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Shaco Build Guide by shadowww

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowww

AP shaco guide (viable!!)

shadowww Last updated on January 7, 2013
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This is my first guide. The reason I created this guide was cause some people say that ap shaco is not viable. The truth is it is just more difficult but if you have the skill you can kill the enemy and win the game easier. Well I am going to teach you how to play ap shaco.Do not downvote this guide when you have not read the whole guide and have not tried the item build. :)

I have played AP shaco in ranked games and it is really viable at rank but if you want to use it at rank ask your teammates if you can use AP shaco first or they might rage at you.


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Pros / Cons


-Very good at early game.

-Difficult to gank.

-Very annoying.

-can counter jungle even when not jungling.


-Very squishy.

-Not alot of damage in late game(unless very fat)

- Vision Ward and oracles can counter shaco escape and Jack In The Box and kills him easier.

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Greater mark of insight a must have for most Ap caster.

Greater seal of resilience better survival for you against AD.Gives you 12.69 armour

Greater glyph of potency more damage for your W and E at the start of the game.

Greater quint of potency same reason as the glyph.

Greater seal of warding not as useful as it gives you 6.66 magic resist.

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I used to play 9/0/21.

But in season 3 utility is abit more for support so i get 21/0/9

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This is the spell that helps you survive. You can use it to chase or run away. When you use Decieve, and you auto attack the enemy a lot of times I recommend you get sheen ten lichbane as your last or second last item.

Jack In The Box

Your most complex and killer skill. This skill can help you get first blood at lvl 1(I will tell you how in the early game chapter)and can even get a double kill or triple kill if you place the Jack In The Box well. You also can turn the tide of teamfights around.

Two-Shiv Poison

This your skill that will harrass the enemy at the start of the game and deals tons of damage when fat.It is also a good combo with Deathfire Grasp


This skill is the skill that will make the enemy rage at you for example Garen used his Demacian Justice and killed your clone and gets a huge chunk of damage that might kill him. In team fights send your clone in and try to stay back, your enemy will focus on your clone as you are probably a squishy target and your teammates can kill them as they are not being focused on.

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Starting items

Amplifying Tome this will help you get an easier first blood(read the game play at early game to know how to get a first blood)

Health Potion 2 of these will help you stay in lane longer.

Early game

kage's lucky pick A good item because it increases your gold income.

athene holy grail This item gives you a great deal of AP and so much mana regen till its nearly impposible to go on low mana and a 15% colldown reduction.

Sorcerer's Shoes Gives you more magic penatration = more damage

Mid game

Lich Bane A REAL lot of damage after decieve

Rylai's Crystal Scepter A good amount of health to keep you alive and the slow combine with your E will make the enemy super slow.But i dont get this all the time.

Rabadon's Deathcap Gives you tons of ap

Deathfire Grasp This item is only useful if you use the active ability. If you cuse this item with your E the enemy champions have a good chance of dropping below 100% to below 50%.

Late game

Void Staff A must for most ap as the magic penatration is alot.

Alternate items

Doran's Ring Health PotionGives a good sum of health and mana regen and AP

Rod of Ages Gives you alot of hp and msna and AP.

ionian boots of ludcity Not useful as deathfire and athene gives you nearly max cooldown reduction

The sequence of items

it is the same as the the item sequence at the top of the guide.But you can rearrange items like Deathfire Grasp before Rabadon's Deathcap.If you like to get Lich Bane I recomend getting it as your last or second last item and getting Sheen after Athene holy grail.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Some ap shaco max their Jack In The Box first but i prefer maxing Two-Shiv Poison first.Because the enemy players at lvl 30 are more smart and will not step into bushes and when they step on to 1 or 2 Jack In The Box they will back off immediately and long range heros like ashe will destroy them and earn 10 gold :(. So maxing your Two-Shiv Poison will be better as it can harrass enemy champions.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite Viability 10/10 Helps you secure a kill.

Ghost Viability 10/10 Helps you run away from champions.

Flash Viability 9/10 Even though shaco has a deceieve this can help you flash over a wall making it harder to catch you

Exhaust Viability 9/10 When the enemy step into your Jack In The Box they cant run when you apply Exhaust on them though if they flash away it is not much worth.

Heal Viability 10/10 i use to think this was not so good but now after using it its quite useful when you decieve is on Cooldown and you need some health before it is ready again and a better lane sustain.

Smite Viability 10/10 I dont really jungle as an ap shaco but it is also pretty useful when jungling.

Teleport Viability 6/10 Can get you to a team fight fast and also can teleport to your Jack In The Box.

Cleanse Viability 5/10 In teamfights you will be targeted but all you have to do is stay back and if they come close just Deceive away.

Clarity Viability 5/10 It is helpful at early game but the moment you get athene holy grail it has not much use.

Clairvoyance Viability 2/10 You are not a support and your Jack In The Box will give vision.

Revive Viability 1/10 As a shaco you will not die so easily.

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Early game

If your team has no jungler go and take blue golem,but if your team has a jungler and the enemy team does not go and take the enemy blue golem unless you jungler does not need blue golem.To kill the blue golem you must start placing you Jack In The Box at 0.55. then at 1.54 when it spawns you can quickly kill it.

When the enemy team has a jungler that need blue go to the enemy jungle at the bush beside the wraith camp at around 1.30. When the enemy comes around 2.20 to 3.30, you Ignite or Exhaust him the moment you jack in the box fears the champion. The chances of getting first blood and stealing his blue is pretty high.But if the jungler does not come at 3.40. The reason he did not step into the brush is because 1) afk 2) went to gank other lanes 3) failed jungle.


After that you return back to laning or jungling.

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Klling enemy jungler again


Once you are lvl 5 and you want to kill the enemy jungler again. You must max your Jack In The Box to lvl 3. Now when you enter the jungle, the moment you are close to the creep camp which will be the wraith, the golems and the red lizard, decieve and run into the bushes where junglers will pass through when killing minions. the reason you decieve is cause the enemy might be killing at the creep camp bush you are going to ambush him with. Example you are going to place you Jack In The Box at the wraith camp bush. But if the jungler comes from the top to kill the wraith camp you decieve to the left and attack him you will scare him and make him move to that bush and he dies. :)

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When you lane try to take top or mid as you want to solo. When taking mid if you are against skill shot heros like ahri or ezreal you can doge them and harrass with Two-Shiv Poison if the enemy champions play safe and keep a distance you can deceieve and Two-Shiv Poison. If the enemy has abilities like Ahri Spirit Rush or Katarina Shunpo, place a Jack In The Box near yourself and when Katarina Shunpo you can use your Two-Shiv Poison and your jack in the box would activate dealing loads of damage against Katarina.

If you are constantly over pushing mid or top put as many Jack In The Box behind you. Then when the junglers gank they will step on to it and die and maybe you could get a double kill as the enemy mid lane hero might dive at you.

The following video will show you what I mean for the tatic and the one at early game above. Made by awesome players who know how to use ap shaco.

If you are being harrased you can use your Two-Shiv Poison on the creep.

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When your team is all mid and so is the enemy team. You can go and push top or bot. Place you Jack In The Box at the creeps and it will help you push faster. You also can place your jack in the box at the entrances to your lane where enemy champions will pass through to give you a quick escape or you can place 3 to 5 [[jack in the box to kill the enemy champ once they come. When you push till a enemy tower use your Hallucinate and drop your Jack In The Box at the tower. Your Jack In The Box will attack the tower as long as there are no creeps within range. Your decieve can help you escape which makes you able to push without fear of getting killed.

Be careful though, as the enemy might have Vision Ward or oracles.

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Place your Jack In The Box in the bushes and ask your team mates to lure the enemy in. If they take the bait they confirm lose a champion.Another example is your team is going going to fight the enemy team in mid lane you place your Jack In The Box behind your team.When team fights starts you stay back and sent your Hallucinate in and keep throwing your Two-Shiv Poison and Deathfire Grasp and when you are winning the teamfight, good, but if you are losing then lure them in your Jack In The Box and you are going to double kill them and turning the tide of the battle.

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Unique Skills

Your Hallucinate makes you become untargetable for less than a second. So, when you are low hp and Caitlyn Ace in the Hole or Lux Finales funkelen is going to hit you all you need to do is wait for the last second and use Hallucinate and you get no damage.:)

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Unique Skills

This trick works when you are escaping. You go close to a wall and decieve NOT over it but somewhere else. they will think you blinked over it and go another way or even worse flash over it.

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IN all ap shaco is viable.Just get the correct item build and skill to win and own. I could make this guide thanks to jhoi jhoi's how to make a guide and boohh's guide on how to play AP/AD shaco.

The jokes on you!