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Anivia Build Guide by avol

anivia full damage MID guide

By avol | Updated on June 13, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Anivia
  • LoL Champion: Anivia
  • LoL Champion: Anivia


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ability Order


Obviously this is a guide for Anivia, but this is my first guide. so im showing you my take on Anivia
Im going to keep this guide very short because this is my first guide, but i will try to cover the most important things. So lets get on with it
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Greater seal of Replenishment

This is pretty much the best rune sett up for Anivia. Well atleast in my oppinion.
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Summoner Spells

summoner spells for skilled Anivia players should role with and

But for those who arent to familliar with Anivia should go with and

but if you arent to skilled with Anivia and still want to use Ignite just try to not spam your spells. Clarity is only for those who spam their spells. if you dont spam your spells you wont need Clarity
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(ONLY recommended for experienced anivia players)

For those players who are rather new to Anivia should rather stick to Flash and Clarity so they should follow the mastery below
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boots setup

i felt like dividing the boots from the main item section. just because boots are more optional than the main item setup. There might not be that many boots to choose between, but they are all meant for different situations.

Normally you would choose

but Ionian Boots of Lucidity is also an option.

Thats the only two boots i would really recommend, but you can always go for Boots of Swiftness incase you are having problems with escaping from people.
all the other boots dont really fit for Anivia
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My guide has been very standard for Anivia except for the items so im going to get into details for my item choices.

Now as a starter item you should go with Meki Pendant UNLESS you are new to Anivia then i would rather recommend Boots of Speed and two Health Potion

Then depending on how well you did in mid you would want to buy Tear of the Goddess the first time you return, and if you got spare cash either buy a Sight Ward or two, or you could start building your Catalyst the Protector. Unless you do experience problems dodgeing spells, or getting ganked and you cant get away fast enough then you should rather just get Sorcerer's Shoes before Catalyst the Protector.

Now After coming back and being ready for buying new items you should get Rod of Ages.
Its very important to get Rod of Ages as early as possible, simply because it takes time for it to build up power.

Then the next fully builded item on the list is Archangel's Staff so to charg up this 1 just use the ultimate as often as possible while you walk (fly) down to mid. just spam it and turn it off as soon as you can. Then when you have maxed Archangel's Staff you will have more mana then you will ever need. pluss you will get great mana regen from it.

so after you got those 3 main items its pretty straight forward. first Rabadon's Deathcap
and continue with either Rylai's Crystal Scepter if you need more survivability or you can go with Void Staff if the other team are stacking Magic resist. You could also just go with both if you feel like that. The fact is after you got Rabadon's Deathcap you are pretty much free to chose any heavy AP item.

but just to narrow it down to a few items i will list them

so Void Staff is for more damage if the other team are getting Magic resist

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is for survivability just in general (it grants you more hp)

Will of the Ancients grants you spell vamp (damage you deal with spells are returned to you) so you will heal yourself by using your spells (so thats survivability too)

Zhonya's Hourglass is for survivability against AD champs

Abyssal Mask this is just an item i use incase i dont need anymore survivability and i just feel like ****ting on the enemy teams AP caster. :D

Deathfire Grasp Well with the 500 AP you will reach you can take out 45% of the current health from the player you target. thats half their hp!

Lich Bane just think of it. The passive makes your basic attack deal about 550 dmg with your basic attack! YOUR BASIC ATTACK! and you are anivia.
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build order questions?

Well someone might wonder why build Archangel's Staff and Rod of Ages? well i simply like having that extra survivability and mana. i cant get enough mana from Rod of Ages and i certainly dont get survivability from Archangel's Staff

Then why all that mana? well its simply as easy as when ur a caster who usually stay in the back and dont take to much damage cause your tanks got you covered. You should have enough mana to be able to stay through the whole fight and, when you use Glacial Storm it drains alot of mana. so instead of having to return in the middle of the fight or right after the fight you can rather walk around and clean up creeps. get extra money and get better items faster.

Then why not build Archangel's Staff first since you make Tear of the Goddess at the start? Its just because you got Rod of Ages in your build too. Both Archangel's Staff and Rod of Ages needs time to get fully uppgraded stat bonuses. only the thing is you need to get Rod of Ages as early as possible because Rod of Ages gets more and more powerfull for each minut that pass by until its gone 10 minuts since you bought it. Then it reaches its full potential. While Archangel's Staff builds itself up by you casting spells and the same goes for Tear of the Goddess and the bonus mana you build up with Tear of the Goddess gets transferd to Archangel's Staff so all in all by getting Tear of the Goddess --> Rod of Ages then Archangel's Staff you will earn more early game power.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Jumping into my skill sequence. so my skill sequence might get bashed since i choose to level up Flash Frost and Frostbite at equal terms. Most people will prefer going 1 point in Flash Frost then continue with maxing out Frostbite. Now this is a very safe tactic that will grant you 100% chance to deal all the damage you possibly can,but the thing is Flash Frost deals more damage than Frostbite. The thing is that. When using Flash Frost you should let the ball passthrough the enemy champion then explode it. in that way you deal double damage with it. instead of just dealing Flash Frost's damage once you actully deal it twice. so it pretty much the same as when you use Frostbite on someone that are affected by the chill effect from either Flash Frost or Glacial Storm

so basically just level up Flash Frost first. Then as you level up just try to keep Flash Frost and Frostbite in the same rank, but dont forget to level up Glacial Storm when you can. Glacial Storm is very usefull for farming and to boost your max mana if you get Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff, and then start leveling up Crystallize when you cant level up any of the other skills. Unless you are faceing problems from gankers. Then i would recommend getting 1 point in Crystallize when you start facing problems from gankers.
The reason why i dont go with Crystallize unless i get ganked is cause this is a "FULL DAMAGE BUILD"
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Skill tips

Crystallizeisn't usefull just for walling off yourself or other from the enemy, or splitting the enemy team up. you can also use it as a short ward. By setting the wall in an area where you dont got vision. you will get vision in some what just as big an area as your own character could seen if he/she was stading in the place the wall was placed.

When using Flash Frost try to get the ball to pass through the enemy then detonate it right behind them. in that way you will deal twice as much damage as just letting it pass through them or just exploding it in their range.

You can use Frostbite then quickly place Glacial Storm on the enemy champion before Frostbite actully hits them. In that way you will deal double damage even though you used the Frostbite before they got affected by the chill effect from Glacial Storm
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Normal combos

The most normal combo is to pop a stun on the enemy with Flash Frost then quickly before the chill effect from Flash Frost fades away use Frostbite

Frostbite will deal double damage if the enemy champion is affected by a chill effect from your spells

You can also Flash Frost Then Glacial Storm and Frostbite. only remember dont turn of Glacial Storm before the enemy champion is out of the AOE.
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how she is played

Anivia is meant to be played cautious. try to land a stun then land 1 more spell and retreat to a safe distance and continue farming. Pluss she is not the kinda spam your spells kinda champion. Anivia got way to big cooldowns and if you spam your spells you will end up out of mana way to often. so more or less wait for the right time to strike. stay back and farm from a safe distance at most of the time, and in team fights try to be coverd by the tanky champs on your team. and as often as possible land a Crystallize to split up the enemy team, but dont split your own team up with it.
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Q: What is the difference in terms of survive-ability in the "Beginner Build" Rylai's Crystal Sceptor , and the "Skilled Anivia" Zhonya's Hourglass.
A: Well its pretty much the same, but in terms of survivability the HP from Rylai's Crystal Scepter is survive-ability in general againts magic damage, and attack damage. While the armor from Zhonya's Hourglass is more specific to AD ofc. Now thats why i chose to give a less skilled Anivia player an survive-ability item that works for both types of damage. Then when it comes to item skills it also got something to say. Now im not sure if Rylai's Crystal Scepter passive adds to the slow that Anivia's spells already put on their target, but if they do. Then i belive that having that extra slow is vital for the less skilled player. Than for the more skilled player who is used to Anivia's ability to escape and cooldown's would be more effective with the active from Zhonya's Hourglass
now of course this is just my oppinion so, going with Rylai's Crystal Scepter as a skilled player or going with Zhonya's Hourglass as a less skilled Anivia player is also an option. It is all up to the player. Whatever works the best for that individual.

Q: Now that the flat AP glyphs are buffed, do you recommend them over the per levels?
A: No. i simply feel that losing 1.8 Ap per rune is just to much. now yeah you only end up with about 16-18 Ap more in lvl 18, but i still feel that its better having more AP late game than trying to boost your early game, because Anivia is already more than deadly enough early game. so i would reccommend staying with Per level glyphs.

Q: Would your take a point in Good Hands (3% dead time) for a point in Expanded Mind (4 more mana per lvl, 72 more at lvl 18)?
A: All in all belive that there aren't any need for more mana if you build Archangel's Staff, so i would rather just stay with maxing out Good Hands . Instead of getting that extra 72 mana at lvl 18.
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update plan

getting pictures. for skill examples
Talk about Athene's Unholy Graile
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