. the 10% aa damage reduction is very nice when added to the 10% crit reduction from the mastery tree, and randuins.

before the recent change I wouldn't have bought these but because of them having a total cost of 800, they are now worth buying. Consider these if you want a consistent move speed boost, or when you are against a slow heavy team.

Pick these when all your laners require you to be ganking and such, or when you just need to get around faster vs. high mobility compositions. Personally I just like going fast. These are nice as they allow you to get into position much faster for Elastic Slingshot and only lose effectiveness once you get hit.

This item is bleh overall but necessary none the less. Cost a fair chunk, gives 200 hp and 25 ap, so nothing special, but the 15 magic pen is why we consider this. Really this item sucks, and it's upgrade is what we want, however often times we won't upgrade it. regardless of how bad I think this item is, it helps your damage a decent amount, and that's all we need really. as with sorc's avoid buying this if you are not very ahead.

The fact that you are playing a tank jungler insinuates the fact that you must buy this item. It provides lack luster stats to you, but it's value to the team is incredible. Normally if you buy this part, you will want to upgrade it ASAP to Locket of the Iron Solari buy this at some point in the mid game - late, unless they have non-existent magic damage. The shield this item provides is massive, and when one mistake can lose you a fight late game, being able to save your carries by a sliver of health is the best thing imaginable. I normally build this near late game as visage provides a bigger spike in tankiness

I love this item early on with cinderhulk as it helps you kill camps much faster, and gives you a really easy time when it comes to fighting marksmen / other AD based champions. I recommend building this item as soon as you have cinderhulk done, but not necessarily completing it second, similar to how other champions use tiamat.

This item is a baby frozen heart, which you will probably not buy unless extremely needed by your team. this item may look a little lame but it gives decent stats for a decent value. It's cost is 1100 and it gives 45 armor, but when you are hit by an auto attack, it slows the enemy attack speed by 15%. This adds 450 to the value of this item making it a total of 1550 for 1100. This is very nice as you buy it and take away a Dagger from an enemy essentially. Upgrade it to Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart, most likely Randuin's though.

A selfish buy, that you will only ever build into Spirit Visage or Banshee's Veil. There are VERY few scenarios when you will build Banshee's Veil out of this, and that would only be in a circumstance wherein you getting hit by something would result in your team being destroyed, or in higher elo where you will may get blocked by champs such as Janna. With all this being said though, you normally buy Spirit Visage early with the need for locket being higher as the game goes on and Ap's scale harder.


Late Game

This item does wonders for your damage. 80 ap, 300 hp, 15 magic pen, and a passive so good it makes me cry . The passive burns 6% of the enemies current health over 3 seconds. This is doubled to a maximum of 12% if they are cc'd for the entire 3 seconds of the burn. This shreds EVERYONE whether they be tank or carry. and you can reapply the burn easily with the spammability of Unstable Matter. Unfortunately this is more of a luxury item than anything unless it is absolutely REQUIRED to deal with the enemy team, or if your team lacks damage. Build it when possible otherwise focus on getting tankier. Please note that the damage on this item will decrease as the game goes on longer.

This is the trademark logo of the tank jungler and supports. You get this at any point in the game and you help your team. Recently they nerfed the duration of the shield, and a little mR, but significantly buffed its power. I absolutely love this buff to this item and it made it much better, and fun to use because you actually have to time it now. With this Item you can save carries with slivers of hp allowing you to sweep the enemy. Its importance is paramount to your success with Zac. It's power slowly decreases as the game goes on and enemy magic dealers scale in more.

This item is the armor version of locket in terms of importance. it reduces the damage you take from critical hits by 10% which as stated above, has great synergy with Ninja Tabi and Reinforced Armor in reducing damage from marksmen by a lot. When you are attacked, the enemy essentially loses a dagger or 15% of their attack speed, and with this item you can activate it to slow surrounding enemies by 35% for 4 seconds. This is nice for helping peel carries or catch people in the late game.

this item is the "selfish" version of randuins. It gives more hp, and less armor than randuin's but provides 60 movespeed at max stacks, a tad bit of burst, and a strong 1 second slow. This item is amazing for getting around and peeling. A lot more attention has been put onto this item and for good reason. It fixes tanks and bruisers or "juggernauts" problems with getting kited and for that, any tank main loves this. I like this item when I need to be getting into position quickly

The "selfish" version of locket, this item synergizes amazingly with zac's playstyle and constant hp gain, gives him Cdr, and a good chunk of tankiness, however the value of locket is much higher as the game goes on in higher levels of play, so consider always buying this before buying that item. generally this is only built in every game, and I really love this item. it's very potent on Zac overall as he fully utilizes every aspect of this item, and if you have someone like Soraka on your team, her heals are increases as well. pretty much it makes your hp gained per blob go from 4% max to 4.8% max. This may not seem like a lot but when you collect a ton of blobs it adds up very fast.

This thing was so amazing once upon a time. Still a strong item after much testing. Seriously though, This item was amazing until riot dumpstered it. Carrying with tanks was a breeze and they had to take it away... ._. anyway 100 armor, expensive as a 50$ league card (in canada) for what it gives, and reflects 15% of damage dealt + 25% bonus armor. it is meant to be a niche buy against high attack speed champions but you will need it most games for a decent damage spike. Buy it if you want / need it or if the enemy marksmen has no lifesteal. This thing is only a shadow of what it once was.

A weird item on Zac, I don't recommend it as he can never apply the full duration of the slow because he is entirely AoE. the flat hp is nice but it doesn't really help you get "tankier" so to speak. and the ability power is wasted through the lack of good scaling and penetration items you won't have if you are buying it. regardless of all this you can consider this item if you need harder peel for you carries as well as more magic damage. Everything really comes down to personal preference in relation to the situation in terms of build paths. A nice thing is that you can proc it quite often with your W.

This item synergizes amazingly with zac's playstyle and offers him resistances to both physical and magical damage. There are little to no cases in which building this item would be bad on Zac and I highly recommend it.

This item, I rarely buy because I like to get resists as well as hp, but it isn't terrible at all. This item makes a good mid-late game buy and can heal you to full hp in 33 seconds out of combat. This passive requires at least 3000 Hp but is very strong. This item is a massive Hp boost and is fairly cheap imo for what it gives. The effectiveness of this item is more noticeable in the late game and is a good buy for when you don't have time to back all that often but need to keep fighting.

I have actually built this a few times in the past and have won a few games due to sneaky voidlings, It is a very situational buy and is often outclassed by many other tank items so consider that before buying it. It gives a nice sized boost of armor and magic resist also while providing pushing power and mobility near turrets / turret nubs. It's not good, but it's not bad either.

I feel like this is moreso a support item and doesn't offer enough for Zac's diving playstyle. Additionally the stat gains aren't good enough for him in conjunction with staying near allied carries to justify this item.

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how to Rick roll all over the enemy ( General Tips and tricks)

Ok, so if you are playing Zac, that means you are playing a tank, and what does that mean? It means rolling over your foes or simply sitting on them to death, and what is the best way to roll?!? LE RICK ROLL ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

Actual Tips

As Zac, you are playing as a tank and that means you require a few basic things; Good decision making, proper positioning, and presence. without any one of these three, you will have a hard time carrying as Zac, or any tank really.

-Early game is the time wherein you want to accumulate as much gold as you possibly can. ****************** THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP I CAN GIVE YOU TO FARMING AS A JUNGLER, IS TO KILL RAPTORS AND KRUGS THE VERY SECOND THEY ARE UP ****************** - if you stick to doing this, in addition to farming your other camps and taxing minions, you can easily out cs your laners, and will have a massive gold advantage throughout the whole game. For anyone who reads this, I STRONGLY emphasize farming these, but make sure you still gank when you can. I would argue that krugs and raptors are more important to a jungler than their buffs in the amount of straight up gold and CS you get off these two camps alone. you get 16 cs for clearing just these two camps, which adds up really fast if you keep killing them. People really just don't get how important gold is in league of legends.

-Don't force ganks to happen, unless your teammates are ready don't go 110 on an enemy and pop everything when they can't respond. This is especially true in ganking bot as a forced gank here almost always results in you dying / no follow up. part of not forcing ganks is understanding how minions work and choosing your time correctly based of the situation. Don't gank top if the fed Rengar has recently been spotted near red.

-Commit, don't quit. If you are going to fight, fight, don't suddenly decide, "oh dang I'm gonna die, better run" Summed up this means don't run away from a fight and be indecisive, more often than not doing this is how enemy characters survive with under 100hp. This said, don't force fights that obviously can't be won or that already have been lost. Don't run then decide to fight or fight then decide to run, you fight if you're gonna fight and run if you're gonna run, not both pls, and remember, BE SMART ABOUT WHAT YOU DO. This has exceptions in the form of shifts in fight momentum, something I will cover in a later chapter.

-Call out the enemy jungler's position. This helps yours teammates immensely, communicating where they are the instant they appear on your map / screen is paramount to preventing ganks.

-(semi) spam pings. one ping is meh, and can easily be ignored / not noticed, ping like 3-4 times to ensure your team understands your intentions and is ready to react. This being said, don't be that guy spamming 100 pings in a teamfight making it impossible for people to focus / spamming a million pings at just anything. 3-4 makes sure they cannot say you didn't ping / that they didn't know, and prevents anyone from raging due to ping spam.

- Always remember to weigh your options and take time to think. Is clearing wolves worth that mid tower / missing a counter gank on bot? Is going top for red a good idea when dragon is spawning in 1 minute? Prepare in advance and be there in advance. for example, enemy junglers often ward up drag around 1:30 - 1:00 min before dragon spawns. the best practice is to be there 1:40 - 1:20 early before it spawns to gain control. Remember to always weigh the possible costs of trying to gain something such as scuttle crab and make your decision off of that logic.

-Don't gank just as the enemy minion wave comes in / is huge. This pretty much ensures that you and / or your laner(s) will take a load of minion damage which almost ensures someone friendly dying early game. Just don't

- Zac thrives in teamfighting situations, so try to force these in the mid / late game by landing a "good" knockup (around 3-5 members of enemy team)

-Always call out where the enemy jungler whenever you see them, which side of the map, and where they may possibly look to gank. also pay attention to the direction they are going, and ward for your laners if possible. ESPECIALLY THAT TOP LANER.

-Remember, sometimes it is better to let yourself be carried, this means understanding that you can't alway look for engages with E. Just because you hit 5 people does not mean your team will be able to followup, or even want to go in based on the enemy team composition. Moreover this means that you need to understand win conditions and how you should play against the enemy team. For example, some games you want to engage but immediately pull back to peel for your carries, others you may want to just dive the enemy as hard as you can, and some you may not even want to go near the enemy team on their own simply because they can counter engage extremely well.

-It is good to ping out your E range, then explain it to your team. this is so they can set up baits, many good supports that I have seen use my E range so set up free kills.

- Zac is a great counter engager / ambush ganker. Use this when considering a teamfight

-Split pushing is something you are weak against. Make sure you or your teammates are pushing out the lanes before you try anything as to prevent the enemy from widdling away at your towers. additionally, buying deadman's will help you get around much faster.

-know when a lane is lost so you may focus on others to bring your team up as a whole.

- Zac can make amazing plays and drastically shift the game in his team's favour and a nice thing is that given his role in the jungle and his kit, he can actually be played to a moderate degree even with noticable amounts of lag. Consider this in champion select if your internet isn't optimal. (I still wouldn't recommend queuing up knowing you have lag though}

- Zac's newly increased attack range allows you to auto attack camps from furhur away. More specifically, you can attack the main monster past the smaller ones without having to walk around.

-If the enemy jungler goes top, consider doing a dragon as the enemy team will have no ability to react to it, or be forced to fight an unequal fight to try for it.

-Basic knowledge but if people go bot lane late game when your team has decent DpS consider a baron rush if they are immobile and your team is nearby.

-you are playing a tank, not a carry. Don't be mad if you did well and didn't win, A tank's job is to help his carries carry, not do it for them. If you want your plays and decisions to matter, play someone like [Vayne] or [ahri] whose job is to CARRY.

-another pretty basic tip, if the enemy team groups for a mid-late game dragon consider sending your team to baron if you have a high DpS composition for a free baron, and if you still have time before drag spawns, rush over to it. Generally the enemy team won't want to fight your team right after you got baron. This tactic only works if the enemy is preemptively grouping for drag (1-2 min before spawning)

- If you know the next fight will be the last one to decide the game, BUY AN ELIXIR specifically Elixir of Iron as every little boost you can get means the world in a win or lose situation. This will provide you a 300 hp boost, 25% tenacity, and a the ability to leave a singed-like trail that boosts ally movespeed by 15% With this, merc treads, and the swiftness mastery, you will have a whopping 49% tenacity, which effectively halves the duration of most CC.

- Boots are optional! if you want to just be as tanky of a behemoth as you can be, don't buy boots! if you do this you will mainly make use of elastic slingshot to get around and if you do this I highly recommend buying Dead Man's Plate at an early point in the game. All this said, it can be detrimental in that you can't get around as quick on foot, you will have a harder time getting into position for elastic slingshot, and may not be able to use Elastic Slingshot to fight due to having to use it for increased mobility. Do this at your own risk if you feel like you need the tank, are in the extreme late game, or don't need boots. Personally I haven't done this in a while because I like moving fast.

- Zac's "grouping" is kinda weird, I mean sure, you could group with your team possibly accidently clumping for a 5 man malphite ult, but how about nah. The best way to "group" as Zac is to lurk around the outskirts of the impending fight, normally in the nearby jungle. Make sure you get creative with your engage locations such as using wolf pit, etc. Make the most out of your Elastic Slingshot range and chill out in the jungle until you see an opportunity. not only is this safer, it allows you to counter engage against the enemy, catch people out, safely re-position, and gives you the element of surprise. This is how I spend most of my mid-late game and it tends to general work js. Make your choices wisely. The more you do this, the more they can prepare if the enemy has half a brain Be inventive and NOT PREDICTABLE. This said, don't engage bad fights or fights you can't win obviously, or waste E on a camp, if you are lurking outside a fight, be ready to fight, remember Wolves < your team.

TLDR: Don't "group", lurk in the jungle around both teams and look for opportunities.
~~~PS: Don't always do this ya dumbs, if your team is gonna get aced in a single AoE hit or something or needs you in lane or w.e, be there.


-Understand that the different roles of how a teamfight works.
There are 3 lines to each team: the front, mid and back
    - The role of the front line is to dive the enemy carries, by getting through the front and mid line if necessary. or to simply create a wall by which the enemy team may not pass

    - The role of the mid line is to occasionally attack the any enemies within range but more or less primarily focus on peeling for the back line.

    -The role of the back line is to attack whoever is nearby, NOT THE ENEMY BACKLINE.
    Using these strategies, leads to a clean, organized team fight, however all rules go out the window in the name of making a play.

    -If you can win a fight by leaving your "line" do it 100%!, but do this at your own risk.

    -The later the game goes, the more emphasis goes onto the backline. It becomes more or less a game of peeling the marksmen more-so than the midlaner but regardless, PROTECT YOUR BACKLINE. The importance of this is key to understanding how team fights work.

    - Mid laners carry off of a mix of gold, and experience, Top laners generally carry off of levels, and marksmen carry almost solely from gold.

    -All laners follow a similar rule of thumb;
Do Absolutely nothing that would possibly get you killed. all you have to do is farm and wait for your jungler. This is a very easy way to carry / let yourself be carried. This is what anyone unconfident in their abilities to play a role should follow to guarentee the best outcome.

Now expanding on the above knowledge, each champion has different "lines" which they may go
    Assassins : generally front line, rarely back if they are having a tough time with CC

    Mages: Normally safest in the back depending on the mage they can all of the "lines" ex:
Vladimir, Lux, Lissandra, Orianna, etc. (determined by champion range)

Bruisers / fighters: generally front liners, occasionally mid vs hard engage comps

Tanks: front or mid liners, its interchangeable really. << Zac


Supports: Mid/Back line depending on if they are a caster, or tank. Their job is to peel for the other back liners the best they can, or dish out long range damage and cc if they are a caster.


(Extremely wordy) ways to improve yourself as a player

-No game is the same, Adapt your build to fit the situation for example if you are in a heavy gold deficit, A: go tank, skip the magic pen until you can at least survive B: try to keep farming, don't go on tilt and trick yourself into needing to make kills happen that won't work. You are more useful not forcing failure and farming, than you are by getting counter ganked by a 5 man bot.

-REAL WORLD ALERT: Try to get enough sleep, and have proper dietary routines. Drink water and etc. As someone who is nearing the end of High-school, let me just tell you, you think 1 MILLION times better when you get enough sleep and eat properly. I cannot stress this enough. Having an unhealthy routine of staying up 'til 3am and waking up at 8am, is not good at all. Try it and trust me, you are WAY less likely to go on tilt and make bad plays if you don't go overboard on the internet and bad habits.

-avoid playing league too often, or when stressed, or it turns into a grind, and again, you lose sight of basic human needs and are WAY more likely to go on tilt. I know this advice may seem redundant but it is so extremely important to your success at school, and even more importantly, this game. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-stay calm, remember it's only a game, and try to mediate any arguments within you team, by telling them to mute each other and chill. Also try to brighten things up with some Gnarly bad jokes and ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE!!! Going 5:0 against the enemy team means junk, throws happen easy if you make them. Just keep your head up and look for opportunities, you are a jungler and that's your job anyway.

-Understand how the league system works: The first dodge of the day costs 3 lp, 5 min and no MMR, lp and rank tiers are just a visual reward based of your MMR which you cannot see, and are not the defining factor of your skill, you don't get placed with worse players after a dodge. that being said each consecutive dodge costs more lp, and much more time, BUT NO MMR. I say this because you need to ask yourself, is 3 lp worth a possible 40 minute game, your happiness, and 20 lp? TLDR; dodge the games you know your team will cause a negative attitude in you, or have players who go afk, troll, etc.

-Also please, please, please, understand that if you start winning too many games in a row, riot will try to knock you one in the boing-loins to test if you are as tough as you say, more often than not you won't be. This is how riot prevents people from climbing too quickly off of lucky teams etc. so expect to lose games, in your journey to the top. The absolute worst thing you can do in this situation is get salty, or argue with team mates and that Sivirly impacts your performance in future games. I know I got salty, And I went from plat I-V in no time at all.

-even more so, never say that you deserve more, or your teammates hold you back. This is a team game and if you deserved higher you would have gotten higher, how do you think everyone else did? They got lucky a whole bunch of times in a row? I tell this to my little brother all the time, and yet he disagrees indefinitely. He's silver. The way you carry games isn't by winning lane, its all about presence. Going 4-0 in the Top lane but never leaving top lane is useless, and you are even worse than the guy who went 0-4, because guess what, you win games by getting an advantage, and carrying that advantage to all the other lanes. You don't win your lane, and leave the other 2 to chance, you go to those lanes with your advantage and you destroy those nerds.

- Expect to lose This is the most realist thing in the world, Expect to lose. getting into promos and losing because of "bad luck" is nothing to get mad over. IF you are good you will get back to that promo in one to two games and have your chance again. You are more likely to waste more time by getting salty and losing games over your one promo than you are to accept defeat and move on.

-Mindsets are everything. Why is faker the best? Because his mindset forces him to keep improving, its not to be THE BEST , its to be the best you can be. and if that's how you claim what you actually deserve.

To win a divisional promo you need a 66% winrate, to win a tier promo, you need a 60% winrate. You win some, you lose some, but even then the theory of probability forces the opposite to happen, the more wins you have, the higher a chance of a lose gets, think about it in terms of a coin flip 50% for either way, but whats the chance of a 50% chance getting you heads 4 times in a row? 6.25 percent. This being said unlike the coin toss, you can influence if you win or not, but regardless BE READY 2 LOSE BOYZ.

The blame game is a terrible one, never get angry at anyone, and mediate ALL disagreements, its not worth the time, stress, or loss, and especially not the salt. Also, don't allow the enemy team to make your teammates salty, because that is just as bad, and is a strategy some players use for free wins.

Generally speaking, its better to stop helping a lane that is 0-3, the same is said for 3-0. You are better applying pressure to the rest of the map rather than a lane that is losing hard or winning hard. THIS IS ACTUALLY IMPORTANT, REMEMBER IT. Especially, in the 0-3 laner case, getting double killed, or counter ganked will set both you and your laner even farther behind. the pressure you place elsewhere on the map will free your losing laner a bit of slack from the enemy as they will have to help their team.

honestly, go HAM over whether or not flashes are up. If they are down, and the enemy laner is not all the way under tower, you should try to get there for a gank.

when a laner tells you their lane is warded, IT DOES NOT MEAN that the lane is ungankable, it means you can gank from a different path to gank them. It is impossible for the enemy to ward all angles, especially in solo. additionally, when the enemy has vision, they assume they are more secure and play more aggressive etc.

More aggression = more pressure, you attempting to gank more will make the enemy laners know that they can't pressure your laners without punishment. similarly, more pressure = more enemy mistakes

You being proactive makes the enemy reactive. Use this to take control of the game.

Zac is a ganker, so make sure you gank, understand that other champions have different playstyles in the early game. (ex: farming, ganking, invading) This said, adapt to the situation even if you need to farm, sometimes ganking is better for your team, (vice versa)

Getting dragon and baron is good, but dying for it isn't always. it is all too often that solo queuers, who overvalue baron and dragon, which rely upon TEAMWORK to fully utilize go in and die for no reason. A lot of the time its better to simply let it go. rather than making a last ditch effort to die and lose the buff. That said, it is still situational and depends on if your team can follow up, are your lanes pushed, etc. It will take time for you to figure out. pulling out a 1v4 or 2v5 (etc) isn't smart when it's in the lane, why would it be smart to do at baron or dragon?

Towers are far more important than dragon or baron, REMEMBER this. Your goal isn't to kill champions, you kill champions to kill towers, which allows you to kill the nexus. Getting towers opens up a literal **** ton of map control and gives your whole team a massive advantage in terms of gold and game presence. This allows for more plays, more ganks, and WAY less restriction. Being able to do stuff in other parts of the map rather than being limited to a certain portion, allows you to do more and doesn't funnel you into a smaller space where the enemy can find you. for example, the enemy is far less likely to find and kill you or your team if they have to look in the whole map, whereas if they only have to look in your side because you have no towers, its a lot easier for them to do.

Having more towers allows your minions to be more effective because they can push further. This means they can build bigger waves and draw more attention to other sides of the map, thus gaining even more map control.

Ganking isn't always a matter of just, that lane looks gankable, go straight there, its fine to do this every now and then in game, but if you are constantly leaving your jungle path to gank a lane that is out of the way, you will fall very behind and be less useful than you would have been by farming a bit, and ganking a bit. REMEMBER, farm first, then look to gank after depending on where you are.

Avoid ganking in lanes with lots of enemy minions, or an incoming minion wave early on. This is an easy way to get you or your laner killed as minion agro is very strong. You can see if the lane you want to gank will have minions coming in soon if you have vision on other lanes.

Presence, or even just showing on the map can let the enemy jungler know where you are and lose you objectives such as dragon or rift herald early on. On the same note, it can put pressure on the map and allow your laners to farm a bit easier with less pressure from the enemy laners.

If all your lanes are losing, pick one lane, and try to get it as far ahead as you can, you need to set up at least one person who can stick with you and carry. Not only does doing this help catch that lane up, but it helps catch you up which is incredibly important. When all lanes are losing your decisions become very important, and the number of mistakes you can make become even more so. This is another VERY important tip. It's okay to lose because you only need a 50% winrate to climb.

- when picking who to focus on in the all lanes losing scenario, pick someone who IS NOT TILTING, (unless they would afk / ragequit without help) as you are most likely losing anyway, its important to not let the tilt from the loss carry onto the next games.

- another important things is that since you are likely to lose anyway, understand that in putting everything on one laner, its high risk high reward. and you don't really have much to lose in this sitiation anyway.

- when picking someone to put 100% in, try to pick someone with late game scaling, and ALSO, DO NOT pick someone who should have won their lane given the matchup and lost on their own without the influence of the enemy jungler (or at least try not to if you can)

- also, common sense, don't pick a lane to focus on with an enemy who is 5-0. the 0-3, 3-0 rule still should be observed. (stop helping a lane and focus on others once your laner is 0-3 or 3-0.

its important to go into things with a plan on what to do, when it is time to farm, when it is time to gank, etc. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PLAN TO A FAULT. It should be a guideline for each game that you adjust as you play. every game is different, you don't build the same items every game, you don't do the same things every game.

Remember, my guide can only teach you how to play zac to a certain extent, no guide can make you an instant master of a champion, if at first you do bad, keep at it and try to improve! Some players will be able to destroy with Zac while others will feed hard and time everything wrong. Just remember that the more you play the better you get, assuming you aren't salty in which case you learn none son.

Check out video guides on youtube for more general jungle information. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Foxdrop's Jungle guide videos on how to be a better jungle. They explain the more technical aspects of being a jungler and I found they extremely helpful as my mechanics were fine, but my technical understanding of the game, minions, and team fights was definitely lacking

-He has a video on when to farm, and when to gank, I suggest you check it out***

"practice makes improvement" ~some person from a skype call

Reflect Zac as a champion in who you are, a chill dude who is just doing his own thing.
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The extravagant and sophisticated art of pressing E.

As stated before, Zac is a champion who is more or less a single defining skill, your wonderful Elastic Slingshot. This skill is practically a longer range, slower, slightly shorter of a knock up Malphite's Unstoppable Force. It has burst damage similar to that of Malphite, but has a much shorter cooldown to the point wherein you may hit 3-4 slingshots per teamfight, thats 3-4 seconds of Aoe knock up, the best type of cc. (tenacity doesn't reduce it's duration, and Qss + a mobility spell are required to escape it once hit)

This section of the guide will be covering the wonderful art of pressing and holding E.

Alright so some base information.

Zac attaches his arms to the ground and stretches back, launching himself forward.
Charges up and launches towards a target area, knocking up enemies. Zac faces the cursor and and charges up. Reactivating the ability launches him towards his target dealing Magic Damage to all enemies hit and knocking them up. In addition, Zac will spawn extra chunks if he hits multiple enemy champions.Can be cancelled by moving, refunding half of the ability's cooldown and cost. The range is between quite long depending on how long you charge. This ability will create a circle indicator shortly before he lands, immediately if his flight is shorter than that.

Your ability to land this ability is your ability to play zac. It is fairly easy but you need to be in a proper position in the fog of war to land it. Additionally, you need to PREDICT. this means looking at how everything is going, and making an inference as to where the enemy will attempt to go. A very good rule of thumb is that against dash-heavy champs like Riven, Vayne, Yasuo, and Fizz is that if they are trying to kite back from you or your team, they often will attempt to turn back in an attempt to make you miss your E, and get behind you. NEVER let this happen, always be ready to go from a long range to a flop on where you are standing . This because these hyper aggressive champions often try to get in your face when you charge rather than running, cancel your E, and make a "clutch play"

Timing is extremely important on this skill, for example when the enemy team pushes up to your inhibitor tower, initially they will be clumped together, then afterwards will split into proper positions. If you engage while they are still walking up, with your teams
awareness of course, you can set up some nasty wombo combos.

The best way to play Zac is as an ambush ganker through the use of E. (This means waiting for your enemies to walk into a position or trap where you can catch them out with E)

Timing is everything with this skill. Predict where your opponents will be and launch right as they walk into that position.

This ability also makes a great escape tool, if the enemy has CC on cooldown you can charge it up, or if they have cc you can instant cast it for a 300 unit dash. This being said, it is VERY hard to jump even a tiny wall with no charge time.

The more people / monsters under your E landing spot, the harder it is for the enemy to see the shadow. This means if you aim onto multiple targets it is more likely you will be successful.

Be careful when using Elastic Slingshot onto baron near its death or you will get pseudo knocked up and be unable to smite baron. This also applies to dragon upon it "lifting" off or landing as the gust of wind it creates can knock you back too far to smite and cancel your E. Be careful, and wait for the right time!

Without further ado, the Elastic Slingshot locations
Warning, it's a lot of pictures (47)
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What to do at each stage of the game

Early game

At this stage in the game you want to get lv 3 as quickly as you can, then proceed to gank the nearest lane possible. Many laners are not prepared for this early of a gank, and it often results in a kill for your team. your focus should be much more on ganking than clearing, but do not neglect clearing or you will fall behind unless you are vacuuming kills in for free, which should be going to your laners. Try to give kills to your laners, and if not possible take it for yourself. Every gank wherein a kill is achieved is an advantage, regardless of anyone complaining that they lost their lane by not getting a kill, you have given them free gold. Try warding for your mid / top laner as more often than not they won't do it for themselves. Make sure you upgrade to Sweeping Lens as soon as you can to ensure you don't waste time in bushes wondering if they are warded. Gank very often, and keep camp hard. Due to the new rift herald the decisions you make will determine the outcome far more in the early game. If you have a snowballing top / mid laner this is especially true as the mini baron buff can help topple the enemy laner.

Ganking bot lane has the effect of possibly putting 2 members of the enemy team behind, ganking mid allows for hard snowballing, and map presence. Ganking top allows for more tower gold, and pressure on the top lane. This translates to more map control as a whole if they must keep your toplaner in check. I generally avoid toplane ganks however because it is too far out of the way from the "center" of the game and opens up free dragons and mid and bot lane camping. More over, top laners are meant to be indepenedant and able to hold their own.

Mid game

This is when the game matters. Fights in the mid game often determine the outcome of the game and are very important. Remember dragon is valuable but not worth getting 4 members of your team killed. Choose your time, and understand when you can take an objective. The mini teamfights of this stage in the game are often unorganized and rowdy, try to focus the proper carries and not overstay past fights. The decisions you make at this stage in the game will determine if you reach late game, and your teams ability to carry. Remember as well, tower gold is insanely important to snowballing the game. To me these hold more value than any drag (1-4) and baron.

Late Game

Normally games don't get to this point unless both teams are making mistakes. Minimize yours and stay organized. this is when your ability to understand teamfight mechanics comes into play. All emphasis should go on the enemy carry and yours. focus moreso on peeling than diving the enemy carry, as generally the dps at this point in the game is sometimes too high to deal with.

At all points in the game, farm your Krugs, raptors, empty lanes and other jungle camps and your CS will be amazing. Seriously focus on those first 2 camps I mentioned though.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Zac's flaws and overcoming them

I know this is kind of weird to have in my guide but knowing how to beat other Zacs and knowing how other players can try to beat you is extremely beneficial in preventing it from happening. All this said, This is how you beat Zac.

Zac's main flaws as a champion are that his gameplay is based around Elastic Slingshot, he gets shutdown by ranged CC, normally by combo mages, and that his CC can be dodged. additionally Zac can have problems peeling his carries against certain champions such as Vi Malphite and others in which your carries will be responsible for their survival. additionally Zac has flaws in that he has difficulty against high mobility champions controlled by players with good reaction times. All this said each way of defeating Zac can be played around, and coordination with one's team can be used for and against people trying to exploit Zac's weaknesses as a main win condition.

Many solutions to Zac's problems are quite easy to solve, but this said, someone not entirely skilled as Zac can face counter-play with great difficulty. Your team will be key in filling in the gaps in Zac's design against well coordinated enemies.

How to deal with ranged CC

the best solution for this is to have your teammates or yourself bait it out then go, many times you won't be able to bait out all the enemies CC so wait for them to waste it trying to do something dumb or wait for the most impactful skill to be used / wasted then go. Using this tactic and getting more tenacity will ensure the highest success rate.

How to deal with High mobility champions

The best thing I can say is prepare to predict and get pseudo CC items like Dead Man's Plate and Randuin's Omen This has to potential to be very difficult for you but is more or less a skill based thing to deal with. Either they have amazing reaction times and you can't hit them, or you have amazing predictions and they can't dodge you properly. When looking to engage try to wait for their mobility skills to be down such as Ezreal's Arcane Shift or other dash / blinks. Another very viable method is to wait for your teammates to CC one of them and then follow up on it. The most common method I use against high mobility champions, or anyone really is to wait for them to push up then engage, rather than waiting on a neutral stand-off or allied push in which you would most likely fight under tower. Engaging when the enemy pushes up is a very consistent way to get a good engage and catch the enemy off guard as most teams tend to feel more secure / strong when pushing up as opposed to being pushed. Another benefit to this method of dealing with high mobility comps is that because the enemy is pushing they will be closer to your team meaning easier follow up by your allies. Heck even increasing your mobility will help a bit against these kind of champions. Remember that against high mobility champions every ability hit on them will have a profound impact especially if it does a lot of damage so just try to land one or two abilities and everything should work out well.

TLDR; CC ambush ganks / engages, follow up on teammate's CC, capitalizing on wasted / used mobility skills.

-Suggested items:

How to deal with hard-to-peel champions

against champions that are hard such as Malphite, Vi, Irelia, etc your main options are to engage on them before they can engage on your team, avoid clumping, and properly space out with your teammates as to prevent them from seeing any "opportunities" to kill your carries other suggestions are to shut them down early to prevent them from becoming beasts in the late game as well as buying CC items / peeling items for your carries. Generally this job falls to your support but the later the game goes the more important the carries become and you have to chose between killing the enemy, or protecting your carries. A lot of preventing these champions from succeeding comes from coordination and your carries having good reaction times. Do what you can but you can't prevent it completely so don't blame yourself if you can't protect them.

Suggested Items:

Remember coordination with one's team transcends all the above, a well coordinated team can both destroy and ensure Zac's chances of succeeding.

Oh yea, Death is the best CC ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
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Jungle Zac specific information (Read bottom note)

How to not get invaded

Zac in the jungle is somewhat prone to invades at higher elos given the compositions, quite often you can make a strong inference as to whether or not they will invade based on their champions generally this occurs with assassin junglers such as Lee Sin, Pantheon, Shaco or support champions such as Thresh, Blitzcrank, or really any champions that: can start off with a semi-reliable CC level 1 / have a non-terrible early game. Your ability to not be invaded is partly your team's awareness and readiness, and another part your ability to recognize the chance of the invade and warn your team accordingly. Generally when you start the game, you want to start at gromp or krugs based on your botlane, whether or not they want the camp or not. Please note that the following is personal preference and only a suggestion based off of my playstyle.

important notes before you continue:

*Solo invades occur on red / blue buff most commonly and after you are leashed for the first camp
*team invades occur on krugs / gromp during the first clear and are mostly for cheese kills.
*solo invades are most common on blue side red buff in the early game
*mid+top+jungle invades occur on purple side @ red early-mid game

The locations

blue side @ krugs the main location you will be invaded from is the from the red buff bush, if they come from the the tri-bush the invade will almost always fail unless someone is afk. I generally skip past red buff as my second clear to avoid solo invades as the majority of team invades / solo invades occur at or around red. It is better to let someone steal it while you farm and gank then to die early and lose it as well. I will elaborate more into this in the jungle clearing section

blue side @ gromp the main locations you will be invaded from are from the river into blue to gromp or from river, past wolves, into gromp. Generally you won't be invaded at blue as most invasions occur @ botlane side.

purple side @ krugs the main locations you will be invaded from here are from red buff to the krugs or from river tri-bush into krugs, similar to blue side the second invasion tactic will rarely work unless someone is afk. Getting invaded here is unlikely as most invasions occur @ botlane's side.

purple side @ gromp This location is similar to bot lane blue side @ krugs in that if they invade, this will be where they invade 95% of the time most invasions will be from river > past wolves / through wolves > gromp. This is the most common invasion tactic as it is most successful, whereas going river > past blue > gromp is often seen and gives slightly more reaction time. In my opinion this is the easiest location to be invaded at so be careful. The shaping of the walls gives many vision chokes and paths for the enemy team to take. This is the sight of most team invades whereas solo invades on blue are not as common as solo invades on red @ blue side but still a minor threat none the less.
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Top lane Zac specific information

Alright now just a few preliminary notes on Top lane Zac

- Top lane Zac can be sucky in many matchups, your early game is hard to play through.
- Zac is extremely limited by his cooldowns in the early game and is extremely squishy.
- His health costs can be hard to deal with early on, especially if you are bullied out of blobs, or heavily poked by champions such as Jayce
- His AoE pushes lane very hard if spammed
- Your primary engage is your only real escape before considering your ult and has an extremely long cooldown before having max rank + lots of Cdr from items.
- I would generally not recommend this but if you want to or have to, do it up!
- My knowledge on this playstyle for Zac Is somewhat limited and I am very open for suggestions and improvements, Please help me help you!

Use the same runes as jungle zac and you should be fine!


Gathering Storm
1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
6 Armor
15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)

Suggested skill maxing order

> > >
max Q first for poke and damage, then max E second for range and mobility. you will have to max W last as R takes priority. You can possibly level W in place of E but I don't recommend it as your kit is very much based around Elastic Slingshot

Suggested Items

As Zac top you run into problems as you need to be tanky and deal a decent amount of damage to remain relevant in lane and into the mid game. This is somewhat of a problem given Zac's specific needs in terms of build path. I kind of want to say, build like a Maokai in top lane, but without the mana.

Possible Builds

Standard, situational
+ or

Use this build in most situations building the last item in response to the enemy teams main sources of damage. Offers general utility and tankiness. The slow from rylai's is useful for ensuring good jungle ganks. Use the above boots only if you are using my 30% CDR @ 18 page. Otherwise you will need to use Ionian boots over mercs or tabis to make up for the lack of CDR. Remember, your tankiness, utility, and damage are based off of your CDR.

More damage

This build is very situational and should only be built when your team lacks damage building abyssal means you won't be as tanky which can be very detrimental to your team composition if they are already squishy.

full tank

This build is when your team has no front line and or mid line. your main focus with this build will be to peel your carries and disrupt the enemy team as much as you can. Boots can be opted in, in place of any item other than spirit visage and are only not in the build because you don't move around the map as much as top lane Zac and already have high mobility with Elastic Slingshot. Just personal preference though.


Similar to other toplane Tanks such as Maokai, Dr. Mundo, or Malphite, you do damage because you are not taking any. your build should reflect this. against squishier damage dealers you can try getting ahead and going for kills, against fellow tanks, you should probably farm and occasionally fight. Never be too HAM about fighting, especially before level 6. Because you are playing a champion in a lane that would be considered "ghetto" it is somewhat more likely that you will be ganked by the enemy jungler for what they would call free kills. In order to avoid this you must ward river and *tri-bush* (*if you are purple side) to not get ganked, pay constant attention to the location of the enemy jungler, and never go to hard for a kill. This is because your E is your engage and escape. If you miss it, you get punished, if you land it way too deep while still not quite tanky and get ganked, you are probably dead. Think before you slingshot, it is all to easy for the enemy jungler to wait for your engage and jump on you for the kill. If you don't have ult you are even more susceptible to this. You want to last hit and poke with Q but don't unnecessarily push the lane, to do so is calling to be ganked. use W to gain hp but try to hit only 1 minion if you want to freeze or chill on the safe side of the lane. E should only ever be used for engages or escapes in this lane and should not be used just for the heck of it. Remember in the early-mid game, without CDR and skill levels, your E will have an extremely long cooldown. This makes it all the more important that you choose wisely on how and when to use it. try to remain passive and farm unless an opportunity presents itself and you can get your jungler to gank for a kill or you see an easy TP gank on botlane. Remember, going 4-0 in lane is useless unless you apply your pressure to other lanes to tilt them in your team's favour. Always ping your MIAs a few times so your team knows whats up, and make sure to follow your laner if they try leaving to gank mid or do rift herald. Occasionally if your laner leaves to go back, you should highly consider a gank on midlane as your engage potential is amazing and would likely result in an easy kill, especially if your jungler helps as well. Always Save TP for getting places that would help your team, not to your lane, unless you must defend your towers from hard minion / split pushes in which case you would benefit your team. In short, don't TP anywhere you could walk / slingshot to in time to prevent the enemy from gaining an advantage.

~Just think and build like a Maokai, but without the mana.

please help suggest improvement for this section as I am always willing to hear new ideas and thoughts to better help players understand Zac as a champion.
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More about me.

Yo My name is Her0mars and I was a diamond level zac main. I aim to get diamond playing Zac and other champions that I like, and after seeing all the guides available on moba fire on how to play Zac in season 5 I concluded that I would make my own in depth guide as the top 4 at the time appeared improper to me, and don't inform the viewers on how to play Zac's defined role properly (in terms of meta). please be aware that i'm just okay at this game, which is why i'm plat, I am still working out errors in my playstyle which is why this guide can never be perfect. There is much revision coming soon for this guide so please take this into consideration as you read my extremely wordy guide. To be completely honest I made this guide as I have been playing Zac for a long time and I'm kinda possessive about it._.

At some point I'll get back into league I swear! lmao

~Please leave a rating and comment as it would really help slingshot my guide to the top so
to speak (lol)
Current Rank (I haven't been playing much) Plat V
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Guide Changelog

Warning, it's a lot of junk
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* Thank you to jhoijhoi for making the guide that helped me make this guide!
* The creators and editors of the LoL wiki for providing an excellent resource to use
* my dumb old self for writing this thing back in highschool lmao