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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Annie Build Guide by FallenLegion

Middle Annie - The Professional Mid Carry

Middle Annie - The Professional Mid Carry

Updated on November 12, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FallenLegion Build Guide By FallenLegion 120 26 4,465,456 Views 36 Comments
120 26 4,465,456 Views 36 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FallenLegion Annie Build Guide By FallenLegion Updated on November 12, 2017
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Annie is a champion with a lot of AoE damage and potential CC because of her passive. The primary build(The Unstoppable Bear) that I show above is not meant as a safe build, especially for someone new to Annie, it's meant about the risk and reward system of dishing out damage given you're in good positioning.

What Does Annie offer to a team and overall as the Dark Child?

- Has AoE stun due to passive
- AoE stun at level 1 by grabbing W first
- Has great gank potential, which can be utilized with teleport
- Strong early game
- Has a method of blocking skill shots when Tibbers is alive
- Great farming ability, with q which refunds full mana when executing a unit, great for stacking passive
- Has quick burst damage
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About me

  • I have quite a lot of experience with playing Annie
  • Currently Platinum 5, as my in-game name is FallenLegion1
  • Have been in multiple clans and have competed in many 5v5's , as well occasional scrims
  • This is my second guide, but any comments and recommendations would be highly helpful


Thank you for reading, and please up-vote if you liked the guide

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Summoner Spells


Flash/Teleport: Offers great potential to gank and have that lane presence in-case of an emergency fight on the other side of the map. With flash being a must get, giving out the ability to flash and pull of you perfect combo in the comfortable positioning to do so. With Annie's, toolkit of low cooldowns and great damage you can switch that ignite with teleport giving you freedom around the map. The play-style orientation with the intent to grab flash and teleport is having burst CC combo for your team with potential to be around the map and great gank potential with the use of teleport.

Flash/Ignite: Provides with great short term gap closer/gap distance, great for escaping over walls and just about every skill shot, meanwhile still having the extra true damage from ignite. Ignite gives you the finishing off power and securing a kill instead of the ganking ability that teleport provides.


Barrier - Great as being in mid it is not rare to see a lot of burst applied to you in any given situation and utilizing barrier to get some of the damage off can be very effective.
Heal - Its acceptable to a degree, being a quick boost of health for teammates, but is very strong in tricking opponents into tricking you are low health, but quite the risky move.
Cleanse - Helps in some cases, really situational and has to be timed well. Very useful to clear any effects like stuns putting the pressure off of you and on the enemy team applying CC onto their team in an AoE.
Exhaust - Helps against burst target champions if timed well. Also helps to catching fighting a strong dps preventing them from their potential damage over the duration of exhaust.
Clarity - Helps with some mana issues, especially without many mana items. Could be used to trick opponents thinking into the fact that you cannot cast spells when an instant clarity giving you ability to turn around the situations.

Idk, just save it for dominion:

Revive(RIP), Smite, Garrison

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Starting Items

Doran's ring - Standard choice, absolutely great, with first major items having little mana regen, this is pretty much a must buy even if you decide to start with boots or Amplifying Time unless you rush a RoA or other mana items. Overall giving you extra health and a bonus 15 AP making a big impact in laning phase.

Amplifying Tome - Offers 5 more AP then Doran's ring, but still useful with optimization to be build into something early, such as early Kages, in Season 3 being a viable choice. With Season 4, Kage's lucky pick won't be as good of a get on AP carries getting a re-work.

Early Boots of Speed - Gives great ability to dodge skill shots effectively and get in range to poke at Champions having higher speed then your opponent.
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First Item Selection

A lot of Annie's build is heavily centralized around her first item that you select first, due to her having a big impact at the point in the game as far as controlling the result of a lot of the teamfights:

So what does each one offer:

The most aggresive start there is, while lacking sustain stats such as mana,health, cooldown reduction, gives a more open scope of action choices beyond your lane with the acquired movement speed. Help against midlaner's who dwell in magic damage, yet with still great damage, while lacking sustain stats such as mana,health, cooldown reduction. Ability to take a bit more damage, and stay longer in the fight, if you just need to kill game time for some minutes before any action begins. Versatility, offers a small bit of everything. Absolutely great as a starting point for a cheap price.
+Gives crazy Damage +Gives slightly less damage, but do consider the magic pen +Gives good Damage +Gives good Damage
-Lacks health and mana -Lacks mana, while it does lack's health, offers resistance, which is far more useful early game +Gives health and mana +Gives cooldown reduction
+Movemeent speed, helps with ganking/running away in combination with stuns -Lacks Health and mana -Lacks mana regen +Gives mana regen
-No Cooldown Reduction -Lacks mana regen -No Cooldown Reduction -Lacks health and mana

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Must get by end of build:

Rabadon's Deathcap - Get this item anywhere from 1st to 3rd, as it just boosts your damage more than any other item.

Void Staff - Don't be hesitant to get this too early, as many champions have a base 45 magic damage at level 18 the numbers go up with runes, defensive masteries and presence in teamfights makes numbers go higher with Locket of the Iron Solari. Its recommended to get this after your 2nd or 3rd damage dealing after this: Rabadon's Deathcap

Primary Main item choices:

Abyssal scepter - An early buy of this item is what may make it a decent choice if the enemy team is magic damage heavy, with the provided passive which helps better penetrate for Tibbers, which does a lot more damage over time to surrounding units with penetration. Not too strong of a late game item, with other items bring a lot more to action, but a decent choice if grabbed early enough.

Morellonomicon - The revamped Morello's tome "Morellonomicon" is very useful for the stats of early mana, AP, overall lower cooldowns, and getting it early in the game can provide with damage that is efficient for its price of 2200g, being one of the cheapest items you will buy. While the 20% cooldown being very important in the later stages of the game.

Rod of Ages - If you don't get this as your first item there's really not that big of use from it once you get, as it's intention is to be progressively better and fully stacked when teamfights arise, providing you with every essential stat, Health, AP and mana.

Secondary Main item choices:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Helps with health as a mere 2200 hp at level 18 is quite the squishy with no armor being able to save you without at least some sort of health item. The passive is quite unique, and with Annie's CC, when they are not stunned they can still be heavily effected as two of Annie's skills being AoE this provides control over the enemy team helping you team more then you think.

Zhonyas hourglass - Provides with the most amount of flat AP, being equivalent with Rabadon's Deathcap and Deathfire Grasp, this provides a bit of armor which helps a bit against general ad champions, but its really key is being able to use active to wait on cooldowns having the great ability to use passive on entire enemy team twice without being too much injured in the process. For general purpose provides a greater damage and more use in some situations then my offering of getting Frozen Heart, it is up to preference if you need that mana and cooldowns or more damage combined with invulnerability active.

Optional choices:

Frozen Heart - This is quite the great item, with exceptional cooldowns, when every second is on the line and carries do a lot of damage the cooldown of 20% is a big boost with quicker stuns. Overall the items provides a lot of armor and gives you the tankiness that everyone will under-estimate being able to tank some damage and being more in the fight throughout.

Randuin's Omen In compensation to Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you can get this very late into your build, giving you great tankiness ability combined with the slow active on it similar to Rylai's Crystal Scepter

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Pyromania (Passive) - Brief Description: After 4 spells, the next one stuns a target
  • Can be Take advantage of stun at level 1 with W picked up

Disintegrate (Q) - Brief Description: Does damage, having travel time. Replenishing mana on kill of a unit
  • Great utilization for farming in lane

Incinerate (W) - Brief Description: Does damage in a cone in-front of Annie
  • Great for clearing waves
  • Co-relation with passive: Provides instant stun into an area infront

Molten Shield (E) - Brief Description: Provides armor and magic resist providing you with 1 point into passive
  • Is the only spell that does not activate the actual stun at max 4 stacks
  • Co-relation with passive: Great for the purpose of getting instant point into passive getting your stun unexpectedly to your enemies

Summon Tibbers (R) - Brief Description: Does instant damage in a AoE form, as well as dealing damage over-time to enemies near Tibbers and from Tibbers auto-attacks
  • Co-relation with passive: can be used with stun to get the same stun effect as Disintegrate in a AoE. The units stunned will be vulnerable to damage over time from Tibbers while stunned if using Tibbers with stun.

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Spells Combos


  • Using Molten Shield and even Incinerate to get that perfect 3 points into passive is essential to make sure when the time comes you get that stun off correctly and give your team the opportunity to jump on their vulnerable
  • Starting with Summon: Tibbers having Tibbers do that damage over time getting the most damage put out there as possible, but using Incinerate to start this off is also an option
  • Spam every ability from here on, with Molten Shield being spammed at the righteous moment to get that passive proc

Fighting a 1v1:

  • Using Flash if you need to catch up
  • As deathfire's grasp has a travel time, its better to stun first and then continue the rest of your combo in those 1.75 seconds of stun

Clearing Jungle Creep:

  • Use Incinerate to aggro all creeps and do as much initial damage as you can
  • Activating Molten Shield will deal damage and kill off the smaller creeps to all the aggro-ed monsters
  • Using Disintegrate on the biggest Target that won't survive the initial blast such as the big Wraith or the Big wolf

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  • Getting Incinerate first gives you the ability to get the passive off providing with an instant and AoE stun while providing decent damage as well, if no teamfight breaks out at level 1, this will provides with a stun to your leash to jungler, saving their health without taking damage for a few seconds.
  • Although getting Disintegrate will be extremely beneficial if you are against a weak opponent and think you can pull off great damage onto the target.
  • Getting 1 level into E prior to level 6 is important, giving you the ability to instantly proc passive with passive being on 3rd tick going to 4th, giving the ability to stun the enemy in fast situations.

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Lane Ward placement and using Teleport

Here I discuss the spots where opportunities would usually arise for you to use teleport and make that successful gank or at best, protect your teammates from harm.
Image from internet, do not own any rights to this


  • The yellow is your standard wards helping you with safety around your lane, yet can be helpful if you travel a lot, especially early on with a Luden's Echo in the build order.
  • Sweeping lens, majority of the time, leaving for support and/or jungler
  • The Farsight blue are greatly useful for checking enemy presence in brushes, being a great buy on rnaged champions like Nidalee and Xerath due to their long range spells that are able to be cast outside of their regular vision range.
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Gameplay style

Distributed into levels, describing the approximate gameplay you are in for:

1-6(Early Rampage): Poking as much as you can with Q is key. An aggressive combo can be placed with the use of stun, getting 1-2 free auto-attacks at max range dealing damage without receiving any.

6-9(Aggressive Expansion): With ultimate at your disposal you may strive to be more aggressive, and asking for help from the jungler to gank, can make for a good secure kill, as going for an all in can either get you killed or scare your opponent to early. With the use of Teleport you have to keep a close eye like Shen with his ult, finding opportunities to gank or turn a deadly situation for your teammates into a savior and lead in the game with the disposal of AoE stun to lock down targets.

9-18(The Fray of the battle): From here onward, it will just be the choice of the two teams how they want to play it out, having protective wars over dragons or rushing to the nexus. At this stage you will be depended on how both teams did prior and will have act accordingly. Look at Teamfight section to see how to utilize abilities in different situations.

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Guide Started on 20th November Wednesday 2013
Guide published on "21st November Thursday 2013"
Added in Item section on "21st November Thursday 2013"
Have been updating every 30 minutes with new content on first day of release
Have been playing around with masteries and have changed them a bit
Updated look of item sections, as well as made headers better appealing
28th November - updated images, added rune visual rune page, introduction picture and made more fancy
December 17th 2013, changed Rune layout
Thanks to "Shizukani" for the Annie line separator
Added Morellonomicon as a very viable item to Annie's kit
Added "First item section", 2014 January 31
Fixed a lot of small mistakes and made small changes to builds, 2014 March 20th
Removed items, and made Luden's echo as well as abyssal scepter to be add to main options of first items to take

Thank you, for the attention this has gotten!

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