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Kayle Build Guide by Mysterious Raven

Angelic Destruction - Kayle Guide [5.18]

Angelic Destruction - Kayle Guide [5.18]

Updated on September 21, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mysterious Raven Build Guide By Mysterious Raven 15,064 Views 0 Comments
15,064 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mysterious Raven Kayle Build Guide By Mysterious Raven Updated on September 21, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Hi everyone!, Mysterious Raven here!. I'm currently a Diamond 5 player from the Philippines. If you ever want to check my profile just search for my ign, Lightning. I started playing league by the end of season 2, so you can expect me to be informative about my guide. And to be honest, this is my first guide here so bear with me as I try to share my knowledge with you guys. If you see any mistakes or have any concerns, feel free to point it out. So yeah, Onto the guide!!!
This guide is for the people who wish to know and learn more about Kayle. Kayle is a rewarding champion if mastered, Though she is not seen very often at the midlane as many champions outdo her damage output in a short time. But the thing is, Kayle truly shines in extended teamfights as her Ultimate, can negate alot of burst damage and allow you to auto-attack with your Righteous Fury safely. Now, here I present to you, my Kayle guide. I did put a fair amount of effort on this guide, and as I have said earlier, feel free to point out the mistakes or your concerns and I'll gladly entertain them <3

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2.Pros and Cons

3.Skill Order

4.Skill Explanation



7.Summoner Spells


9.Situational Items




+ Fast wave clear
+ Heal + Movement Speed buff in one ability
+ Low mana consumption
+ No cast times on and
+ High DPS champion
+ A very rewarding champion once mastered
Kayle is a fun champion to play with. She can sustain her lane with , poke with + combo. In 1v1 situations, she can outduel many champions including ADCs thanks to her Intervention. In teamfights, she is a valuable asset to any team thanks to her Divine Blessing, as she can heal and give movespeed buff to her allies and to her Intervention, as she can negate incoming bursts to one of her teammates rendering enemies' skills useless.


- Susceptible to ganks
- Low damage in team fights when is down
- Ult does not block CCs
- Item dependent
- Can be kited down especially when her is on cooldown
As with any champions, Kayle has her weaknesses. One of it that she is often ganked by the enemies, because she automatically pushes her lane with her Righteous Fury. She is also very item dependent, if she is shutdown early you'll see low damage output from her. It is also very possible to kite Kayle as she does not have any gap closers, only a movespeed buff. Also, if she uses her ult on her teammates you can switch your focus on her making her a very easy target to kill.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
We want to max out Righteous Fury first as it is our main source of damage. Then we max Reckoning to further maximize our damage output.We max Divine Blessing last as keeping it at level 1 earlier levels will help us quickly level up our main damage sources. Also level up Intervention everytime it is available.

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Holy Fervor
causes Kayle's basic attacks to shred armor and magic resist against enemy champions
This passive is a little bit underwhelming because you need to hit the target multiple times for it to be effective, that being said, this passive shines on extended teamfights especially if you build Attack Speed items. There's actually a nifty tip for this passive, when your ADC is free-hitting a tank, try to auto-attack that tank to stack your passive on the said target, that way, you and your ADC will kill him/her much faster.

A high damaging single-target slow
This skill is a single target nuke which slows the target and grants a stack of Holy Fervor. This skill can help you in a lot of ways.It helps you harass, kite, or even help your allies outrun your enemies by slowing them. You can choose to max it first than Righteous Fury as it is more bursty path than the latter, it is all about preference.

Divine Blessing
A Movement Speed buff and Heal in one spell
This skill is actually a great utility spell because it's movespeed buff and heal both scales off with AP. Taking an early point at level 3 can help you outsustain most enemies at midlane. Be cautious though, as using it often at laning phase can cause you mana troubles early. This skill is what makes Kayle a really good champion at teamfights, as you can help your teammates chaste, escape or heal your tanks/wounded allies during or after a clash/skirmish.

Righteous Fury
This skill grants you additional magic damage and 400 range in your auto-attacks
This skill is what makes Kayle..well uh Kayle. This skill grants you 400 attack range and empowers your auto-attacks with additional magical damage which scales of AP and your auto-attacks will also splash for 10 seconds which makes you a great teamfight champion and also a great wave-clearer. Try to play like an ADC when playing Kayle as she functions like an ADC when in teamfights when using your Righteous Fury. At 40% CDR, you can have this skill infinitely up as it's cooldown is only 9.6 seconds whilst the duration is 10 seconds.

Grants Invulnerability
This skill is what defines a good Kayle player and a great Kayle player, knowing when to use your ultimate as it grants invulnerability for a few seconds which can negate incoming bursts from Veigar, Annie, Leblanc and so on. Your ultimate does not block CCs so be cautious as using it prematurely can blow your chances of winning. Sometimes, using it early before you or your teammates receive incoming damage is alot better than holding it off until you or your teammates' hp are very low.

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Tier 1 : Fury gives us 5% attack speed, which is really valuable for our build. Sorcery gives us 5% cooldown reduction which is pretty nice so we could use Righteous Fury often

Tier 2 : Nothing to much to talk about except Mental Force gives us additional AP which is always welcome for Kayle

Tier 3 : While we are auto-attacking an enemy champion with Righteous Fury on, we are actually procing both Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving as well. Arcane Mastery grants us additional AP which is nice. Executioner grants 50% more damage when the target champion is below 5% health which is pretty useful in late game/1v1 situations.

Tier 4 : Like I said earlier, we are actually procing both Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving at the same time when we are using Righteous Fury which is really helpful. Archmage grants 5% more AP which is really great at midgame to lategame because by that time we have probably built enough AP to maximize this mastery. Dangerous Game is a really really devastating mastery especially at late game situations such as 1v1s, 2v1s, or even 3v1s because it restores 5% health and mana to help you land that one more clutch auto-attack or that clutch heal that will win you trades.

Tier 5 : Devastating Strikes is a lovely mastery for Kayle as it gives you 6% armor and magic penetration, it also synergizes well with Kayle's passive, Holy Fervor. Arcane Blade deals 5% bonus magic damage equal to 5% of your AP, MOAR damage!

Tier 6 : Havoc 3% increased damage!


Tier 1 : Expanded Mind grants us 75 more mana which is very helpful during the laning phase

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Ignites the target champion for true damage over 5 seconds
Great spell to finish off that pesky Teemo. It also reduces the healing effects of the targeted champion.

Teleports your champion at your cursor's location
This spell is A-MUST-HAVE-SPELL-AT-ALL-TIMES. It helps you escape, iniate, or outplay your enemies.

Teleports you to a friendly structure or minion
This spell is good, the thing is, ignite helps us secure killing targets. This spell is more suitable if you're playing top Kayle.

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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves - Furor 1550
Nashor's Tooth 3000
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Lich Bane 3100
Void Staff 3000
Guardian Angel 3200

Gives us mobility and the attack speed we need to maximize our DPS

This is a core item for Kayle, this item alone gives us 80 AP, 70% Attack Speed, 20% cooldown reduction, and a handy passive which makes us deal additional 15(+15% of our AP) in to magical damage on hit. If you are wondering which of its components you should buy first, it is always the Stinger. You cannot miss this item. Complete this first before completing your Berserker's Greaves.

Pick one between
This item is another great item for Kayle as you can frequently proc its passive. A great combo to fully utilize this item is: Reckoning>Auto-attack> Righteous FuryAuto-attack> Divine Blessing>Auto-attack. Another is when you are already close enough to your target champion: Righteous Fury>Auto-attack> Reckoning>Auto-attack> Divine Blessing>Auto-attack.
This item is really really great for Kayle, it gives us 70% attack speed plus it synergizes with Kayle as the 2 bolts proc on hit effects such as your Righteous Fury making you a monster during teamfights.

Spoiler: Click to view

This item is AMAZING as it gives us a whopping 120 AP and it's passive gives us 35% more AP based on our current AP.You can build this or Runaan's Hurricane first. It is purely based on your preference. Either way, this is pretty much a core item for Kayle and every AP champions.

This item is highly cost-effective as for only 2500gold you'll get 80 AP and 35% magic penetration which is useful when the enemies are stacking alot of MR. The more their MR is, the higher the efficiency of this item.

I generally build this to take away the focus of the enemy team on me which allows me to use my Intervention to one of my teammates. It also provides nifty 50 armor and 50 magic resistance which is really helpful.

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This item, in conjunction with Runaan's Hurricane makes you a teamfight monster especially if you know how to position well in teamfights. This item provides you AP, Health and a passive that slows enemies hit with spells that also procs with your Righteous Fury and Runaan's Hurricane bolts.

Really great item as it grants 100 AP and 50 Armor which is useful against AD Midlaners plus it's active is really useful as it places you to stasis when activated, rendering you invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Buying this item also makes you less worry about yourself from dying and in turn, you'll get to use your Intervention often to your ADCs like Vayne, Master Yi and other initiators such as Vi.

This item is actually a really nice addition to AP items, but there are more items that are much more suitable for Kayle than this.

Another cool item to buy on Kayle. It grants us 50% Attack Speed, 30 MR and makes our basic attacks deal 42 bonus magic damage on hit and also steals 5 MR from the target which stacks up to 5 times. Really useful against AP heavy team comp. Switch it with Runaan's Hurricane if needed you ever decide to buy this.

70 AP, 50 MR and also reduces the 20 MR from enemy champions in an area around you. Overall, it is a nice item to get if facing against AP Heavy team comp. Switch it out with Void Staff if needed.

This boots grants us 25 MR and a passive which reduces incoming crowd control effects by 35%, consider buying this if facing against LeBlanc, Veigar.

Nice item which gives us 450 HP and 60 MR, plus a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability, feel free to buy this if the enemy team is Crowd Control heavy.

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Well, all in all, Kayle is a very rewarding champion if you learn to maximize your abilities to the fullest. Though she is not seen very often, I still dream that she will finally break out on the scene and steal the spotlight <3

Also, a very very special thanks to jhoijhoi and her very informative guide. Thank you very much <3

Also this guide will be updated often, your feedbacks will be much appreciated.

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8/20/2015 : Guide created! <3

8/26/2015 : Changes to Itemization focusing on Runaan's Hurricane and Lich Bane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mysterious Raven
Mysterious Raven Kayle Guide
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