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Lulu Build Guide by Sestrel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sestrel

AP Lulu

Sestrel Last updated on March 28, 2012
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Hello everyone. First of all this is my first guide so any comments would be greatly appreciated. (Especially on how I could organize this because I have no idea!) I'm still new with Lulu (as is everyone else) but I find her to be one of the most interesting champions I've played. She has so many little quirks and I find her abilities to be some of the most unique. Not to mention I just find her absolutely adorable.

I realize that Lulu is a support. However, I prefer to build her as an AP/CDR champion because of how it strengthens her abilities.

I'm not saying I'm great with Lulu. And I'm not saying you'll be great with her either. I just wanted to bring to light some things that I feel are sometimes overlooked or not taken advantage of when I see other Lulu players. This is not really about builds or whatnot, but about how to use her abilities with full effectiveness.

This is just my personal playstyle with the Runes/Masteries/Items that fit me the best. Feel free to change things up depending on YOUR playstyle and how your game is going.

With that being said, here we go! :)

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Pros / Cons


  • A wide range of unique abilities for low mana cost
  • Rather spammable CC
  • AoE stun
  • Can be played as a defensive support or offensively
    (I've seen her played successfully as both AP and AD)
  • Can be effectively played in a duo lane, a single lane or mid lane.
  • Squishy!
  • No way of healing
  • Slow movement speed in the beginning

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The explanation behind my choice of Runes and Masteries is this. I want to maximize my ability power and sustainability. If we have a strong carry then I will often let them farm, but they can't stay in a lane forever and when they have to go back to the base that is your chance. Lulu's can very easily last hit minions. Also, more time in lane = more exp + more chances to shine in a team fight and gain those assists.

I chose Magic Resist Runes > Armor because oftentimes you should be able to stay far away enough from an AD enemy to avoid taking too much damage.

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Item Selection and Why

The above Item Selection was chosen because I wanted to emphasize CDR early in the game and AP later on. The CDR means you can spam your abilities more to help out your team and the AP will just empower your spells even more.

I like to start out with a Meki Pendant (skill spammer remember?) and 2 Health Potion. Then on my first trip back I get Boots of Speed and a Tear of the Goddess if possible.

I like to work on finishing my Morello's Evil Tome before my Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The Boots will only decrease my Cooldowns while the Tome will also provide much needed AP, mana regeneration and CDR.

After the boots I work on Lich Bane. I prefer working on that before Rabadon's Deathcap because of its multi-usefullness. It gives a decent amount of AP. But more importantly it gives Magic Resistance, and Increased Movement. Best of all is its UNIQUE passive. It will greatly increase your damage output and make sure you can last hit every minion reliably. It will help you to do some massive farming in order to pay for your Rabadon's Deathcap and take down Turrets super quickly.

Once the Rabadon's are done the Tear of the Goddess should definitely be stacked enough in order to give you decent AP as an Archangel's Staff.

Finally, I like to get a Guardian's Angel. A little sustainability goes a long way and surviving teamfights will be the most crucial.

Other Viable Items

Doran's Ring
This is really a great starting item for any Champion who uses AP. I just personally do not like to purchase items that I will sell back later on. I do highly recommend this item. It just does not fit for me.

Zhonya's Hourglass
This is an amazing item that is not used enough. It gives a ton of AP and a good amount of armor. Best of all is its UNIQUE passive that will grant you invulnerability for a short time. It doesn't last long but it should be enough for your team to be able to chase off whoever is attacking you. I would use this item but I have never been able to remember to use the Active :/

Will of the Ancients
This is a great support item. If your main Carry is AP or if you have at least two other AP champions on your team then go for it. This will improve you and your allies sustainability while still providing AP. Also, your Glitterlance fires two bolts, that can hit an infinite amount of targets. That can quickly restore any health that you may be missing.

Abyssal Mask
Another great support item much like Will of the Ancients. This will make sure that both you and your AP allies will be dealing much more damage while also providing Magic Resistance. However, I would generally prefer the Will of the Ancients over the Scepter. The Will gives more AP and you will have to be close to the enemy Champions in order for the Scepter's Aura to go into effect. As a Squishy Support there's no reason why you should be that close if you absolutely do not have to.

Mejai's Soulstealer
This is a tricky item to use. In order to make the best use of this it is best to get it near the beginning of the game in order to build the stacks. However, if the game goes badly then it may be very difficult to build it enough to be worth over items that would give more reliable AP. I would recommend that if you do decide to build a Mejai's Soulstealer to also build a Guardian Angel. It will give you the sustainability not to die, and even if you do you may still be able to get away after you revive.

Not So Viable Items

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Yes it does give you AP and Health. However, the slow will be basically wasted. Your Glitterlance at level 5 will slow for a longer period of time and it already slows for so much that the extra slow from Rylai's will be barely noticeable. Other than that Lulu only has one other damaging ability. This is an item I would definitely not recommend.

Void Staff
This is a good item for AP Carries. But if you do want to make sure that your abilities do the most damage as possible I would recommend an Abyssal Mask instead. This item only becomes more viable if the enemy is stacking Magic Resistance. And even so it would have to be more than one of them for this to outshine the Abyssal Scepter.

Hextech Gunblade
It has AP, spellvamp and a pretty cool Active. However, the Attack Damage and Lifesteal will be wasted for the amount of gold you will need to spend.
(I actually thought quite a bit about this item and want to try it out in combat. With Lich Bane it may become an unexpectedly viable option)

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Summoner Spells

I feel that Heal is almost a must-have spell for Lulu. Unlike other supports she lacks any other way to gain health. A lot of people like to underestimate the usefulness of this spell. It will help to keep you in the lane and you never know when it will come in a clinch to save the life of you or an ally. Just be sure that you don't use it wastefully. It's better to save it for a teamfight than to use it on just yourself when you can just do a quick recall and Whimsy to wherever you want to be.

This is one of my favorite spells that I also feel is slightly underestimated. In the beginning this will help make sure that you do not miss out on more xp than you need to if you are forced to go back to base. Also, you will be easily be able to save a turret under siege, surprise gank a lane or make sure that don't miss a critical teamfight.

Flash / Ghost
Very popular spells to make quick getaways. I approve

With a Tear of the Goddess this spell will pretty much be completely useless. However, if you would rather spend your gold on other items this spell can be useful early game. And while you shouldn't have any problems later on you never know when that Mana boost will be useful for another ally.

This skill is very Meh. I would only use this if you do not have a partner, like solo top or mid lane. Remember that you can use your abilities on minions also, such as Help, Pix!.

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Ability Rundown

Pix, Faerie Companion

This is Lulu's passive and a huge part of what lets her deal so much damage early game. Pix will follow close behind you and whenever you autoattack Pix will attempt to attack as well. It may not seem to do so much damage, but it will add up.



This is an AP Lulu's bread and butter. It is great for both offensive and defensive purposes. It scales with AP and with the CDR from your items and Masteries you will be able to use this ability around every 4.3 seconds. It deals a decent amount of damage, has a great range, amazing CC and all for a pretty cheap mana cost. One decently stacked Tear of the Goddess and you will pretty much be able to spam this ability on CD.



This is one of my favorite abilities of all time. I love the multi-usefulness of it. I generally try to level this up 2nd (after Glitterlance). With CDR you'll be able to use this around every 7.5 seconds.

Just the speed and AP boost alone is useful. Yo can use it to run away or chase. Use it on your AP carry to give him an edge. You can use it on yourself to make sure you kill minions with one Glitterlance. Or if you just want to get to point A to point B that much quicker.

The 2nd half of this ability is also amazing. Not ONLY does it make them unable to attack or cast spells but it also slows them down considerably. Just a warning though. This only prevents them from casting spells, it does not affect spells already cast. So abilities such as Amumu's Despair and Dr. Mundo's Burning Agony will still be in effect, just in squirrel form. However, it will interrupt abilities such as Katarina's Death Lotus. Also, they will still be able to use summoner spells.

When I know that a fight is coming up I generally like to save this ability to make sure I have it to shut down the enemy's carry. You'll likely be able to use it at least 2, maybe 3, times in a teamfight.


Help, Pix!

This is a very fun ability to use also. It makes use of your passive, Pix, to either damage and ward an enemy or shield and attack with an ally. This ability scales both ways with AP. As in AP = more damage and a bigger shield.

This ability is useful to use on enemies that like to pop in and out of the brush a lot such as Akali or Nidalee.

However, I prefer to save it for use on my AD carries. Especially those with high attack speed ( Fiora and Master Yi are my personal favorites). The shield allows them to fight just a little bit longer and Pix will help to increase their damage output.


Wild Growth

This is Lulu's ultimate (of which I'm finding more and more people screaming "OP OP!"). Personally, I don't think it is OP but it's definitely not weak either. This ability will make an ally become huge in appearance and will knock any enemy champions that are around them into the air. Your ally will gain a huge amount of health and an aura that will slow any enemies around them. You can use this on your tank to make them an even tankier walking slow aura, on your carry to make them even deadlier or even use it to save the life of someone about to die.

Guide Top

Using Glitterlance (w/ Help, Pix!)

This is the main part that I wanted to write about in this guide. I don't see anough Lulu's taking advantage of this ability as they could. It doesn't matter whether you're playing as AP or a support. Mastery of this ability will determine a Great Lulu from an average one.


This ability shoots from both you and from Pix. If you target near the end of its range it will meet at a point. However, if you target closer to yourself the two bolts will cross each other. Having the bolts cross means you will be able to hit a wider range of targets.
Also, Pix follows close behind you. This means you can easily maneuver Pix's location and therefore location of where the other bolt will shoot from.

I find Glitterlance especially useful to harass camping targets. If they are under a turret you should easily be able to hit them with the end of Glitterlance and scamper away before the turret hits you. Or if you're playing more defensively you'll be able to shoot this ability into bushes. It won't necessarily show if you hit anything, but they'll either have to a.) Stand there and take the damage, b.) Back away to the far side of the bush to avoid the blasts or c.) Leave the safety of the bush altogether.


Glitterlance and Help, Pix!
This I feel is one of the best aspects of Lulu and one of the things I like to take advantage of the most. Help, Pix! makes Pix attach to either an ally or enemy. While Pix is attached you are still able to use Glitterlance which gives you an entirely new range to work with.

Example. If you are trying to take down a tower and you see an enemy coming towards you from the other side. You can use Help, Pix! on an ally, or even one of your minions, that is closer to them and shoot Glitterlance towards the enemy. It doesn't matter if you are already running away and not even close by. Glitterlance will still shoot as normal no matter how far away you are.

This combo can be use whether you are chasing or fleeing. Just cast Help, Pix! on the ally that is closest to the enemy and shoot Glitterlance. Trust me, that one simple combo will do you a world of good.

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Whimsy or Help, Pix!

Definitely you'll want to level up Wild Growth and Glitterlance first. However, whether you want to level Whimsy or Help, Pix! first depends on the situation.

Level up Whimsy first if

  • You are laning with an AP carry
  • Your enemies are prone to tower diving
  • You find yourself traveling around the map a lot
  • You find that you need that extra AP boost to deal killing blows

Level up Help, Pix! first if
  • You are laning with an AD Carry
  • You or your partner is getting harassed a lot (your shield can absorb much of it)
  • You are laning against someone who keeps popping in and out of the bushes

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I will be assuming that you will be in a lane with a partner. It's not likely for you to be in any other situation unless you are already skilled with Lulu and therefore do not need a guide. :P

Early Game

You will focus on harassing the enemy with Glitterlance. If you run out of mana too quickly then only use it if you will definitely hit the enemy or you need to slow them down. It is not necessary to use Glitterlance to farm because your passive should be enough to help you squeak those last hits in.
Get either Whimsy or Help, Pix! depending on your situation (as outlined in the above section). If you are doing well then it's safe to get Glitterlance at Level 3 and whichever spell you didn't get at Level 4. If not you should make sure you have your full skill set at your disposal ASAP.

You will likely be experiencing or helping out with ganks soon.
If you are getting ganked a lot try to make sure that either your Whimsy or Help, Pix! is free so that you and your partner are not left helpless.

Role in Teamfights

Though you have the capacity remember what you are. You are a SUPPORT.
Here's a quick list of priorities
  • Glitterlance whenever possible to slow the enemy team and deal damage. Every little bit counts. Try to aim for their squishies because you'll be able to deal significant amounts of damage to take them down and out of the fight.
  • Help, Pix! on your AD Carry
  • Whimsy
    - Do it on your Carry if they are doing very well. If the enemy team has a better carry then make sure they are disabled.
  • Most people like to use Wild Growth on their tanks. However, I personally prefer to use it on my Carries. It will make sure they are in the fight longer to deal their damage and the slow will make sure that whoever they are targeted will be unlikely to escape them. Wild Growth + Help, Pix! = A Juggernaut for a Carry.

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So this is pretty much a general overview of how I like to play Lulu. If it helps you out then great! Please let me know ^_^

If there is anything you would like me to add then just let me know.