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Zac Build Guide by Her0mars

Jungle Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide

Jungle Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide

Updated on October 27, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Her0mars Build Guide By Her0mars 250 7 6,397,941 Views 80 Comments
250 7 6,397,941 Views 80 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Her0mars Zac Build Guide By Her0mars Updated on October 27, 2019
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Runes: Standard


Gathering Storm

+8 Ability Haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Her0mars's Diamond Zac Jungle Guide

By Her0mars
Hello! Welcome to my moba fire guide for Zac, The secret weapon. He is a generalist who you can pretty much pick into any situation, and for the most part I over emphasized the difficulty of each matchup to better relate to a newer Zac player. Zac is a champion with a decent skill floor and roof and is a very solid pick into anything. He is a champion who's ability to carry is based off of a small portion of skill, and a large portion of decision making as is with any tank. A good Zac can carry games through a multitude of ways whether it be; killing carries, peeling, stealing objectives, or simply engaging in cool ways that most don't expect. With this champion you can single handedly turn a fight around in your favor, save turrets, and make some cool looking plays! Zac can absolutely carry you to higher elos IF YOU PLAY HIM RIGHT.

I have been playing league since Season 3 from the Vi patch and have slowly gone from bronze V to peaking at Diamond 4 in season 9! I struggled to find champions I liked and had much to improve upon in terms of mindset, mechanics and such and as a result I was terrible at this game. Over long hours of practice, feeding, getting salty, etc, I have developed a better mindset that I would hope was finalized in me falling from plat I - V due to salt.

Zac was the champion that has carried me all the way to where I am today, and that I have tried to reflect in my more chill, peacekeeping, mood towards this game. Zac When played Properly can solo carries, and do everything I have said above! He really is a generalist champion that you can play whenever, against whoever! and has extreme consistency, (within relation to your skill.)
Pros / Cons

+ Consistant Champion
+ Overall Generalist / Safe pick
+ Amazing Engage
+ Decent Damage
+ Never picked / Banned
+ Decent at carrying
+ destroys squishies while being full tank
+ Tanky, and can stick around after fights to keep going
+ High reward, medium risk
+ Clears fast, with little cost, and amazing ganks
+ AOE for days + mini malphite and gragas ults in his kit
+ Heavily underestimated champion
Zac has many general strengths and few weaknesses making him an easy champion to play and master. When built properly you have enough tank to last for the duration of most fights, and stick around even later after healing with blobs. Zac's capabilities are heavily underrated as he can carry with massive turnarounds in teamfights. His E is extremely easy to land, and most people aren't ready for it when they are clumped because they can't notice the shadow under their feet quick enough making it easier to land multi man knock ups than single targets. The healing from Cell Division is very useful for clutch plays and sustaining through clears. It does come at a cost of 4% current hp, but heals 4%-7% max per ability making it a very strong ability.The defining trait of him is his range on Elastic Slingshot and the unique play patterns this provides to the game.


- Gameplay based around Elastic Slingshot
- % damage champions kind of counter him -ish
- Higher elos require better predictions and judgements
- grevious wounds destroy your healing
- Super weak early, gets invaded in higher elo
- Has problems against ranged CC
- If you mess up an engage you might throw the whole game
Zac's weaknesses aren't extremely prevalent but the fact that he is a champ based around the use of his Elastic Slingshot, getting cancelled or somehow missing it really destroys your game presence. Zac has a weakness against hyper scaling combo mages just because most have the cc and damage to lock him down and burst him hard with a few skillshots. This is situational however because it comes down to who hit who first. (generally you will though)Another problem Zac has is that he is weak against high mobility champions that rely on split-pushing and Rotations to win games. eg( Yasuo, Tryndamere, and Master Yi)
Simply scroll over the skill picture for more information!

Cell Division This is the skill that gives Zac fun play styles and counter play. It is important to note the you lose 4% current per spell cast and gain 4%-7% max hp per blob you pick up. This can be increased by Spirit Visage and other masteries. note that your blobs only fly towards enemies if they are within 1000 units, and they have .25 second delay before they can be interacted with unless you are using Let's Bounce! in which case you can pick them up instantly. Blobs have a pickup range of 50 units.

The other side to this passive is the revival which is useless if you die deep in the enemy team, so try to be near your allies when you pop it. Each bloblet has 12.5% of your max health, and 50% of your resists. Additionally they take 33% less AOE damage. After 8-4 seconds your Bloblets "recombine" to revive you with 10-50% hp based on how much damage the bloblets took. Even if they are further away because of being knocked away or cc'd they still "combine" after 8 seconds. This means that if you TP and make one of the bloblets temporarily invincible for 3.5 seconds, it betters the chance of you being revived. Generally though, if you die near an enemy, you are donezo. Also note that other revive items or abilities take place before your passive can pop, and that turrets priorities bloblets over minions.

Stretching Strikes

Definitely a better ability that it was. using this skill now allows you to slam two units together dealing AoE damage in the contact zone between them.. it has a weak slow but it still helps us keep up with some champions. Just has all of his other abilities work it spawns blobs when we hit enemy champions. We can use this to help find invisible champions such as Rengar, Shaco, and Twitch when they try running away. It's base damage is meh and It's utility is pretty decent but ultimately we max it last. Still take it at level 2 for faster clears as it has a MUCH shorter cooldown than Elastic Slingshot @ rank 1.

Unstable Matter

This skill's Dps is fairly good, if not the best in Zac's Kit so we max it Second for better clears, and more damage. When activated Zac briefly ignores unit collisions against monsters he hits with it, to allow you to walk around in camps and pick up blobs without getting creep blocked. The most interesting buff to this skill is that picking up blobs reduces it's cooldown by 1 second. The base CD of this skill is 5. minus a max of 2 seconds from 40% cdr leaving us at a 3 second cooldown before blobs. Normally a full basic skill rotation (qwe) on a single enemy will yield 3 blobs leaving this at a 1 second cooldown. It has a decent range (350) which is 50 units or 1 blob shorter than the range of sunfire cape. This is the only ability you can activate during Let's Bounce! and it does not interrupt your previous commands, meaning it has no cast time. This skill is good at shredding tanks and squishies alike, but as with most of Zac's abilities, it has poopy scaling and decent base damage.

Elastic Slingshot

This is what Separates the boys from the blobs, the jelly to Zac's Jam, Your defining skill. Max this First for respectable base damage, WAY less CD, and so much range that a vocal instructor would be like "DAymmmmmmm SON" This is your Elastic Slingshot and your ability to land it and chain it at the right angle with Let's Bounce! is what will define your ability to play Zac. It's Range is massive, like obscenely long and it has a hit range of 300 units, so it's a pretty hard ability to miss. For each enemy champion hit by this skill you spawn an extra blob meaning that if you hit all five members of the enemy team you are rewarded heavily, gaining 20% max hp in blobs and 5 seconds of CDr for your E. Not exactly darius level broke healing, but it's close enough for me. It knocks all enemies hit, and this is longer if you charge it more. If you cancel this skill by moving you are refunded half it's cost and half the cooldown.

Let's Bounce!

This skill does a decent chunk of damage and allows you to knock up multiple people and collect blobs all the while doing so. Its important to be picking up blobs in between bounces if you can as the healing this ability provides you is just as important as the damage and CC it provides
Skill Rotations and leveling

Leveling Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

basic combo

> + > AA

We use this for clearing, and ganking pre-six, probably going to be most of what you do in the early to mid game. Make sure you throw some AA's in all the while moving ahead of them before hand to block help stay on the enemy longer, Especially if you have red buff. I cannot begin to explain how many kills I've gotten off of red buff procs and proper AA chasing!

Clearing combo (without E)

AA > + > AA > > AA

Pretty simple, we just Weave AA's between our blob picking up and use Q and W whenever available. You start off with an AA just to get that burn damage from machete going. Once we have E all that changes is you start with E, then follow the same order. Or you can QWER, I'm not judging ;D and remember, any MONSTERS (aka jungle creeps) hit by your Unstable Matter Allow you to briefly ignore unit collision with them to aid in blob collection.

Fight engaging combo

> > > > (Ult ends) > > > > AA

This is how you roll over people, and get those nice looking wombo combos. This order is probably the most efficient for locking people down-ish or more specifically, making them fly around in an unorganized bundle of "oh god where is my champion" This full combo has the possibility to produce 18 blobs in total if you hit 5 people both times you cast E, but more often than not, you will spawn around 13-14 blobs if you hit a "good" Elastic Slingshot. This is equivalent to 72% of your max Hp if you get 18 blobs, which is crazy unlikely, or 56% if you hit a "good" slingshot. My favourite thing to do is fly in from the jungle or fog of war on someone who is trying to get some tower damage down with only a few minions by their side, ulting them deeper under the tower, and watching them take 1-3 tower shots while I force them to embrace my warm, loving, tender flubbering.
General Tips and tricks

Actual Tips

As Zac, you are playing as a tank and that means you require a few basic things; Good decision making, proper positioning, and presence. without any one of these three, you will have a hard time carrying as Zac, or any tank really.

Warning, it's a literal wall of stuff

"practice makes improvement" ~some person from a skype call

Reflect Zac as a champion in who you are, a chill dude who is just doing his own thing.
How to press and hold E
As stated before, Zac is a champion who is more or less a single defining skill, your wonderful Elastic Slingshot. This skill is practically a longer range, slower, slightly shorter of a knock up Malphite's Unstoppable Force. It has burst damage similar to that of Malphite, but has a much shorter cooldown to the point wherein you may hit 3-4 slingshots per teamfight, thats 3-4 seconds of Aoe knock up, the best type of cc. (tenacity doesn't reduce it's duration, and Qss + a mobility spell are required to escape it once hit)

This section of the guide will be covering the wonderful art of pressing and holding E.

Alright so some base information.

Zac attaches his arms to the ground and stretches back, launching himself forward.
Charges up and launches towards a target area, knocking up enemies. Zac faces the cursor and and charges up. Reactivating the ability launches him towards his target dealing Magic Damage to all enemies hit and knocking them up. In addition, Zac will spawn extra chunks if he hits multiple enemy champions.Can be cancelled by moving, refunding half of the ability's cooldown and cost. The range is between quite long depending on how long you charge. This ability will create a circle indicator shortly before he lands, immediately if his flight is shorter than that.

Your ability to land this ability is your ability to play zac. It is fairly easy but you need to be in a proper position in the fog of war to land it. Additionally, you need to PREDICT. this means looking at how everything is going, and making an inference as to where the enemy will attempt to go. A very good rule of thumb is that against dash-heavy champs like Riven, Vayne, Yasuo, and Fizz is that if they are trying to kite back from you or your team, they often will attempt to turn back in an attempt to make you miss your E, and get behind you. NEVER let this happen, always be ready to go from a long range to a flop on where you are standing . This because these hyper aggressive champions often try to get in your face when you charge rather than running, cancel your E, and make a "clutch play"

Timing is extremely important on this skill, for example when the enemy team pushes up to your inhibitor tower, initially they will be clumped together, then afterwards will split into proper positions. If you engage while they are still walking up, with your teams
awareness of course, you can set up some nasty wombo combos.

The best way to play Zac is as an ambush ganker through the use of E. (This means waiting for your enemies to walk into a position or trap where you can catch them out with E)

Timing is everything with this skill. Predict where your opponents will be and launch right as they walk into that position.

This ability also makes a great escape tool, if the enemy has CC on cooldown you can charge it up, or if they have cc you can instant cast it for a 300 unit dash. This being said, it is VERY hard to jump even a tiny wall with no charge time.

The more people / monsters under your E landing spot, the harder it is for the enemy to see the shadow. This means if you aim onto multiple targets it is more likely you will be successful.

Be careful when using Elastic Slingshot onto baron near its death or you will get pseudo knocked up and be unable to smite baron. This also applies to dragon upon it "lifting" off or landing as the gust of wind it creates can knock you back too far to smite and cancel your E. Be careful, and wait for the right time!

Missing this ability can literally throw games sometimes as it can put you in 1v5 with no followup so be careful hey

Without further ado, the Elastic Slingshot locations
Warning, it's a lot of pictures (47)
Other Jungling Tips
The other section got pretty cluttered so I want to just drop a few things that helped me get from plat to diamond, etc

React to the enemy jungler's position by either
- Taking an objective on the other side of the map (Dragon / Rift)
- Counter Ganking
- Ganking another lane and doing tower damage

Always call out the jungler's Position / ping it

You can get a vague idea of the other Jungler's location by seeing what camps they have cleared

use a mix of lane / river ganks as river ganks are often heavily warded against

you can bind F1-4 to be able to check on your laners with a single press of a button

Generally if your laner is freezing near their tower, that lane is a free gank

Try to keep the pixel brushes warded as this provides a lot of info for your team such as where the midlaner is roaming and which side of the map the jungler is on

On Zac, a good rule of thumb is that you can solo dragon super early if you have Hunter's talisman, Machete, and Bami's cinder, with at least one smite charge

when dragon is up I generally try to play botside in order to get it for free if the jungler shows top. The same can be said for topside and rift herald when dragons is down. You can set up for this early on by doing a full clear from drag side - baron pit side and then sitting bot side to gank mid / bot and take dragon.

Zac can solo rift herald easily due to the ghosting effect of his W on jungle monsters, because of this you can dodge the rift herald's big swing and walk through it to smack its eye for free

Jungle Camp Kiting - (not as important on zac but good to know)
Kiting jungle camps allows you to clear more and gank with more hp and should always be done. For a few of the camps such as raptors and wolves the methods don't apply as much for zac as you can just AOE the whole camp and focus the big one, but I figured I'd add this for anyone learning how to clear camps

Blue / red buff
- AA them 3 times and then step back and repeat, by doing this you trade 3 AA's for 2 of the monster's AA's

- hit the big one, and then circle around it while continuing to hit it to avoid damage from the small one

- kill the small ones first

- Kill the small ones first 1 at a time and dont stand in the middle

- AA once and step back, repeat 5 times as this allows you to trade 1 for 1 on AA's as the gromp's first 5 attacks are extremely fast

Wave control (Still important for you to know as a jungler)
to be completely honest I'm still learning this as i'm too lazy to fully look into it but basically;

- minion waves bounce back after being shoved under tower range. Do this to reset a lane to the middle point for your ally's wave that is close to the enemy tower but not quite there

- Minions waves freeze just outside tower range under certain circumstances, this is good when near an ally tower but terrible when near an enemy tower

- if you want to slow push a wave on top or bot lane (make it build up into a big wave and push the lane on its own) kill all the casters and leave the melee minions and siege alone as they will soak damage while your minions accumulate

Lane priority
- Basically when you are in the river or w.e and you run into an enemy, Lane priority is the ability for your laners to get to you before their opponents and results from them being pushed up further than their lane opponent. This is incredibly important when taking dragon in the event of the jungler running in on you.
About Me
Yo My name is Her0mars and I am a diamond level zac main. I always aimed to get diamond playing Zac and other tanks despite tanks not being the best for carrying, and after seeing all the guides available on moba fire on how to play Zac in season 5 I concluded that I would make my own in depth guide as the top 4 at the time appeared improper to me, and to help me remember my own play style lmao

~Please leave a rating and comment as it would really help slingshot my guide to the top so
to speak (lol)
Link to my stats and stuff ^
* Thank you to jhoijhoi for making the guide that helped me make this guide!
* The creators and editors of the LoL wiki for providing an excellent resource to use
* my dumb old self for writing this thing back in highschool lmao
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