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Sona Build Guide by xxbastos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxbastos

AP Sona Guide - Why Does Dancing Hurt so Much?

xxbastos Last updated on December 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey all, I'm a Gold 5 player and this guide will be helping you with playing AP Sona mid. This is my first guide and I wanted to pick a fun viable non-meta mid lane champion. She's a very versatile AP utility carry with some nice burst.

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POWER CHORD - This is one part of Sona's damage. It scales every level and it's what makes Sona so versatile. When you get your third stack depending on which ability used last (not counting crescendo) Your AA will gain an additional effect.

HYMN OF VALOR (Q) - This is your poke in lane and where all your burst damage comes from. Each time you Q + AA. Your AA gets increased magic damage added on. The power chord from this should be used for harass and bursting your opponents. Try not to waste it on creeps.

ARIA OF PERSEVERANCE (W) - This is your HP sustain in lane. It gives you a shield on top of a heal. This is very helpful against ignite because the shield will take some of the damage for you even though your healing is cut in half. The power chord of this ability is for reducing a champions damage. So it works good against champions with high burst damage.

SONG OF CELERITY (E - This will help you and your team catch up to anyone who will be running away or help your team escape from a fight. It can be also used to help you roam to one of the side lanes. This power chord should be used when your jungler wants to gank or to prevent your enemy from escaping you and your team.

CRESCENDO (R) - This is ultimate. This can win you a teamfight quite easily if you can land it on multiple champions. This also ensures your kill when the enemy is quite low and you don't want them getting away. Not only is it an AOE stun, but it buffs your other abilities as well.

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Pros / Cons

- High Burst
- Lots of utility
- AOE Ultimate
- Can set up kills well
- Music sounds nice

- No wave clear
- One Damaging ability Pre - 6
- Squishy
- Doesn't talk much

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Team Work

When laning, ask your jungler for blue buffs and ganks. With blue buff Sona's trading gets much better being able to Q more often and heal back up from your trades. In teamfights you can either use your ultimate + Flash for engage, or you can use it for counter engage. Also be sure to stay near your teammates so they can benefit from the buffs your auras give can them.

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Farming with Sona is relatively easy just AA the minions and Q every time you need to get a creep. When you get your power chord try to harass with it if you can, but if you can't hold it for to long then just go ahead and use it to cs. You can go for trades pretty easily because you have poke and heal, so as long as you can Q -> AA -> W, The trades should be in your favor. Try to be too aggressive if you don't have wards and you don't know where their jungler is. If you make them back try to push lane and roam to help out another lane.

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Mid Game

You should have your core by now and should be grouping up with the rest of the team. Make sure to have wards around the global objectives and try to start fights by either baiting their team or by rushing an objective. When rushing an objective make sure you have proper vision of it so you don't get flanked. With your ultimate you can win these fights quite easily depending on how many people you picked.

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Late Game

At this point, you should make sure you have all lanes pushing before grouping so you can go for an objective and having a means of following up right after. In the late game, it's the first team to mess up loses because of how long the death timers are. Try to keep flash for engages or if you get caught out.

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I found Sona to be viable in the mid lane and had lots of fun playing her there. If she ever receives a buff on her Q or power chord I think she would be used a bit more often mid. I hope you all enjoyed checking up on this guide and to let me know how you liked it. Til the next time.