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Nidalee Build Guide by Ashtonbme

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ashtonbme

Ap/Hybrid/Ad Nidalee mid lane

Ashtonbme Last updated on February 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Powerful heals with attack speed buff
+ Nearly impossible to chase in brush
+ Great damage boost at 6 as cougar
+ Free mini wards! (Traps)


- Half a champion before 6...
- Not a lot of damage in pre 6 ganks
- Very mana hungry if not careful
- No CC
- Needs the right team composition!

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Try to make last this as much as possible to get an advantage against the other person who's mid with you(well against you) on the opposing team. Use your W to set a trap over a wall as a 2 second free ward ( well its only mana not gold) around the area to see where to shoot your javelin at.

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Which build to follow.

I am in the process of making a quick cheat sheet. It will help you choose how you want to build Nidalee, based on both teams' composition.

I'm trying to make it beautiful, so it might be a few days! I was just really excited to get this build up. :D

Nidalee definitely needs a great team composition to be successful! For example, don't play full AP if you don't have champions on your team that can dash in after you have speared the team half to death. :P Once you net your team a couple kills like that, it boosts the morale for your team (those spears are hilarious). Otherwise, play hybrid or tanky if you need to be the champion to clean up after fights, or if their team will be pretty tanky. Don't underestimate her cougar form!

Here is the basic information:

- VERY squishy team (3 or more, and you have players on your side that can take on the tanks)
- Accounts under level 30 (players don't know how to dodge yet)
- This rarely works in draft and ranked, because team compositions should be thought out. She would essentially be a full AP support at bot (I would take Athene's for the CDR).

So why even pick Nidalee when other champs are better? She has one of the best sustains with actual damage in the game. Darius, Jayce, Yorick, Zed.... While each of these lanes would be hard, she is one of the best counters to some really cheap top laners if you are careful. :P

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In the jungle running towards a place

When in the jungle trying to reach a destination that's across the map make sure your in cougar form (r)and then use pounce (w in Cougar form) to hop over some walls and to get a better distance. When in the brush make sure you are not in any danger before running to a turret to destroy it and help out your team by placing (w in human form) around near the turret for the ward for a second.

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AP Offense - I love this one. Executioner is perfect for sniping low health targets! This helps cut down on the "Seriously? He had like, 50 health!" The offense tree is great for tower pushing and if you will be a main source of damage for your team.

Summoner's Wrath - Don't take this if you aren't using one of these spells. Use it as a freebie point for anywhere in this tree.
Sorcery has been moved higher up the tree, and I take the points in this one.
Butcher - The 4 bonus damage to minions overtakes Havoc with just 4 autoattacks at level 1. See my explanation below.
Blast - A nice boost of AP to get to Arcane Knowledge .
Destruction - The 10 bonus damage to turrets overtakes Havoc with just 2 attacks. See my explanation below.
Mental Force , Spellsword , and Archmage are typical AP points - and Spellsword will help your last hitting.

Why I don't take Havoc - 3 skill points for 2% more damage? As an easy example, take 1000 as your base damage. That's only 20 extra damage. I prefer to take Butcher and Destruction damage, because just a few autoattacks at level 1 do more than Havoc ! Yes, I understand that Havoc does 2% more damage the entire game, but so do the other two!

Why I don't take other points in this tree - Most of them just don't fit her playstyle for pure AP.

Summoner's Insight - This has flash and clarity! If you aren't taking either of these, I suggest taking Improved Recall .
Meditation - Gives Nidalee the mana that she needs!
I'm torn between Mastermind , Expanded Mind , and Artificer , but I normally take Mastermind because of my playstyle.
Runic Affinity - I really, really like taking the enemy team's buffs. :3

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See this guide for a great explanation on the rune ranks! This will help you decide which runes to take for which champion. If you play Nidalee with runes that I didn't explain here, it is most likely because they are low on the list of runes, but message me if you have a question.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration will help get that *liiiittle* bit of health left on your enemies with your spear.

Grab Greater Mark of Armor Penetration for AD Nidalee or AP Nidalee. These are also great for helping your auto attacks pre 6 - both on minions and enemy champs!

Greater Mark of Attack Damage is necessary on AD Nidalee. This will help your last hits.


Greater Seal of Armor is pretty standard - I take these 95% of the time. This will help save you from any autoattacks or skills by AD champs early game. Great for solo top!

If you want mana seals, the flat mana regen of Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration will help you the most in early game, since the scaling ones don't catch up until about level 6. When you are 6, just switch to cougar. At that point, you should also be buying mana regen items. I suggest taking these or combining them with Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration if you don't take Clarity for middle lane or against a really pushy solo top.


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is also standard! Obviously, it protects you from AP attacks. The scaling ones don't catch up until level 9, so take the flat ones! By that point, you should be able to buy magic resist items.

I only take Greater Glyph of Ability Power or Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power on glass cannon Nidalee. Watch out for skill shots, because you are losing magic resist by taking this!


15 bonus AP from Greater Quintessence of Ability Power at the start of a game is pretty nice! This is the go-to quint for AP casters. It still helps your heals if you go AD!

Take Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and combine them with your passive Prowl, and you can literally run circles around the enemy team! Just don't get stunned! :D

If you are going AD, grab Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage. This will help with your auto attacks early game. Abuse your range!

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Summoner spells

The combination of summoner spells depends on your playstyle for the match, so plan accordingly! Other summoner spells aren't quite as viable on Nidalee as these are, and I've ordered them from best to worst in my playstyle preference.

One of my favorite summoner spells, Flash can be used to escape from or to chase down enemies. This spell literally has a million uses! See my Wall Pouncing section for tips. Aggressive or Defensive.

I rarely take Ignite with her, but it's a great spell if you play very aggressively. For my playstyle, my spear and run speed is usually enough when chasing down an enemy champ. Take Ignite if going hybrid/AD or you don't trust your spear! Aggressive.

Exhaust + your run speed = dead enemy champ. Take it if you are going very aggressive (especially AD. It's amazing for chasing down enemies, or even to run away from them! I take this nearly every time I go top. Aggressive.

While the distance on Ghost is definitely farther than flash, ghost doesn't have the "element of surprise" that flash does. Take this if you don't feel as comfortable with flash, or want to chase enemies with it. Aggressive or Defensive.

Clarity lets me stay in lane for extended periods of time. I am often level 8 or higher before I back, and the entire time I am able to keep poking and healing. This is also great for your team when camping an enemy tower. This lets your team keep poking and pushing while waiting for minions to get to that tower. Utility.

Less Viable Choices
(Read as: VERY unlikely choices.)

While Heal is nice for the health boost, if you are caught and had to use it, you are probably dead. Flash away and out of range instead! However, heal is great for baiting enemy champs into towerdiving. Once they commit to killing you in the tower, heal and tear them up! Defensive.

Yes. I know. Teleport. This spell only really shines when you know you will be stuck split pushing. Take this on a full AP + Lich Bane Nid, and go destroy their towers! I rarely take this, but it does have its moments! Utility.

I suppose you could take Clairvoyance with support Nid. Full support Nidalee should be chilling in the back of teamfights, healing and chucking spears, so she shouldn't be needing ignite to secure kills! Map awareness is always great for your team! Use it to see if their jungler is at their buff or on their way to gank you. Support.

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Skill order reasoning

Bushwhack - Traps are amazing! Got a jungler on your team? Protect him with traps! Does the enemy have a jungler? Trap the other buff! See my Trapping section below for more details.

Primal Surge - I take heal second for the sustain. There are only a few champs that have a heal and can deal great damage!

Javelin Toss - I take spear third, though I have been known to take a second point in heal before I take one in spear if I'm getting pushed pretty hard. I don't take spear first because the damage is not worth the mana - you could be healing!

From here, this is dependent on your playstyle and your opponents.

If playing defensively:
•Try to get at least 3 points in Primal Surge before putting some in Javelin Toss.

If playing aggressively AD: •Max Primal Surge first. You won't be buying a lot of items that benefit your spear, and the attack speed boost is great for cougar form.

If playing Hybrid: •Take Primal Surge at 4 and 5 to get it to rank 3. After taking Aspect Of The Cougar at 6, max spear, finish heal, and traps last. Try to find that perfect balance!

If playing aggressively AP: •SPEARS. Kill everything!

Of course, max Aspect Of The Cougar when you can. I save Bushwhack for last because I use them as mini wards, not as a source of damage. However, killing a straggler by trap is ALWAYS funny (and humiliating for them).

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starting iteams

Alright, you've got quite a few options here!

This is a typical starter item set. Grab whatever combination you feel most comfortable with. I tend to grab more mana than health potions, because you have your own heal! Take more health potions if you want to be a little pushy or think you will get pushed quite a bit.

I usually take Boots of Speed or Cloth Armor when I solo top. I tend to put the Sight Ward around 4 minutes in, before the jungler comes to gank.

Take Amplifying Tome or a Sapphire Crystal if you want headstart to Sheen/ Tear of the Goddess. Take care to stay away from ranged carries with skill shots like Ahri or Brand before buying boots!

I tend to grab Doran's Ring for mid lane, or again, just for the AP and health boost. I have taken this top a few times if I know my heals will need that extra boost, and that I won't be able to push past river before level 6 (2v1 top).

With a new season comes new starter items! Here are some ideas presented by a fellow Nid player:

The flask is still pretty nice, even though it costs more now, and with so many potions, you could be up against a Fiora and still have quite a bit of sustain! Try to use the flask when you're low on both mana and health.

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Build 1 Nidalee poke

Alrighty, I tend to stack as much AP as I can on this build, like a typical AP carry. I also tend to play full AP Nidalee quite aggressively! This is my "safer" AP build - if you want to go all out, scroll down to the Glass Cannon Nidalee. Take Tear of the Goddess early to work on the stacks in cougar form. An early Blasting Wand and Sheen will give you AP with some nice on hit effects. I generally try to finish Rabadon's Deathcap before I grab boots because your passive should be enough. Take Sorcerer's Shoes or Boots of Mobility, and follow up with Lich Bane. Take Mercury's Treads if you are having trouble in the lane against their AP carry.

One more point about Archangel's... After you reach the mana cap, it transforms into Seraph's Embrace. You can easily get 120 AP from Seraph's Embrace with no other mana items! However, I would finish building Rabadon's Deathcap and Lich Bane before upgrading Tear of the Goddess. You need mana to play properly, but you don't want to waste too much money early game on just mana or you will fall behind.

If you are not a fan of Archangel's Staff, take Athene's Unholy Grail. Along with the 90 AP, CDR, and mana regen, it has awesome passives!
•Unique: Restores 12% of your max mana on kill or assist.
•Unique: Increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing.

If you take Athene's, make sure you are building Chalice of Harmony and Fiendish Codex instead of Tear of the Goddess.

More detail on items can be found under the Situational Items Section.

Pre 6: Heal, last hit minions, and auto attack your enemy. Your level 1 and 2 spears don't do very much damage with your starting AP, which is why I take traps and heals first. Your traps at level 1 actually do more damage than your javelin! Don't be afraid to start poking, and you can usually get yourself a kill at 6 with your burst from cougar form!

Teamfights: AP Nidalee is best in a "poke" team composition, meaning that she must poke and deal a lot of damage with her spears BEFORE the actual teamfight starts. Your pokes and heals before anyone initiates is crucial to winning a fight! Aim for the squishy champs on their team, like the AP carry. Nid works best with champions that are able to dash in, grab that last couple hits on a champ, and dash out (think Talon). Because you are building AP and Nidalee isn't naturally tanky, stay on the edges of teamfights to deny the enemy team an easy kill. Don't forget to throw your traps down before the fights! *Your AD carry or anti carry has first heal priority because of the attack speed buff and because they are targeted first.*

Ganking Mid: Mid lane usually gets the first gank, depending on the jungler. Until you are level 6, focus more on just getting your enemy to back, rather than diving for the kill. Even going as AP, you have a ridiculous burst at 6 with your Cougar form. If your jungler is ganking from the bottom river, try to circle around to the top while pretending to last hit minions. The enemy champ will usually retreat to the bottom and under the minion wave because they think you are trying to aim a spear around minions, placing them only a few inches away from your jungler!

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Balanced Nidalee

On your first trip back, grab Sheen or Phage if you can afford it.
• Sheen - Push early heals and spears
• Phage - If you are getting harassed and need the health, or if you can burst a champ down as a cougar. Your burst at 6 is ridiculous. I might have mentioned that before. :P
If you can't afford it: Grab an Amplifying Tome, Ruby Crystal, or a Long Sword, depending on your needs. Buy Boots of Speed if you haven't gotten them yet, and WARDS WARDS WARDS.

I generally finish Trinity Force first, even before boots if I am being greedy! I've played many games without it, and many, MANY games with it. For a balanced Nidalee, this item is perfect to push every aspect of her abilities! This also lets you see which of your attacks are tearing up your opponents better, and you can then begin to build upon that aspect of her abilities.

Although I love Archangel's Staff on full AP Nidalee, I prefer Athene's Unholy Grail on hybrid Nid for the 15% cooldown reduction and the passive which restores 12% mana on a kill or assist.

Ideally, you want: •Enough Ability Power to heal your team (1 AP item + 1 hybrid item)
•Just enough Attack Damage and Attack Speed to be viable in a teamfight (1 AD/AS item + the same hybrid item)
•A healthy amount of Defensive items so you aren't feeding the team (2 items)

Remember, don't jump into the fights first if you haven't bought defensive items yet!

With this build there are just SO many items to choose from. See the Situational Items Section for details.

Teamfights: Hybrid Nidalee does great with the pre-fight poking and healing as well. After your enemies are at a lower health and the fight has been initiated, it's safe to Pounce (W) in, Swipe (E), and Takedown (Q) an enemy champ. Try to focus on the AP/AD carries or the squishiest on their team first! You are not the one who is going to kill the tank! Also, don't forget to trap! *Heal your AD carry or anti carry before switching forms and joining a fight.*

Soloing top: You are pretty weak early game for damage, so turret hug, heal, and focus on last hitting! Don't be too worried if you don't have a high CS before level 6 - Cougar form can massacre waves of minions! Let your jungler know that you have weak damage pre 6. Most junglers will not gank for me before level 6 unless they are very bursty like Lee Sin - then I just heal, autoattack, and maybe get a spear in.

For a gank after level 6, I tend to sneak up and around to the top brushes so that they are attacked from above and below. Running straight towards an enemy lets them know they are in trouble before the gank happens, so don't do it!

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Pure Glass Canyon Nidalee

Note: I recommend this for experienced League/ Nidalee players. It's a high risk build that I usually play, but MOBAFire is more focused towards the newer players, which is why I have the other AP build up. :P

I am also making this section separate because I have had questions like "I am owning in lane, what do?" If I'm doing really good mid lane, or I just feel like being really mean, this is the build that I take.

I only take Doran's Ring + Nuke AP runes + Clarity when I know the champion I am laning against has low mobility (not Ahri or Fizz!) and that I will be *relatively* safe without boots. It's also a great start for a bot support/laner, because you will have easy brush control. Doran's and clarity will keep you healing and pushing.

Summoner spells: I know, I took Clarity. But Nidalee's sustain is already so ridiculous, I can save up that 1950 ( Boots of Speed + Needlessly Large Rod) in no time. I can generally get both items by the 10 minute mark - even without a kill (solo lane). It's much easier to push an enemy out of their lane with endless mana and health! Remember, Clarity is just an option! Take Flash or Ghost for escape. You will be very squishy! Players will cry for their jungler to save them, so make sure you are trapping often!

There's really not much else to explain here - learning to lead with Nidalee's spears and knowing where you can Pounce away takes a lot of practice!

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Situational iteams

I will divide this by type for easier reading, and I will mark which items are pertinent to each particular build. If not specified, it will work with any build.

If you are safely in the back of fights or the enemy team doesn't have a lot of crowd control, AP Nidalee should take these.

Ninja Tabi is very helpful early game when soloing top against an AD carry as hybrid or AD Nid. I recommend selling these later and buying Mercury's Treads for the team fights, unless they have a very fed AD carry.

These are the best boots you can get for a Hybrid or AD Nidalee if the enemy team has a lot of crowd control.

AP Nidalee, or a Hybrid Nid leaning mostly to AP could take these if any cooldown reduction items have not been built.

Not gonna lie, these and Boots of Mobility are FUN. I've hit above 500 run speed on Nidalee and honestly, I usually take Boots of Mobility over Sorcerer's Shoes.

Boot Enchantments
By far the best enchant for Nidalee. So far, anyways. Enchantment: Homeguard is worth a second look, though.

Ability Power / Mana
My favorite item for a pure AP Nidalee! I see that it tends to get overlooked because it is mainly a mana item - check out its passive! It's an awesome item, you won't believe the difference it will make with your mana. Your cougar skills also count as abilities, so the mana stacks up as you run. AA turns into Seraph's Embrace at full stacks, and grants you a nice active!

My second favorite item for AP Nid. The passive, which increases your mana regeneration by 1% per 1% mana you are missing, is so helpful for those sessions of little pokes between teams right before an actual teamfight. This also lets you stay in lane longer because you can just heal more. The CDR is always welcome, so is the 12% mana restored on a kill or assist, and 90 ability power is nothing to laugh at! I grab this if I plan on being unusually aggressive with pokes mid game.

Rabadon's Deathcap gives Nidalee a huge boost of AP. However, try not to rush this item unless you are glass cannon, because the boost will be better later game when you have built more ability power. If you save for this first, you deal more damage with your spears by using all this mana that you -don't- have. It's an awesome item on her late game because you can literally 2 hit squishies with this.

Buying an early Sheen for the passive and getting a headstart to Lich Bane can be very helpful. This can TEAR towers up - after using an ability, the passive takes your AP and adds it to your next autoattack! It's great on AP Nid, and you could even get it for a split pushing hybrid Nidalee.

This gives you some nice AP, along with 40% magic penetration. ONLY pick this up if the enemy team starts stacking a LOT magic resist.

This is best on tanky AP Nidalees. If you haven't bought this item by roughly 17 minutes, take something else because Rod of Ages needs time to max out its stats. This is awesome for a top lane Nidalee!!

Less Viable Choices
--- Rylai's gives you a nice amount of health, ability power, and a slow on all of your abilties. This is nice for helping your teammates catch up to fleeing enemies. AP or hybrid.

A great item for magic resist if the enemy's AP carry is fed. It also gives Nidalee a nice amount of AP. Keep in mind that the range for the debuff is 1000, while your spear is 1500. This is best for a hybrid.

This item gives you a ton of AP, and the armor is helpful when in range of an enemy AD carry (which you shouldn't be as AP Nid). The 2 second stasis should be used to save yourself if you accidentally get caught on the wrong side of a fight.

DFG has some pretty decent stats and a nice active, but you have to be pretty close to your enemy to use it, and you could do just as much damage by safely chucking spears from far away as AP Nid! Take for hybrid if you must.

This is a really nice item! Too bad it's not done by max health. :P

Very, very situational. On AP Nidalee, your spear damage would go through the roof, but you would need to be very fed. If you buy this, don't be surprised if the entire enemy team starts trying to gank you to clear those stacks!

Hybrid Damage
Trinity Force is a very strong item on Nidalee and guys, I am in LOVE with it. This is the core of every hybrid Nidalee game that I play. Although it is the most expensive, its stats push every aspect of Nidalee's abilities into one slot - even her run speed! The passives from Phage and Sheen are extremely helpful early game! The health and mana boost are great, so I usually end up skipping Rod of Ages if I happen to take this for AP Nid.

Guinsoo's Rageblade used to be the first item I would buy on hybrid Nid back in Season 1. I rarely get it now, because the fastest way to get stacks is in cougar form, but you mostly benefit from AP in human form. I would rather not risk being out of place in a teamfight - if the enemy sees that you just switched to cougar, they know that they have about 4 seconds to wipe out your team without your heals!

Attack Damage

If the enemy team hasn't figured out how to stack armor, AD Nid can deal some serious damage to them with this! The active buffs both your attack speed and run speed, so this can be used offensively and defensively.

Take this on AD Nidalee if they are stacking armor, but not enough to make Last Whisper viable. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite items in Season 3!

If the enemy team starts stacking a lot of armor late game, grab this on your AD Nidalee. The 40% Armor Penetration is great, along with the bonus attack damage. DO NOT take Black Cleaver and Last Whisper together!

If you are just facerolling the enemy team, grab this on AD Nid. I recommend not saving for it as your first item if you don't already have an huge advantage.

This is a great item if you are wrecking top lane. It will help give you some sustain when the entire team gets mad and tries to gank you!

This is great if you're having some trouble with CC, and it gives you some decent stats, too.

Less Viable Choices
--- If I am hybrid or AD Nidalee and I see that our team needs some help with tower pushing, I grab this and start split pushing. Combined with her insane 60% attack speed boost from Primal Surge, Nid can tear apart towers. The bonus critical strike is also great if you took Atmog's.

For solo top AD Nidalee, I sometimes take Wriggle's Lantern if I know I will have an advantage in top lane or jungle roaming later. This lets me keep safely pushing and aware of any possible ganks, while giving me a nice early game boost. I tend to sell this about halfway through my games for better items. Not so sure about this now in Season 3.

There are a lot of fans for the "Atmog's" combo! Agreed, the stats are nice, but the bonus AD from the health is minimal. I haven't seen higher than 70 bonus AD, and that was on a really tanky Nidalee! I am going to remind you here that only her Cougar Takedown (Q) scales off of AD, so you are putting in a lot of money for one attack. Granted, it obviously helps your autoattacks, so it's up to you!

Although the stats are great, I just don't see this to be as viable as other items. Because of its high price tag, AD Nidalee has to sacrifice a lot of early survivability!

Defense - Magic Resist
Maw is an amazing item that gives you a magic damage shield when you are about to die. Take this if the enemy AP carry is super fed like LeBlanc, or if they have two champions that do a ton of magic damage.

This can be a life saver against some champs! Fizz, Malzahar, Warwick, Galio, Urgot are some enemy champions that would make you buy this, especially if you keep getting focused! This does remove Ignite, but NOT a Karthus ult.

A great item for magic resist if the enemy's AP carry is fed. It also gives Nidalee a nice amount of AP. For AP or hybrid.

Banshee's Veil isn't as great as it seems. While it does block an enemy ability every 45 seconds, you don't get to choose which ability it blocks. When I see enemies with this, one of my teammates usually throws out a small ability to negate it, and then the fight starts. This is best against poke champions, or if they aren't focusing you.

Defense - Hybrid
Ah, Guardian Angel. This is AMAZING on hybrid or AD Nidalee. I usually don't take it on most champions because if they've killed you once, chances are that they are standing there, waiting for you to respawn. Thankfully, Nid is so mobile that she can usually pounce right out of harm's way! It's handy to have both MR and armor in one slot, too!

Defense - Armor / Health
Make sure to grab Warden's Mail early game if you are having trouble top! Both the passive and active are great for chasing down enemies or kiting. Awesome item for a Nid.

A nice item to take if the enemy team has a lot of autoattackers for main damage, and if you find yourself frequently low on mana.

Great item, but keep in mind that the passive "Spellblade" does not stack with Triforce! That passive is awesome though!

Warmog's Armor is obviously the easiest way to get your AD Nidalee tanky. This is usually taken with Atma's Impaler since they stack nicely together.

Personally, I love Frozen Mallet, but I've heard that other AD or hybrid Nidalee players don't care for it. Again, all preference! The slow from autoattacks is amazing for catching up to the enemy, and it gives you 700 heath.

New Items to Try

Manamune got a nice update! That passive is really nice, so I'll be sure to try in a couple games soon. Keep in mind that is based on *current* mana, so you can do a lot of extra damage with full mana, but not so much when you are low.

Blackfire torch SO nice in Dominion and TT!

Guide Top

Champion Guide.

I will update this with more detail when I have some extra time, such as a section that lists which champions lane well with her at bot.

Nidalee is countered by anyone with good crowd control, a very high attack speed, tankiness, or healing debuffs ( Executioner's Calling or Morello's Evil Tome).

HARD - Nearly all tanks, like Dr. Mundo, Singed, Shen, and melee AD carries like Tyrndamere, Jax, and Fiora. Your poke as AP Nidalee won't do very much damage to them mid to late game (it's depressing), and you need to be pretty tanky yourself to pounce in and do some damage as hybrid or AD Nidalee.
Dr. Mundo
Fiora A PAIN solo top
Irelia A PAIN solo top
Jarvan IV (Pounce out of his ult!)
Jax A PAIN solo top
Lee Sin Leona (Stay away from stuns!)
Master Yi
Shyvana Singed
Talon A PAIN solo top
Tryndamere (So, so, SO cheap.)
Wukong (He's just annoying!)
Xin Zhao
Yorick (You can surprise him at
6, but don't forget about his ult!)

MEDIUM - These guys can be kited and killed, but just watch out for the CC, skill shots, or passives (depends on champion)!
Ahri (She will dodge your spear)
Fizz (He will dodge your spear) Gangplank (crit+orange)
LeBlanc Use your spears!!
Nocturne AD Orianna
Taric (easy if he doesn't build MR)
Zed (Go AD!)

MEDIUM - You'll have trouble with them pre 6, but you might have a chance to burst them down with cougar form or a few good spears when you have harassed a bit.
Darius Play cautiously!
Fiddlesticks He's sneaky. Spears!
Graves Katarina Play cautiously!
Miss Fortune
Nasus spacespace Shaco
Trundle (go AP)
Xerath (watch his range)

MEDIUM - Easy/medium early/mid game, but if not burst down quick enough later, can kill you (hard).
AD Kayle spacespace Xerath
AD Kog'Maw
Teemo (His shrooms severely
limit your mobility and his AS
will kick your butt. A couple
spears will kill him.) spacespace Twisted Fate
Vayne (She will dodge spears)

EASY - Your enemy team's AP carries or supports. Poke poke poke poke poke! Your range with spears will keep them back! Remember, watch for skill shots!
Lux spacespace spacespace AP Orianna
space spacespace spacespace Veigar

QUESTIONABLE - These are champs that I haven't played against recently, or they are alternately terrible and good. I will move these to their proper section once I figure out what that section is!
Karma spacespace spacespace Kha'Zix
Maokai spacespace spacespace Syndra

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When attacking a turret make sure that you have you E (e in human form) to attack faster to destroy the turret easier and make a faster run for the jungle as you are about to get chased by an unknown summoner from the opposing side.

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Lastly please read this one

If you have seen anything wrong with this build(s) please inform me and ill put it underconstruction and look at it thank you for viewing bye :D