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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kramis

Annie the dark child

Kramis Last updated on March 3, 2011
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Annie the dark child :3

Hi welcome to my guide and this is my way to build Annie the dark child. I dont see many who play Annie but i think she is a wonderful champ, and i enjoy very much to play with her, and who dont think she is cute? ;3
I see alot of annie builds but most of them are outdated so i am going to try to do a guide.

PS. This is my first guide so dont bee to hard on me!

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Pros and cons

- High burst dmg
- Good passive
- Good AOE

- Squishy
- Need to be good at last hit creeps (manarefound of disintegrate)
- Bad dmg/health at lvl 1-2

Guide Top

Summoner spells

This is the Summoner spells i recommend


When you reach lvl 6 you want ignite to ensure your kill of enemies champions and its good for Lifestealer champions and healing champions like Mundo, Warwick and many more.


Good for a fast escape when enemies is pursing you and when you want to suprise them with a fast dropped Tribber/disintegrate/incinerate/ignite combo.

Other Choices


If you are a beginner your manapool will run out pretty fast so this is a good summoner spell for a beginner.


If you just dont like flash you can go Ghost but i dont recommend it.


If you dont need the extra dmg from ingite you can always get exhaust, with it they get lower magic resistant(if you pick 1 point in the Cripple) and its also apply slow/blind it can help against a auto attack enemy that can kill you fast becouse they do minor dmg against you when its applied.


Can get you more XP and as annie you want to get as fast as you can to lvl 16 after that it dont benefit your dps as the same way. And you can protect other lanes faster and while you can suprise your enemy if you teleport to his lane i have never seen any annie that are playing with teleport but if you just like it i dont see it as a bad summoner.

There are many more Summoners spells but i cant see that any other will benifit you very well.

Guide Top


As for Masteries I choose 9/0/21 AP build. I dont reccomend that you get 1 point in greed instead of Utility Mastery you need to have the blue buff as long you can have it for the CDR and mana/5. Greed only gets you around 180 gold on an avarage match its not even enough for all the health potions you need to buy in a regular match. If you go exhaust get 1 point in Cripple to get 10 magic pentration and longer duration.

Guide Top


This is what i use but you can tweak your Runes how you like.

Choice of Marks

x9 I dont really recommend any other mark. its get you good dmg, and enemy champions that dont stack Magicresistant have 30 Magicresistant and it wont go higer. this with sorcerer's shoes will give you 28.55 magic pentration and they will have almost 0 defence against magic dmg.

Choice of Glyph

x9 I like CDR so Greater Glyph of Celerity is a good choice for me at lvl 18 they do 8.1% CDR and is better then flat CDR runes at lvl 6 so dont go flat.

Other good Glyphs

x9 If you want higher dmg in early game.
Greater Glyph of Knowledgex9 If you having mana problems but dont wanna go with Clarity. exceed flat on at lvl 5 so dont take flat.
x9 If you just like really much ap :3.

Choice of Seals

Greater Seal of Vitalityx9 is my favorite it will boost your hp and you dont die as fast when its a teamfight.

Other good Seals

x9 will give you a little boost of dmg at low lvl.
x9 If you have manaproblems.
x9 Will give you 2.91% CDR and its okey but i dont really recommend this but do you want even lower CDR take this.

Choice of Quintessences

x3 I love this you get 72 hp, as annie you have low hp at lvl 1 (422). It will boost your hp with 15% at lvl 1 and you can be more aggresive. Before patch it was 97.2 hp so they lowed the hp gain from 32.4 to 26 :/. I still think its the best Quintessence that you can choose.

Other good Quintessences

x3 will give you 5.67 more magicpentration its pretty nice but its not really needed you should already have nice MP.
x3 If you want better CDR.
x3 If you really want a little higher dmg at low lvl.
x3 If you still have manaproblems.

Guide Top


Core items

Why i pick this items as a corbuild and what i build first:

, x2 > Catalyst the Protector, > > , > , >

Roa gives much mana/hp and AP for its price, you should allways get this first becouse after every minute it gets better and better untill 15min, So it will get better faster if you get it fast.

Sorcerer's Shoes will give you nice MP and you will be alot faster.

With Rylai's Crystal Scepter you get some hp so you last longer in teamfights and slow will apply after a spell so they have harder to run away and pursit you. it aslo give some nice AP.

Rabadon's Deathcap gives just so much AP and who dont love the passive 30% more Ap <3

And ofc almot everry time you return home buy Health potions.

Situational items:

Buy Void Staff if there are to many enemies that are stacking MR becouse it gives you good amount of Ap and the passive MP is really nice. If you buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity you can get this item and still have nice MP.

The new boots and i really like them. The passive is really nice and provides you with good CDR. A loss of MP so you need to get some other MP item for most dmg.

I almost forgot Doran's ring i liked it alot when you could buy a health potion to but now when it cost 475 i dont see it as a good item, Lol buffed it with more Mp/5 but the extra dmg you get is to low as annie and the health is only +100. 2 hp pots give you 400 so you can stay in lane longer so i never get this anymore but its your choice.

If there are to many ccs on the other team pick instead this boots i recommend them if there are 3 or more ccs on the other team.

Zhonya's Hourglass gives annie very good amount of ap and still create some defence nice armor and active is really good if you use it well.

I like Haunting Guise when i want much dmg at low lvl. and if there are Champions on the other team that has high MR, like if they buy Mercury's Treads or if there are champions like Warwick and Evelynn who gain more MR as they lvl it will get some to effective magic resistance and you will do more dmg. If you dont know what effective magic resistance is you can read here. Your text to link here...

Take Mejai's Soulstealer if its going well if you have good score after you get Roa and shoes get this but if you dont get stacks and die alot sell it.

Deathfire Grasp is good against tanks becouse the active and give som mp/5 and AP as CDR all you want. but i almost never buy this but if other team have 2-3 tanks mabye you should get it.

Buy Abyssal Scepter if the enemy team has to many casters but not alot of ccs then this is a good choice. If no one have it on your team get it, give both AP/MR and nice passive.

Buy Frozen Heart if there are to many AD enemies and you cant get the blue buff so often, it provide both armor/CDR/mana and nice passive.

Get Guardian Angel if you dont want to loose your 20 Mejai's Soulstealer stacks. Not really a good item for annie, but if you dont want to lose the stacks this will help you a little.

Buy Quicksilver Sash if you are allways trapped in ccs and you cant do anything about it, it also have nice MR.

Banshee's Veil take this if there are to many AP champons on the other team, Really nice MR/passive/mana and hp i really like this item.

And dont forget to buy this sometimes when you feel that it is soon a teamfight it provides good amount of both AP and CDR for its price.

Good to remind that Mobafire dosen't calculate RoA at full stacks and 30% off rabon passive so you get 760 ap + masteries and runes from this guide ;3

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I am not gonna provide with a playstyle guide. I think everybody need to find out how they play annie there own way. There are nobody that play the same and you need to find your playstyle thats fit you the best. I have done some tips and and you can look there for tips to be a better annie player. ;3 Here is a good guide to play a good annie

As the Annie video says you can go with Incinerate before Disintegrate when i know i will face a champ that i want to harras and mabye score a kill/firstblood pretty fast i go with Incinerate but then you need to learn how to good lasthit (with autoshots) while you play aggresive and dont loose to much mana. I just Change order on lvl 1 and take Incinerate and get 4-5 Phyromania in the base. then when you reah lvl 2 take Disintegrate and same with lvl 3 and after that you use the same skill build.

I was playing yesterday and i did okey with her so i thought i would link the matches. This proves that you can get pretty good results with this guide/build. all are lvl 30 matches but not ranked.

Guide Top


* Dont have 5 staks of pyromania so the other team can see that you will have stun, sometimes when you just want to scare them get 5 stacks so they know you have stun, they will play more defensive.

* Land you ulti First thing you do and YOU want it to stun so so they take more dmg from tribbers, autohit with tribbers. you can go with him with shift+rightclick on mouse. He also do aoe dmg so keep that in mind.

* After you land utli do disintegrate before incinerate becous it have lower CD so it will almost be ready after you have done your Incinerate.

* Use flash to get a perfect Ulti, Stun as many targets you can.

* you can use incinerate in base so you get your stacks up to 4/5 from your passive.

* Try to get Mid, If the other team have a mid anivia dont play mid she is the hardest to face as her passive make her pretty hard to kill as annie.

* Try to land as many disintegrate on low life creeps ( so they die ) as you can, it will refound your mana and you get more stacks on your passive.

* Try to get atleast 3-4 creeps/wawe if you cant you need to Practice lasthits.

* Try to get Roa at 12 mim-14 min i know it sounds hard but get a kill at lvl 6 and farm good and you will do it. If you dont get it in 18-20 min you need to pratice more lasthit or mabye you had bad luck?.

* When you reach lvl 6 try to kill the other champ. out of 4/5 times you can do it with Ulti/ Disintegrate/incinerate/ignite combo.

* If you die alot dont get Mejia's soulstealer its a waste of money. try to have atleast 6-8 stacks if you get under 5 stacks sell it and buy something else.

* If you sololane against a champ with high hp i recommend to not go with molten shield at lvl 4 and lvl up incinerate more to get more dmg at lvl 6 when you try to kill him.

I hope you all will play annie alot i dont see her to often. I dont really get it, she is a really funny champ to play and really a bad *** when it comes to burst dmg. And plz comment if you vote bad!


Edit* not done yet.