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Singed Build Guide by FlailingFridges

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FlailingFridges

ARAM Singed - Q....Fragrance for Men

FlailingFridges Last updated on March 19, 2014
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Hey, FlailingFridges here bringing you a ghetto fabulous ARAM Singed guide. When I say ghetto fabulous I mean it actually belongs in the trash. I was only like Silver II in Season 3 and only did placements to get the end of season prizes. Let's be honest though... a lot of you reading this probably did that. Nevertheless, I made this guide because I am sick and tired of people getting Singed in ARAM, not trading with me and become this little parasite that just bleeds out the game for our team (you're worse than that Malphite that chooses to go full AP when we need a tank).

It's no secret... Singed in ARAM is hard to make useful. It's hard to engage and you're pretty much getting kited all day because you can't touch that badass APC on the other team.
The main problem is that people who play ARAM have this notion embedded on their heads that running Barrier Flash (or Flash Barrier, I won't judge your preferences on your Sum Spells) is the only way to go... This is where I come in to pull you out of The ARAM Matrix... There is another way...

Look at the champion you got... Think what Summoner Spells would make you more useful... Take them... BANG! You've only just raised your team's winning chances. Sure sometimes it will be optimum to take Flash Barrier but if you're playing someone like Mundo and you take Barrier, not only are you being a selfish idiot but you failed to realise that Barrier will only help you in the early stages of the game when you haven't built your ROCK HARD HP that Mundo is inherently meant to build. Instead you could partner your flash with maybe Heal, Exhaust, Ignite or Cleanse. THAT is the idea of this build. Don't even bother looking at the items I recommended that's just bull I needed to put down to make this guide look superstar ghetto. The main idea behind this is to run CLEANSE and GHOST on Singed.

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Unfortunately, this is not a guide where you'll be racking up kills like the ghetto fabulous killer you are. No, this is a guide for TEAM PLAYERS. The idea of this build is to let Singed set his teammates up for kills. Be conscious of your teammates you don't want them to be wasting abilities and putting them on cooldown because you flipped the 4000 HP Mundo. The main thing here is to use your Summoner Spells at the right time to put you in a position to use Fling but don't be a hoarder. Remember that the amount of times you use your summoner spells is the amount of times you tried to make a play. Try to combo your Cleanse with Ghost, Ultimate ( Insanity Potion), or Guardian's Horn. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look for plays you can make... Cleanse when disbaled.

When playing Singed in ARAM, it is important to know what you're actually aiming to do. There are 3 stages you have to worry about:

1. Early Game
In the early game, there will be one of 3 scenarios that happens.
One: Your team dominates the early feeling out stage and gains ground control.
Two: The opposite.
Three: There is a huge brawl in the middle usually amounting to first blood.

In the case that the first should happen, there is not much you can do if the enemy team is pushed up to their tower. Just watch from the brush spamming dance and laugh because you want to keep your fingers warm. However, wait for an opportunity to use your Guardian's Horn and E any mofo that steps on your land (remember to use q to add extra damage and kill them faster. No need for unnecessary abilities wasted on a champ ^_^). Otherwise just scout for opportunities to make a play. Also, it doesn't matter who you flip at this point, all champs won't be tanky enough to feel the wrath of your team. Just make sure your team is in a position and has the ability to burst the enemy. IMPORTANT NOTE: Look to make a play don't wait for an initiation from someone

In the case the second should happen there is not much you can do than tank the poke for your team if they are about to get hit (don't be selfish, be a hero), or look for someone to be out of place to be able to G Horn-E them.

In the case the third should happen, single out the closest champ to you, turn on Q and flip them. Then divert attention away from your team to you by running around, scaring your opponents with your swagalicious poison. This is where you trust your team will focus the one you flipped into them. Otherwise if you really think that a priority target is the best to flip then by all means go for it.

2. After Brawl, semi feeling out stage

Once the fight has settled, you MUST MUST MUST keep looking for people to flip. If it makes it easier, mirror yourself to someone on the enemy team that tries to keep on overstepping the boundary between teams. They will either back off or be stupid in which case you teach them a lesson. Also, remember that you can use your abilities to help you in these situations. You can scare your opponents as well as make plays on your opponents by simply toggling Q ( Poison Trail) or W ( Mega Adhesive)

Once you have built up enough health and resistance it is then you can begin unlocking your true potential as Singed.

3. The Rest of The Game
So you have your resistance, you're a tank. What you can do now is start to make plays instead of wait. Of course keep in mind don't go too ham and Rambo your way into death. Wait for opportune moments in which you can use everything in your movespeed arsenal to get to a priority target or settle for a consolation prize for your team to kill. It's at this point you may see yourself not surviving but the point here is you divert attention from your team to you. Remember when you are going ham that your Q is up - nothing is more embarrassing than being a Singed who can't use his Q. Remember also your other abilities. Once you have flipped an opponent it may help to fend off the rest of the enemy team by putting down a Mega Adhesive in front of them or even catching another one of them out with a flip (make sure this one's a squishy though).

Be annoying as possible. Put W's on the path towards Health Crystals and out run your opponents to them. If you went for a Spirit Visage you or even just Banshee's Veil then you'll get a ridiculous amount of Regen that becomes quite unexpected. Just play through the pain and zone out people from your team when they're doing work. You may even find yourself fending off three enemy team members leaving your team to 4v2. Remember, as Singed your main arsenal is displacement.

Of course being Singed means you rely on your teammates but it sure beats being that FULL AP MALPHITE WHEN WE NEED A TANK.

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Now, I'm not much of a Rune guy. Most Singed's will have Movespeed quints but I went for Magic Pen Marks and Ability Power Quints because I want to be able to put in some of my damage in the early game. Runes are your thing... don't let me dictate what you buy with your oh so precious IP.

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Again, with the masteries, not much to say. Other Singed's will add some points to utility just for that movespeed but again entirely up to you. I just prefer the offense because of the 1 point in Expose Weakness.

Be smart with your defensive masteries though, you may want to definitely go 2 on the Defense for the anti disable masteries and also the 1 point in Evasive will help as you are the front line flipping champs like you're employee of the month at your local burger joint.

However, I also recommend not wasting your points on the armor **** up there. Instead for 2 points in Legendary Guardian ... it is ARAM you fool.

Some kids will go for 3 mastery point on Fleet of Foot to get extra mobility and, though it is good 3 points isn't worth it considering you either take it off defensive (where you lose the Tenacious mastery) or the offensive (where you take it off ability power - i would not recommend this as you're pretty much building tank. You don't want to be that one wet noodle damage guy)

My recommendation is up there... just go for what you want.

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Final Words

I'm not a pro... nor will I ever be close to being pro level. I am just one guy who wants to educate you all on my way on playing ARAM Singed. I have no quotable credentials as all my ARAM Ainged games are down in Match History's Dark Hallway. My Season 3 ranking was out of 10 placement games. I don't even play much... I hate ranked, I don't even play normals unless I am with friends but just consider what I've said today... open your eyes... Barrier Flash aren't the only two spells in an ARAM game.

Have Fun