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Anivia Build Guide by ZeeBeast

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZeeBeast

Anivia The Boss

ZeeBeast Last updated on July 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So you have decided to play Anivia huh? Well that is one of the best choices you can make. Anivia is a great Crowd Controlling Spell caster. I would recommend you play Anivia when she if free that week to get and idea of her and if you want to buy her, and not blowing 6300IP and realizing you hate AP spell casters. Well, how ever you are able to play Anivia reading this guide was the first of many good decisions you will make for Anivia because I will tell you exactly how to play with her and what items, runes and masteries to use. Oh and by the way, You're Welcome.

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Runes & Masteries

Greater Mark of Insight
Greater Glyph of Insight
Greater Quintessence of Insight

I use so many Insight runes because Anivia is all about her burst damage which if you play her right will be amazing, and because of all this magic penetration your target will be lucky if they live after a 4 second burst.

Greater Seal of Potency

I use this just to give her a little early game AP boost at level 1 over other players in order to get her fed or farmed early on.

As far as my masteries go though I just use basic AP materies with points in magic penetration and ability power.

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Summoner Spells

I take Flash into battle because Anivia has very slow movement speed and once you get ganked you are toast. Now, if you are able to lay down a one second burst of just to slow the enemy or enemies you can run off into the jungle then Flash over the treeline to live.

I you don't like Flash, not good with it, aren't level 12 yet, or like apple pie you may want to use . Honestly I don't like Ghost because it still leave your enemies to run in front of you and then... well.. Lets just say the outcome is similar to a bird violently hitting a window. The flying thing is going down (and for the slow people the flying thing is Anivia). Granted you may have your egg, and then ghost may be fine as long as your enemies are a low level or there is only 1. Really this paragraph is getting too long to explain why I don't use Ghost so to sum it up

Flash: "Wha? where he go?"

Ghost: "Hey he Ghosted!" "Go around him!"

Flash wins

I use Clarity because after playing Anivia for while I have noticed that until you get the in the build for you are really in a stretch for mana because your moves cost a lot of it.

40/50/60 per second

and after using Clarity I've noticed my kills have gone up, especially in the early game laning stage when I need one more Flash Frost to seal the deal but I don't have the mana.
The only down fall is that in the later game when you have an entire archangel's staff you really wont run out of mana unless you forget to turn your Glacial Storm off which will happen to everyone eventually.

I did, however notice that when you use Clarity to get those extra kills early game your Mejai's Soulstealer will have about 4 to six stacks on it (assuming you haven't died) which gives a great boost during later fights by giving you more stacks and overall leading the enemy team to say every bodies favorite words "Who fed Anivia" then you reply "You just did! :D"

Just like how you can take Ghost instead of Flash, you can also take instead of Clarity.

Ignite is good for many reasons. It is still decent in late game to get the low champions killed getting that ace or in early game where it just eats and eats away at health giving you that first blood. As of right now, I use Clarity, but Ignite is still boss so I recommend at least try both.

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This is where reading about these Items becomes important, so if you are I applaud you.

Catalyst the ProtectorCatalyst the Protector

This item offers some great mana and health bonuses, but the real reason why I love this item is because of its passive ability. Every time you level up you regain 300 health and 250 mana! That is great for when you had to use all of your mana in a burst to kill and enemy champion, and you level up regenerating all the health and mana so you can actually stay and farm while the enemy is having to walk all the way back to their lane or use a teleport.

Mejai's Soulstealer

I know what your thinking.
"Oh this is one of those builds that uses Mejai's so I have to get lots of kills for this to be good."
Well, that is right to some extent, but you don't have to be amazing with Mejai's for it to be useful. People often forget that its passive not only gives you 2 points for getting the kill, but it also gives you a point for getting an assist. Assists are easily obtained while playing as Anivia. You have at your disposal, so the way you get those assists is by jumping into a team fight and right off the bat use Glacial Storm so that you put damage on ALL the enemy team members. This way when your team scores kill(s) you get a point in Mejai's. If you continue to follow this idea of assists you will find you have 10 points in Mejai's around mid game to where you can start getting kills of your own with 80 Ability Power from the soulstealer, ultimately getting you fed even more.

Sorcerer's Shoes

This is just a no duh for a spell caster. Its passive is 20 magic penetration which isn't amazing, but it is just a passive for boots. Its nice.

Archangel's Staff

I love this item on Anivia. Remember how I mention earlier about how she run out of mana often? This covers that problem by giving 1400 base mana and every time you use a spell 4 more max mana. Also this gives 25 mana per second generation! That's epic! Not only does it completely over power your mana it also gives you some ability power boosts with its 45 ability power base and 3% of your max mana is also ability power. Really this item is a MUST HAVE with her. Just amazing.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Really not much to explain about this item. I mean it says it right in the description '155 Ability Power'. When you combine this with the Mejai's its amazing. It really is.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's is pretty cool. It gives a great Ability Power boost and some armor for the little damage you do take. It's active could save your life though. If you find yourself targeted in a fight just press 6 and in those two seconds the enemy focusing you will wonder why their moves do no effect and realize its pointless to attack you because your team will have greatly depleted their health by the time the 2 seconds is over (assuming that you have good teamwork and they realize to focus the enemies killing you). Then if the 2 seconds doesn't work you have your to fall back on.

Banshee's Veil

This item is really their for when you reach level 18 and you have completed the build. Veil is just something to build catalyst into. It is between this and but I choose Banshee's for when you build it you are so late in the game Rod doesn't have much it can offer with its passive ability, while banshee's is great in blocking stuns and other spells enemies would like to hit you with. I mean you could get Rod of Ages, it offers some mana. I like banshee's but *shrug* it's your choice. I would recommend the rod if the other team is rather squishy, but if they have durable champs or lots of spell casters, Banshee's all the way.

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Optional Items

This is the part where I tell you what you can bring in instead of the build for situational purposes and what not.

First on the docket
Catalyst the ProtectorCatalyst the Protector
Yeah, I couldn't imagine playing without this, so you can change it if you want but I warned you.

Mejai's Soulstealer
I could understand you wanting to change this item if you're not good with my assist idea, or die a lot(dieing removes some stacks of Mejai's). You could replace it with another , but that is twice as expensive as Mejai's and could really set you back on you're build and gold. You could also use though I've never tried it.

Sorcerer's Shoes
I could see someone replacing this with if they really just hate the cooldown for and .
You could also use because she has incredibly slow movement speed.

Archangel's Staff
Just like with Catalyst, this item just screams "ANIVIA!" too loud to consider replacing it, so if you want to you have to come up with the item because I don't even know what other item fits Anivia so well.

Rabadon's Deathcap

This Item is great. Loads of Ability Power. You could replace it with . Void staff offers lots of magic penetration. The only thing though is If you choose Void Staff your Ability power wont nearly be as high.

I would count this as a so so item. I never really can decide if i want to get Rabadon's twice or Zhonya's, so to get some diversity I did Zhonya's. I really do recommend trying Rabadon's if you're not good with using the 2 second stasis. Even I use Rabadon's sometimes. Once again choice is yours and how much you think Zhonya's will benefit you over Rabadon's.

Back to this controversy.

Banshee's= Use if tanks, lots of spell casters with stuns

Rod of Ages= Squishy team, You are fed

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Hang on, I'm falling behind in the build. What can I get for a quick boost.

If you are really behind in the build you may want to try the Philosopher's Stone maybe buy two. This item is great for getting that extra 5 gold every 10 seconds, so it can pull your gold up some if you really need it to. Also it isn't a bad item to have on Anivia because it also give health and mana regeneration, and it will easily make up for its cost and then some when you sell it for the real part of the build.

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How to counter possible mids (Brief Descriptions)

Ashe- Don't let her get too farmed by keeping the minions close to your turret. I would recommend turret hugging until one of your teammates comes to gank or if you can manage to flash frost and stun her just do the burst and she will do down to low health if not dead. As for items Banshee's will come in handy for it will block the stun from .

Vayne- Stay close to your turret that way she can't you into a wall. When she is chasing after you shoot a to stun her then burst.

Vladimir- His is his only way he can escape so after he uses that just burst him.

Fiddlesticks- Stun while he , because he can't move while he drains

Karthus- Dodge his and stun him when he uses . Your team will love you.

Caitlyn- Move around to dodge her but don't move into a

Miss Fortune- I know you really can't dodge , but as long as you get out as soon as possible you should be good. You could even burst her after she uses it that way she can't slow you as you walk up to her. I recommend out of her because that will just shred Anivia's health

Annie- Get allies to help you gank her or else she will stun you with her passive then you will die from . Only attack her 1 v 1 if her health is greatly lower than yours.

Brand- His is really annoying, but right after he uses it quickly dodge left or right so he can't stun you with . Run away from allied minions or champions when he uses

Ezreal- Remember that has can use to flash away.As far as goes, your should save you if you are in turret range. If not, you could still live.

Corki- He can jump onto you with and he has that he gets at level six.

Heimerdinger- He can stun you with CH-1 Concussion Grenade and deal loads of damage with his turrets. Don't even attack him if you are in range of more than one turret because those things do crazy damage to Anivia, but Heimerdinger can only survive 1 to 2 bursts.

LeBlanc- When she uses be sure to break the chain so you don't get locked in place for 2 seconds. Also when her passive Mirror Image pay attention to how her clone acts, they usually don't move around as much as the real LeBlanc, so you can tell who is the real one then burst her down.

Lux- Her ultimate Finales Funkeln does crazy damage in late game so if you think she is using it away to the side of her ultimate's path not backward because it has a decent range.

Malzahar- Most Malzahars like to spam , so when the enemy Malzahar uses it pay attention to where he places it, whether it is right behind you or in front or behind. This way you can guess which way to run when you see him cast it because it has a delay. His ultimate will destroy your health, so when he has it available stay by teammates or in turret range. After he uses it you can burst him because it has a 150 second cooldown. Use on him when you see him use on an ally for it will cancel the ultimate.

Nidalee- Stay behind minions when you can to dodge her . It will harass you like a mother when you don't do chores. Also I recommend for when she is chasing you especially in cat form.

Swain- Keep moving so he can't root you in place with because if he does he will probably burst you like crazy by using then then pretty much destroying your face.

Sivir- When she uses ,if you can't dodge it altogether, go to the sides of it so it only hits you once not twice. Sivir also ha a spell shield when is active so don't use to start out because the stun will be blocked.

Ryze-After most Ryzes cast they don't move around as much making them much easier to hit with for the stun.

Sona- She is a easy champion to go up against in mid which is why she isn't there usually. When she is thought the only move you need to watch out for is for that move deals lots of damage. It is her ultimate. But because she is so squishy she will be calling for her teamates help a lot, so be wary of ganks.

Teemo- Teemo will poison the heck out of you with , but other than that you should be fine. has virtually no effect because Anivia uses spells. The only thing I would recommend is an or some 's to see his mushrooms.
This is where I would Place Vision wards. Put them in the side bushes, that way you can see mushrooms inside the bushes and in the lane.

Tristana- Tristana has to where she can jump in, kill you, rocket jump's cool down resets after a kill, then jump out taking little damage. Anivia's will save you and even possibly give you a kill because she can't run with rocket jump anymore. Tristana is also deadly in lane so watch out for her ultimate

Twisted Fate- Twisted Fate, if built attack damage per second (which is what I would use to counter Anivia), is deadly. He can use get Gold Card, stun you. Then just destroy with attack speed. However, all you have to do to counter that is get after Catalyst the Protector in order to block his stun, and burst him.

Twitch- Buy an or 's to see him then burst, and he is gone because he is squishy. If you don't see him thought you may die to his passive where HE poisons you then HE bursts to kill YOU.

Veigar- Build after Catalyst the Protectorto block the stun from his move if you feel the need too. If you don't he is squishy so you can burst and either kill him or make him getting you nice and farmed.

Zilean- Once again I recommend after Catalyst the Protector to stop his move as you run in and burst 'em down lika boss (wow a reference to the name of the guide) (AWW you didn't know my guide was called 'Anivia the Boss' and you had to check didn't you). As for his ultimate it only revives him with 600/850/1100 health so by the time it takes for him to come back up your burst should be ready again.

Kennen- This guy is squishy and only takes a burst for the win because he only has 30 magic resist. He really shouldn't be a problem, but if he is leave a comment describing what happened.


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Skill Explanation (Lika Boss)

Now on to the Bread and Butter, the actually skills Anivia has. I'm going to be doing a video sort of like the champion spotlights Phreak does.

This is my favorite move because it stuns the enemy target. In order to stun the target you must press Q while the ice ball is flying in order to detonate it. Causing any enemies in the range of the explosion to be damaged and stunned. The best times to use Flash Frost is when you are within half the maximum range of it because it flies quite slowly and is easy to dodge. When using this move you want to have the ice ball explode just BEHIND the enemy champion you are trying to damage because it does damage when it passes though targets and when it explodes doubling the damage dealt when it is detonated behind the enemy. This move is also good when you are running from enemies because it stuns a whole group of people, and the enemies can't react quick enough when they are focused on killing you.

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Skill Sequence


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Using those Amazing skills in combos


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The Burst

You have read me say 'burst' many times, and it may help to actually know what the burst it. Well here it is step-by-step.

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Ha jungle Anivia... Yeah right

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6/29/2011 Changes

Completely redid the entire guide because it sucked.