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Anivia Build Guide by IceyBirdie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IceyBirdie

Anivia, Bringing in the Storm

IceyBirdie Last updated on October 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever guide which will cover the basics of Anivia and give an in depth look into everything she is capable of.

I do not stress that you must follow the guide's item build 100% but I do stress my viewers really take in the guide portion as I do believe it will help you develop the correct mentality when playing Anivia.

Again, this is my first guide so feel free to comment, ask questions and most importantly leave suggestions as I am still willing to learn and improve myself.

So how's Anivia's learning curve? Well, the jist of her is pretty basic. You chill them, you nuke them. But then we hit a wall... Speaking of a wall, she has one. Landing her Q and placing her wall correctly are just a few things which make her quite difficult to be amazing with.

I enjoy Anivia not only because she's a bird but because of how versatile she is. As you read this guide and play many games with her, I'm sure you will see what I mean.

Keep in mind that I do not go with this item build 100% of the time.

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Anivia, Bringing in the Storm (Request Video)

I don't normally do these kinds of things but I also find it hard to turn down requests and suggestions so enjoy my effort hehe....

This isn't really a tutorial video but more like a simple gameplay video.


Just the intro took me around 20 tries I was also told to put bloopers but it's just too silly how many times I mess up over a silly intro haha...
I ended up winging (get it? xD) it after planning out what I would say :)

Guide Top


This guide will be updated frequently based off comments and more experience.
This guide is also no where near perfect and still has some work left to be done.

Sorry for the long absence everyone! Lots of things have been happening and I just wanted to say I have not forgotten about my guide.

Updates will continue but just not as often ]:

-8/4/2011 Removed movement speed quints and replaced with Flat AP quints
-8/5/2011 Removed Sapphire Crystal and replaced with Doran's Ring
-8/7/2011 Added pictures of match history using updated guide

-8/7/2011 Added pictures~
-8/10/2011 Fixed mastery tree on utility
-8/12/2011 replaced Archangel's Staff for the Void Staff
-Removed Ghost, replaced with teleport
-Fixed Mastery tree
-Updated other items
- Lich Bane?
-9/13/2011 Revamped item section
-9/13/2011 Finished Kassadin match up

-10/7/2011 Removed Doran's Ring replaced with boots and potions

-8/28/2011 Added a whole new section on those hard match ups you may have to face solo mid
-9/21/2011 A small look into Anivia in Dominion *updated a bit*
I've actually made some promises to add a video and it is finally done feel fee to check it out.
Minor changes will be highlighted in red while big updates will be highlighted in light blue, keep on the lookout for future updates my viewers! :)


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Pros / Cons

Ah, pros and cons.

-Her Passive, her egg, your second life.
-CC here CC there. Stun, slow, more slows.
-Great mid through late game farmer.
-Great burst damage.
-Her passive makes her less desirable when it comes to being focused... Sometimes.
-Compliments (You get a lot ;D)

-Early game farming is meh.
-Slow Auto attack animation.
-Squishy but made of ice... Dx
-Slowww but she's a bird... Dx
-Mana starved
-Unreliable CC
-Criticized (Just don't screw up!!!! No pressure intended)

Contradicting cons.

Guide Top


Along with the skill Crystallize this passive Rebirth is a big part of what makes Anivia, Anivia.

Here's a list of what it can do.
-Gives you a second life if you are able to survive for six seconds.
-Keeps people from tower diving you at early and maybe somewhat mid game.
-Bait. Say for example you're at really low health and you're soloing mid. Instead of recalling, fly around, look delicious and have your jungler waiting nearby. Your enemy may eventually flash in and try to finish you off, that's when your jungler comes up and if they are able to save you the situation turns into a 2v1. I really prefer a Rammus for these kinds of situation because taunt can stop them from beating on your fragile egg and because if they decide to run for it, his power ball and taunt may give you enough time to come back and finish the job.
-Helps with your kdr. Thanks to this passive I hardly ever go beyond the number 3 in deaths.

Here is something you don't want to do.

Run away from your team in a team fight with someone chasing you while your Rebirth is up. Late game, your egg gets destroyed fast. The last thing you would want to do is separate from your team, be in your egg and die alone, no one to save you. Better to stay in the fray. Although you are no where as near effective as your tank at taking hits for the team, your passive allows you to do it better than most casters.

Guide Top

Skills and Skill Usage

Flash Frost

[Q]Anivia hurls a ball of ice which stuns on detonation and slows on contact, placing whoever it impacts into a chill status.

The range on this skill is amazing but although it's range is good, it covers the distance with a slow pace. When timed properly you can hit someone twice with this skill. Simply allow it to pass through your enemy and press "Q" again to detonate the flash frost. Thus hitting them once from contact and the 2nd time from the burst radius of the flash frost. Practice makes perfect!

*Note: This is a great way to burn Banshee's Veil, get a stun and a chill in.

This skill may come across as a good way to harass when laning and don't get me wrong, it is! But lets take a closer look.

Flash Frost and how to use it properly when solo laning.

Okay, this skill is awfully slow and any opponent that's normal will dodge it most of the time. Most of the time is the key word here. Most of the time you may find yourself burning mana for attempts on taking chunks off their health. Most of the time, your Flash Frost will be hurting minions in your attempts to harass, thus pushing your lane... And that's bad.

Now, I'm not saying to never use it, by all means, use it! And these few tips might improve your chance of landing a hit with your Flash Frost, making each attempt more worth while.

-The person you're laning with wants last hits, no doubt in that. Use this to your advantage. pay attention to your own minions health, when one drops low I Garen tee that your normal opponent will get within range to finish it off. Because Flash Frost is a slow moving projectile, predicting your opponents movement is normally how you would land a hit. Making assumptions such as this one greatly helps and maybe even Garen... Guarantees a hit.

-There are two things that give away an incoming flash frost, the sound it makes when being shot and it's a shiny blue hunk of ice. The idea here is to not make it obvious and there are ways to do this. Say they've pushed to your tower and they're ranged, they also happen to be bold enough to lay a few hits on your tower. Simply wa- I mean fly behind your tower and fire a flash frost, the tower should hide it half way to your mark reducing your opponent's reaction time to your incoming shiny blue hunk of ice. Of course this is situational, there are plenty of other ways that can help with landing a flash frost, just get creative.

Overall this is an amazing skill as it can be followed up by frostbite and can help set up a nice wall as well as hold your enemy/enemies in your ult.


[W]Ah, the skill that will make everyone hate you or love you, consider you good or bad... And I mean from both teams.

Anivia creates an (nearly) impassable wall of ice. Sounds simple enough. The idea of it is simple but placing one considered game changing is not.

How to Use Crystallize Properly
Crystallize has many uses all depending on your situation.

Anivia is slow but that doesn't mean she's easy to chase down. Three of her four skills have the capability to get you out of harms way or maybe into it... Lets see what I mean.

So lets say you're being chased. The first thing you would want to do is back shot a Flash Frost and detonate it right on whoever or whoevers are chasing you. Though the stun is short it should give you enough spacing to place a wall in between. If they proceed to chase you, simply place your ult not directly on them but rather in front of them or even on yourself so they get slowed. If they haven't gave up by now, I wish you good luck, hopefully your flash or ghost is up.

*Note: Be wary of who is chasing you, say that it's a Xin Zhao chasing you allows him to ignore your wall and get right to you so you'd want to space him from you asap and that means stun him, wall as close to his face as possible and ru- I mean fly away the reason being so he doesn't cover distance and get you into his range.
That's just one of many examples though so know what you're up against!

Now there will be some instances where you will have multiple people chasing you and you're going to have to make quick decisions which depend on the situation. If your teammates are still alive they should be running to your rescue (unless they're jerks) and hopefully they're heading towards you rather than trying to catch up with you. In this situation check if your passive is up, if you lead them into the jungle, perfect. Rather than walling them all out, you'll notice that maybe one or two of them are just a bit ahead of the others. Quickly wall and cut the few off as your team nears you. Your passive should take care of the rest as well as your team. If your passive is not up, Flash Frost then Crystallize them all out or be a hero...

Here are some pictures to help visualize this sort of situation.

Here's another situation. Say someone in your team is pushing bottom lane and it's currently on the second to last tower from the inhibitor while the enemy team is protecting mid. What you would want to do is hide in the bush near their blue. The other team may send two or three to gank your teammate as they come into sight simply wall one out and now the tables have turned.

The situation ^Above does not have to be set up as such, it's only an example of how you as Anivia, can turn tables with a wall.

A more basic but still effective way of using wall is glacial storm and keeping your enemy in it for a longer duration by placing a wall towards the direction they're heading out.

Crystallize gives sight making it a perfect scouting tool. If you've got the feeling someone's in a bush waiting to gank you, just toss a wall in there. Better to be safe then sorry.

Crystallize also has potential to become a five second snare (they can still flash out and use skills though)say you see an enemy running against the wall, line up your crystallize close but not against the wall and if spaced correctly they should be stuck. If you want a visual just imagine crystallize as bread, the wall as the other slice of bread and your enemy as the ham.

Or here:

This skill is perfect for you compliment *****s and those who enjoy being verbally harassed as it is very capable when it comes to both.

Thank you Dan and Version for your help on the pics! :DDDD

[E]Pretty much your main damage dealing spell. It's pretty basic, just point and click. The only set back is having to get your opponent in a chill status before using this spell.
You don't absolutely have to get them into a chill status to get them with your frostbite, though I wouldn't recommend it.

Glacial Storm

[R]Anivia's Ult. With a low cool down and AoE slow/damage as well as a 20%attack speed reduction... What's the cost? It drains mana... Fast. I do not recommend using this skill as a farming tool until level 11. The cost is just not worth it until then. If you do choose to farm using this skill asap know that you will be pushing your lane and know that you will be low on mana which means no harass get harassed for you/get owned- I mean zoned.

So why bother putting a point into it when you're just not going to use it? Well, you are. But not on minions. This is your ultimate harass solo mid or side lane because it is a much much more reliable form of chill compared to Flash Frost. Not only that but it costs less mana to just send it out for a quick chill into your frostbite rather than your flash frost into frostbite. Though it does less damage, it's better in my opinion due to the fact you wont have to worry about missing as much and burning mana.

Once you get this skill, time to get serious. Depending on who you are laning against you may be able to zone them. Simply toss out a flashfrost towards them. If it hits follow it up with a glacial storm into frostbite, chances are they'll back off. If you miss, chances are they'll back off to dodge it. If they dodge it (depending on who they are) keep going at them making them think you can do more and yeah, you can. If they don't back off glacial storm and frostbite them.

*Note: I say depending on who they are because in some match ups you might not want to press that far. An example would be Kassadin.

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Skill Rotation

What makes Anivia fun is that she does not have a set skill order in which to execute.

Glacial Storm > Flash Frost > Frostbite > Crystallize
You would have to be quite close to pull this off. The Glacial storm is supposed to make flash frost easier to hit but most times you'll just scare them away with it. Miss the Flash Frost and the whole thing falls apart because they'll probably already be out of your glacial storm. Your Flash frost will be on cool down and when you cut off your glacial storm it will be on cool down as well, with no form of chill left... Yeah.

Flash Frost > Glacial Storm > Frostbite > Crystallize

As soon as your flash frost hits lay down your glacial storm and toss in your frostbite as well as a wall to keep them in your storm for a bit longer. This is safer than the above because even if you miss you have another form a chill and it's less of a mana burn.

Glacial Storm > Frostbite > Flash Frost > Unnecessary Crystallize

A quick hit and run.

Flash Frost > Frostbite

Basic early game harass.

Frostbite > Glacial Storm

A really good option if you're low on mana and not to mention a pretty nice surprise attack. By placing your glacial storm right below them as your frostbite makes it's way to them the frostbite will do 2x damage.

Flash Frost > Frostbite > Glacial Storm > Frostbite

Frostbite has a really low cool down. To pull this off, start by doing your simple Q > E Give it a second and lay down your glacial storm, the slow should allow you to keep them chilled just long enough for your second frost bite.

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Doran's Ring I'm not too strict when it comes to what item you start with but this is the item of my choice. The amount of health this item provides early game is nice especially if you (for some silly reason) get egged early game. The health is applied to both you and your passive. The 15 AP from this along with your runes should make each successful harass show them who's boss. Mana regen is nice too since we're not running any regen runes (up to you though)

Boots of Speed potion I'm actually starting to like this over Doran's Ring sure we're not going to be able to harass as much due to lacking mana regen but last hitting is what really matters early game and the sustain the pots give you tagged along with mobility to avoid most harass really keeps you on your lane.

Sorcerer's Shoes The only magic pen we're running along with your marks (unless you choose something else) Though I'm not strict when it comes to your starting item I believe that these boots are a must.

Rod of Ages Health, Mana and Ability power all in one, this is another item I consider a must. The amounts of mana this gives syringes well with your Archangel's Staff and building this item early allows it's passive ability to cap not too late into the game.
*Most people don't like this item but really, it's your view on it. Would you rather see it as an item that doesn't reach it's full potential asap or would you rather see it as an item that just gets better and better as the game progresses?

Rabadon's Deathcap Pretty much what every Ap caster needs to make their burst really hurt, skipping out on this means you're skipping out on a big source of where your ap would come from.

Archangel's Staff You've probably relied on blue buff up until now but this makes your life much easier with the amounts of mana it provides as well as the regen. This item syringes really well with this build due to it's passive ability. Your Lich Bane Rod of Ages and Frozen Heart or Banshee's Veil and the mana each item provides makes this item a must. So overall, great amount of mana, great regen and a large amount of ap due to how well your items syringe with each other.

Frozen Heart Armor is something you will be lacking which this provides. CDR and mana along with a nice ability this item provides makes this item a good choice but not a must. When debating on which item to switch out for a banshee's veil you may want to choose this one. Just be sure to ask yourself a couple questions before you do to determine if the switch is necessary:

1. Early game, who's getting the most farm on the opposite team?
2. Who can banshee's veil counter on the opposite team or how many of them can it counter? 3. Who's the most threatening?

By answering those questions get either frozen heart or a banshee's veil. Both is nice but not always necessary.

Banshee's Veil usually counters ap casters while a Frozen Heart would be a nice choice for melee champs.

Lich Bane Recently switched out my Void Staff for this item... Why? Lich Bane provides 80 Ap, 350 mana, magic resist, movement speed and a really great passive due to Anivia's auto attack range. a Void Staff is good at what it was made for being good at, taking down those people stacking magic resist. Lich Bane is just overall really good and syringes nicely with the build.

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Other Items

Mejai's Soulstealer I see this item as a way to keep score, if it's a high number you're winning and if it's low then you're losing. The 15% CDR for 20 stacks doesn't really catch my eyes either. My guess as to why people get this item is for the amounts of ap which it can potentially give at a low price. I'd rather throw in an archangel's to keep a consistent yet still high amount of ap throughout the game. Though the price is cheaper for mejai's, most people tend to get it asap, I'd rather be building for Rabadon's Deathcap

Void Staff Simple enough, they stack ap resist you bring out this. If you're wondering which item to switch for this one, I'd probably go with the Lich Bane

Is their team caster heavy? Banshee's Veil solves the problem.

Zhonya's Hourglass just a decent item overall though not one of my favorites due to the fact of better AP items and defense items. The active is really nice though. I'd buy this "in a flash" if you could use it's active while egged... But it is still amazing (the active ability that is).

So what would you exactly swap for some of these items? Well, lets review them again as well as the displayed item sequence. Sorcerer's Shoes is a must, you will not be replacing this along with your rabadon's death cap, Archangel's Staff and your Rod of Ages. This leaves your Void Staff and Frozen Heart I find myself replacing the Frozen Heart for a Banshee's Veil quite often, situations that call for this would be if your enemy team's burst is off the charts or they have some deadly initiating tools such as Ashe's ult. I find myself replacing my Void Staff to another Archangel's Staff if the enemy team somehow forgets about you and doesn't bother with magic resist.

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I always believed that runes were a matter of personal preference though there should be reason behind as to why you chose them. So I'll start with my Quintessences

Greater Quintessence of Ability Powerx3 I felt a bit lacking in the AP department and it's never a bad idea to go with flat AP quints on a caster.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetrationx9 Basic Magic Pen runes are never a bad choice.


Greater Seal of Vitalityx9 Because I did not go with flat health quint runes I went with these. Level 6 is when I start playing more offensively and by level 6 you should have built around 58 health total. Goes great with Anivia's passive.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reductionx9 Less Cool down, more burst.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost Mobility is a constant issue with Anivia due to the fact she is slow. Ghost allows you to catch up and make chase.

Flash Great for catching people off guard and getting out of tight situations. Flash in for a kill, flash out before you're killed. Grants Anivia some more mobility.

Teleport Due to Anivia's low movement speed, this skill can save so much time and is well worth it, point A to point B point blank. Teleport has many uses whether it's pushing a lane, getting in a gank, joining in a team fight (late but at least you made it) or saving a tower.

Clarity It's not all that bad. Heck, it may one day save your life or get you kills. I'm not sure if anyone besides me has been in a situation as such but being out of mana while egged kinda sucks. Knowing that the person hitting you is half way dead and you don't have mana to finish him/her/it off. Or being chased while out of mana, unable to stop them with your CCs. Wont really do much for you late game though...

Ignite Close but no cigar. Not with this skill. Because you rely heavily on your cool down this skill is perfect for finishing what's left after your burst.

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Match Ups *Under Construction*

Woops, not this kind of match up ^^;
All credits for this picture goes to Summoner: Reeshi


In case you didn't know, you're probably Anivia if you're reading this *gasp* and that means mid lane is all yours. In this section of the guide I will try my best to help you get through Anivia's difficult early game. Remember, you're not in your lane alone despite it being called solo mid!

She hurts... A lot. Now, how would you stop this pyromaniac from melting you? There is absolutely nothing she can do except farm until she reaches 6, you as Anivia should never be hit by her Disintegrate due to the fact that it is a point click. Your Flash Frost on the other hand is a skill shot that out ranges her, if she tries to make her way to Disintegrate you, just throw your Flash Frost at her and follow it up with your Frostbite if you miss, just back off.

Always check to see if her stun is up! I've met Annie's who just hold their stuns until 6 and others who use their Disintegrate to farm, if you're against an Annie who holds it I advise you play safe. As for those who farm with Disintegrate they will eventually restart their Pyromania count, use the moment to harass before it gets back up. Annie has the potential to burst you down when she hits 6. Even with your Rebirth up she'll over cook you in no time ]: There are literally only two ways this should happen:

1. She has her stun up, she flashes and either Disintegrate or Summon: Tibbers you. After that, you're in for a world of hurt.

2. She has her stun up, you get ganked at mid and she either Disintegrate or Summon: Tibbers you. After that, you're in for a world of hurt.

There is a third but it shouldn't happen if you're reading this. Stay away from her when she hits 6, her Summon: Tibbers can't get you if you keep your distance.

To avoid number one, flash as soon as you see her flash. If your reaction is good enough, you may see a disappointed teddy bear or just nothing at all.
To avoid number two, don't push your lane. Don't over extend.

Good luck!

*Sigh* Another pyromaniac. You may start to see the problem the first few minutes or maybe even seconds of laning with him... His Pillar of Flame eats you up. Because you're Anivia, you may find it almost impossible to make it out in time before getting hit by his flame pillar. You may want to start off with boots and some health pots though there is nothing wrong with sticking to a Doran's Ring or a sapphire crystal, the boots will simply make life easier against Brand's Pillar of Flame

Somethings you may want to know~
It's always a debate whether you want to stay behind minions or stay away from them when going against Brand. Sear will stun you if you're in a Blaze condition but Sear cannot travel through minions so if you're ablaze you may want to use them as a shield to avoid his devastating stun. You do not want to fly around your minions if they are set ablaze because he can use Conflagration to pass the torch to you. Pyroclasm is also something you may want to watch out for but it shouldn't be too scary when you're by yourself on your lane, just be wary because it does bounce off of minions.

Good Luck~

The definition of annoying and frustrating. Yordle Snap Trap when laning with a Caitlyn these will be the cause of hair loss, mood swings and depression. It's not always a good idea to just ignore these traps of hers, especially if it's preventing you from getting last hits. What you may want to do is set some of them off. After setting off one of her Yordle Snap Trap do not back off or else she can simply replace the one you just took.

You shouldn't have to worry too much about her Ace in the Hole getting you killed because of your passive, just make sure you're by your turret if you plan on being egged.
But lets say for some reason your Rebirth is on cool down and she's lining up her Ace in the Hole to end you... What then? Here's where you have to "keep cool" don't panic. Simply toss a wall to intercept the shot and you should be safe! ... If only. Remember that your Flash Frost stuns and therefore it will cancel her channeling. When you're low on health expect to see it and when you do, flash to her and Flash Frost her, your first reaction will be to run away but know that it is pointless once Ace in the Hole gets started up.

Caitlyn has amazing lane control but hopefully these few tips will make this hellish match up a bit bearable.

Good Luck!

Stressful but fun match up in my opinion. You can't get too comfortable with this guy around, he'll have you moving 24/7 with his Lay Waste and it's one second cool down. Playing aggressive is something you should avoid here. As a caster you rely heavily on your cool downs, Karthus on the other hand deals constant damage. After you get your initial burst on him it's best to just step back and don't give him the opportunity rack up his damage onto you. Press too far and expect his Wall of Pain cut your way back. The slow from the wall plus your base movement speed as Anivia makes his life much easier when landing his Lay Waste. You may want to start off with boots but again, you don't absolutely have to, it'll just help you a bit in this match up.

Treat Karthus's ultimate the same as you would Caitlyn's. You as Anivia should not have to worry too much about dropping to low health when Karthus hits 6 but that doesn't mean burn your passive just because it's there, be smart with it. I really stress that you don't dive into this match up aggressive though you may think your Rebirth allows it... Karthus is one of the few who can end you before you hatch at a low level.

Good Luck~

Kassadin really has only one form of harass pre level 6 which is his Null Sphere though it hurts, you can see the hurt coming pretty easily, treat his Null Sphere as you would Annie's Disintegrate if he's making his way towards you just back off or Flash Frost
Just know that it doesn't tickle, it actually hurts but it has a pretty long cool down. With only one form of harass pre 6 with a long cool down you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Kass at 6 pretty much turns into a Le Blanc using his Riftwalk to get you into range and fire his Null Sphere at you when he is. Due to it's ridiculously long silence you wont be able to trade hits with him and he'll simply get away. The only down side to his side of the story is that it costs a good amount of mana. It might not seem like much advice but there really isn't much you can do about his harass after level 6 just make good use of the time when his Null Sphere is on CD. I stress that you don't push your lane on any match up and especially this one.

Good luck!

I don't run into him often but he is a great champ and can be quite difficult to push out of lane. This match up is going to be quite short because tbh there isn't much advice that isn't OBVIOUS common sense. Due to his Summon Voidling and his Malefic Visions he pushes his lane pretty hard. You may want to call for ganks if you have a jungler.

Keep your eyes on his Malefic Visions as it goes from minion to minion, try to steer clear of the last minion that it's on because once it dies it will jump to you if no other minions are present. (it hurts quite a bit)

Be on guard starting at 6 Nether Grasp Mal's ult doesn't hurt too much but it's the suppress that should have you scared (especially if you're pushing your lane) don't push your lane~

Mal also has a silence that brings the pain Call of the Void nothing too difficult to avoid though :) If he lands it, just back up. If he misses, go for a harass. Worst he can do is put a dot on you unless he's 6 of course.

Good luck~

Certain match ups tend to be different and more difficult for others, I'm sorry if the one you're searching for isn't listed here (also sorry if these aren't even that helpful):
feel free to leave a request and I will surely write one up.

You may also leave a comment with your approach to a specific match up and I will put it up as well as who's it is~

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Your Team and You

Because you're Anivia your role in a team fight is not as simple as most ap casters.
Be sure to place your Glacial storm on those melee dps, if someone is out of position wall them from the rest of their team and use your CC to cancel channeling. Starting to sound like support? Keeping a hawk's eye view of your team's back will for sure win you many team fights.

Speaking of keeping an eye out for fellow teammates I've found myself saving people so many times that I lost count. Anivia is amazing when it comes to rescuing. Whether it's crystallizing in the jungle or even saving someone trying to retreat *cough* she is capable of doing it. Say for example a Mordekaiser decides to take down the enemies inhibitor when three of them are back and he tells you to just leave him as he's being focused by three enemy champs. Simple shoot a flash frost towards your allies direction and create a gap between your ally and the enemy and crystallize the gap. Safe.

So yeah if you see an ally running, instead of leaving them for dead try your best to save them because you have the tools to do so if you can make it in time. Risking your own life is well worth the "ty" :]

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I do keep a very consistent kdr with this build and hopefully these pictures can vouch for it, if not my word.

I know these don't mean much because I'm just pub stomping but I still feel proud of myself hehe...

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Small look into Anivia in Dominion

So yeah I've actually got to play a couple games with her in the two hours dominion was up and I'd like to clear some things up and such.

A lot of people believed that she wouldn't be great at it due to her lack of mobility but honestly you won't even notice. You should be leaving all that traveling to the other side of the map to characters that have well... High mobility.

I found myself just capturing the close points and burst down whoever shows up to take it.

A lot of people also believed that her Wall ( Crystallize) would be great for keeping people away from points.

... To some extent but the lanes are just too big and the game is too fast paced, by the time your wall should be maxed it's almost over. It isn't a one way trip into points either so they can just guide around.

In my opinion it's best to be around your team instead of running off trying to capture a base solo with Anivia.


Your offensive points should remain the same while you should make some small changes in your utility.

Time is everything in dominion and time spent dead is a waste of time which is why three points into good hands is a good investment. 10% may not seem like much but every second counts, even Vincent knows that.

Vincent: "Now's not the time to be dead"
(hehe get it?)

I'm assuming that buffs in dominion count as neutral monster buffs so I went with utility mastery, correct me someone if I'm wrong.

Everything else should speak for itself.


Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration This is the only change really. The health over level is not worth it in dominion due to how quickly they end.

Summoner Spells

Ghost Because teleport is not allowed in dominion I went with the next best thing. Ghost should be an obvious choice, you move fast, you can go defend points before they're taken as well as chase and escape.

Flash Honestly, mobility is the way to go for Anivia in Dominion and flash is another great mobility spell you should pick up. Same reasons as ghost.

As much as I'd like to write up a full "How to play Anivia in Dominion" guide I'm sure you guys can figure it out :)

Oh! And I got to play with Pendragon on my last game of dominion, here's a screenie!

Here's also a screenie of my first Dominion game... What up with the Sheen on Anivia? O____o

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Anivia is a very solid (literally) champion and is fun as well as challenging to play. I hope I did a decent job on explaining some of her mechanics and that you've learned something from reading this guide.

I look forward to reading comments and especially suggestions.

Look for Platinah in game, US server, for discussing possible builds and improving this one or just add me as a friend. Most of the time I add Anivia's I see in game as a friend (if they're nice) but I hardly ever see any. Hopefully this makes things easier.