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Kayle Build Guide by King Perry

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League of Legends Build Guide Author King Perry

AP Kayle mid (Q-E where did your health go?)

King Perry Last updated on February 9, 2013
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Welcome to my first Kayle build. Okay honestly here is the thing about Kayle. She has not had many changes for about 1 year now. But the increase of her being played in Asia has caused people to say. "Oh yeah Kayle..... I forgot about her." Simple reason why she is being seen more? She can be played anywhere! Support, Jungle, Mid, ADC, and solo top you name it she does it. Welcome to the SUPPORT BUILD! now bare with me guys this is going to boring. :P

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Pros and Cons

Early game dominance (slow, heal, AoE harass, and an OP ulti to keep your ADC alive)
Very mobile and able to escape ganks
Great poke harass and a heal/speed buff that will keep any ADC alive.

Item dependant (GP10)
Needs Tier 3 runes (GP10 plus DEF)
very easily burst down keep an eye on your minimap

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Early Game

get 3 Health Potion 2 Mana Potion Boots of Speed 2 sight ward and head with your team towards there jungle to place a ward in the bush next to there wraiths at 1.30. After ward is placed recall and head towards lane with your ADC.

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Mid Game

Now you should have a Nashor's Tooth and you should have easily bullied your lane. bottom or top tower should be down. but do not be to quick to drop the mid tower. You need the farm and vision. You next goal is to harass and wave clear hard. you should get alot more support from other lanes now. And help with any counter jungling you jungler wants to do since your camp clear is insane. You item goal here is a Liandry's Torment and a Giant's Belt. Here is why. Anyone hit with your Reckoning takes additional damage (percentage) per level form any attack you cause on the champ in question. combined with your Righteous Fury and attack speed that is already big, but here is where it gets better. Liandry's Torment already does 3% magic burn off there max health from magic effects but here is the kicker if there movement is impared aka. slow they take double that. you heard me right a 6% health burn from every Righteous Fury you hit with Reckoning being active on them. this means even if you Reckoning a tank and they have magic resist your E's will do Epic Damage. By now people fear you. Your Reckoning to Righteous Fury combo is to heavy. and your escape ability is to strong, they seem to not be able to catch you out. On top of that every team fight they seem to lose since your Intervention is keeping them from killing your carries and your Divine Blessing is keeping your tank alive. They are saying..... "we need to focus Kayle!" (but with your Divine Blessing, Ghost, and Flash they can not catch you.:) now you can really piss them off. Clear camps for you it will take about 1 or 2 secs on wraiths and wolves. Take there blue buff that takes about 5 to 6 secs to clear. and flash Reckoning into there back line and melt there carries in team fights remember you got an OP ulti after the carry is dead ulti and Divine Blessing or Ghost your way to safety. At this point, as you snowball think of buying wards to ward there jungle and split push the **** out of them.

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Late Game

Here it is all about team fights. Save your Intervention for yourself or your ADC never use it on a tank unless you are pushing an inhib turret. Your Divine Blessing on a tank is much better. remember the speed buff from your Divine Blessing on a rammus ball no one can run, or just use it on any focused carry. after your tank initiates Flash into the back line and Reckoning+ Righteous Fury combo there carry and watch them melt 2/3 secs till they are dead. Intervention yourself or Divine Blessing yourself (if off cd) and reset. now just Reckoning+ Righteous Fury form distance. Your AoE damage from Righteous Fury is hurting them if they are bunched up. Hopefully you will have a good tank and bruiser to keep them off you since they will be trying to destroy you at this point. Split push when you can and always have your Blue buff. Jungle will give it to you if you ask. :) Setting yourself up right is important here never Reckoning+ Righteous Fury there tank or bruiser first get the AP or ADC with your Divine Blessing, Flash, or Ghost this should not be hard. And do not forget to finish the game. Do not be one of those players that does not take a turret after a good team fight. always push the lanes after a team fight and win, or maybe take baron and dragon. never win a team fight and just back late or mid game. Always take an advantage with it. late/mid game finish with a Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Malady, and Rabadon's Deathcap for increased health, AP, and attack speed. and happy hunting.

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The first 3 items are the most important right now I do not recommend switching them but again you can tune this to your own play style. I always start out with the following 3 items.

Nashor's Tooth --> Liandry's Torment --> Sorcerer's Shoes

from there it is dependent on how the game has gone. if you are getting fed the following items would be great.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter --> Rabadon's Deathcap --> Deathfire Grasp

recomended by haasje and honestly probably a better basic build to follow.


If you need more health and def items to play more of a support damage dealer since your team is underfed.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter --> Warmog's Armor --> Deathfire Grasp

The health here should keep you alive and with Nashor's Tooth --> Liandry's Torment --> Sorcerer's Shoes you should still have good damage.


For more of an attack speed damage nuke build go.

Malady --> Rabadon's Deathcap --> Deathfire Grasp

here the Malady is just for the additional attack speed and AP and the last two are for straight AP nuke ability.

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Abilities Combo/ situational options

your basic combo in a 1v1 is Reckoning --> Righteous Fury then using your Divine Blessing and Intervention to keep you alive throughout the fight. I personally use my heal first ( Divine Blessing) and only use my ulti ( Intervention) only if i am about to drop and die. remember to try not to use your ultil until you absolutely need it. :)

In team fights use your Divine Blessing on your initiator tank/bruiser and use your ulti Intervention to keep you or the ADC alive. DO NOT USE THE ULTI ON YOUR TANK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE FIGHT. Save it for the right moment when you or your ADC are about to drop.

A trick i find helpful is to pop my Divine Blessing when i am just leaving the fountain to get that small movement speed boost to get to lane faster.

Intervention right at lvl 6 is easy to use to tower dive. Do not tower dive unless there summoner spells are gone and abilities are on cool down also they need to be at 1/3 health. dive in cast Reckoning then cast Intervention on yourself and immediately activate Righteous Fury. spam them down and get out with half health. :)

In team fights once you have nuked there ADC reset and spam your Reckoning on anyone in range and always try and keep your Righteous Fury active spamming from distance. Honestly you are the most helpful in team fights, you must be there. you are a second support with your Divine Blessing and Intervention. With the support also your team will stay very healthy. remember even though you deal Epic damage always support your team with your Divine Blessing and Intervention as much as possible.

also your Q+E combo is great for ganking lanes do not be afraid to roam. :)

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Champions to watch out for.

Even thoughh it is hard to counter Kayle mid there are a few champs to keep an eye out for.

She does have a stealth and a gap closing ulti she is hard to burst down and kill with Kayle. When she is in her shroud and invisible. Righteous Fury minions inside the shroud so Akali will take the AoE damage. Remeber Akali is not mana dependent.

Katarina PLAY PASSIVE postLVL6 zone her out pre lvl 6 and farm
She is very easy to kill pre lvl 6 as Kayle but do not push for it. Zone her out and watch out after she is 6 since her ulti is fairly OP. she is also not mana dependent

Kassadin PLAY PASSIVE postLVL6

His silence gap close and burst will hurt you if you are not careful.


Her gap closer and slow will destroy you. also she is not mana dependent.

Any mage like Annie, Ryze, Cassiopeia, Kassadin or Lux you can bully hard wait for cd to be up and Righteous Fury them till they have to back. Also against champs like this clear the wave in the middle of the lane to push them into tower to make farming hard then take wraiths or roam till minions return to middle of the lane.

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If any of you would like to upload videos or stat sheets after a game playe

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i get Flash/ Ghost but that is me, and i like the ability to get the heck out and survive when i can.

other good Summoner Spells are.
Cleanse, Ignite, Clarity (mana issues), or Teleport (to get into team fights).

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In summary kayle is very OP if played right. She does not have any hard counters and is very slippery. If positioned and played right she is almost unstoppable and is the type of champ that needs to be focused early or she will snowball the game hard. her burst is insane with Nashor's and Liandry's and she can get in and out of team fights fairly safely. i love playing her and i hope you do also

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If you down vote the build.

It would be nice to get constructive criticism as to why you did so i can make any changes that could help make the build a better build. Thank You.