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Not Updated For Current Season

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Corki Build Guide by deevn

AP Carry Ap Corki AMAZING BURST by deevn

AP Carry Ap Corki AMAZING BURST by deevn

Updated on June 23, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deevn Build Guide By deevn 8,499 Views 5 Comments
8,499 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author deevn Corki Build Guide By deevn Updated on June 23, 2013
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Hey i present you my AP Corki ! I trained him so hard, now i can show you his power ! All people say it's a troll but not, it rly works and in particular against squishy ap carry !
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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Nice Escape with your Valkyrie ;
- Amazing Harass and Spam with his Phosphorus Bomb and his Missile Barrage
- Nice farmer
- All his damage are AoE, he is important in a tf
- When you reach your 6, you will be invicible on your lane, you will dominating it.


- Must have taken kills in early for rush his core items in mid game : Lich Bane Rabadon's Deathcap and Archangel's Staff
- You can be useless in late game if you dont have a great farm and some kills.
- You must play safe until your 6, just farm and try to take kills with good ganks of your jgl !
- Care with your mana in early ! Wait your Tear of the Goddess !
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Lane Phase

Early Game :
In early play aggressive but care of the farm. Spam sometimes your Phosphorus Bomb For last hiting and harass the ennemy. Starts with Boots and Potions for have the best mobility at the start. When you will reach your 6, and have your Missile Barrage, you will dominate for sure your lane. You will harass with no interruption and have the farm also. It's when Corki is the more strong in the early game.

Mid Game :
When you have your core items from a nice early, you can easily oneshot an ennemy carry with this combo : Phosphorus Bomb AA with your Lich Bane then spam your Missile Barrage
In teamfights, Corki's AoE damage deals amazing damage ! Stay behind and spam your Q and R ! If you begin focus just escape them with your Valkyrie.
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Summoner Spells

Classic, for have a double escape with your Valkyrie

It's nice for finish kills.

Great on him against carry that have a big burst like Lux or Kha'zix.

Viable to be fast on your lane but not the best one. You can take it if you want to farm well !
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Opponent Difficulty

Difficulty start from Easy, then Medium and for finish Hard

Easy You will dont have any problem against her, just dodge her E.
Hard Difficult to play against her, if you become freezed, you are dead.
Hard For me, you can't hold the lane against annie, she has always a stun on her and it's fatal for Corki.
Medium Care of his stun and his combo, play safe.
Hard She just have more spam and harass than you in the first level. I don't like play against her.
Medium You can dominate her in the first levels but care of her 6.
Hard Very very hard, he can't easily harass you and finish by jumping on you.
Hard Impossible, don't try.
Medium Your spells at lvl 3 are not so good for both. Skill match-up, if you are good with your Corki you will win !
Easy You can easy dodge his ult, and in lane phase you are better with your harass !
Medium Just care of his stun, play safe, behind minions.
Medium If you harass him since the start you will have the advantage on him, just call your jungler for a gank and when you will take a kill, it will be easy after.
Hard Really difficult, she can oneshot you before you start to harass her.
Easy She can harass you well, and oneshot you with her combo. But you can do the same, and better with your 6 !
Easy Dodge her spear, and it's easy !
Medium Before her 6, play safe because she can deals tons of damage with her spells. But when you will arrive at your 6, it will be simple.
Hard Hard lane, don't try it. Take an other champ.
Hard It's my opinion, i think Syndra have more harass and burst then Corki, it will be difficult for you to take the advantage against her.
Easy Easy match-up, care of his gold, i think you have no problem to win against him.
Hard Hard lane, don't try, Zed is really OP he has a great AD burst.
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Ap corki is a great AP carry with an amazing burst. When he reach level 6 he is just horrible in lane. He's also nice in tf with his AoE spells. A strong pick for me.

Thanks for reading this guide who is my first. Please if you like it vote for it :)
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For this guide, i was helped by ManCleavage's guide here : click! and SpartaWF's guide here : click!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author deevn
deevn Corki Guide
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Ap Corki AMAZING BURST by deevn

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