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Twisted Fate Build Guide by allv

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author allv

AP Twisted fate, still OP?

allv Last updated on November 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Why playing Twisted Fate anymore? Why after all the nerfs? Because Twisted Fate is cool and throws all kind of cards which devestate all enemies. I started to play Twisted Fate after the nerf of his ult (ult has just 5500 range instead of global), and people are mad at me when i pick Twisted Fate but I still believe he is a viable pick when you play him AP and this guide will show you why!

I play Twisted Fate AP because he is just not good when you compare him with other AD carries like Kog Maw, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune. Their base damage is higher and they have skills that grow stronger with AD. And when you play Twisted Fate AP, you will rape all of them!

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Pros and Cons

- Great burst
- Easy to farm
- Good escape with Destiny (although it's a pity when you have to use it for escaping!)
- Good map control
- Turn fights in other lanes to your team's favor
- Lot off CC

- Squishy
- Not as good in pushing lanes and destroy turrets as AD Twisted Fate
- Dependent on Destiny
- Not good against high HP/tanky champions

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I pick -Magic Penetration marks : common caster marks.
-AP per level seals and AP per level glyphs : These will give you about 45 AP at level 18, so it will boost your damage!
-Flat HP quints : I think Twisted Fate is too squishy when you don't have these. You might change these for , or , but when you pick one of these I insist on picking Doran's Ring as your first item to deal with the low HP!

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I use 9-6-15 Masteries.
The 9 in offense are normal for casters, Extra AP, Cooldown Reduction and Magic penetration.
The 6 points in defense are not usual, but i think the extra Armor and Magic Resistance are great for you sustainability early game, combined with the 644 HP at level 1.
The 15 points in Utility: Reduced time spent dead, extra Experience Gained, Mana Regen, extra Gold, Movement Speed and improved Flash. All logical choices, when something is not clear why i take it just ask it and i'll answer!

Update: You can change the mastery-setup in a 10-5-15 or 10-6-14, take the for the extra AP, instead of a point in or

UPDATE: THESE WERE MY OLD MASTERIES, I FIRST GET SOME EXPERIENCE WITH THE NEW ONES BEFORE I CHANGE! With the new system 21 in offense looks great for Twisted Fate, but i'll try it first.

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Summoner Spells

I always take Flash and Ignite , Flash has so many uses: when you get your opponent low with Wild Cards, you can pick Gold Card and use flash to close the gap, stun and throw Wild Cards through them and ignite + auto attack. This delivered me so many First Bloods.
Flash is also your best escape ability, its just pity when you have to use destiny for it! And a good gap closer, also when you used you ult and they somehow got out of your Pick a Card range!
Ignite finishes your enemies off a lot of times and good against healers!

Other spells you might take:
Teleport is good for quick returning to mid lane, and makes you even better in pushing lanes mid and late game!
Ghost you can take instead of Flash, although I like Flash more. But Ghost makes you travelling more extra distance. But it's up to you!
Exhaust is good against AD carries, and to counter their ganks.

UPDATE: NEW SUMMONER SPELLS, Flash range has decreased and surge looks like a good summoner spell, but I'll try it before I update the guide.

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Skill Sequence

Destiny comes first. Although it doesn't get extra damage or range with level this skill up, it still has to be upgraded whenever possible. AP twisted Fate is still depending on this skill. So the cooldown reduction is very important.

Wild Cards is your bread and butter with AP Twisted Fate. You don't need a lot of AP to clear waves easily with this skill, especially combined with the AoE from the Red Card (explained later). It is also the best way to harass enemies from a save distance, and your biggest damage output in teamfights (it deals damage to enemies they PASS THROUGH, so that could be 5 enemies!)

Pick A Card is my favorite ability. There are so many ways to use this ability. First of all i'll explain how it works for the poeple who don't know Twisted Fate at all. First click W, then the item icon switches colors: yellow blue and red. Than pick the one you want by pressing W again (you can also see a card above his head with the color, enemies can see it too!)
BLUE CARD: Deals damage and restores mana. It is such a useful skill: you can spam your Wildcards and restore the lost mana by just throwing a blue card (or an easy last hit or a good harass).
RED CARD: Deals AoE damage and slows the target and surrounding units. Really good for clearing minion waves and it does tons of damage in teamfights when the enemies stay close together.
GOLD CARD: Deals less damage than the RED and BlUE card, but it has an amazing stun! 2 seconds when you max leveled Pick A Card. Use this as much as you can for harassing enemies (guaranteed Wild Cards hit) and in teamfights. Interrupt enemies like a Miss Fortune ult . I always use this first after I teleported with Destiny. You can pick a card while channeling!
I always pick this ability at level 1 for the level 1 teamfights or when I am mid and the enemy team comes to gank our jungler.

Stacked Deck is also a useful ability, but most because of its passive. So I level it at level 4 and than I just pick it when I have no other choice. It really adds some damage to your combo, try to have it ready when you gank! The attack speed bonus and the cooldown reduction are of course always good.

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Second Sight

Second Sight is a really good passive. Some people might underestimate it. But it buffs your whole team! All allies receive an additional 2 gold per kill. There are a few reasons why I really like this passive. 2 gold extra per kill doesn't sound so great. But normally your team should end with at least 800 minion kills. 800*2 is 1600 free gold, almost 2 free dragons. And a lot of times you need 100 gold to buy that great item, and with 50 minion kills * 2 free gold you got that 100 gold. A lot of times you or one of you allies will be able to buy an extra item, and that could mean a win in the next fight. Or it can be that you have enough money to buy a (extra) ward which will protect you from a gank. Most people don't see it in this way, but it can be game changing in extreme situations.

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There are 2 options to start with, Boots + 3 Health Potions , this gives you extra speed which allows you to dodge your enemy and makes it easy to hit the Gold Card. But i prefer Dorans Ring , the 100 extra HP, with the Quints Of Fortitude gives you about 650 HP at level 1. And the 15 AP adds a little damage, always great!

The first time I go back to base I buy Sorcerer's . Mag pen. + speed= great for Twisted fate. I buy these most of the times but sometimes it will be better to replace it with Mercury's Treads . After that you have to keep farming for Rabadon's Deathcap . This will boost your damage. I get this almost always after my boots.

Lich Bane will be most of the times you next item. The passive and AP will boost your damage, and the Magic Resist and Speed bonus are a great extra.

Banshee's Veil is a great item on Twisted Fate. Just let me explain why. A lot of champs can counter you when you teleport right next to them with Destiny with a silence, stun or suppress, Banshee's Veil's passive will block their CC and you'll be able to finish them off!

My last 2 itmes are situational, but most of the time i take Rod of Ages and Void Staff . Both give a lot of AP, some extra mana, a lot of Magic Penetration! and some HP. It's almost always good, but sometimes its better to change them:

Abyssal Scepter: Sometimes I pick Abyssal Scepter instead of Void staff, but only when the enemy has just so little Magic Resist! I assume you will be dominating and the other team buys a lot of MR, but when they don't you can pick this!

Deathfire Grasp: If you're unlucky and the enemy team has a lot of HP, this will make your Nuke still great, but I think that most of the times other items are better.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Sometimes you can pick these, I admit I've never tried it. Because I die too much with Twisted Fate. But when their team just fails so hard and when you rape them, go try and send me some back-up!

Morello's Evil Tome: 20% Cooldown Reduction is great, combined with you E you'll have 35% Cooldown Reduction, that means every 3,9 seconds throwing Wild Cards, and every 3,25 a 2 second stun with the Gold Card! This item I use more than the 3 items above.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Gives you 100AP, 50 armor (good against physical damage team) and a great active. You can activate and wait till your Cooldown wears off from Wild Cards and Pick a Card, and finish them off.

Hextech Revolver is sometimes a good item to pick a little early in the game. When you face someone who is able to harass you a lot (like ) it could be useful to pick this. Although I don't recommend it in most games because it will harm your burst damage.

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Early Game

I always ask to go mid. You can defeat almost all other mid Champions. Just farm a lot, try to get as much gold as possible. Harass with your Wild Cards and get the mana back with the Blue Card. This will be the strategy till level 6. When you get level 6, try to push the lane and than gank top or bot with Destiny .
Farming is really easy with your Red Card and Wild Cards.

Mid is most of the times pretty easy. I almost never have any trouble against all AD carries that play mid (like and ), and the squishy AP carries (like and ). Champions that will be more of a challenge will be the champions with higher HP (like AP and )

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Mid Game

Keep farming to get your Rabadon's! Still gank as much as possible and use your ultimate to control Dragon. When the teamfights start don't be at the front line! In those 5vs5 mid lane situations keep throwing Wild Cards , most times it will hit at least one of them! Whenever you can stun someone with the Gold Card you'll just have to do it.

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Late Game

Keep farming! The key to success with Twisted Fate. Still the rules of the teamfights I told u in the Mid Game-section count. Stun as much as possible, spam Wild Cards and don't be in the front line. Clear up escaping enemies with Destiny , and now use it to control baron or steal it if u can!
Late game the top or bot lane will be forgotten sometimes, that is the time when you have to use destiny to get there quick and push the lane. Lich Bane will help you to destroy the turret faster! Or sometimes it will be better to just walk to the lane and escape with Destiny. These situations will appear most late-game, but when you have the chance during mid-game take full advantage.

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AP Twisted Fate, Still OP?

I admit that Twisted Fate was a little bit too strong before the nerfs. But when you ask me if Twisted Fate is still OP, I say no. I just like Twisted Fate a lot, he requires some skill, cool abilities and when you've mastered them it is really fun to play. I noticed that last time I saw a few players pick Twisted Fate, and my goal with this build is showing you that Twisted Fate is a viable pick on lower ELO and normal games. He should get buffed a little in my opinion, but it is really satisfying when you can dominate with a champion that most people consider nonviable and under-powered. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!

Sorry by the way for my English, it isn't really good.

I will keep adding stuff to this guide, and please comment and vote to give me some back-up. I'll try to answer every question!

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Just a start

This is my first build and it is just a start!
I'll ad a lot: Game results, more details, and more.
But I just want to know if people are interested in playing Twisted Fate the way I do.
So keep that in mind when you comment or vote! And say what you really want to get explained in this guide or when you miss something!

Update: 14-11-'11
- Explanation of the pros and cons
- A little more details to early and late game
- Noticed that there certainly is some interest in playing AP Twisted Fate, so I will add more but I don't have that much time, so i'll add as much as I can but it will be just a little per update